The House of Da Vinci 3 Mod Apk New 2022*


The grand finale to The House of Da Vinci puzzle adventure trilogy is here!
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Blue Brain Games s.r.o.
November 10, 2022
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The House of Da Vinci 3 Mod Apk New 2022*

The grand finale to The Home of Da Vinci trilogy is right here! Resolve a lot of new puzzles and thoughts benders and discover new mystifying places of ravishing good looks. Use your wits and observational abilities to flee rooms and remedy the mysterious tale at the back of one of the vital world’s maximum prolific inventors in historical past.

The Home of Da Vinci Three Mod Apk New 2022* apk mod new

With sharp wits and an open thoughts, you’ll succeed.

The Home of Da Vinci Three Mod Apk New 2022* mod apk


The Home of Da Vinci Three Mod Apk New 2022*

The time has after all come: grow to be Giacomo one final time and sign up for Leonardo da Vinci, the grasp of each artwork and science, as his good friend and apprentice. Discover extra of the Renaissance international filled with puzzles, uncover secret messages, and disclose mechanical wonders. Resolve conspiracies involving probably the most robust other folks in Italy – and commute no longer best thru area however time as smartly. Meet pals and competitors each outdated and new. Turn into the point of interest of a plan that would possibly alternate historical past eternally.

The Home of Da Vinci Three Mod Apk New 2022* apk mod 2022


The Home of Da Vinci Three Mod Apk New 2022* free up

NEW JOURNEY, NEW PUZZLES Revel in authentic new puzzles, and read about hid gadgets and mechanisms to determine what makes them tick.

The Home of Da Vinci Three Mod Apk New 2022* apk mod

USE THE PREVIOUS FOR YOUR BENEFIT Use the mysterious Oculus Perpetua to modify the previous, influencing your environment within the provide and permitting you to unravel the another way unsolvable.

The Home of Da Vinci Three Mod Apk New 2022* apk

NEW AND ADVANCED INTERACTIONS In finding new techniques to have interaction with the gorgeous, hand made international round you. Regulate Giacomo’s movements much more intuitively than ever prior to.
NUMEROUS PLACES Discover breathtaking new places in Italy and past. Seek them for clues and commute each in time and area.

EPIC FINALE Pay attention to totally voiced ancient figures, watch epic minimize scenes, and uncover how the tale of Giacomo concludes its ultimate level.
Minimal necessities: Android Five.0 or later, Three GB RAM. If the obtain has failed, please take away unused apps or media to create space for the sport.


40 comments on "The House of Da Vinci 3 Mod Apk New 2022*"

  1. Thesaya says:

    Except for a few frustrating moments when I was uncertain what my next objective was and some scenes where I really wished you could skip the animation of moving forward due to needing to go back and forth between places, I don’t have a single complaint. And those I mentioned are really minor. Good story, satisfying puzzles, highly recommended.

  2. Brenda Brown says:

    ABSOLUTELY AMAZING!!! It was well worth the wait! Graphics are amazing, Puzzles are challenging with a great diversity of levels as well as complexity. Everything I had hoped for and more! Thank you very much Blue Brains for another well thought out, greatly executed piece of art! It was like I was really there!

  3. mary deeds says:

    Excellent game, my only complaint is that the story line overtakes the gameplay at times, the puzzles become more button pushing than brain teasing durring story sequences and the exposition is unnecessarily lengthy. Would be nice to see more focus on the puzzle design rather than the story. Overall very fun, top 3 puzzle game behind the room 4 and the room vr.

  4. Simon Treves says:

    The best of the three House of Da Vinci puzzlers. The hints are genuinely helpful, but cleverly structured to only give just enough information. The graphics are gorgeous, as throughout the series, and the climax of the story genuinely moving. A word too for the excellent music. Only the voice acting is a bit dodgy, not least the wayward pronunciation of Giacomo. But it’s a terrific game, and worth every penny.

  5. Will Weaver says:

    Once again, a great installment of the series. I didn’t hesitate a second when I saw this in the play store, and finished it in about 7 hours. A few glitchy puzzles made it a bit frustrating and I almost gave up once, but I made it through. I was a bit disappointed in the ending as I found it somewhat anticlimactic, and not as smooth and polished as the rest of the game but didn’t detract from the overall experience.

  6. Marc Piscaer says:

    WOW! What a unique experience. I must admit I dragged it out so it wouldn’t end too soon. I loved the music and the animated mastery. The interaction with the characters made it feel so real. Puzzles were fun and the clues did help solve some. I played all 3 “The House of Da Vinci” games and all were great. Sad that it’s all finish. Hopefully there will be more in the future.

  7. Emma Dickson says:

    What an incredible game! I have loved each of the Da Vinci games and this one tied everything together and was rich in story as well as puzzles. I honestly felt emotional ending this game because of how drawn into its world I had become and attached to the people within. It is infinitely playable, the puzzles were challenging but not to the point of being impossible and the graphics as always were gorgeous. I wish I could travel back in time to play them all again for the first time.

  8. Kevin B says:

    Another great adventure! Took awhile to complete, which I like. It was definitely on par with the first two games. Graphics were well done, although some of the cut scenes were a little drawn out in my opinion. Didn’t take away from the overall gameplay though. Looking forward to see what’s next from the devs!

  9. Julie Marchant Jones says:

    Best yet! I’ve been waiting for a good game to get the old grey matter going, the odd puzzle was hard to manage due to the controls, apart from that the puzzles were really good, loved the whole game. Good hint levels which I had to use on an odd puzzle as nothing was happening, but realised I needed to get the right spot, the skip scenes were a bonus. Thanks for including a timer, it took longer than I thought. Definitely worth the money.

  10. Bob Stapleton says:

    I’m a massive fan of Blue Brain & especially the DaVinci trilogy. The guys were extraordinarily helpful when I was having issues with HODV II. Having just finished this final chapter, I have to say how much the game has progressed, from the rendering detail, the lighting, the animation links (which have benefitted exponentially from the use of motion capture) & the general gameplay. The puzzles achieve just the right balance between intuitive & thought provoking. Excellent job, guys.

  11. Mark Weighell says:

    Brilliant conclusion, and much longer than I expected. Highly recommended. Tiny issues: A few errors of grammer in the speech which would be easy to fix and would have improve the quality feel of the game. Also no idea how to access achievements from the game. But overall 9.5/10. EDIT: wrote that close to end of game. Actual ending was *magnificent*.

  12. Murphy Jacobs says:

    Well executed and beautiful, with the sort of challenging puzzles that are the standard for this series. My one quibble is that the cut scenes, while well done, were often overly long and took over much of the game. The ending was a bit anticlimactic and left some silly questions such as did Giacomo ever exist? Still, for games that let you play with complex devices, it is great fun with an intriguing storyline and stunning visuals.

  13. Mike Vealey says:

    Great game! The puzzles toward the end started getting a bit easier but over all, well worth the price. It was very immersive but some of the exposition in yhe cut scenes was a little too long but acceptable since you could bypass it. I’ve been waiting for the final chapter and it was worth the wait.

  14. Claudia Rodgers (Squishiemouse) says:

    So disappointed!!I saw this and immediately paid the money to buy it because I enjoyed the other 2 previous games. This game is good. Looks very pretty with nice background scenery. Really liked the 1st and 2 nd games, so I guess I expected this to have even more puzzles and to be a longer game. I was disappointed because it was shorter than expected and not enough puzzles compared to the others. Not really happy with this one.

  15. Craig Guerrieri says:

    Blue Brain has hit yet another homer here, by far my favorite of the series. Love that Leonardo himself follows along as an NPC for a good portion of the game, great touch. Very well-done storyline, puzzles and cut-scenes, along with outstanding graphics and sound, as always. Well worth the wait, but it seemed too short… That is, until I saw it took me 20+ hours to complete! Hey, any chance of a HoDV zero, the prequel? 😉

  16. Luke Charles says:

    In short: the game is pretty good. Puzzles are a good mix of taxing frustration and obvious “duh” and run the gamut inbetween the two. Graphics are excellent and are well presented with decent quality animation. That said: It doesn’t run so well on my Phone and I experienced many moments where the world didn’t update when the puzzle flags did. I had to reboot the game frequently to continue playing and eventually just ran it through a PC Emulator. TL:DR – Great when it works.

  17. zerominded says:

    This was a fantastic addition to the series! I love how interesting the story is, how engaging and challenging the puzzles are, all the details in the graphics, and how smooth the UI is. It’s oe of the few puzzle games I even consider playing. It’s up there with myst, riven, and the room. So good.

  18. Matthew “Matsu K” Niedermeier says:

    The game mechanics and the way it plays is very nice but the audio during dialogue moments cuts off at the end in certain parts of the game that is something I believe the devs need to work on and put in for an update patch!! Other than that it’s what I come to expect from the series of The House of DaVinci!!!

  19. Kelsey Baker says:

    Once again I am blown away. This is easily the most beautiful and engaging mobile game ever. My favorite House of da Vinci thus far. The attention to detail is incredible, puzzles are challenging, and animation is exquisite. You guys did such an amazing job with this one, to no surprise to anyone who has played previous blue brains games. Thank you so much and please, never stop creating 🖤

  20. Daniel Rodriguez says:

    What a great adventure! I love this series, and the final chapter did not disappoint! The only thing wrong in this game is (spoilers ahead) I feel like there were some sounds missing at certain points. Where I would’ve expected a loud noise, there was silence. Specifically in Borgia’s map room, when you shoot the gun, there was no sound for the six shots. Another time was when I activated the time machine at the end…my notebook states it came to life with a loud sound, but I heard nothing.

  21. Samantha Buckley says:

    Well I am so very disappointed with this game and would like a refund. What was a really graphicly pleasing game with great puzzles, has turned into immense frustration. at each challenge, the game glitches and either the required item to use ‘hangs in the air, moves around, won’t insert into where it is supposed to go, only way to get it back, is to save game and go into menu, then reload. Also required to replay and start chapter again, after the game inserted me between layers, rendering game

  22. Matty Howes says:

    Just brilliant! I’ve got the previous games so knew what to expect. This was another level! The music is haunting, the graphics are simply stunning and the puzzles are just the right level of tricky to keep me playing. The hints are well thought out too, starting with a small hint but moving up to, pretty much the answer if you’re really stuck. The most professional game on the Play store in my opinion. Top marks Devs. Can’t wait for the next one. Worth every penny.

  23. Vlady Ostrovski says:

    I really like your games. But I would ask you to consider adding a brightness setting. Even with the maximum screen brightness in a evening house setting, I really struggle to see everything in the game which makes the experience less fun. It’s all about the story and the puzzles not about squinting and rotating the phone to avoid light reflections 🙂 Thanks again for great games!

  24. Michael Moorehead says:

    I truly appreciate the detail and game architecture. I can only imagine the great effort that goes into designing, testing, and executing this type of game. Having said that, I wish the final scene reflected the journey I’d taken throughout the game. I would have preferred a challenging puzzle to wrap things up. Bottom line: I enjoyed the game (and would still recommend), but wanted a more fitting resolution.

  25. Neil Faram says:

    I’m mixed about this one. The first game was just a clunky ‘The Room’ wannabe. The second became more it’s own thing, with time travel mechanics etc, I really enjoyed it! But the 3rd? I dunno! Could’ve done without the dragged out story, the cutscenes were an absolute bore! By far the worst part of the game. Thank God you can skip them. The game itself is a great length, some puzzles were quite fun and satisfying to solve, while others just were just mediocre. But yeah, still worth playing. 3/5!

  26. Ani K says:

    Exciting that 3rd in storyline came available. My fav genre of gaming. No shooting or death element. BEAUTIFUL graphics, very interesting mechanical puzzles. Fun storyline. Game moves along at good pace. hints will appear if you get confused. Really like that there is one fee and dont have to buy “energy nuggets”, or watch endless ads. Hope to see more of this type of game in the future!

  27. Conrad R says:

    I think it is a fitting conclusion to the trio. For those struggling with some of the puzzles, it’s worth going on – in the end though you have no control at that point is spectacular. Not as buggy as | and || though you do have to be quite precise as to where you press. I was a little worried that I might not finish it after struggling with the time machine controls at the end of ||. Worth the money, though it would be even better if the grammar and voice and script agreed.

  28. Joseph Harris says:

    This series of puzzle games were really good. The puzzles are challenging, but not so much that you need to use hints. My only complaint would be that it is difficult to move around. More so than the last two games of the series. There needs to either be a free range of movement or arrows showing in which direction you are able to move on each scene. That way you aren’t constantly clicking/tapping the screen to try to move to areas that aren’t accessible. But the story and puzzles were great.

  29. emma yarde says:

    Brilliant but VERY SHORT, i REALLY love and got all the da vinci games from you but unfortunately this one I strongly believe is NOT worth £5.99! The graphics were amazing, story line was excellent but the puzzles were somewhat rather simple. I was also rather disappointed with how short this game/ story was. For the final game in this, sadly I don’t think it’s worth ” it’s weight in gold “. Maybe a ‘final, final chapter that’s one worth buying? ‘

  30. Trixie Wolf (Trick Question) says:

    The longest of the trilogy, House III’s puzzle difficulty is unfortunately a bit easier than the others. You’re told when an item needs manipulation, and movement and examination are too restricted except in the excellent second chapter. I was hoping for a “hard mode” after winning, with harder puzzles and less hand-holding. However, the length and detailed historical storyline make up for this drawback. House II is still the best of the lot, but this is a fine denouement for a great series.

  31. Nicholas Lomastro says:

    A fitting end to such a well made saga. The story flows nicely and like the other 2 there are moments of frustration but ultimately it depends on your puzzle solving abilities. Let’s see another series based on the Minoans and how the disappeared or something fun like that. Keep it up!

  32. Rick Parrent says:

    Interesting game and a worthy finale, but it didn’t knock my socks off. This edition was considerably easier (and shorter) than its predecessor, but mostly due to the omission of tedious puzzles. I’m having trouble completing all the achievements, though, and I think it’s because a letter in the official walkthrough video isn’t in the game. Unfortunately, when I contacted the authors for clarification, they didn’t respond. Twice.

  33. Taylor Wood says:

    I’m used to this series puzzling me at times but most of these puzzles just had me confused most of the game. Easy to get lost on what to do next. I enjoy using the hints but was very disappointed that the last hint just gives you the answer each time. Too much story and not enough unique puzzles.

  34. Riyo Kat says:

    OMG OMG. The most spectacular game ever played! I thought the previous versions were the best but this one outdid them! Every step was satisfying and yet challenging. Graphics are amazing and so is the storyline. The climax of destroying the temple of wisdom seemed rushed but I think it’s just me because I don’t want this game to ever end! It was so satisfying to watch it crumble. I will play all the versions again to have the complete experience again. Must play for all ages!

  35. Christy Mitchell says:

    A great conclusion to The House of Da Vinci series! It took me just under 9 hours to complete and that was without skipping any of the cut scenes, and taking my time. I didn’t experience any bugs or UI issues, the graphics and sound were great, and the built-in hint system was flawless. I didn’t need to use any walkthroughs and really didn’t need the hints for most of the game. I did feel as if the ending was somewhat abrubt, and the whole game is very story-heavy. Very well done!

  36. Gez Bell says:

    Good ending but not great 🙁 the two previous games were amazing but this paled in comparison. There’s no beautiful complex machines, just a lot of moving from room to room and jumping to different times. The beauty of the old games were that they were intricate and detailed, but this one felt more like a point and click.

  37. Jeff Blain says:

    Another amazing game, lots of puzzles, lots of story, amazing cinematic. No glitch and super smooth on the Samsung S22 Ultra. Mission after mission i thought that was the end and yet another mission started. Well priced for the adventure and fun to see how long it took to complete the game at the end. You can turn hints on and off and they are helping to understand what to do at some point.

  38. Karen Rizvi says:

    It’s a beautiful game, quite absorbing. Visually an upgrade from the previous two. The mechanical puzzles are intricate and well designed. I enjoyed the background story. Animated sequences could have been shorter. The controls are sometimes tricky and fussy. The puzzles are mostly solvable with some effort but occasionally I was stuck and had to use hints. Sometimes the solutions made no sense. Overall a good game that could have been excellent with a few tweaks.

  39. Monkey_Sox says:

    Loved the previous two games, and really want to enjoy this one, but finding it very buggy. Items sometimes freeze on the screen instead of slotting into the right place, and things don’t unlock properly. A return to the main menu and back resolves the issue but it happens so often that it ruins the immersion. I am using a Huawei M5 tablet. Previous 2 games work fine.

  40. P Allen says:

    Fun game with a few difficult puzzles accompanied by solid cinematics. Really enjoyed the steam punkish vibe throughout as well the nods to modern mobile game design. The only minor thing detracting from a more immersive experience was the voice acting. While it certainly wasn’t bad, hearing clearly British accents in a game set in old Italy was… jarring. Still it is a 5 star app and I look forward to whatever they come up with next!

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