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Looking for match 3 games? Play match three and explore the lost island!
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November 23, 2022
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Vega Mix Adventure Mod Apk

Welcome to VegaMix: Adventures! Dive into the tale, remedy match-3 puzzles and fit coloured items to discover the secrets and techniques of the mysterious island. The breathtaking adventure starts right here!

Vega Combine Journey Mod Apk

Treasures of an historical civilization, captivating characters, sudden plot twists and the superb wonderful thing about the tropics are looking ahead to you!

Vega Combine Journey Mod Apk apk mod 2022

Two unusual women misplaced touch with their buddy, who went searching for historic treasures. Consistent with the newest knowledge, their good friend landed on unknown islands. Now Alice and Vicky are going to search for their good friend. They’re looking forward to a large number of adventures, hidden puzzles, unhealthy duties and a complete new global of natives. However they’ve to search out their good friend they usually want your lend a hand.

Vega Combine Journey Mod Apk apk mod

Legend has it that within the center of the jungle is an historical town shrouded in mystical occasions. As soon as it used to be an impressive town, however then mysterious magic enveloped the entire island. It’s time to head on an expedition and get to the bottom of the mysteries of the previous!

Vega Combine Journey Mod Apk mod apk

Sign up for the fearless adventurers and experience wonderful adventures within the tropical jungle! Give the island a brand new existence: remedy fit Three puzzles, repair places step-by-step and discover the ruins of an historic town. In the back of every palm tree you are going to discover a kaleidoscope of mysterious occasions, suave puzzles and riddles!

Vega Combine Journey Mod Apk apk mod new

Easy methods to play match-3 puzzle recreation:

Vega Combine Journey Mod Apk apk

● Fit Three or extra items in a row to blow up them.
● Fit Four items to create the Rocket. The Rocket blows up the entire line!
● Fit Four items to shape a sq. to create the Spinner. The Spinner destroys some of the goals!
● Make a T-shaped fit of five items to create the Bomb. The Bomb makes a large explosion at the board!
● Fit Five items in a row to create the Rainbow Flower. The Rainbow Flower explodes items of the similar colour!
● Fit any 2 power-ups to get numerous tough results that may assist you entire the extent.
● Many stumbling blocks at the board can help you use other methods and make the degrees various.

Vega Combine Journey Mod Apk release

Options of the VegaMix: Adventures:

● Over 2000 a laugh fit Three ranges with explosive power-up mixtures. New ranges weekly.
● Twisted plot and captivating characters who meet any scenario with humor.
● A mysterious island that safely guards its treasures and secrets and techniques.
● Mini-games and puzzles.
● Day by day bonuses, presents, quests and engaging occasions.
● The sport with out the Web is basically unfastened. No wireless required, no aggravating commercials.

VegaMix is an exhilarating expedition to the mysterious wild jungle.

This sport will attraction to all fans of fit Three puzzles! Beat quite a lot of ranges and unencumber new chapters of the tale through matching 3 items in a row. You indisputably received’t be bored!

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40 comments on "Vega Mix Adventure Mod Apk"

  1. Pavlina Kozakova says:

    I like the game, the story and the graphics a lot. I don’t like the music at all. I don’t like the looong waiting for the animations to complete during the match-3 levels. And I really don’t understand, why it is not possible to quit the game, when I fail completing level (both Continue and Quit simply send me to back to Replay).

  2. Vanessa W says:

    Difficult but great when you get to beat a level which can take days for me. The graphics are absolutely adorable and perfect. However a new level came out and Im certain it has a glitch. The arrows only repeatedly hits 2 specific spots on the board even when those spots are empty when normally the arrows hit all over the board. I literally don’t know how to beat this level because even with the boosters or whatever I can’t get anything to happen. Stuck at level 654.

  3. Michael Foskett says:

    The game is good,but your money to go on,500, is to high,should be lower. The music breaks up at intervals and could be fixed. The hard puzzles you make it so you lose then have to spend the 500 or more to go on. Typical of these games. I started this game this morning and have reached level 60. Fix the problems and it would be worth the 5 stars. You could give more stars to fix things,1 to 3 is a bit much, even it at 2 maybe. Otherwise a good game.

  4. Simon Welch says:

    A good game of its sort, with no external ads, and it is possible to advance without spending money. It is not always clear however how to advance. For example, one wins keys, but haven’t any idea what Thee do. Also, when destroying idols, there is no consistency in what needs to be done. Because of Thee, I can only rate it 4 out of 5.

  5. Mark Cotter says:

    It started out well and enjoyable. Gave enough bombs or other prizes to help continue. I made it to around level 650 and it just got too hard to continue. The games are also too long for my liking at that level. Even the easy ones need additional help to continue. Came down to spend money on the game or uninstall and find a new one. I uninstalled.

  6. Gunda Seiffert says:

    It’s nice to play sometimes, the grafics and the story are cute, but for my taste it’s too easy. I’m at level 184 and no challenge yet, also not much varied. Nothing new, no innovations. But what I really find annoying is the wiggle hints. They are decent (at least) but occur instantly, no time to look by yourself for a move. As if the player is too stupid to play it on his own 😅 Please install a button where the hints can be disabled. Or let them occur only after a while and just for a moment.

  7. aloha aussie says:

    Excellent game,did 1400 levels, no advertising, and I didn’t spend a cent. But then again, I have probably played 100,000 of these types of games, and I never have spent a cent. The developers shoot themselves in the foot, by creating too many games. Too hard, move on. Acually got through that hard level that stopped me, and went all the way to the end. I have shared this game, excellent, and sad to finish it.

  8. Tami Mann says:

    Quite the fun game but guess what… run out of plot pretty quick. Now that I have more plot…after quite a few updates…fixing things is just covered with clouds. I can’t see what i am fixing. Just did the latest update today. I really don’t want to delete this game. I have been waiting about 6 months so far for a fix.

  9. Sarah Chandler says:

    A good game of it’s sort , No annoying ads to deal with which is good . I’ve finished chapter 5 but new levels are not coming up. I’ve uninstalled and reinstalled the game no change . I was enjoying the story line as it gives you something to look forward to not just playing each level one after another. Been waiting for nearly a week now for the new chapter to begin without success. Bonus is you don’t spend loads of money buying things constantly

  10. Nicola Carter says:

    Love this. Hard enough to keep you engaged, easy enough to progress. A great balance. Looking forward to more levels and quests.

  11. Chris Awesome says:

    Nice graphics and story. Loads quick. Standard increasing difficulty for this type of game. Knocking a star off because it advertises decorating but you you don’t decorate, only “renovate” and follow the story.

  12. Sandee Jette says:

    I just found this wonderful game and I have one word: F U N! The story is cute and the game play and levels are challenging. The colors are nice and bright. I have not had any problems with the app. A keeper for sure! Thank you developers 🙃 UPDATE: these folks are more than generous with power ups etc. The ads are non existentent (the only “ads” that I have seen are for the game itself. Amazing lol)

  13. Roberta Lisica says:

    What a nasty trick. I played up to over 200 levels only to continue I have to download the game. That is a mean deal. Especially if you don’t have a computer. If I could I would ban the game.

  14. Hannah says:

    One of the best match 3 games I’ve played in a while. Everything you wished the others would do, this one does. So happy I found it. Definitely my new favorite game.

  15. Mikki Stuntz says:

    The game would be a lot better if it kept up with adding more levels not only the match three-part but the part where you need to use the Stars to complete the missions I have more than once now it’s twice that I have done all the missions and now I have done all the levels on the match three part and it says there’s more to come and to update it but there’s no update

  16. Lyn Vanasse says:

    Hi I love the game but when are you going to have update or had more levels. I’m stuck to the level 1841. Sept. 8 I installed the new update but my game is still stuck at 2021 it doesn’t give access to the next level.

  17. Vanessa Knithakis says:

    It’s happening again. The more you play the longer you have to wait. Very frustrating 😕

  18. Kate McNally says:

    Good game, lots of fun however no more islands to explore so losing interest now.

  19. june fearon says:

    Good game but it takes a long time for new levels to come out but still enjoyable

  20. Margaret Bridge says:

    I really enjoy thi game, but waiting the next chapters are too long, I’ve been waiting for chapter seven (7) for 4 weeks, when will it be ready

  21. Nana A says:

    I’ve finished all the levels yet again, currently sitting at 2041, but I’m getting tired of having to wait for more levels to come out. The storyline stopped long ago and now inflation has hit. It now costs 900 coins to continue playing, up from 500, and the winnings remain pitifully the same. Seriously devs?? If I rarely pay the 500 why do you think I would pay 900? As for spending real money, it won’t happen for all the reasons already stated. I think it’s time to uninstall.

  22. Norman Connors says:

    Very nice/cute and interesting match 3 game. I do love the artwork very much too. 😀

  23. Kathleen Zor-ins says:

    New level update crashes when multiple explosions triggered. Still great game. Happy with long awaited update ☺ Crashing fixed ☺ New Chapter Please! Waiting for Chapter 7 !

  24. Sue Oakes-Cheshire says:

    I am loving this game, I had got so bored of the match 3 games. So it’s ages since I played one, I saw this one and I thought I’d give it a go. I ended up playing for 2hrs.

  25. Joy Mortiboys says:

    I’ve got to the point where it’s telling me I’ve completed all the tasks and there’s more to come. I’m still waiting and getting fed-up with the delay. At this rate I may just uninstall and be done with it!

  26. Tara Noullett says:

    I really like the game when I started but am frustrated after a recent update. Now when you pass a number of levels you get rewards, but if you don’t play for a while lkke oh you sleep you loose all your rewards!!!!

  27. Animalib1948 says:

    One of the best match 3 games and I have played heaps of them. It’s fun, relaxing and yet quite fast paced. Beautifully colourfull, good storyline and can get into fixing things up. I’m looking forward to playing this game for a long time.

  28. Anita Cool says:

    It Is a very fun and xery enjoyable to Playland I can’t stop wanting to see what the next level bring

  29. Angela Young says:

    Love this game, very addictive. Fun upgrading the islands. Very generous with the bonuses. Just now waiting on new levels.

  30. Honey Bees says:

    Updated. Will there be a chapter 6, I’ve been waiting 2 weeks. Really enjoying the game, graphics are excellent, storyline pretty fun. It’s not updating me to Chapter 7. Waiting

  31. Alison Bunce says:

    I’ve really enjoyed this game but about two weeks ago I completed chapter six and the game indicates there are no more quests available. I have been playing while waiting but I’ve amassed a further 126 stars so at this rate I’ll complete chapter 7 as soon as it is released 😆. Are there going to be more chapters? Edit…trying to play game 2021 but it says no new games and tells me to check updates. I’ve checked, no updates. Seems there is no new development and players are kept in the dark.

  32. CY Goh says:

    love this, usually will supply u with enough powers to pass the level, very relaxing. no unnecessary adv.

  33. Sari Setyowati says:

    This is the best 3 matching game I’ve ever play. Generous amount of moves,all the bombs was a blast and everything. Good job guys 👏👏🥳

  34. Nancy Scott says:

    This is the first time I’ve moved around in missions so fast. Graphics are on point.

  35. tania eksteen says:

    I have to write a review for this game. What a joy and nice game. No adds, lots of ways to earn boosters and lifes. Not at all just money hungry. Thanks for making playing a joy again😀😀

  36. Lynda Orahilly says:

    Have enjoyed this game, but get frustrated by continuous breaks to update the next section.

  37. Michale Hall says:

    I love the game but can’t play when it’s not working it’s been 3 days and still can’t get in to play, and it’s been over a month since I have been able to upgrade anything. Getting ready to delete the app on my phone.

  38. Kitty kukoo says:

    Very good game…the way of story is awesome, exciting…had too much fun.. I think it’s so easy to play and can enjoy even better,…

  39. Denise Lamkins says:

    The game is fun and gives you a good play of fairness. Even when you run out boosters. At least you don’t have to over and over for 1 point. That was in 21. In 22 you have to play over for that 1 pt. Bad move guys unstalling. So sad I liked the game

  40. Lilly Persicke says:

    Love it great match three game. The veggies look great and intersting story. One of my favorites.

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