Tap Tap Monsters: Evolution Mod Apk


Become the engine of evolution in the scientific and educational idle clicker!
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June 14, 2022
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Tap Tap Monsters: Evolution Mod Apk

In Faucet Tap Monsters you’ll be the engine of evolution for implausible monsters. Through combining two similar monsters, you get a brand new, extra complex creature, thus passing the trail from the most straightforward magic and astral creatures to magnificent large dragons.

Faucet Tap Monsters: Evolution Mod Apk apk mod new

Earlier than you is the chance to select the evolutionary trail: fireplace or water, nature or chaos – the whole thing is for your palms. An absolutely populated international isn’t the tip, as a result of within the recreation of existence you’ll be able to uncover many new worlds, populate them with mutants and take a look at out different way of evolution!

Faucet Tap Monsters: Evolution Mod Apk

There are Eight biome-worlds within the monster sport which are constructed in line with the foundation of the universe and the weather:

Faucet Tap Monsters: Evolution Mod Apk apk mod 2022

▪ POWER It personifies the primeval magical power of the universe, from which all beings originate! The creatures listed below are magical and astral, like Sunny Dragon and Magical Slug.

Faucet Tap Monsters: Evolution Mod Apk mod apk

▪ TYPHOON This is a international inhabited via creatures personifying herbal cataclysms: Thunderhorn, Electroray, Darkish Cloud and extra!

Faucet Tap Monsters: Evolution Mod Apk apk mod

▪ HEARTH A highly regarded biome, the place handiest probably the most stalwart monsters reside, reminiscent of Fiery Massive and Hothead!

Faucet Tap Monsters: Evolution Mod Apk apk

An unexplored biome, the place quite a lot of oceanic extraterrestrial beings like Octobrain and Sea Superstar increase!

Faucet Tap Monsters: Evolution Mod Apk free up

▪ CHAOS Within the gloomy international the surprising creatures like Darktail and Wanderer evolve!

▪ STEEL A robotic biome, the place there’s no position for the residing! iBot, Roboboy, Smarty and a number of alternative cyborgs are living right here!

A chilling global wherein historical creatures originate! There you’re going to be met through the Snowy Snake and Ice Dice within the corporate of the Snow Yeti!

▪ NATURE Probably the most full of life and flourishing biome of all! That is the place the unpredictable components of building reside, for instance, the gorgeous Lily or the impenetrable Stone!

There also are Four secret biomes:

▪ EXISTENCE Find out about each and every biome one by one to find them!

The faucets sport starts with the primary monster within the “POWER” biome. Merge two similar organisms to create new monster species. Via combining the closing two monsters within the degree, you obtain get right of entry to to a brand new, up to now unexplored, biome! Learn about all of the worlds in Faucet Tap Monsters!
Flip the universe to your personal lab! Due to this medical and academic idle clicker, you’ll be able to undergo the entire phases, blending other cells; from minute spore to actual monsters!
Undergo one of the vital perfect merging video games a number of instances and be informed the other phases of the planet evolution! The extra monster creatures you may have, the extra cash are earned by way of the car clicker.
Get started developing your international at the moment!

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40 comments on "Tap Tap Monsters: Evolution Mod Apk"

  1. Mindy Makeyla says:

    Just had good in-game artworks… and poor at both gameplay and interaction (such as lacking in have subtly well done animation, ui and so), as well as some minor pet peeves including that the game itself won’t let me tapping monsters with two fingers easily, which the game often move the monster while tapping and is pretty annoying. The gameplay itself is nothing special as a Cow Evolution clone.

  2. Philemon Grigor says:

    Good game, and the art design is great, but i have to uninstall it because game like kick me out when i finish watching ads, then roll back a few second, it’s annoying and happen so often

  3. Demitris Edwin says:

    look its a great game but it gets sooo sloow after a while and the only way to progress without selling your soul to satan is to watch a ton of ads so if you guys could maybe let us get more upgrades that would really fix the game’s biggest problem.

  4. Keen Garren says:

    A very cool and good game. I would recommend to many people out there. There is, however, a couple of problems. 1) There aren’t enough coin upgrades so you have to use gems. 2) The other planets cost too much. If you could sort these problems out I would have tested 5 stars!

  5. Moren Alfred says:

    was fine before the update. takes to long to buy on 3rd planet, takes long to load 1st and 2nd planets buy menu, and then long to buy 1 monster takes ages, so making more money for the 3rd planet takes 2x ages. then money randomly gets more, and gems just disappears. if its fixed, its a nice game

  6. Jessee Barth says:

    Ad’s everywhere, you go to upgrade monsters and ad’s right next to the upgrade button, if you don’t have the gold to upgrade it takes you to the purchase gold screen. You can’t even play the damn game lol. Just horrific!

  7. Harrission Ozzie says:

    good but no good enough, after i got to second planet nothing else happened i just needed to evolve again, but this time you can pick the other biome, the first planet i got the death dragon and the second one is still evolving the monsters, i wish the monsters on the 2nd 3rd and 4th planet wasnt the same, and there are different biomes as well.

  8. Fitche Fae says:

    I like the aesthetic, but ads in idle games should be used for boosts. It gives the player a feeling of repayment for helping your revenue stream. Playing the game should not be cause for tossing ads in our faces.

  9. Woodruff Sherlock says:

    Ads. Oh so many ads. I understand the developers need to get paid, but in 5 minutes of “gameplay” I had 15 ads. Aside from that, it’s just a simple carbon copy of every other evolution game out there, but this one just seems lazier than most. Hard pass.

  10. Gwydion Bryana says:

    Same like all the other same type of games.. Fun but thousands of ads that you need to watch in order to progress otherwise its too hard.. Lastly the screen freezes every few minutes and need restart.. Overall the game is average rating and little less..

  11. Ravinger Harley says:

    slow uneventful takes forever to advance if you guys added in a reborn system or something to speed up progress it’d be better it has potential but is lacking in key areas such as the max on the first world being the highest monster in the 1st area which isn’t helpful when your 3 monsters in on the 3rd area also the ads every other second is a turn off in a game

  12. Israela Dorion says:

    Was fun at start, but lost interest after a day.. It’s repetitve.. Only visualy stuff changes, everything else, stays the same Misses more upgrade possibilitys. Will come back after a while to check if anything changed

  13. Fiske Talar says:

    I wouldn’t mind to purchase “no ads” for a game IF ONLY the ads itself is not as frequent and randomly popping for almost few seconds like this one.. Terribly monotone and slow game advancement.. Uninstalled less than 10min after playing..

  14. Cornell Blondelle says:

    Too many ads that interrupt gameplay. I get the ads for getting bonuses and the like, but gameplay interrupting ads are greedy and annoying. Game looks good, pacing seems fine, but the ads ruin it.

  15. Jady Foster says:

    very good game so far update: fix the damn rewards. everytime i comeback and log into game i click reward video and finished playing video iam not getting 2x rewards. everytime. now i can’t even get normal. i gave you 5 stars but now iam giving only 2 till you fix this bug. update : today i had over 200 gems and now when i logged in i lost 150 gems magically. i have never used in any boosters i was just savin em. please check my account fix it.

  16. Sidney Aveline says:

    The first 2 minutes of the game is filled every couple of seconds with different popups to buy things from them. Then you are quickly forced to watch a full video ad if you do not buy ad removal after you close that prompt.

  17. Loriann Haze says:

    every 30 seconds theres an ad. All the monsters like to group up when your trying to organize them to evolve them. when tapping on the specific monster all the monsters you move away keep coming back to interfere with my clicks. in order to stop ads guess what … … it costs money… NTY

  18. Coulter Teon says:

    do not make a tapping game that has everything get in the way of my tapping its very much annoying when im trying to farm money and a low level garbage just goes in my way and not randomly i tap for about 5 seconds and it goes straight for my taping nomatter where it is and no matter where i move it just make it so they dont move ever unless the player moves them

  19. Gabriell Walbrydge says:

    It’s ridiculous with how every time I try to claim my gold from being away for a long period of time it won’t give it to me making it really hard to progress in the game. So even when I click claim on the money it will just not actually bother giving it to me. I was online the entire time. Sometimes even watched add to see if it would work that way and it didn’t.

  20. Winslow Beortbtraed says:

    Nothing but ads and glitches. Even aside from that, the game is unimaginative and boring; no trying out different combinations to create something new, just clicking the two blobs that look alike over and over. Better off wasting your time elsewhere.

  21. Derick Eldrid says:

    A pretty nice time killing game. Nothing more but I like the fact that it has a monster checklist that help you finish the game with a purpose. It’s easy, fun and the monsters were cool. But that’s it of course. I surprisingly kept it for a whole year because of the monster book.

  22. Daralis Elton says:

    It’s a different type of game. I like that. The monsters are neat and colorful. However, i.m not understanding the purpuse of all the coins being collected. The best part of the game is that the monsters evolve. I.m not understanding the purpose of the upgrades and the money collection? It’s like the continual collecting of coins is just being busy for no reason. The concept is great, however the purpose of the coin collection may need to be thought out more; thas the only drawback.

  23. Kaitlyn Male says:

    Like others have said, this app is both plagued with ridiculous amounts of ads, and it absolutely does not play like its own ads show. Tap until your fingers fall off, watch an ad to do just about anything else, and merge to follow what is essentially a hands-off, linear progression of loosely related monsters.

  24. Mark Adams says:

    Between the piggy bank not working and the missions literally only counting time the game is open AND the disproportionate amount of money required to purchase the creatures to evolve them, it takes an insane amount of time to get anywhere. If fixed it could be a fun time waste game. As it is, it is just a waste of time.

  25. the void says:

    This game is awesome. Beacuse it has different paths that you can go. Also I rated a three beacuse you need to grind like crazy. And you need to unlock different worlds and I don’t like it.

  26. Maple Syrup (OddSpice) says:

    This app is. A copy and boring all you do is tap tap tap. There’s no cute mini games and fun. Stuff to do it’s just a copy of a game I deleted. Dont play it also all the five stars are scams. Yeah you can not lisen but WHEN YOU PLAY AND YOUR BORED DONT SAY I DINDT WARN YOU!Because with the virus we are looking for something that’s fun not boring.

  27. sicy De La Cruz says:

    This is not a good app it’s a total lie the ads show a totally diffrent game the ads are a lie and should be removed wait not only the ads… THE ENTIRE APP it’s so boring. Sometimes it forces you to follow them on face book. If you want a merge game just go to merge magic or something. Because this isn’t a merge game that I would recommend. The only time I would recommend this game is when the garbage truck comes because this game has boring monsters and the background is terrible.

  28. Randomness says:

    Don’t download, not worth it. Downloaded it after seeing an add where you have to make “the coolest monster” and had to choose between to options to make it cooler. After that I downloaded it and its just a boring merge game. Background is boring its pretty much a purple and blue swirl no effort in it at all, the games slow and the monsters don’t look very good either. Ovet all boring game and ads are a complete lie so I wouldnt wast your time 👎

  29. Kasper Nedergaard Pedersen says:

    At first this app seemed promising. Lots of ads, but only of you chose to tap the to gain a reward. After a while it has switched to gameplay interrupting ads, that cannot be avoided. Game itself is an alright merge/idle type of game

  30. Calvin Dreesman says:

    Constant bombardment of ads ruin what could have been a decent time waster. Clickable upgrades that take up a large portion of the screen require payment or to watch ads. Most if not all ads are unskippable.

  31. Acadien Dan says:

    Decent concept. Too bad that every 30 seconds of gameplay you’re forced to watch a 35 second ad. Why? It’s the same 3 ads over and over again. I need my data turned on for work related purposes. I’ll give it a month. If the ad problem disappears, I’ll boost my rating to 5 stars. If not… down to 1 star. Greedy devs.

  32. Tobu Rae says:

    cute merge plus idle game that gives you options to either tap the little monsters to get more gold while waiting for more to be generated, idle wait and come back later, or use in-app purchases. so far I don’t see a pay wall so am pleasantly entertained. gives a couple different aspects to powerups and where to spend your gold or freemium diamonds/gems. will give five stars for now but will update in future if a pay wall appears after more than a couple hours playtime. great job, developers!

  33. Your Sister says:

    The piggybank money can’t be earned at all, i tried twice log in after a few hours and the money didn’t even added into the game, the amount is exactly like the last time i log in before i close the game, fix it please. It has the potential to be a great game, and the ads is too frequently appearing.

  34. LittlePiggyGoesMoo says:

    SO many ads. I get that free games need ads for revenue, but when you watch an ad specifically for a reward and don’t even get said reward… that’s when I uninstall. you CANNOT claim the piggy bank money. I watched an ad and was supposed to get around 772k from my piggy bank and I didn’t. I watched the ad the ENTIRE way through and no reward.

  35. Samantha Smith says:

    Way too many ads after everything you do. Want to check out the upgrade store? Ad. Switch between stages? Ad. Randomly in the middle of clicking to get coins? Ad. Not to mention the ads you watch voluntarily to get boosters. I know ads are how they make money and I respect that, but this is just ridiculous. It makes the game unplayable.

  36. Billy Branstetter says:

    Enjoyed the game too many ads got through the whole system of it all the evolution now what I’m at the end what do I do there’s nothing to do there’s no other part to achieve boring . Plus there’s no way of printing up any of the pictures or photos of the monsters that you evolved really. No way of putting back drops screens on your computer or on your phone app of anything what the heck. No way of enjoying you achievements.

  37. Felipe T Tôco says:

    I’m trying to get the money from the Bank in game, but it’s nit giving me the amount, I tried getting the double coins and It didn’t work and I tried aswell getting without double, also didn’t work.

  38. Stephen Claridge says:

    this game is not a ripoff. it is actually one of the first of its kind, its fun and long enough to not feel too short, the reason why its only 4 stars is it is SLOW and repetitive.

  39. J S says:

    The gameplay isn’t exciting and the “VIP” subscription is broken and just a terrible idea. I’m not gonna pay $5 a week just to merge *pictures* of monsters in a broken game.

  40. Michael Moran says:

    Really good game love the design honestly love the monsters and branching paths just a shame that there are SO MANY ADS please my dude just tune it down you don’t need this many ads people will play longer if you have less ads meaning you generate more revenue in the long run

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