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Play the timeless block puzzle game together with everyone, anywhere!
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November 11, 2022
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Tetris® Premium Apk

Welcome to TETRIS®, the reliable cellular app for the world’s favourite puzzle sport. Fight to be the remaining one status in 100-player TETRIS ROYALE mode, play a snappy spherical to overcome your personal ranking, or play endless rounds to grasp your talents within the TETRIS Unmarried Participant Modes. TETRIS perpetually!

Tetris® Top class Apk apk mod 2022

Benefit from the final block puzzle sport with those wonderful options:

Tetris® Top rate Apk apk mod

• Struggle towards Ninety nine different gamers in last-one-standing fits.
• Transparent strains and use boosters to ship assaults or shield your Matrix from Rubbish.
• Earn Event Issues to climb limited-time leaderboards and win rewards.

Tetris® Top class Apk mod apk

• Grasp your abilities with the enduring Tetris gameplay you understand and love.
* Select between the standard mode for never-ending rounds or the brand new Fast Mode for when you need to play Tetris however handiest have a couple of mins to play.
• Rotate Tetriminos, transparent strains and weigh down your prime ranking.
• To be had offline – revel in Tetris anytime, anyplace.

Tetris® Top rate Apk apk

• Squad up and chat with buddies • Paintings in combination to finish shared targets and earn rewards as a Crew • Compete in opposition to different Groups in Tetris Tournaments

Tetris® Top rate Apk liberate

• Whole Day by day Demanding situations to your favourite modes to earn XP and rewards.
• Revel in intuitive contact controls or select on-screen controls.
• Personalize your recreation enjoy and Participant Profile with customized topics, backgrounds, avatars and avatar frames.
• Blow their own horns your Tetris taste in case you’re featured in in-game movies.

Tetris® Top class Apk apk mod new

The world’s favourite block puzzle sport is now a sport for everybody to play in combination, any place. Tetris eternally!

Tetris® Top class Apk

Tetris ® & © 1985~2022 Tetris Keeping. All Rights Reserved. 
Sub-licensed to PLAYSTUDIOS®.
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40 comments on "Tetris® Premium Apk"

  1. Robin Trevino says:

    I’ve always loved Tetris. These ads are so obnoxious. They almost feel like a punishment. Like, force me to watch 5 seconds before I can skip. Fine. I’m used to that. These ads require me to do 3 different taps to skip. Do you really think that will make me want your product more? The best you’ll get is an accidental tap, which I quickly back out of. The game itself is good. I wish you could move a piece faster, without slamming it down. A lot of times, they spin when I’m trying to move them.

  2. Luke Mabe says:

    LET ME PLAY OFFLINE. I pressed the option for offline mode when Tetris couldn’t find a connection and I started playing the game. Every 30 seconds the game is interupted by a screen saying Tetris is looking for a server to connect to. This would be annoying itself but the game continues in the background and I have to press the Try Again button repeatedly to make it go away. I don’t care if my score isn’t recorded or I’m not receiving achievements. Maybe I just want to have fun on a car ride.

  3. Matt says:

    Who doesn’t love classic testris. Would give 5 stars but not a fan of the controls. Touch screen controls can be frustrating particularly when the game speeds up. Also blocks don’t always turn thru all the posibilities depending on where it’s lined up. Also noticed falling blocks will just disappear in the middle of the game. Ads are also ridiculous.

  4. Parker Wilkins says:

    I never would have expected just how bad playing while offline would be. When you open the app it sits and loads for a while. After the wait, a big screen pops up telling you you’re offline. This is annoying. When you get to the main page there’s 2 options, 1 is a game mode while 2 is offline mode, offline mode does nothing except tell you you’re offline. Once you get to the game you realize that high scores don’t get saved! They only save whilst online! This is ridiculous.

  5. Lauren Stokes says:

    Fine app, but there is a big issue with the ad that comes after each game. For me, I can’t exit the ad without being sent to download it…so I have to close the app each time I finish the game. Plus the ad stops playing the music you’re listening to. I also wasn’t able to figure out how to access the settings when I first started playing. I had to play a few games to access the menu. That actually made me uninstall the game until I realized Tetris has a monopoly on anything tetris related :/

  6. Andy Windels says:

    I don’t *necessarily* have a problem with the ludicrous addition of season pass cosmetics to Tetris; they’re just desperately trying to “update” the game for the era. But the fact that a subscription is the ONLY way to remove ads, which play between every game, is depraved. The game is 40 years old! I am more than happy to pay a normal one-time price for removing ads (something I DID for the previous app, which they murdered). I guess I’ll just have to wait for them to kill this one too.

  7. Sebastian Guzman says:

    This game is generally very well made( ignoring the inability to play offline). The game plays very smooth and has little bugs that I have noticed while playing. The only thing that bohs down the experience is the flood of ads that play every time I want to do anything. These ads are a general inconvenience that detract from the fun that the game otherwise is.

  8. Michael Burr says:

    This game is fun. I mean, it’s Tetris, of course it’s fun. You have to pay the equivalent of 5 dollars a month to have an ad free experience. There is no realm of possibility where that makes sense. Disney plus, a service with very easily thousands of hours of content costs like 8 dollars or something. And this costs 5? Get realistic. They’ve even added more ads to the game recently. Love the idea of Tetris on the go, but I’d rather just buy a Gameboy then deal with these ads.

  9. Andy Tyres says:

    It’s almost the Tetris you know and love. The gameplay is the same, solid, enjoyable experience it’s always been. But it’s slogged down by ads, cosmetics, and season pass subscription garbage. The amount of loading and trash you have to wade through before being able to even start a game is atrocious. And what’s the worst? It’s unavoidable since offline play is broken. Even in airplane mode, you are interrupted every 10 seconds by the game trying and failing to connect to the internet.

  10. Sam Knoblich says:

    Good app, basic tetris, timed tetris, and the battle version are good. Only major issue is “offline mode” is unplayable, every 10 seconds a pop-up shows up asking to reconnect to internet, and no, it doesn’t pause the game when the pop-up occurs. I don’t know why I need wifi to just play basic tetris, all this app needs wifi for is to give me ads before and after every single game played. Menu is also very slow to navigate and often buffers for long periods of time.

  11. K F says:

    I have to have controls on the screen to get the pieces to turn correctly. Music turn back on, I go into setting, still on MUSIC OFF, and hace to turn it ON and then OFF again to get music off. Glitchy. Ad free isnonly for 30 days. Spoiler alert I’m never ever going to buy anything in these ads! So let me just buy the dang game🤦‍♀️ Is otherwise tetris.

  12. Tiki Green says:

    I love tetris in my opinion the game is fine. The reason I’m giving the app 1 star is the developers seem greedy, instead of allowing us to pay one fee to remove ads once and for all they decided to make it a monthly subscription type thing which is weird for a basic game like tetris. Maybe it would be worth it if the subscription came with other benefits & perks to keep you interested in playing all month otherwise it’s a waste.

  13. Ben March says:

    Controls are trash. In a game like Tetris proper control function is paramount. One goof up from bad control can wreck an entire game. This would be perfect, if they could just tighten up, and dial in the touch controls. Maybe have a button specificly for the fast drop. Not being the same touch as the rotate. That’s just poor planning.

  14. Nayson Bigelow says:

    The only thing going for this app is that it’s Tetris. It’s fun when it works, but it almost never does because of the countless bugs and glitches that are keeping you from playing your game. And even if you could get it to work without any of those, you’re swamped with ads after every button you press along with the completely unnecessary $5 pass and weird multiplayer that also doesn’t work well. I played Tetris on this app a couple years ago, and it was great. But it’s changed for the worse.

  15. Tyler Morin says:

    The original Tetris game is the stuff of nostalgia. I downloaded this mobile version in the hopes that would have been retained, but that is not the case. The music has a strange poppy back beat to it. The speed of the falling blocks does not increase. There is a timer that limits how long you can play as opposed to the blocks falling faster. Those reasons were enough to kill it for me and make me uninstall the app. I would rather carry around my game boy again and play Tetris that way.

  16. Ethan Worcester says:

    the fact that it’s an online game is F-ing stupid. I would rather pay a single amount and just own the game with no ads instead of a ‘season pass’ for TETRIS!? Are you serious? a season pass for Tetris, what a time to be alive. but that BS aside the actual playing Tetris part is the same challenge and fun it always has been. the fact that it’s still fun gives it 4th star. I really want to give it 3* because of the ad-free is only the duration of the season pass.

  17. Ian MacCartney says:

    It is incredible that they managed to screw up tetris. For one you can’t play it without an internet connection, even if it’s just the single player. Second of all it soft crashes literally all the time and instead of closing it will play a loud unskippable ad that locks your phones navigation. Not to mention the asinine “events” and social media aspects. Is it really so hard to make an app where blocks fall down and you stack them without it crashing?

  18. Joseph C says:

    Game plays very well with touch/swipe as well as a more classic on screen touch controller (which is unlocked in the settings at level 2). However, the fact that the only way ads can be disabled is through a $5.99 monthly pass is ridiculous. The fact it requires an internet connection is ridiculous. The fact it defaults to logging in with a Facebook account is a negative for me (but not ridiculous). I love Tetris. This plays exceedingly well. But, everything else tied with it drags it down.

  19. Thomas Hughes says:

    It’s corrupt. The failure to accept commands quickly had me disinterested. Anyone who played the original stand up arcade version will be frustrated by the slow and inconsistent response times and blatant change of command that leads to misplacement. Not fun for those who know how this game is supposed to flow. Played for 2 rounds. Mildly interesying, but not the teal thing. Uninstalling.

  20. Evan Bontrager says:

    Great way to pass time, goals make it interesting. Not too many ads, but still a little irritating. And the normal mode has a retry button, but the ”quick play” requires the player to return to the home screen and then start again. Why is that? Overall, I enjoy playing!

  21. Scabatha Festerson says:

    Fun at first but then they moved the ads to before you play so you are forced to watch. The more you play the more frustrating it gets because the controls are really buggy. It will spin one direction but then decide to spin the other way for one turn, making you lose. Not fun anymore.

  22. Hugo Pending says:

    Okay to give more emphasis. The controls are absolutely awful. Please do not make this a swipe and tap game. It’s annoying and its unresponsive. Get some basic and good looking buttons or visible (WORKING) sliders to rotate. There are other Tetris clones on this app store that control way better than this, I PLAY A TETRIS CLONE CALLED TETRYS ON PICO-8, that is more fun than this and that game is running on a glorified NES engine. To whoever came up, agreed, and programmed these controls in, FU

  23. Rosana R says:

    Greed is ruining my favorite game. I paid for 6 months of no ads AND buy the monthly pass. Still, they force you to watch ads to complete your daily goals. Ok fine but now they are recycling season items from last year without improving the game or adding new goals. They’re also removing the onscreen controls to put in yet another ad. Also what’s up with making the new season 90 days with no extra goals or new rewards?!?! It was better before play studio bought it.

  24. Janusz Czopowik says:

    Had to change the rating after playing for some time. The game is very similar to the arcade game, however controls are not working correctly. Some kind of glitch? Cannot rotate or move leading to losing game prematurely. Second thing is the adds, driving me bananas. So intrusive! Being completely locked in the add without ability to get out is insane. I have to restart the game to continue to play. Is this a tool to make you pay for the pass?

  25. Michael Schwager says:

    At the end of a level, they show you an ad. Ok no problem. But then there’s no way to close the ad. There’s a little box in the corner that shows up after 10 seconds, but I can’t click accurately enough to actually close it. I always go to the play store. Super annoying. What’s worse is that I can’t even buy Tetris so I can get rid of the ads and fix this issue! What, They don’t want my money?

  26. Victor Mendoza says:

    This game suffers from two major issues: 1. The full-screen ads are intrusive, seemingly unskipable, and touching the screen anywhere during the ads will take you straight to the product’s page. The worst I have seen is for something called brain words. 2. The controls! In order to move a piece, tou touch and drag in a given direction. And tap to rotate. But the rotation feels… Off. It’s inconsistent. And it’s too easy to accidentally press the wrong thing. There’s also no setting/options.

  27. Sly Seipher says:

    Not the same Tetris that I remember. Seriously can’t believe the online aspect, or even a simple quality of life update to allow tap/hold placing. If your finger moves even a bit it’ll drop where you didn’t want to for a perfect move. Played 3 minutes of it and absolutely hate how it functions. When the first 3 minutes should instead hook you to keep going.

  28. Adam Haskins II says:

    Turn controls glitch and spin your piece the wrong way sometimes. It takes 5s to shift the piece down a row and then you play draw trying to click as fast as possible to rotate your piece in half a second but usually it’s already placed. If you can’t code the drop speed properly, just don’t let it connect until no user input for 1s like other games do. Ads are an easy skip switching out of app so nbd

  29. Brian Butler says:

    These ads are ridiculous. You can’t turn the sound off, each add forces you to click the X a minimum of 3 times before you can continue, and there is even a spinning wheel that stays on the screen indefinitely unless you swipe back after 30+ seconds. If you didn’t know you can play tetris in Chrome, no ads, no lag and it is the original game.

  30. Anthony McCulloch-Howard says:

    Adventure concept is decent, extremely repetitive with only 2 goals and after a while it’s just clear x lines with new patterns. I have coins but no use for them, I get awful ads that are difficult to clear after EVERY level, and if I close the app before finishing the ad I don’t keep my level progress. There is no multiplayer as promised and no themes or items to collect even though I have an “inventory”. Marathon is nothing special, no leaderboards or anything. Wholly disappointed!

  31. Amethyst Stever says:

    What happened to this app? I was enjoying it a lot. I liked the “Quick Play” mode and the “Royale” mode and I thought the season goals to unlock stuff were kind of fun. Then a couple days ago I got a new phone and installed this, and it’s like a totally different app. No Quick Play or Royale modes. Instead there’s Adventure mode which is super lame. No season goals, and the only rewards for anything are coins, which can’t be spent on anything. Where did everything go?

  32. Luis Velez says:

    The game of Tetris is great better the gray version we use to play. The problem is it has so many ADs between each level its very annoying. I don’t want to see other Ads for other games. If I want to see other games I rather look them up myself. There is no option to stop or delete the Ads.

  33. Jerry Purvis says:

    Swiping left and right to move the block doesn’t work as well as the other swipe controls, especially if you are only moving the block slightly left or right. The tends the register left/right swipes as taps more often than not. Makes the game more frustrating than it needs to be

  34. Cat Mom says:

    Was fun, now ruined. My team and I enjoyed the season goals and rewards. Seasons were always a month until last one they tried a 92-day season. Teams protested and developers shortened it. But the new season has no goals or rewards, not even the old ones from last winter, which shows they didn’t care why players were unhappy. And they changed the ad-reduction pass to cost $3.99 with no option to pay with coins you earn in app. Without that, there are so many ads it’s basically unplayable.

  35. Mars G says:

    Hi. Interesting game. I don’t know how or why, since it’s just a game, but after I orient the falling peice, I must guide it to its destination. I have seen the orientation and, or the destination of the pieces change. Also, the demo ads for other games do not allow Tetris to continue. I don’t like to feel uneasy about such things, so I take the necessary steps and advance through the levels. When I tire of taking those steps, I will uninstall. Thank you for the opportunity to share this.

  36. Melissa says:

    This used to be one of my favorite games. Tetris is always fun and the app had enough other modes and goals to stay interesting. I had to delete the app and when I redownloaded it, I found a very stripped down version. There’s no quick play or Royale modes anymore, which were my favorite. You can earn coins but there’s nothing to use them for? The app is fine. Not great, not horrible. Try it if you’re feeling bored or nostalgic

  37. Dale G. says:

    Not sure who’s in charge over at Tetris but the recent change in regards to ads makes the game unplayable. They had a great model too! I would play constantly and watch TONS of ads for boosters and daily goals, but I suppose that wasn’t quite enough revenue for the suits. I’d love to stick around because it’s such a wonderfully addictive game, but these ads before every game are a deal breaker for me.

  38. Benjamin Berg says:

    The controls are imprecise and confusing. The game WILL misread your movement and do things you don’t want. But by far the worst thing is the abundance of ads. This app is absolutely riddled with long, intrusive ads. They used to let you spend in-game coins to go ad-free for 30 days (earning those coins by watching EVEN MORE ads), but this month they took that away, removing the only feature that made the app remotely tolerable. What a shame.

  39. Dylan Holland says:

    This game is great, but I have an issue: Royale is very unfair! You get to the top 30 or 25 or even lower or just top 50 and higher and you get double teamed, or I have even been triple teamed! It’s completely unfair and you get destroyed and unless you are very good, it’s impossible to keep up! I have had so many good matches ruined and I probably could have won dozens of games if it weren’t for being double teamed. It ruins the experience and would drive away beginners.

  40. Mald Squad says:

    Every time a new version of Tetris on Android is released, it seems to always be worse than the one before it. There’s no hold button in the level mode, there’s barely any options at all, there’s no choices of speed that aren’t in increments of 5, it’s incredibly anemic for a game who had the previously did not have these issues. But at least the devs made sure the item shop works and the ads work every time you leave a level or just do anything really

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