Through Abandoned Apk Download New 2022 Version*


Go through the Abandoned in search of your missing twin brother
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February 23, 2022
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Through Abandoned Apk Download New 2022 Version*

Warning! For those who see a permission to get entry to recordsdata for your tool it’s wanted since the sport dimension is huge and the construct is separated to a number of information.

Thru Deserted Apk Obtain New 2022 Version* apk mod

Are you able to make your means during the Deserted?

Thru Deserted Apk Obtain New 2022 Version* apk mod 2022

• Adventure via mysterious puts searching for your misplaced dual brother.
• Vintage level and click on taste journey with many new twists.
• Resolve difficult puzzles.
• 3 chapters of interesting sport play. First bankruptcy is unfastened to play.

Thru Deserted Apk Obtain New 2022 Version*

Your dual brother disappeared right into a curious position referred to as the Deserted. You should make your means thru a community of doorways with a purpose to in finding him.

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Should you assume you’ve gotten what it takes to make your method throughout the Deserted, then obtain this recreation now!


40 comments on "Through Abandoned Apk Download New 2022 Version*"

  1. Stanford Clarinda says:

    Great concept totally destroyed by bugs and horrible controls. Most inventory taps don’t register, or select the wrong item. Sometimes tapping one way will make you move the opposite way (ie: tap up, move down) due to glitchy controls. Heck, if you select the stick before you select the mallet, you can muck up the game during the first 10 steps of the tutorial and have to wipe your savegame (either that or the inventory just wasn’t registering my taps again)

  2. Skipper Diedra says:

    Chapter 1 is free and the best of the three. The second chapter has very obscure puzzles which have few hints and zero explanation of what is needed. The third chapter is awful. The puzzles are beyond all reason and sense. Even the walkthrough doesn’t explain where the clues to solutions can be found. The screen freezes often and even reverts back to chapter 1. Overall the idea was good, but the execution failed miserably. I would recommend saving the few dollars you’d spend on the second 2 chapters.

  3. Eda Spring says:

    I haven’t finished it yet but I have to say it has my attention. I’m actually enjoying this. Not too difficult where you get annoyed and want to stop cause the frustrating isn’t fun anymore and not to easy where you feel like it’s a five year olds put the shaped blocks in the matching shape holes. You still have to think to progress and that’s the whole point of these games. Makes you feel like a genius lol.

  4. Valen Deryk says:

    Love the concept but a little in-game help would be useful: the hints are next to useless as it just highlights areas of interest which the gamer knows already. As mentioned by other users, the controls could be better. Last but not least, it keeps uploading chapter 1 at almost every step, making the gameplay far from flowing, and now it is not loading at all. Uninstalling.

  5. Xilla Rosemary says:

    Good concept, mostly good game, big holes in execution. Most puzzles and obstacles weren’t all that difficult, but satisfying to complete. Some of them made absolutely no sense -specifically locks requiring codes in chapter 3- and made the gameplay very inconsistent. The hint function helped a little bit, but not at all on any of the puzzles. Full of glitches, poorly polished, and the ending makes little to no sense at all. There’s a twist in there but it hardly linked to the rest of the game.

  6. Alexx Marlin says:

    Ok I actually paid for the full version of this game, which borrows HEAVILY from Submachine. In Chapters 2 and 3 the English is MUCH better than Chapter 1. Except for the final “boss,” which is pretty much a nonsensical conversation that can only be solved via trial and error. In Chapter 3, there are ZERO hints for puzzle solutions. Meaning you literally have to look them up, there is no way to figure them out. And there is NO ending, just an ad for another game by the developer! Really!

  7. Domonique Brun says:

    I don’t recommend purchasing the full game , the first chapter was by far the best, the second chapter was fun though a bit confusing, but the final chapter was not worth the money. The third chapter had no logic behind the majority of the puzzles, the code to open the elevator has no clues and is ok only solvable with the walkthrough. So yeah if you want to buy a chapter, go for the second one because trust me, the ending wasn’t worth the time required to finish (basically the matrix)

  8. Bille Crespin says:

    I love puzzle games but this one is just frustrating. Had to use the walkthrough alot cause there’s no logic or clues that direct you where to go. Hint only flash things in the scene red but that doesn’t help you figure out what to do to move forward. They aren’t remotely helpful. Even the brother’s notes don’t help to direct you on what you have to do next. The 2d art doesn’t give any depth to tell what can be used in a scene & what can’t. Without the walkthrough it’s near impossible to do.

  9. Caspian Kedric says:

    Doesn’t work properly. I’m stuck on the bit where you are supposed to pull the levels down either side of the floating cube, one of the levels just bounces straight back up I’ve used hints and watched the walkthrough several times and I’m doing it correctly! It’s quite a cool game. Had glitch like this before ended up uninstalling then reinstalling and it fixed but why should I spend so much time having to do that plus the data for reinstalling!!!

  10. Kalysta Sherri says:

    I liked this game in spite of myself. It has beautiful visuals, but serious problems with puzzle design and the hint system, making a walkthrough indispensable, and the ending (both the story’s end and the final stretch of gameplay) is baffling and frustrating. But if, like me, you’re a fan of the Submachine series by Mateusz Skutnik, this is quite similar to those – mostly in style, not substance, but enough to keep my interest. If you’ve never heard of the Submachine games, play them instead.

  11. Tri Hosley-Anderson says:

    I like the games atmosphere. The art style coupled with music gives it a nice mysterious feel. The controls are simple, however, I do have issues hitting the item bar on side sometimes. Exploring through the game gives one a feeling of imagining what’s happening through a mystery novel. The story of the game isn’t bad either, but there were a couple grammatical errors ( nothing too serious though) . Otherwise the game is fairly solid, if the sidebar control was worked on it’d be perfect.

  12. Maydemia S. says:

    This game is frustrating. It’s very difficult to select items from the item bar. Even items on the main screen can take repeated taps before I can pick them up. I’ve gotten to an impasse in the tunnel with the flower. I don’t have some cube to put on the stand. The game won’t let me go back to get it. The idea of the game seems cool but the story doesn’t fit the design. (They have regular subway cars but they are somehow supposed to be an advanced civilization.)

  13. Naomi Reed says:

    Really liked the game. Payed for the last 2 chapters and for no ads. Got to the end of the game and i cant walk through the door because an ad keeps popping up and caused the game to glitch. Now the game thinks the door is still locked ( I have the key in my inventory) but the door is open and I cant interact with it at all. Really wish I could have the satisfaction of beating the game by actually finishing it.

  14. a name says:

    I’ve beat abandoned 1 before, but I was here to play 2 and 3. Unfortunately, they cost money, so I STILL CANT PLAY THE FOREST AND REFUGE!!! Another thing is that normally, you just run around the map with no interferences, but in this game you have to let it load when you try to go to certain parts of the map, and it is time consuming. This game is not the best, I wouldn’t recommend it, but I can see how people think of this game as a decent game.

  15. Jeppe Rung says:

    A pretty solid point and click game. A lot of care and love clearly went into it. The levels get harder as you progress, but it’s not really a way that is meaningful to me, it’s mostly just a bigger world to get lost in when you don’t know what item to use where. The game currently ends on an ad for me, which takes the edge of a climactic finale, especially after paying for no ads. I suspect it’s a bug, but annoying nonetheless

  16. Matthew Graham says:

    Same as a lot of people. Pleasantly surprised at it being a Submachine knockoff (though I’m sure Mateusz probably isn’t so keen), paid for the second and third chapter and then started experiencing substantial game breaking bugs and a general decline in the coherence of puzzle solutions. Currently chapter 2 has a save but loading it presents nothing but a black screen. It’s a shame as many other games like Faraway are great. Update: “finished” it. Barely worth the effort. Don’t bother.

  17. Amy han says:

    The story is ok but the puzzles are amazing. The complexity of each chapter is really good. One puzzle leaded to another and one more. Some of them doesnt really have any proper explanation. Tho i never really knew the ending… like there’s no ending for the story. The hints can do better. Its cool that they will highlight that tappable object but i dont know what to do with those. The walk through is too long and hard to navigate.

  18. Mariana O says:

    The graphics are amazing but gave up in Chapter 3. There’s not enough pattern to make sense of the different puzzles and where they fit which is easily solved if we could inspect the items. Eventually I got bored having to go back and forth in the walkthrough. Otherwise, I don’t regret purchasing even though you don’t need too.

  19. Liliana Peraza says:

    This game was actually a really good game, I haven’t played a good game in a while. The puzzles were brilliant and this game has NO ADDS AT ALL, unless you want a hint then you have to watch a add. But no adds will pop up during game which is my favorite part. But the reason why I gave the game a 3 is because you have to pay 2 dollars for chapters 2 and 3. So you can only play chapter 1 for free and have to pay for eacg chapter individually to continue with the rest of the game. AMAZING GRAPHICS

  20. Jaime Loren says:

    The game is fantastic. I love the puzzles. However… only the first 2 chapters are good. The third isn’t on the same level. It doesn’t have enough to engage with to obtain solutions to each puzzle. It’s not complex.. it’s incomplete. While you don’t have to pay to play, only the first chapter is free. Worthwhile purchase to me, but I would have liked the game more if the third chapter had more time spent on it in development.

  21. Oleg Yazvin says:

    This game is very very clearly inspired by Submachine by Mateusz Skutnik. While the atmosphere is very similar, the puzzles are of a somewhat lower quality. They are pretty disconnected, and arent always logical. The author should focus on consistency about how the “world” works. It makes the puzzles make sense. For example, why would a random gear from a temple fit into a gear for a subway station in a hole that looks like a piece of the background? Good effort overall! Definitely recommen

  22. Ramin Amin Tafreshi says:

    Like so many similar games, on this game you should collect different items, find some clues to open doors and run the machines and etc. The story is not that bad, it doesn’t have a good development tho and feels cliche..! There were so many times that I haven’t found any clues for solving the puzzles! Sometimes it is even not logical! There are puzzles that seems not have any answer and doesn’t even need to be solved??!! Without solving them, i went to the next chapter!!!!!!

  23. Gerard Thornley says:

    The 1.17 update did fix the “skeleton’s key” problem. Some other issues remain. E.g. after moving to a new area of a chapter, on 1st entry to each screen, previous actions are replayed with their sound effects. Noticeable on chapter 2 with the light bulbs. Also, with the planets puzzle on the wind turbine (and maybe in general) it’s not really been made for a small screen, has it? And I’m not sure, but I think the top left & top right clues might be swapped there? I hope that’s helpful.

  24. Maximilian Martinez says:

    At first the game gave me Submachine vibes, and I was rather excited. Until I hit long loading screens every other screen which made navigating painfully slow, and irritating bugs like all of the interactive elements on each screen replaying their animations and sounds every time you backtrack through them. The puzzles quickly became nonsensical and unsolvable without a walkthrough, and halfway through the second chapter I lost all desire to actually keep going.

  25. S H (Soylencer) says:

    Wasted potential. Good art style, good lore, and a good setting for interesting puzzles. But the touch responsiveness, interface, and navigation were so wonky I had more than one moment were I was unable to tell if something was part of a puzzle, part of a path, or if something was broken. Needs a real UI and control overhaul. I got 80% if the way through Ch. 2, and gave up because the Mirror Room blocks were a pain in the butt. Played “free” with Play Pass, so can’t comment on value or ad freq.

  26. la Schlauhönkli says:

    it’s pretty nice, has an enjoyable story, pleasing art. However, the puzzles don’t make much sense, it’s more clicking around until something works rather than figuring something out. Also I’ve had the issue where the screen went black (the inventory and help buttons were still visible), and no restarting would fix this, so every time i’ve had to uninstall/reinstall the game and start all over.

  27. chantell lang says:

    2/3 of the game is great Chapter 1 and 2 were fun and challenging. Chapter 3 was very difficult to solve, and after looking up answers to almost every puzzle I always found that the hint was so obscure I wouldn’t have figured it out anyways. I also found some glitches on the phone app. in Chapter 3 in the old house there is a third locked door with the key under the rug. I cannot use this key to unlock door. Every online walk through tell me this is the correct key but I read that it glitches

  28. Jasmine Rul says:

    I couldn’t get past the first part in the first chapter. Any time I touch the stick it force closes, if I leave it on the main menu for too long it force closes, and my phone recommended to delete it because of the high amount of crashes. My phone I’d newer, up to date on everything, and has a good connection to internet.

  29. Eugénie :P says:

    Ugh absolutely loved! So much suspense, confusion on what to do next, even the hints don’t give away much….𝗮𝗺𝗮𝘇𝗶𝗻𝗴. I had to play the first chapter in two days and honestly? i prefer this over finishing a game in one go. It was a bit hard to get a grasp of the gameplay but you get the hang of it. I do wish there were other ways to unlock the rest of the chapters, like ads or having to wait like a day or 2 + the walkthrough channel is without content, but i nonetheless highly recommend!!

  30. Ashley Scott says:

    Levels 1&2 work but 3 had a glitch so you couldn’t finish it the key under the rug isn’t the correct key so you can’t switch on the rune. The puzzles are crazy difficult as the tips or hints don’t key you to where ur supposed to use it or they’re super obscure. The game should be fun not give me a headache. This game could be good but it needs quite a bit of work.

  31. C. Nadia Ezzahir says:

    There are a couple of QoL issues like inventory items lacking labels, and like others I also couldn’t open that door with the mat in front of it. But I don’t really mind, as I love the atmosphere so much. Reminds me of the Submachine series, which had that atmosphere I never thought I’d find again. Thank you for this game!!

  32. Soul Devourer says:

    Pretty neat game, but there’s what seems to be a bug in the very first chapter. When solving the cube puzzle with the color changing rooms, half of it are just white ones with no button to change. Watched a walkthrough on YouTube to find out that that’s not supposed to be like that apparently. Something about an old and new version? Would love to continue since the game so far has been challenging and pretty neat story-wise, but I can’t so Idk what to do here

  33. Alex Abrikosov says:

    Okay, this game is buggy as hell. Every now and then after you use an item, you get spurious sound effects when you go back to that location. The loading screens popping up randomly are bearable at first but get more annoying as one encounters these every three to four moves. On top of that, the game is resemblant of Mateusz Skutnik’s Submachine to the point of being a rip-off. 3/5 not playing further.

  34. Destiony Breshears says:

    Very buggy. The hints are not helpful if anything it’ll make you more confused because it’s just a bunch of flashing red. If you try to click on the walkthrough for the game it leads you to an unrelated video that looks like a Minecraft April fish prank. You have to pay after the first level and from what I’ve read it just goes downhill from lvl 1.

  35. Kuronekohime says:

    Horrible UI and controls. The sounds effects playing before you do something or even after you have already done something is so annoying and actually acts as a jump scare! Storyline isn’t great either.

  36. Fenton McDorr says:

    In the vents of chapter 1, the hints are useless. For example, when you use a hint in the control room, it just highlights the levers and not what order atleast one of them should be in. And in the subway, the hint literally highlights the entire screen, even when there is nothing to press.

  37. Dan buske says:

    Seems to not run on my Arm v7a 4 processor. It keeps stopping and goes back to system front page. It seems to be a memory issue. This is not originally an android app. Maybe some memory tricks to get a chapter to use less memory on android devices.

  38. September Thornton says:

    I’m stuck at the beginning of chapter 2. It won’t let me get the loose piece of wood for the lever just toggle it. And when I click on the walkthrough video to see what I’m doing wrong, a Minecraft Christmas music video comes up instead 🎅🏽😑

  39. Angelika & Dennis Chappell says:

    I got stuck immediately in the first few minutes. I was supposed to open a door with a key I had. I could not get the key to open it. The hint provided just kept indicating the door. I already knew that. And that was after i had to watch an ad to get the hint. No instructions or tutorial told me how to use the key. Most frustrating. Not interested in trying to play. I just uninstalled

  40. C. Fred Patterson says:

    The game is amazing and super fun with a really cool story. Only 3 stars though because it doesn’t let me even open up the screen to buy the other parts of the game. Will change to 5 stars once this is fixed.

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