Wild Bloom Apk Download New 2022 Version*


Take on match 3 puzzles with the help of a colorful cast of creatures!
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September 25, 2019
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Wild Bloom Apk Download New 2022 Version*

Match Three or extra gem stones to transparent the board within the magical international of untamed Bloom. Tackle puzzles with the assistance of a colourful forged of creatures. Don’t let their whimsical nature idiot you, they each and every have robust abilities that may be unleashed to swing the tides for your choose. Degree them up and check their prowess towards different gamers in real-time fits. Get started shaking up this puzzle international lately!

Wild Bloom Apk Obtain New 2022 Version* apk mod 2022

• FIT Three or extra gem stones to overcome the levels • ACQUIRE AND STAGE UP your creatures to find their particular powers
• DUELS allows you to put your puzzle prowess in opposition to different gamers around the world
• ABILITIES and tool gem stones mean you can swing the tides on your favor


40 comments on "Wild Bloom Apk Download New 2022 Version*"

  1. Kadienne Vernie says:

    Fun so far. The yellow and orange gems look almost the same and I’m wearing glasses, can see the shape, but the shades are close. Please darken the orange a bit. After winning, can the animals dance facing us?

  2. Cyprus Dora says:

    Great game! It might look like other match 3 games but this one is next level!

  3. Loly Dustee says:

    Its a very fun and challenging game with a good story line.

  4. Maude Dariell says:

    Cute game, I like that it differs from other match three games. Keep up the good work.

  5. Deeanna Ambelaine says:

    The game is really fun. The graphics are awesome and the characters are super cute.

  6. Canda Tayt says:

    Probably the best puzzle game I have ever played. Cute at first, then you discover tons of strategic depth and PvE content. I only wish there was a honey badger to add to my team.

  7. Hartford Beverly says:

    A very cute game. Love the characters – they make the game. Thank you!

  8. Ardria Zayne says:

    i love puzzle games and this one has become one of my favorites. i love all of the characters and boards. 😀

  9. Chars Edvard says:

    well i thought i liked this game and i did! but, ur game is saying i need wifi and my wifi is on but it still wont acknowledge it! so until that gets fixed im deleted it! and im dropping my star lvl down to 1 star! sorry!

  10. Rigby Dakisha says:

    no exit, also the app won’t let you send feedback, you have to go to Google play even though the app offers feedback from the game, it just doesn’t work, cute game but needs work.

  11. Rosette Earle says:

    I like the game and no ads, after you complete a level.

  12. Edwin Lanna says:

    game is really pretty, a bit too hard on my taste, the active powers sometime have bugs and my problem is that the colors are too close, not even the stones have a big difference, hardest is orange, if you want cute animals and the hope they ll fix their game into something better soon, try it 🙂

  13. Manda Bearn says:

    Super Awesome! Someone finally made the Match 3 Evolution game interesting. super intuitive. Beautiful graphics. Thank you.

  14. Halsey Brilee says:

    I would have liked to try this game but it would not load. It got to 95% and just stopped. I waited for 3 minutes and nada

  15. Shields Rebbeca says:

    absolutely brilliant, solo very addictive and different from other match games. I just love this game so much.

  16. Desirea Collis says:

    Loving this game, great graphics and fun to play cant stop playing it, worthy of 5stars

  17. Charly Dayner says:

    Whoever designed this game has absolutely no originality! It’s just another cheesy knockoff of all the other 1000’s of 3 match puzzle games. Sorry, adding cute characters don’t make it original! The game mechanics are wayyyyy over done. The tutorial is stupid and unnecessary for such a brainless game and you can’t skip it, or is it because the game was made for 2-year-olds by 10-year-olds. If I could give it a -5 rating, I would!

  18. Glinda Harvie says:

    Love this game the levels are not as easy as you think the animals are so cute

  19. Wattson Quintessen says:

    Fun, just different enough from all the rest. Cute graphics too

  20. Byron Ceslie says:

    very cute. love the animation. the characters are quite unique

  21. Shavonne Odel says:

    Fun for the most part but you can’t beat any levels, Too hard. Please fix.

  22. Pure Zack says:

    Alittle confuse the rules but either way I learn as I go! Lots of fun..

  23. Marigold Jacklyn says:

    This is a unique, fun game! I really like the funny characters and the vibrant colors! I am having some difficulty getting the wheel to spin.

  24. Cabe Ina says:

    The graphics are absolutely precious! Game play is fun. It’s early in the game so we’ll see how it goes but so far so good.

  25. Jade Cym says:

    I like this game more then i thought i would. I downloaded it for my daughter so she had a game to play and when i tried it to see if it was playable for her i found it was not only kid friendly but enjoyable for me as well. Unlike most games where u need to in game purchase power ups and characters here it is not completely necessary to do so. I would like to play this type of game with more of an adult theme but it fine for what type of game this is and who this game is intended for.

  26. Clemintina Glorianna says:

    What looks to be a cute and relaxing game with graphically pleasing cartoon characters is really very complicated, difficult to understand and fast-paced. Looks are very deceiving with this game. I didn’t find it relaxing at all as a matter of fact I found it rather stressful for a match 3 game.

  27. Aneirin Dimple says:

    I love getting rid of the blight Cute characters Makes me laugh out loud Good job !!! Two thumbs up!!!!

  28. Karen Richman says:

    Great game, the cartoon characters are sweet, love the way they celebrated your win each time

  29. Arwen London says:

    I really don’t like this game and the way the graphics are a bit confusing for me. A bit slow and repetitive.

  30. Hob Elizbeth says:

    Oct. 22, 2019 : My earlier review was a lack of understanding of game mechanics. Understand the game now. 5⭐—————————————————– Wild Bloom Oct.12, 2019 Sat. In the new update, the game takes away your level points & it’s still impossible to pass stage 57. Uninstalled this fustration because that is all it has been! Was ok 👌🏻last year. This year, application is rubbish!

  31. Mather Wildon says:

    Great game very good story and keeps you interested has great plot and graphics too.. 👍👍👍👍👍

  32. Jennifur Cindra says:

    Fun until the clouds come. Especially the level which wants you to clear all clouds and make 6 bombs and explode them. It is impossible to see which stone hides under the clouds (you cannot even see the hints if it is under the clouds) and make 6 bombs (you need to match + shape and then explode them in probably 20 turns) kind of impossible to me. I think i am going to delete soon.

  33. Quinton Hewitt says:

    On the main menu ur game is extremely laggy and moves very slow in stages. In other words it stops and starts until i move onto the play level.

  34. Berangari Ellylw says:

    Good comic relief with the characters, but getting through the levels is a bit too difficult in one try. 😢

  35. Sharise Hattie says:

    That is wonderful game. I love this game. It’s so cute.The game is great, I did not find any problem with this game, I do not know, because most people around here complain about this game for me is very good, the graphics are very beautiful, the music is excellent and meets all The expectations.

  36. Kayleigh says:

    This is a rather enjoyable game. It’s fun, easy too play, with cute characters. It hasn’t been updated in a while and needs too be. It’s got glitches in parts. So, it needs to be updated soon, too clear out a few bugs here and there but still not a bad game!

  37. Kelly Wright says:

    A totally different kind of match 3 or more. Just what I needed to get addicted to. Creative, cute, and colorful!!

  38. Sally Barry says:

    Game started over, lost $10 Corgi. I purchased a corgi character for $10 a year or so ago. I haven’t played in a while, but logged on, and my whole game is erased, including the corgi. 🙁

  39. Rhenn Rainbow Reviews says:

    Stage 57 impossible… I really like this game a lot, but stage 57 is impossible to pass. The whole game also erased at one point, and I had to start over and now I can’t get the axolotl again.

  40. Laura Grunsell says:

    I love this game, but I never get rewarded for watching ads. The wheel rewards have never worked for me 🙁 I can’t spin it

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