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Classic Sudoku puzzle game with magic numbers to train your brain and logic!
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November 23, 2022
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Sudoku – Classic Sudoku Puzzle Premium Apk

Sudoku is a Vintage Sudoku Puzzle recreation to coach your mind and sharp your thoughts. Sudoku is so attention-grabbing beloved by way of many of us everywhere the arena. This vintage Sudoku puzzle recreation is designed to all other people whether or not you’re skilled or newbie to Sudoku quantity video games. The vintage Sudoku sport is so mild; you’ll play it anytime and anyplace.

Sudoku – Vintage Sudoku Puzzle Top class Apk mod apk

Key Options:
Many Sudoku puzzle video games: 10000+ Sudoku puzzle video games looking forward to you, and we upload increasingly more Sudoku puzzle video games each and every week. Other issue ranges: 6 issue ranges on this Sudoku recreation, together with 6×6, simple, medium, laborious, knowledgeable, and 16×16.
Jigsaw actions: There are lots of jigsaw puzzle actions. Play Sudoku to free up the jigsaw puzzle items, after which to get many gorgeous photos. Day-to-day Problem : Whole Day-to-day Demanding situations to assemble superb trophies. Other subject matters: There are other topics to give protection to your eyes, you’ll make a choice white, black, and yellow issues as you prefer.
Notes: Whilst you discover a Sudoku sport is hard, you’ll be able to flip Notes characteristic to take notes as the usage of actual paper and pencil. Good Notes: When the trouble degree is difficult or Skilled, you’ll use Good Notes characteristic to take notes robotically. Sensible Notes will cut back the trouble of the Laborious and Skilled stage Sudoku puzzle video games when you want. Trace: Use Trace function to let you know the right way to fill the following mobile for the Sudoku quantity. This option additionally teaches you speedy should you aren’t excellent at Sudoku sport.
Undo: You’ll use Undo characteristic to undo the ultimate step of the Sudoku recreation.
Eraser: Use Eraser characteristic to erase any mobile you crammed.

Sudoku – Vintage Sudoku Puzzle Top class Apk apk

Hurry up, let’s obtain and play this vintage Sudoku puzzle recreation now!


40 comments on "Sudoku – Classic Sudoku Puzzle Premium Apk"

  1. A1B2 C3D4 says:

    My first impression was good, but then it quickly turned into frustration. Good game of Sudoku, but way too many intrusive adverts. They block your screen for a long minute or so. Interface is not so intuitive either. Back button doesn’t take you back to home screen. Inputting the correct number in a box doesn’t always remove the scribble notes in the same row and/or the 9-box, which in turn makes you make mistakes. Overall, it’s a bit buggy app.

  2. Alan K says:

    expert games aren’t consistent. Some easy that don’t even need notes. Others take forever. No way just to ask for notes to be filled in unless you have really gotten all the numbers that don’t require notes. New upgrade has terrible touch…I have to hit each number and square twice now. Was way better before the upgrade… and everything smaller now too. Will probably uninstall.

  3. Mike Fischer says:

    Didnt really want the upgrade based on past experience. This “upgrade” did not change my mind. Timing is per usual, but game sensitivity sucks. Took multiple contacts to highlight squares, then multiple contacts on number to activate in square. Very, very frustrating. The ONLY thing that didn’t malfunction was the timer. Uninstalled without finishing first game. Typically play at hard level.

  4. Cheryl Cooper says:

    Do not like since the upgrade. The daily puzzle is now an ‘easy’ one. Waste of time, no challenge. Anyone new can learn and practice on the easy puzzles. The daily one needs to be a challenge. Hints are now suggestions to help you work out a possible next solution. Again not something I see as an improvement. But if you are new to the game it would be a good app yo get you into it.

  5. Jatin Shah says:

    It’s a really good sudoku app and has a lot of cool features. Although I haven’t yet used the hint button much yet – the new way teaches how to find the next number which is better than the old hint system which gave away the number. I can’t wait to try it on the expert mode. The main downside is the adverts now staying around for longer. What’s missing – the mode which allows you to lock a number.

  6. Scott Foley says:

    Numbers are too small. I often fat finger the wrong number and get an error. I then have to watch an ad after I do it three times. I also have to watch an ad to auto fill. Filling in initially is tedious. I like that it removes the number in the same column, row, and group when you select the final number I don’t like the highlighted column, row, and square, but I could get used to that. I would give it five stars if it had only one ad per game. Love the detailed hints.

  7. Abraham Hoff says:

    I find it silly and schoolmarmlike to cut one off after 3 mistakes. Corrections should always be possible! All the more because if one played this on a telephone, typos would be likely.

  8. Amy Whaley says:

    Features 16×16 or 9×9 puzzles!! My favorite version of Sudoku because it can be set to forgive my typos past three-mistake limit. It also highlights the corresponding pencilled-in numbers when you hold a number button down. This helps me know if I’ve worked on that number or should go to the next one. Loving it, fun to use, with intuitive interface. Highly recommended!

  9. Allan Holden says:

    Previous version was better. It indicated if notes were invalid and also how many of each number were left. New one also powers down too quickly

  10. Mari McCully says:

    I like that it has 16×16 puzzles which are my fav. Loved that the ads were pretty short, but soon realized that was just a tease as longer ads are now the norm. But it’s the only free game that I could find that includes 16×16 puzzles.

  11. Richard Seidler says:

    I found to separate cells that had both the same number in each one 6s and 8s and I did combination check on there ,there’s no way those could have been right,there’s a flaw in the game two so far.

  12. Timothy Lee says:

    Easy to play. Automatic features take all tedium out of game. I particularly like the feature of the notes when numbers leave notes as they line up with a solved square.

  13. Roger Howard says:

    If you make a mistake, you have no choice but to listen to a long ad. There are better apps for Sudoku. Immediately after sending this I’m going to delete this app and go back to one that has more features and less onerous ads.

  14. mike mercado says:

    when filling clues: old ver select a number and fill all cells vs new ver select cell fill with all numbers. the old ver allows you to see that other cells not needed to be filled with clue as you go. it will also not allow you to fill a cell with same existing number along row or column.

  15. Linda Ray says:

    Too many ads and ads that take control and don’t release so I can go on with game. I’ve given it 3 chances to work better. No improvement. I watch a lot of ads, but when I’m not interested, I don’t want to be forced to watch. That is just unpleasant. Great toll for teaching how to observe details but too many interruptions.

  16. Art Burke says:

    Wow! I really love playing Sudoku. The interface is awesome! You can plug the numbers in directly or use the “notes” mode to sketch the numbers in. Very well written and very stable!

  17. Gus Chang says:

    In the notes, please highlight the matching numbers in different colors. If you can do that, I will rate this game with 5 stars.

  18. Never Naked Nails nail art says:

    Addictive .. i was on a roll in the waiting room at my doctor’s when they called me back. I truly wanted to say PASS .. I’ll wait for the next one, but i didn’t and good for me they were running behind !!!

  19. cindy garcia says:

    I loved the old version. The updated version has some gliches; it stops in the middle of a game and goes to an ad, VERY ANNOYING!

  20. Thomas Frasca says:

    Easy to play and the board is easy to follow. Very good stress relief game.

  21. Jody Mann says:

    The notes numbers have changed font with the latest ypdate & harder to read. Also some settings have changed & I was happy with the way it was.

  22. Yvone says:

    Although I never played Sudoku before, I enjoy the game. The best part… No ads. Developers you’re spot on with this one.

  23. Jayne Lavoix says:

    Need control of background color and gridline color. Also would be helpful to be able to freeze a number for entry.

  24. Kathy Lowder says:

    Keeps mind alert and always figuring to make the best choices so I don’t make a mistake. Love the game.

  25. Gary Clark says:

    Way way too many adverts. And to make things worse the ads are now all 2 or 3 clicks to clear including some that has a timer on all three clicks. Don’t download this. There are lots of other suduko games available.

  26. Monica Torres says:

    Great app. Just straight forward sudoku. No levels to complete, no funny numbers & patterns. Just pick the level & play! Love it!!

  27. Lew Francis says:

    Great, like it when all numbers used they disapear from selection list. Not so sure about auto completion. Don t know how to submit my answers?

  28. Herbert Gaskill says:

    Good game, best 16X16 l have tried, but ruined by too many ads

  29. Robert Carr says:

    The ‘EASY’ puzzles seem a little too easy to me.

  30. Darlene Wilhelm says:

    This “updated” version feels less sophisticated than the one it said it was replacing. Some tools are missing? Details like qty of numbers remaining unidentified and magic pencil don’t exist.

  31. Daphne Burgess says:

    Very enjoyable. Good clear colour setting of sequences which makes it much faster to make correct decisions.

  32. Bob Keyes says:

    This game is horrible! It keeps freezing when trying to return after watching an add and looses my progress! VERY, VERY fustraiting.

  33. Elaine Frogley says:

    Addictive and has enjoyable variations of the game with clear instructions to start one off. I’ve just downloaded the latest update and find some attractive improvements, and so far absolutely no glitches. Adverts can be removed for a reasonable cost. All in all I found this is an addictive game with variety to suit your mood,. I’ve only been using it for about a month but have so far found absolutely nothing to complain about!

  34. Joyce Samples says:

    Keeps your brain active and is actually recommended by my neurologist. Love the game..

  35. Elaine Brumage says:

    Enjoyable game. Not too difficult for somebody not great at number games.

  36. linda Holly says:

    Easy to see, use and enjoy. Large numbers.

  37. Johnson David says:

    Accidentally bumped a couple nos and i got a damn game over. That’s BS! Completely remove that error thing. I will catch & fix my own errors.

  38. Darcia Cowart says:

    I enjoy a dark background better, the numbers stand out better. One version i played while working on a row if you are down to 2 choices, they are highlighted. It makes the game go quicker. And where are the hints?

  39. Connie Duckert says:

    Easy to understand and fun to play. Like the highlighted lines for the number currently playing.

  40. allen rutter says:

    Stretch your brain as much as you want. Levels get slowly harder, building experience.

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