Who Is The Killer? Episode I Apk Download New 2022 Version*


This original game is based on classical english detective rules
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March 23, 2017
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Who Is The Killer? Episode I Apk Download New 2022 Version*

Meet the primary episode of a well-known collection of detective video games «Who Is The Killer?» known as «The Outdated Sins». You might have discovered your self being trapped within the fort with seven characters, and one among them is a assassin. On a daily basis some of the charecters is killed, most effective you’ll be able to prevent the killer.

Who’s The Killer? Episode I Apk Obtain New 2022 Version* apk mod

«We would individually suggest everybody to check out this sport, particularly those that love mind teasers. You’ll find it irresistible!» — Gameographics.

Who’s The Killer? Episode I Apk Obtain New 2022 Version* mod apk

— Breathtaking detective gameplay for individuals who love to suppose.
— Outdated thriller background tale and atmospheric track.
— Unique felony mini-games and puzzles.

Who’s The Killer? Episode I Apk Obtain New 2022 Version*

Discuss with characters, examine crime scenes, attempt to assume as a legal minds, bet who lies, concentrate your instinct to search out clues and arrest the killer ahead of it’s too past due! On a regular basis any individual dies and you wish to have to determine who’s the killer the use of simply your common sense. It’s a homicide thriller sport the place everyone has a secret of the previous. Everyone can have causes to try this. And you’ve got best seven days to prevent the assassin. All thriller case information are essential! Be mindful it’s now not an informal journey recreation. There’s no glad finish on this tale, you’ll even lose the sport (if everyone dies).

Who’s The Killer? Episode I Apk Obtain New 2022 Version* free up

– The sport is in accordance with classical english detective regulations within the custom of Sherlock Holmes. The plot of the sport is difficult. The whole lot isn’t so evident presently, you’ll to find some parallel thriller tales, however just one will result in the killer.
– Photos from the scene will also be studied with a magnifying glass however this isn’t a regular hidden object sport or puzzle quest, right here each and every piece of proof is necessary for additional investigation.
– Experience an exciting journey, discover thriller homicide places, decipher puzzles and acquire clues! Do the entirety this is want to save you new murders and to find the killer!

Who’s The Killer? Episode I Apk Obtain New 2022 Version* apk mod new

Recreation web page on Fb: http://www.fb.com/WhoIsTheKiller CAUTION! Some opinions would possibly comprise spoilers. Consider carefully earlier than studying them!

Who’s The Killer? Episode I Apk Obtain New 2022 Version* apk mod 2022

Greater than Three,Five million of our avid gamers world wide are opting for «Who is the Killer» video games as their favourite unfastened detective video games and play them over and over again!

Who’s The Killer? Episode I Apk Obtain New 2022 Version* apk

Need extra thriller video games? No drawback, we’ve got Three extra titels for you (alll Episodes beef up English, Russian and German languages)!

«Who is the Killer?» Episode II: https://goo.gl/BrtPEv
«Who is the Killer?» Episode III: https://goo.gl/96p5ci
«Who is the Killer?» Episode IV: https://goo.gl/mDHYej

P.S. PLEASE don’t inform who’s the killer in evaluations! You’ll spoil other folks a laugh with it! Thank you prematurely!


40 comments on "Who Is The Killer? Episode I Apk Download New 2022 Version*"

  1. Lorenia Daryl says:

    The game was fine but there’s a problem. I paid 6$ for more hints but accidentally pressed the replay game button a few minutes later, and I lost all of the hints. There should be a pop up warning for that. Now I want either my money or my hints back!!!!

  2. Dereke Meloni says:

    Artwork is great but the fact that you have to wait to play it is irritating. Sometimes no matter what you do you can’t arrest anyone because you don’t have enough energy and the only way to get energy is to pay money. You can’t even watch ads or something. And the puzzles are too repetitive and not really interesting.

  3. Orielle Jaymes says:

    The ‘find a word’ sections were unnecessarily difficult at the higher levels. The wait times were kind of annoying, especially since the first one was 4 seconds and the second one was 4 HOURS. It just felt disproportionate. Other than that, I loved the game and the concept. Very fun talking to the characters and uncovering the story. I replayed twice! Once to see the ‘murderer escapes’ ending and again to see the ‘murderer caught’ ending.

  4. Paiton Aprille says:

    Boring It’s just…. Boring. No creativity really in the investigating. Find hidden pictures in the murder scene, find words to ask a question. But not just any word, it has to be a specific word in a specific order. And then! To top it off, you have to wait FOUR hours before going to day three. Each day is only like… 5 minutes long. Waste of storage.

  5. Warde Jolie says:

    Think it would be better if there was enough energy to do what is needed in the game or at least a good way to earn more energy without having to buy it every time. Also the arrest button isn’t working. I have already spoken to the suspects & taped on the portraits under each one like it said. Still it won’t allow me to arrest anyone.

  6. Seal Domanic says:

    The controls and how to operate things is very confusing to follow. The whole idea of the coffee is confusing but the graphics are amazing! To early to tell if the games story is any good but right now its going well and it keeps your attention.

  7. Lauriel Amarylis says:

    Overall everything is great. The graphics the choices and puzzles are nice and challenging! The one thing I hate is how much time it takes to wait for after each dream.

  8. Dyane Amberlynn says:

    The first two puzzle quests are bugged. With only a few letters left I can clearly see what the missing word was but despite selecting the letters in the right order, the game would not acknowledge I was right. Had to waste seven hints just to get to the next step. Extremely bugged.

  9. Randy Rebbeca says:

    This game is a set up right from the start. Claims its free however the gameplay is designed in a way that you’re forced to spend in order to progress. Majority of the text clues do not accurately reflect the clue you are looking for and the clue you Are looking for is hidden so that you’d be forced to use all you’re hints then spend $$ to buy more. The interrogation clues coffees used are less than what you’d actually need in order to accuse someone which in turn, you can spend $ to win.

  10. Danty Hardin says:

    People donate too, you know? Don’t use these idotic tactics to try and get money from them. the story wasn’t great. It was easy to figure out who the killer is after replaying the game twice (got a little lucky). Can’t progress in this game after playing for a just a little while. Mkae the game longer and don’t try to block the progress by putting it repetitive and cumbersome word search puzzles.

  11. Shalinda Elton says:

    i think this game could be 10 times better if we had more cups of coffee to be able to question everyone with. we have so much stuff to do that it takes our 5 little cups of coffee (energy) away so quickly, its insane!!! if u all could fix this issue of the game, i would probably still be playing this one!! it has so much potential, for so little effort that has been used.

  12. Gaius Brandyn says:

    Really unique game. Like CLUE mixed in with some little word finding puzzles, some “find the item” searches (like where’s Waldo, you know?) and some general investigating. Wish it was a bit easier to understand and more intuitive and maybe the tutorial better explained the process of the game, but overall cool.

  13. Conswala Hevean says:

    To find the words were a bit frustrating but good game nonetheless. The control was a little off. The graphics are good I’ve seen worst graphics. Gameplay is good as well. The energy (coffee cups) finishes fast though also frustrating because I like to play the game

  14. Talon Maybelle says:

    Money scam. The game could be fun, if we were allowed to play it. In order to go thru each scenario u have to pay REAL money for each action, we are talking $20+ per scenario. I don’t mind paying for a game if it’s a fair price, like charge a few dollars for the game n allow people to play… DON’T let people download the game for free n then charge a dollar per action… RIDICULOUS. HIGHLY DISAPPOINTED.

  15. Brittany Bessie says:

    i really like the game, except for the fact that you literally need to buy more energy and more hints in order to complete each day, which are so short because you run out of energy within the first two interrogations of the day. AND you can’t accuse anyone without having interrogating everyone about the suspect, which you can’t do without yet again spending more money! so basically the game is impossible for you to win unless you’re willing to spend money on the app, which I’m not. 👎🏻

  16. Jonita Hild says:

    Terrible “free” game. You can only play for 10 mins at a time about twice a day without paying. After 5 days of playing you get murdered so you never end up solving it…unless you start over and obviously spend money. Other than that the puzzles and graphics are good. This is not animated at all but that didn’t concern me. I was looking for a free murder mystery puzzle game.

  17. Eostre Faune says:

    I was feeling intense at the beginning of the game that I thought there might be a jumpscare.😅 But it’s a 1 star down for the difficulty of the finding the hidden words mini game and trying not to exceed my honest opinion (sorry about that I tried to be honest with myself😓). But it’s still a good game, unique from the other detective games.👍

  18. Kathrine Jasper says:

    early stages of the game, hard to comment on too much because of this; but seem to run out of energy quite quickly and very slow moving forward in the game, could become quite boring if stays at this pace throughout. I do like the graphics thus far and like the challenge idea of having to pick a murderer daily..

  19. Mildred Tracey says:

    By default you can only interrogate 2 times per day (so you can only play this game 5-10 minutes per day) and you have to do at least 5 interrogations to be able to accuse someone which means you need 3 days, and you only have 6 days to catch the killer. So do the math. The mechanic is interesting but it’s a pay to win game. Also pls keep in mind that you can get free energy bar by giving this game 5 stars, so dont trust the overall rating.

  20. Jonna Kaylen says:

    Everything is great I understand wanting and needing money it hard to be able to when you have choices it fun and the type of game play we need I’ve enjoyed most of all theses games even though some miss the mark this one seems to get and grab your attention ty for making sure of that. Even though it seems easy it needs that something and I only have a regret of playing due to the fact only after 20 mins in I had to wait 3 and some hours to play I only question I few times And it want money.

  21. Shirlee Birly says:

    Could be good but too slow and expensive Nothing is given for free and you have to wait hours to have enough energy to interview people. I knew who the killer was from day 3 but couldn’t accuse as I never managed to have enough energy. Also, the word puzzles dont make sense and aren’t relevant to the game. Your help hints are never topped up and the game gets stagnant and boring (unless you’re willing to pay every day)

  22. Bekki Marcell says:

    it’s awesome but the energy running out so quickly makes it not enjoyable… gameplay is really good and challenging, but the energy makes it difficult to play more than a few minutes at a time.

  23. Danna Johnny says:

    Terrible app. Basically there is no way you can progress without paying as even if you know the killer you are not able to accuse (because the witnesses you would have to question are blocked). I’m going to remove the app and wouldn’t recommend it. Waste of time as when you progress in the level you have to wait a day to realize that it’s not possible at the end….

  24. Gearldine Maynard says:

    Good puzzles (love the clues for the magnifying glass one because they make you think), but very stingy and therefore slow game, unless you want to pay. If you spend one or two coffee/energy wrong, you won’t solve it in time. Start over, several days again at it. Too frustrating.

  25. Viviette Lisia says:

    I like the game but it takes a lot of “cups” to get anywhere with anyone. That might be done to make it more difficult I guess but there has to be other ways of earning “cups”. I am willing to watch ads for 2″ cups” even.

  26. Ekta Srivastava says:

    It’s a nice game with an interesting story line but one thing that annoys me in the whole game was the payment for everything. It says for passing the day instantly u must pay or wait for 4 hours. I mean it’s really freakin headache. But overall nice game, needs some improvement.

  27. Kim LaBelle says:

    will destroy your eyes if using a mobile phone….can’t zoom in and teeny little magnifying glass remains slightly out of focus until you’re on the object for a few seconds. Clues are basically useless – they either didn’t work or showed the clue so briefly and/or dimly as to be non-existent. It’s too bad; I liked the style of this one. In the hopes this game will be tweaked a bit, I will uninstall for now but may try it again in the future. 🤷✌️

  28. Isaac Franks says:

    2 stars only for its concept. It could be great and could be fun…if not for simplistic play, exhausting and poorly laid out minigames, the need to pay between days to not have an outrageous amount of time to wait…and the story is as thin as bone. Never bothered to make it through whole first gameplay. So much needs to improve!

  29. Johanna Wagner says:

    This game just isn’t fun, between the long wait times and mini-games with no clear rules, I didn’t even get a chance to interview about the important stuff! You have to build confidence by talking about characters that they don’t have any important info about! Somewhat realistic, but executed purely!

  30. ESHA BHANDARY says:

    Terrible and disappointing game. Definitely, is not “free”. I don’t understand why I can’t accuse or seperate a character. Playtime is low and wait-time is more, until it rots and eats space on your phone storage. Nothing exciting goes on. Graphics are mediocre. The characters talk vaguely in my opinion. And most of the time I couldn’t get the maze, so I thought I’ll get to it later, but guess what, once you back out, it’s gone along with your cups, you can’t play the maze where you left of.

  31. KARAKAKATOKA says:

    The wait time between days is too long and the coffees I get can only be used to talk about 2 or 3 people each day. I would forget this game by how long the wait time is so I just uninstalled. Sure, you can pay for fast game but it takes a lot of money. I like the gameplay tho except the minigame where you have to search for words. It strains my eyes. Not worth my money and time.

  32. SumSo “a.person” says:

    I thought it was great until I had to wait in between the days. It is way too long. The first wait was around 3 hours and the one that made me uninstall was 8 hours. I ended up deleting the app as well because the energy ran down too quickly in my opinion and in order to get some more you have to pay.

  33. moony thejedi says:

    Very pushy about pay to win style loot boxes or recharges. You can only take so many actions in a day and the cost of actions is very high compared to how much energy you have, but you can only regain energy by buying it or resting for the day. Resting requires a wait or pay to skip. Ironically, there are no pop-up ads.

  34. Keith Ragan says:

    It’s a great idea. Mini games, murder, victorian. Poorly executed. The painting thing is an interesting idea, but the word game is freaking horrible. Reciprocal of fun. Just random shapes for words you have no list or hint for. And then you get some energy back if you do it fast. I was supposed to be able to do that quick? Also, if you’re going to ask for money so often, be interesting. You didn’t even give people a narrative hook first. Long way to go before this is a game, or a story.

  35. Simbarashe Matsika says:

    Good concept, poor execution. The game would have been amazing if it wasn’t for the constant nuisance of being asked to purchase an arrest, slow game progression. It’s disappointing really.🤦🏽‍♂️

  36. Yuval says:

    Can’t really progress without paying (or putting on airplane mode and changing the phone’s time). Can’t accuse the murderer before talking to all characters about them (which takes a lot of energy, which you don’t have), and in the end you don’t even get the motive of the killer.

  37. Lena says:

    Very boring and difficult word finding puzzles, and then it asks you to wait hours to continue playing. I’d rather watch ads or pay for the game.

  38. Groovy Jam says:

    Interesting game. Loved the story behind this episode. Downside is the waiting times. Due to the long waiting times it made me lose interest in the game. The word puzzles are hard, I’m not sure how people gain energy from that haha. Wish you started off with more energy each day.

  39. 龙王 says:

    I wouldn’t call it a game because I have to pay for it at a lot of unnecessary point.It’s reasonable to charge for energy and tips, but I even have to pay to arrest someone, have to pay to skip the rest time(for 4 hours, 8 hours and 12 hours). Who would want to play a *game requiring such a long waiting time?

  40. Tabitha Goben says:

    There seems to be no way for me to get any more cups of coffee without paying. It has been over 24 hours and I still have the same as the last time I played (0). There are no options to get any more. Am I missing something? Is purchasing more really the only option? I’ve hardly gotten to even play for lack of cups of coffee. Most games offer ways to get more for free, or they refill over time.

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