Water Splash – Cool Match 3 Mod Apk New 2022*


A cool way to pass time: play match 3 puzzle game abound in Water Splash
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September 21, 2022
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Water Splash – Cool Match 3 Mod Apk New 2022*

World’s coolest fit Three puzzle journey, Water Splash! Fit colourful water balloons and shoot cool water streams to the depraved villain crocodile, Croker, who invaded the animal global and you’re the one person who can assist rabbits, geese, cats, and otters!! Would you lend a hand Oris the otter fit Three water balloons and blast to defeat the evil crocodile and save the animal international?

Water Splash – Cool Fit Three Mod Apk New 2022* apk mod 2022

🌊🌊🌊Water Splash features🌊🌊🌊
🎈6,000 + ranges (up to date each and every week) : by no means finishing fit Three puzzle balloon blast cool sport 🎈 More than a few fit Three puzzle balloon blast sport modes: defeat evil crocodile Croker, gather water balloons, rescue Rubber Geese, and extra!
🎈 Entire Day-to-day Quests on a daily basis and earn superb rewards!
🎈 Stuffed with occasions to get glowing jewellery, cash, powerups & pieces 🎈 Rescue adorable little Rubber Duck : take away hindrances and offer protection to geese from vicious alligators to save lots of the animal global!
🎈 Robust Boosters & Mighty Pieces : Darts, Colour Balloon Bombs, Toy Shovels, and Rubber Duck Hammers to take away crocodiles for adventures of otter Oris!
🎈 Fit Three puzzle mania : Earn Three stars on all ranges and win crowns to grasp Water Splash fit Three! Simple fit Three video games however tricky to grasp!!
🎈 Particular presents each day : Oris the otter brings you dazzling jewellery, cash, helpful boosters & pieces like duck hammers
🎈 Let’s play with family and friends : attach your Water Splash to Fb to ship & obtain presents each day. You’ll additionally problem your pals!

Water Splash – Cool Fit Three Mod Apk New 2022* apk mod

🌊🌊🌊How to play Water Splash🌊🌊🌊
🎈 Change and fit Three water balloons of a similar colour 🎈 Switch and fit greater than Four water coloured bubbles to get tough power-ups!
🎈 Use darts to pop one water balloon, toy shovels for converting positions of 2 bubbles, duck hammers to transparent all of the water balloons at the puzzle to save lots of Rubber Geese 🎈 Take away hindrances via the use of pieces, accumulate water balloons and fill the animal global with water to defeat the depraved alligator!

Water Splash – Cool Fit Three Mod Apk New 2022*

🌊Water Splash is without doubt one of the absolute best fit Three video games loose new 2022.
🌊Enjoy extra colourful and colourful graphics!
🌊 2022 loose new fit Three sport, Water Splash will also be performed anytime, anyplace with out wifi (offline) and no use for the Web connection

Water Splash – Cool Fit Three Mod Apk New 2022* mod apk

Fit Three puzzle video games without spending a dime!!
Water Splash : Cool Fit Three is de facto unfastened to play, however you’ll be able to additionally get an additional bonus by the use of in-app purchases to revel in it extra playful!

Water Splash – Cool Fit Three Mod Apk New 2022* apk

☆Languages to be had within the sport: English, Deutsch, Nederlands, Français, Italiano, Norsk bokmål, Pусский, Português, 한국어, Bahasa Indonesia, tiếng Việt, हिंदी

Water Splash – Cool Fit Three Mod Apk New 2022* release

Are you in a position for abound fit Three version puzzle cool recreation, Water Splash? Consult with us on Fb and percentage your Water Splash second and picked up landscaping with buddies : https://www.fb.com/playwatersplash/


40 comments on "Water Splash – Cool Match 3 Mod Apk New 2022*"

  1. Maddocson Cabe says:

    I love the game. I am on 1872. The reason for 3 stars is because I can’t connect to Facebook. When I try it says Error app is not setup. App is in development. I had it attached to my Facebook before. Now I have to play as a guest. Please tell me why this has happened. Thank you. Once fixed I change my rating to 5 stars.

  2. Aelle Graent says:

    It’s cute, colorful, really bouncy & even beautiful. I loved the challenge of the game, but not too difficult; it gives you a fair chance yoof winning. I like the secsound effects,& go away relaxed & with a smile! Linda Hiebert 😊

  3. Violette Alisse says:

    Really like the game, it’s hard enough to keep you interested, but easy enough to keep you interested. Low ads which is a plus. My gripe is after the initial booster into, the only way to get more is to buy them. I don’t want to connect to FB because everyone knows I’m on and wants to talk.

  4. Brik Alexsis says:

    I’ve played this game for several years- but I am about to give up, as it keeps freezing up on me. And I’ve emailed your tech team several times, with no response. Update; after trying everything to get the Water Splash app to work, I gave up and removed it from my tablet… If I could give no stars, I would.

  5. Ogden Elen says:

    Now I remember why I uninstalled this game, it cheats like crazy. When you make a move to cover a spot it doesn’t cover, you make a special move to make a power up and it doesn’t. You need to change how your board flows!! It does not drop the way it should.

  6. Shandley Dickinson says:

    This is the greatest game. Always consistent. Generous with boosts and coins. You can uninstall the game and come back a year later and they welcome you back and all of your coins and everything or they are exactly the way you’ve left them. So many games even if you’re hooked up to Facebook your level stays the same but all your boosts and coins are gone. The levels or just the right amount of difficulty and easiness. You can relax but you have to stay focussed. Remains a five stars Plus

  7. Clyff Natassha says:

    I like that special matches, like 4 or 5 in a vertical row, will most likely stay where you moved the last gem and won’t drop, giving you an idea of how to use it. Gems move nicely but at times a little too slippery and you end up moving the gem somewhere else. On level 18 I had to match pink balloons and after clearing the board of all another color I had no pink ones for a half dozen moves until the last move when 2 pink finally dropped. I had to use a dart to get last pink I needed.

  8. Rolo Gregson says:

    As far as graphics, controls and game play this is a fantastic game, but now I am at level 80 and it’s pretty much the same, level after level! I will hang on, for a few more levels and see if there’s anything new. Just the same the game is well done!👍

  9. Kassie Madelin says:

    If I could press a minus I would. This game went down hill. Can’t even get through a level. Freezes or says it loses connection. Then you lose a man. Half the time won’t even connect. I even uninstalled and reinstalled. Garbage….

  10. Janice Derrik says:

    I used to love this game, but I must agree with the ones who stated how game freezes up, lost internet connection etc. It was extremely frustrating especially when I was close to winning. Happened quite often where I just had to delete it completely. Too bad as this was one of my favorite match 3 games. I had deleted a couple of months ago, give or take. I wish I could of given an A+, 5 stars as I did with my 1st rating but instead of being fun, it was very frustrating.

  11. Farnum Edwin says:

    I’m fixing to be level on 700 it’s taken me over 4 years to get where i am. But i played it on the computer and the App is just slow and it Freezes i absolutely love this Game but i Would Rather play it on the computer. I would Absolutely give the Computer version 5 stars But the App is a 2 It’s just not the same as the computer version.

  12. Vampire Queen says:

    I love this game cause when I play, I’m able to clear my mind and just focus on the game. The game allows me to relax and have fun.. I would like there to be more different types of levels and it would be nice if there could a match between 2 different players from all over the world to play as a challenge. Thank you to everyone involved with making and designing the game for your hard work at creating and maintaining this game and fixing the bugs as fast as you can once you all are notified

  13. Manana Homer says:

    Quick game, fun. Update 9.13.2020 deleted game since stuck on level for 3 days. I want to play a game and advance, not be stuck and never be able to play. View an ad for extra helps to get you past the difficult areas???

  14. Jessica Meche says:

    This game used to be fun and I use to love it. But now it’s so horrible. I’m on level 3381 and the levels are now just impossible to beat. I am stuck for months on each level. I used to be able to pass them now it been updated and now the levels are just impossible to get pass. I no longer recommend this game. I’m going to delete it soon. I been playing Lily Garden for a while now (similar to this game) and it been a hell a lot better than this game. At least I get pass the levels.

  15. Ozzy Page says:

    I loved this game until now. There literally is no way to progress past 3436. It produces 6 less life preservers than you need to beat it. Even using free spins and boosters the most you can possibly get are still 2 short of beating that level. All fixed. Thanks! Great game!

  16. Deborah A. Pittman says:

    I’ve been playing Water Splash for some time but now there’s do many bugs that I’m going to uninstall it and so is my boyfriend. I originally gave it 5 stars but now I rate it 1 star. My biggest complaint is the game won’t give any gems like before unless you buy them. I was on level 1300 plus and I am VERY disappointed with it’s performance now. You’ve lost a very dedicated player. I will be very happy to continue playing if your support team fix the bugs!!! Bugs fixed. Thanks. 5 ☆

  17. Krishna Dyehouse says:

    I would’ve gave it 3 stars, but it has some serious issues. I just started this game yesterday. After a while of playing. It began making me repeat boards even though I had completed them, while taking my lives at the same time. Today I tried again. It started out fine. Then after a couple of boards. Now it’s doing the same thing.

  18. AK Saari says:

    The game is cute and really fun and so far I really like it. There’s only one issue I’m having so far, I’m on level 80 now, clearing up 3 stars on my first or second go since those are simple levels.. All except 26th and 27th. I’ve tried those dozens of times now and even with best circumstances I can’t go past 2 stars on those ones. Someone put some insane goal there haha

  19. Jodie Stone says:

    I loved this game,the few times it worked. Even with a strong internet signal,it says it can’t connect, I’ve redownloaded it several times the last couple years,hoping it’s been improved. Unfortunately it’s never gotten better. Probably won’t bother again,unless there’s an offline version.

  20. Colleen dobbs says:

    More vibrant? Maybe less lines. Spent half hour starting the game, Waiting excessively for loading. Then it would crash, take a life, and wait excessively for another load , Out of 4 I got to play 1 and I left. What us with your point and click adventure question? You dont even know what game i am even referring to? What good is it to tell you your update messed up game. Your ads crash game and steals lives. You cheat both the advertisers and public.

  21. Patricia Hadaway says:

    When switching phones it was great to get all my progress back without having to start over from the beginning. Plus I was able to keep all my rewards earned. Way better than candy crush where I lost all my rewards.

  22. Kyle Tefft says:

    My only complaint is it’s not challenging enough. I’m finishing levels with 30 moves left. This is without any help, but in no way do I mean to come off assholish. It’s so easy I’m considering uninstalling it. I’m only on like level 28 though. If I reach level 50 and am still experiencing the same issue, then it’s uninstall time.

  23. Lisa Fox aka Marie Daniel says:

    Game is actually fun! Love the music & the display in game is so bright & colorful!! It did take me a few plays to figure out what I was doing but then reading game instructions at new game play level I understood it. I do recommend downloading the game.I also feel a bonus level where game players can actually throw darts at water balloons to win game bonuses like what you see at a fair would be a fun addition to game. Why do all games have to be associated with FB to play with other players?

  24. Dawn Ponder says:

    Loved the .originally a 5 but I’m having the same problem everyone is having. After watching an ad the game won’t reload. I don’t have that many apps and don’t have them running in the background. If you tell me you can fix it I won’t delete the game.

  25. Lauri Field says:

    I’m wondering if the cones could be played differently? It’s frustrating when a cone is hit, another replaces it. It would be nice if hit… another Does Not appear. But if it’s Not hit, then one appears as penalty. It seems like the games are repeating themselves. I’m getting a little annoyed.

  26. Jody Breuer says:

    Can’t access the game for the last 2 days. Kicked me out of game ,went back in asked for fb login when I hit it it loads then proceeds too error screen. Have uninstalled and reinstalled a few times but continues to do the same. So frustrated at this point. Update Everytime I spin the the wheel all I get is item name (treasure chest) and then this freezes the game. I have to get out of game and then go back into it only to have lost my free spin.

  27. Kallie S says:

    Ok so once you get past the horrible tutorial, it actually gets super good. Like a regular match 3. So I’m telling you get past the first 6 to 10 levels, and it goes to like what you actually see in the ads. I don’t know why the make the first few levels confusing and off putting to the game, but I’m glad I kept going, because it’s one of my favorite games now.

  28. Tom McMillen says:

    I enjoy playing this game but something needs to be done every time I try to redeem my rewards I get a blank screen and have to log out. Of course when I do that I lose my rewards. Very frustrating

  29. Diana Folsom says:

    Fun match game! It is difficult to put down once play begins! The graphics and sounds are great! There is one thing that the game needs but doesn’t show while on the board. There is no display of which level you are currently on during gameplay. Yes, it tells you before and after, but not during. It would be helpful, especially if you are playing for a specific reward. Thank you for this game 🙋☀

  30. SmashCake Kitty says:

    It’s very fun and all, but the type of device model I have doesn’t make the game work offline. It just keeps saying that I have to reconnect to the internet. I just wish the offline feature would work on all devices…

  31. Brint Keyes says:

    Pros: Quick play – minimal fluff – clear graphics – 3-star scoring, allows you to go back & try again if you get only 1 or 2. Cons: “tap to skip” still makes you wait & watch the points add up (??) – no 4-square matching – And this is the only game I’ve seen that floats power gems up to the place where they were made, rather than have them fall to the bottom. Maybe not a true Con, but boy does it screw your strategy and take some getting used to.

  32. Bárbara Epp says:

    I realize that free games have ads but the amount on this game is ridiculous plus when the ad is over I have problems getting it off, I push the x and it takes me to the game it’s advertising to install, it’s a fun game but very aggravating with ads and getting rid of them!

  33. Melissa Patrick says:

    So far its fun love the graphics and the characters are very cute

  34. Dianna Fetty says:

    Love your games they are great I have been with you guys a long time I never get tired of the game keep up the good work give you guys a 100 percent

  35. ORETHA KEY says:

    Just learned that water splash is available Thanks.

  36. PissedOffCanuck says:

    Deleted. 20 pop-ups all one after another.

  37. Elizabeth Shute says:

    Game is fun but u inundate with ads b4 & after each play..also lock my phone up with ads…BLAA TO U.!!

  38. Ally Nisar says:

    Nice graphics and especially croc music is best

  39. Patti says:

    It’s fun again. (Not every stage takes 49 tries.)

  40. Victoria Robinson says:

    Cute game. Love the graphics. Best part of the game is there’s not a lot of annoying ads. Thank you.

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