Two Eyes – Nonogram Apk Download New 2022 Version*


A beautiful love story of a couple who meets as a wolf and a deer
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June 10, 2022
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Two Eyes – Nonogram Apk Download New 2022 Version*

Join a dreamlike adventure with Nonogram.

Two Eyes – Nonogram Apk Obtain New 2022 Version* apk mod

Why have been they supposed to satisfy once more of their subsequent lives, as a wolf and a deer?

Two Eyes – Nonogram Apk Obtain New 2022 Version* apk

And what choice would they make of their unhappy future?

Two Eyes – Nonogram Apk Obtain New 2022 Version* release

Stay your eyes on them till the top in their unhappy, however stunning adventure with Nonogram Puzzle!

Two Eyes – Nonogram Apk Obtain New 2022 Version*

[ particular options ]

Two Eyes – Nonogram Apk Obtain New 2022 Version* apk mod new

– Masses of puzzles to be had.

Two Eyes – Nonogram Apk Obtain New 2022 Version* apk mod 2022

– Cool design color dots. ( puzzle good judgment corrected )

Two Eyes – Nonogram Apk Obtain New 2022 Version* mod apk

– Talent to retailer your adjustments on Google Cloud.

– The puzzle recreation saves routinely on the finish of the operation.

– A couple of problem ranges (10×10; 15×15; 20×20; 30×30);

– Via finishing customary and historical past mode you’ll be able to get entry to BigMap mode.

– Two-finger zoom serve as; Zoom out; transfer round;

– The extra puzzles you clear up, the extra attention-grabbing the tale becomes


40 comments on "Two Eyes – Nonogram Apk Download New 2022 Version*"

  1. Jenni Harleen says:

    The puzzles are well constructed. No guessing necessary. Controls are smooth and music is great. There is a great story, but the English translation is awful. Awkward at best and nearly unreadable at times. It’s unfortunate because a proof reader could have made this game perfect. The story gets lost behind the terrible grammar.

  2. Carayetta Benoic says:

    So, first of all, fantastic game. Not boring, go at your own pace, plenty of thinking and challenges, while being entertaining. Not too hard, and not too easy. Cute story line, adorable graphics. I’d give it 5 stars but I have two complaints. 1. It’s not a huge complaint, but there are typos, and the words moved so fast I didn’t have time to read, if there was a way you could “tap screen” to continue to the next words, it’d be fantastic. 2. My BIGGEST CONPLAINT. Well at the 10×10 puzzles, you have 9 lives, it’s perfect! But when I went to the 15×15, a larger puzzle, I still only had 9 lives, and with the screen becoming smaller and the squares smaller, I would tap the wrong square on accident. And the zooming in feature does not help on the big puzzles, simply because you can’t see a whole row. I wish there were like 3 extra lives every time you went to bigger puzzles, and with the bigger puzzles, maybe a, is this/are these the squares you want. Other than that, fantastic game.

  3. Gracia Goneril says:

    I love this style of game. The controls are great, as are the puzzles and the accompanying narrative (and music, and art). I particularly like that figure the larger grids you can zoom. I just wish that when you did zoom the numbers also enlarged at least a little. They can be a bit hard to differentiate on the 30×30 grid sometimes.

  4. Jon Loren says:

    Edited Nov. 14th 2018 with an update. – Originally rated 3 starts due to being unable to progress past level 2. Eventually figured it out, and it was just a tricky way of navigating the screens. So, I won’t fault the developers for user error. I do love this game. I especially love that it doesn’t cost an arm and a leg to get rid of the ads. Makes it way better than most nonogram games! The at work and story are great as well!

  5. Cordia Pander says:

    I appreciate that the devs put a bit of a story into a basic puzzle game, but the execution is marred by a poor interface. You have to click on icons at the bottom to switch between x and fill, and when filling in a row of boxes at once there is a bit of lag (surprising for such a simple game). See something like Nonograms Katana for an example of a more responsive experience. I wanted to like this game, but for a puzzle game the interaction is everything.

  6. Hamelatun Eardly says:

    The game is lovely. the sound controls aren’t accessible on the menu screen, which is pretty counter intuitive, but I finally found them when I went to play this puzzle itself. I deleted the app the first time round for this reason, but the speedy reply of the developers encouraged me to try again. my suggestion to them would be to make settings accessible on all screens, not just on the puzzle itself.

  7. Adam Handi says:

    It’s an experience I’m not sure how I feel about. The art style proves gorgeous and the sounds/soundtrack relaxing. Its story is simplistic, but serviceable. The mechanics of the game seem a little too hand-holdy for my tastes, with a life system to warn you of a mistake and numbers that black out only when the correct spaces are filled. Minor gripes I can partially disable or ignore. What nets this mediocre score, however, is discovery of a logically impossible puzzle early in the game. limited

  8. Hid Betina says:

    I downloaded this because I love nonograms and I figured the story mode would enthrall me even more. It’s a very well developed app and I spend countless hours playing it – very enjoyable. My only 2 complaints about it: 1 – I’m not a fan of the lives mode and telling me when I click a wrong tile. Reasons being that 1 – if you accidentally click a wrong tile, it gives it away which sometimes gives the answer to other tiles you hadn’t deduced yet, and 2 – if I make a mistake in the puzzle, I like to get to where I can’t complete it then backtrack to find the mistake. The other thing I don’t like is that it crosses off a number too soon. Suppose I have a 10 x 10 row with the numbers 1, 5 and I determine that column 4 is a marked tile but have no information on the other tiles, the game will cross off the 1 basically telling me that it’s the 1 and columns 6-10 are the 5, even though there are other possibilities such as columns 1 or 2 being the 1 and column 4 being part of the 5. I like having it cross off numbers because I can see what’s left, but this one does it too early.

  9. Cody Mather says:

    Absolutely adorable. I am currently on the deer. I’ve never played a nonogram before, and I’m glad I started with this. The puzzles can be challenging, but some are too easy and predictable. It takes a while to get the next part of the story, but it builds suspense and makes up for this with the time killing puzzles. Although I’m confused on the nonograms that have pictures. The pictures are human objects and have nothing to do with the story. The main story is nice though.

  10. Dora Carlson says:

    Great design, beautiful artwork, unintrusive ads, plenty of puzzles, and tons of options to tune the difficulty to your own skill level. My only gripe is that when you 100% complete a row or column, it turns the number black to show it’s correct. Not only can this be exploited to solve puzzles, but it makes it trivial to see which parts are incorrect. You should really be able to turn this option off. Giving a few bucks to turn off the ads was the easiest decision I’ve made all month.

  11. Ronaele Sherwood says:

    Very good nonogram game! For anyone who’s not familiar with these puzzles, there are levels geared to get you up to speed quickly. I played this on a tablet, which I think was a good choice, because the final puzzles did get quite large (with smaller boxes to fill). But there was enough here to keep me busy for quite a while (awesome for a free game). Story-driven puzzles, which was a plus. Excited, and a little sad, to be finished. But that just means I’m on to the next one!

  12. Maddie Lawton says:

    Haven’t played much yet, but I’ve played a lot of nonogram apps and I find this enjoyable. The puzzles are a bit small and too similar to one another, plus my favorite form of nonogram filling (double tap for an ‘x’) isn’t available from what I can see. The artstyle, music and story that go with it easily make the tedium tolerable, and controls are by no means poor. I’ll probably revise to a 5 star after being properly challenged later on.

  13. Aikin Nichola says:

    It’s a beautiful game and I love puzzles like this, but the colored squares aren’t counted correctly for most of the puzzles I’ve done (and I haven’t gotten very far). Most of them will not show as complete even with the grid completely filled because squares will show as “right” when they’re not. And even correctly placed squares don’t always register. I’m disappointed because it was initially very nice.

  14. Evalina Rugby says:

    Really fun until you get to the end. The end puzzles are 20 x 20. You still only have 9 mistakes to make. It makes it hard and difficult to finish. *NOT* fun. Until then it’s very enjoyable. Cute story and interesting puzzle. Wish they’d let you stockpile your “chances” or just not make it impossible at the end. Plus with it being so large, many times I press the wrong square on accident. Wish there was a way to lock down when you’ve imputed the correct choices.

  15. Karan Delevan says:

    So far, the game is absolutely wonderful! It’s a lot like the puzzle about the girl and blue bird’s journey through her dreams. The only reason I docked one star is because of the small, but prominent grammar errors in the story and tutorial. With a story meant to be touching, even small errors can take away value. Otherwise, very well done!

  16. Celma Ellyce says:

    I love this game. It’s very relaxing and the art is beautiful. I’ve had no issues with the gameplay itself, but when I clear all the levels and get to read the next part it the story, the ad bar in the bottom covers the last few sentences. Because of this I can’t enjoy the story along with the game. Edit: problem fixed, great response too feedback!

  17. Dellana Sedgewick says:

    A very fun set of puzzles! Watching the large picture form as you go is very satisfying, and i appreciate that the game isn’t trying to nickel and dime you. My one complaint: the story is minimalist, like the other nonogram games by this developer, which doesn’t really work with the whole ‘love story’ angle this one takes. I feel like I’d need to see more to really be invested in the characters. So, not my favorite game by them… But still a killer nonogram!

  18. Jennalyn Jerline says:

    The music is soothing, and it allows me to perceive the game as a calming puzzle, rather than a frustrating challenge. The story that Two Eyes tells is romantic and deep, perfect for winding down after a long day. The perfect mixture of playing a video game and reading a book right before bed. The only drawback is the amount of data it takes up, though it might not be as consuming as I think it is (my phone is really old, and I never had much bandwidth to begin with.)

  19. Brianne Aethelwulf says:

    Overall a really good game. A few problems I had along the way: there was an issue with ads covering the story and not being able to read it, but that seemed to be fixed. The only other “issue” is that the app seemed REALLY sensitive. I would try to click to switch between the “x” and the squares and I’d end up getting dinged because for some reason it clicked THROUGH it and tried to place a square somewhere I didn’t want it. But the art style was really lovely, and I actually did like the story

  20. Jeffrey Seveland says:

    The game itself is great. But the squares are small, and i have big fingers so I’m getting a lot of red marks for accidentally pressing the square next to the one intended. Failed 2nd boards because of it and tried again only to give up out of frustration. Also, for some reason my navigation bar doesn’t come up while this app is running. So i have to go to the off screen, swipe the lock screen, and press the arrow it circle quick before it disappears again. No other app have i ever had this with

  21. San Leigh says:

    Having finished the entire game, main story and side projects, I had no idea that nanograms could be so much fun. The artwork is simple on the surface, but is incorporated so beautifully into the game that it fits beautifully. There is a single bug I’ve found with the 30×30 puzzles, if you are zoomed in the game will not register the squares you tap properly, but other than that there are no other bugs. The story is okay and the writing quality is acceptable, but I loved playing it anyway!

  22. Lugh :D says:

    I really had a lot of fun playing this app! I played through and completed every single puzzle, in fact. The only complaints I have are that the story was incredibly boring (but easy to ignore), there were a lot of ads, and the zoom in function isn’t the most functional. But overall, I would recommend this app if you just wanna play some puzzles!

  23. Chynna L says:

    Beautiful game and beautiful music. The storylines are cute and it’s interesting how they tie together. The ads weren’t too intrusive, but I paid for no ads and it was worth it. It is very addictive with easy controls and was challenging but not unplayable. It also took a while to complete, and I like that in a game. I have played it on multiple devices over the years. Very amazing game!

  24. Gwen Evans says:

    It does a good job of explaining the rules of nonograms and the difficulty is mostly tied to what you feel inclined to do. As you finish every available puzzle, harder ones do still unlock. I would reccomend downloading this app moreso if you have a stylus as the later puzzles do get very small, although there is an option around that. My only complaint is that I did not get the 20×20 wolf achievement even though I have finished all available puzzles, but I don’t mind too much. It’s fun.

  25. Jackson Eatchel says:

    Good enough. The UI is a bit strange. For example, after revealing a tile on the gameboard, it is then possible to remove that tile; this results in a lot of accidental tile removals. I couldn’t say why anyone would want this, because the whole point of the game is to reveal *all* the tiles. But for what it’s worth (being free to download), it seems like there are many puzzles here to complete, and that’s all I care about 🙂

  26. Jessica Stiles says:

    The animation is really pretty and although the game itself can be challenging, the overall ambience is serene. The difficulty increases with each chapter; I am only on the second so far, but I think it is neither too easy nor too hard to solve. The game has relatively few ads, which I appreciate. I sort of wish the background or something was customizable, but it’s nice the way it is. Would recommend for anyone who enjoys nonograms!

  27. Kayla K says:

    The app is pretty nice and I feel like the ads are placed out well. But I really don’t like that they don’t have a button to select a “maybe” space. You can only select yes or no basically for which blocks get filled. This makes it impossible for me to play as if you mis-mark a spot you lose a life, but I need to temporarily mark a spot to figure out where parts go. I’ll give this another shot if they implement this. Seems like other people don’t mind, but I can’t play it with my play style.

  28. Matthew Barnes says:

    This isn’t the first game of this type I’ve installed, and it won’t be the last. Sadly, this isn’t very close to my favorite nonogram apps. I’m sure the story is great, but with how long it takes to progress, its definitely not a selling point. My biggest complaint is why would you allow players to erase correct squares if you penalize them for coloring incorrect squares? I’d much prefer either correct squares locked in or not being penalized for coloring incorrectly.

  29. Cora Vixen says:

    I love nanograms, so this game was an easy choice. However, I have difficulties with seeing certain colors against certain colors. Like, dark shades against dark shades. So I like having the ability to change the background to be able to see the blocks much easier. Unfortunately, this game does not offer that. Hopefully, that is something that can be implemented. That way people who are colorblind or have difficulties can enjoy the game without so much strain.

  30. Ava Fijman says:

    I feel like the levels and the way you level up should be explained further. Like the amount of instructions that went into how to do the pizzle was absolutely amazing but like you couldn’t extent your amazingness to the rest of the game…? Mabey I’m just stupid and missed something but I’m still confused 😅. Otherwise it’s an awesome game. I like the plot and the way it made me chose in the beginning without knowing what I was getting into.

  31. Ellie Hoyt says:

    Even if you don’t follow the cute storyline, it’s a fun puzzle game. Minimal and non-invasive ads. Plenty of “lives”, so if you make a few mistakes, it doesn’t restart your game immediately. Cool features as well. Starts easy and gets progressively more challenging. Many levels. Great game!

  32. Kediil says:

    I’ve played your games before and loved them. Doing it again. Two most major issues. Would LOVE to keep the single switch button (between x/✓ boxes), with a setting option for left or right side of screen. That ad bar, I get it, but please put it at the top, so it’s harder to touch by accident. (I’m also not sure why this game has the ability to remove a filled square? If it’s wrong, it will red X you, so the ability to remove a valid square after placement is counterproductive at best)

  33. Jay Q says:

    Relaxing, pleasant nonogram game. They really get ads right on this: infrequent, brief, varied, and relevant (I downloaded one of the games in an ad). I’m taking a point off for accessibility. Zooming is awkward; it only zooms the inner board while keeping the number area fixed, and it makes no use of all the unused space in the number area. Why not zoom the entire board? The font size is too small, and there’s no option to pause the text display during story mode. Otherwise, a good game.

  34. Amelia Richards says:

    A beautiful game! I just got done playing Two Eyes and I enjoyed every minute of it! The game is quite simple to play, except for maybe the finale chapters with the 30×30 puzzles. It took a bit longer to solve. A fun way to relax and help pass the time. The graphics and pictures are absolutely gorgeous! The story was sweet and kept me interested. The music is very calm and soothing, and I love the option of turning it off just in case I wanted to listen to my own music. A lovely game indeed!

  35. Athena Raelyn says:

    Love it! I’ve been struggling to find an app with these puzzles that I like so it was refreshing to find one I keep wanting to come back to. In case you’re silly like I was, if the levels looked locked and clicking on the lock icons doesn’t do anything, swipe left on the level image to do more. XD

  36. Sei Minuet says:

    The app itself is well designed. I can’t comment on the quality of the story as I have not completed it, but the reason I have knocked off a star is the quite easy puzzles. I am doing the big puzzles in the journey and have completed maybe around 100 or so very quickly. The puzzles are just not engaging enough and I can basically turn off my brain which is not what I’d like to do.

  37. Alex Dornfeld says:

    Kinda basic nonogram puzzles. Some of the story puzzles, which are portions of one big puzzle, are just kinda dumb. They’re super abstract and not that fun yo figure out. The other puzzles are kinda bland too, with transparent pixels used for shading, making the pixel art more ugly some of the time. At least the art for everything else looks really nice. Not a huge fan here. There’s some merit, but it could use some work.

  38. Leslie says:

    I like this game and I appreciate that the ads are unobtrusive. It is well designed and easy to play. I was almost done with all of the puzzles when I had to switch to a new phone, but my progress did not transfer over. I still have all of the badges on Google play games, but not the actual progress in the app. EDIT: I saw the developer replied with a possible solution, but unfortunately it requires having the old device which I do not. My old phone died. Thank you for your reply, though.

  39. Amelia Harrison says:

    Great game, it brought me back into nonogram puzzles. Once it got to the final it got a little hard, just because of the tiny screen and how many little sections. But I really loved the story and it’s definitely worth a play. The ads aren’t really intrusive, but I played it a lot off wifi, which made it overall enjoyable.

  40. Sara Bowerman says:

    Most relaxing music in a game I’ve played, nonogram or not. Listening to the beautiful music while playing this chill game is wonderful. Good variety of different difficulty puzzles. Very petty art, some of which changes as you advance the “story” (which is a sweet tale). I like the separate sections for nonograms that are parts of giant pictures for story mode, and for smaller ones that are each their own simpler pixelly pictures unrelated to the story mode. Fabulous app.

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