Spirit Legends 5 f2p Apk Download New*


Point and click adventure games are already waiting for you - save your uncle!
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September 6, 2022
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Spirit Legends 5 f2p Apk Download New*

New puzzle journey video games, mind teasers and mini-games of Spirit Legends: The Aeon Middle the place you wish to have to hunt and to find hidden items and win thriller searches! This sport has no plot variations with the unique mind teasers puzzle, and its primary function is that you’ll be able to play all of the unfastened hidden items quest journey without spending a dime!

Spirit Legends Five f2p Apk Obtain New* mod apk

Your synthetic middle transplant used to be a good fortune! Now it’s time so that you can talk over with your scientist uncle for a check-up. However whilst you arrive, you notice your uncle abducted via a mysterious, mystical Order! It kind of feels that no longer everybody trusts the mix of magic and science, and they’ll use bad legendary creatures to stay any individual from status of their means! Are you able to use an impressive Bestiary to tame the wild beasts and save each your uncle and the Spirits in time? In finding out on this spell-binding Hidden-Object Puzzle journey!

Spirit Legends Five f2p Apk Obtain New* apk mod

👻 Confront a mysterious presence and protect the spirits of nature from a treacherous drive within the bonus recreation! Uncover all of the fascinating components of the tale through enjoying discovering video games of hidden items! The bonus bankruptcy has many vibrant and engaging quests for you!

Spirit Legends Five f2p Apk Obtain New* apk mod new

👻 Replay your favourite hops and mini-games and earn achievements! Wish to turn out to be probably the most skilled participant amongst your mates? Play our journey hidden object video games loose and earn extra achievements!

Spirit Legends Five f2p Apk Obtain New* apk

👻 To find heaps of collectible potions, morphing innovations, and copper cash to spend within the laboratory!
There are a large number of distinctive gadgets hidden in each and every location, so be as cautious as imaginable! Hidden puzzle video games are looking ahead to you!

Spirit Legends Five f2p Apk Obtain New* liberate

Obtain some of the superb unfastened hidden object video games – Spirit Legends: The Aeon Center! Play the sport for completely loose, but when you’re feeling caught or don’t wish to resolve a mini-game, you could purchase hints that will help you continue sooner!

Spirit Legends Five f2p Apk Obtain New*

Questions? Electronic mail us at [email protected] To find different video games on our professional web site: https://dominigames.com/ Transform our fan on Fb: https://www.fb.com/dominigames Take a look at our Instagram and keep tuned: https://www.instagram.com/dominigames

Spirit Legends Five f2p Apk Obtain New* apk mod 2022

Play great thing & click on journey to win new simple informal hidden object video games!


40 comments on "Spirit Legends 5 f2p Apk Download New*"

  1. Wendy Hargrove says:

    Awesome game! My only issue was in the 2nd chapter of the bonus game. When I cut the vines, I couldn’t pick up the ladder. Even used the walkthrough, so I know I was doing it correctly. Ended up skipping the puzzle and finished the game.

  2. Melanie Richards says:

    I am enjoying this one! Lots of different tasks, great story and length. Thanks team! You’ve done an awesome job! Keep up the fantastic work! EDIT: In the bonus level there is a glitch on the vine activity. Once the vines are cut away the clippers do not disappear to allow you to collect the ladder

  3. JeauxBeaux “Joe Pittman” says:

    Whole game ran fine until I got to the end of main chapter and had to play game against the lion with bat wings & scorpion tail thing. That particular game was really, really slow and makes it frustrating to try & play. Any help?

  4. lidya n says:

    Actually this game is fun & excited with good graphics and twisted storyline but the Vines Hop in the part to save the wind spirit, not going well. Even the all of vines is clear, it’s no working (i can’t get the ladder). So, I must use my diamond (life) to make it work. Thank you.

  5. Judy Lacombe says:

    Enjoying playing and the storyline is interesting. The graphics are fantastic and the puzzles are challenging. Haven’t had any cliches so far and it keeps me playing.

  6. Tina Bell says:

    Great game amazing graphics. Got stuck on the vine game in the bonus chapter, couldn’t find the last vine to cut had to skip the game using a gem.

  7. Trisha Powell says:

    Your games are always great! The storylines, the artwork and graphics are stunning and I love the way you put it all together. Please keep ’em coming!!!

  8. ruth gibson says:

    Some scenes were faultyand went completely white..had to back track to get it to come back every time I had to go to them. This was in the kings castle area. Otherwise it’s a great game.

  9. Amy says:

    I would rate much higher as I love your games but once again, I got so far, and game keeps crashing. At least I didn’t buy this one. I got to the lion, and have restarted 4 times now but it just keeps crashing. Very disappointing.

  10. A S says:

    The games are always good and this one was no different. When I played the 2nd part, I’m not sure if the vine puzzle was glitchy or if it was just user error but I clicked everywhere to get that “last vine” but not sure if it existed. Anyhow, I ended up skipping because I didn’t know what else to do. I still enjoyed the game though. 😀

  11. Jan Tweety says:

    For a new game, there are very few glitches. A great entry level on casual mode. I would not recommend playing this game on a phone as the fonts are difficult to read.

  12. SallyAnn Moodley says:

    DG games recently very disappointing. To many gliches. Wasting data to download only to uninstall due to corrupt files, freezing of the game or some other error.

  13. Daphne Young says:

    Love Domini Games. Definitely challanging enough, and the cuts to story in game are well paced and entertaining. One suggestion – more variety of puzzles please! And difficult ones, at that. 😊

  14. Ang Moulton says:

    I had given this game a 5 star rating but not sure where my comment went!? I went to add to it today as when I got to the lion game mantacor I believe it’s called it kept closing me out of the game I restarted my phone and restarted it several times but after about six tries I had no other choice but delete it and I was so close to the end and loving the game! Bummer I’m hoping one day I’ll reinstall and hopefully that problem will be fixed…

  15. Hazel Parry says:

    Same for all games cannot fault them, so what if you get a glitch or puzzle that won’t quite work. It’s very rare plus the games are free, well done domini games 😊👍

  16. Dee J says:

    I enjoyed this game until the last chapter. I tried to kill the lion.When I put the book on him the mini game opened and then the game shut down. I restarted it several times with the sa e results. Very frustrating.

  17. G Glen says:

    Was really disappointed with this and the previous episode as both had glitches, making them impassable. But I will add, up until this, I’ve been very impressed with this dev. The puzzles are better than most of this genre and they definitely are more challenging than others so I will be trying other games from this dev and hopefully I was just unlucky

  18. John Flynn says:

    Played this game again after recent update but still closes down on the final puzzle so once again unable to finish and play bonus game which was very annoying. I and others have reported this problem before but still not resolved.

  19. Lori Spencer says:

    Why hasn’t the crash at the Lion with wings been fixed yet? I can’t get passed it. Seems this is an ongoing problem.

  20. Sara Chapman says:

    I enjoy playing the game so far. I like the story line and some of the puzzles are challenging.

  21. kim Broadfield says:

    Experiencing some glitches in the puzzles so even though correct is entered puzzles don’t work bought skips to get past some not up to their usual standard

  22. kris neufeld says:

    I love these types of games! Good story, nice graphics and fun puzzles.

  23. Ann Charlwood says:

    Many glitches – such a shame as great storyline. Game constantly crashing & as other reviewers have said, unable to get past some puzzles despite having correct answers. It was also very difficult to move items around where things had to be aligned. I persevered but it became increasingly frustrating which spoiled an otherwise fabulous game. I hope the glitches will be fixed & if they are I will try again & up-date. Love D games storylines & graphics amazing but uninstalling – hoping for fixes

  24. siobhan monks says:

    Excellent, really enjoyed this. The instructions on the clouds and lightening mini puzzle could be clearer I didn’t realize the lightening could go back in. Still, fantastic game 👍👍👍👍

  25. Dragana Malidžan Vinkić says:

    I really enjoyed playing this part of the Spirit Legends. There were no glitches, everything went smoothly. Story line is interesting, graphics are wonderful, and some of the hidden object games are tricky when playing on the phone. Good job 👍

  26. Sanho Pyreo says:

    Might be fun, but I don’t see a map, and I would rather pay and play not pay as you go. So I can’t review what I haven’t played sorry. The beginning was fun, great graphics.

  27. Mike Stead says:

    On last task at end of game continually takes me back to start up page unable to move on to bonus game

  28. Sandy “Mumma bear” Hughes says:

    Love the game, graphics and ease so far with the puzzles.

  29. Melandsam Adventure says:

    Can’t finish game as last fight game crashes everytime.

  30. Linda Halvorson says:

    I’m hoping that some games we can play full version with out paying for them. But this is awesome!

  31. Emma Hartley says:

    Everything was excellent until it came to defeating the lion at the end. Now it just keeps crashing and sending me back to my home screen. Really good up till then

  32. Mary Moffat says:

    I really love your games, just some times the puzzles are a bit hard and I end up deleting the whole game and start a new one.

  33. Lisette Gravelle says:

    Fantastic game, love every minute of it. Thank you, the artistry and special effects are outstanding. Playing the game again, love the special effects, you guys are amazing.

  34. Tania Pompey says:

    I would give this a 5 star but its not. Making it to the end of the game it keeps on crashing & course of that I was unable to do bouns round. The other thing too on these games I never got the full 15 coins once logging into either Facebook or Google account. What’s up with that. Time for new games now

  35. Cheryl Clarke says:

    Good game although when you get to the final scene and you have to bring up the book to defeat the last mythical animal, the whole game crashes and you can’t finish. I have 6 gems left on that game I can’t play. I cannot get in to message the tech team so I am leaving a review in hopes this can be fixed.

  36. Jane Vince says:

    Brilliant game spirit legends 5 F2P my ruby has gone and I’m still playing the story line is ABIT mental but I’m sure it will come together at the end but hopefully there will be a few more of these I do enjoy when you have 10-20 different games but they are connected to give a wider view of the bigger picture so cool love it when that happens

  37. Janelle Axt says:

    Game froze at last defeat of lion game tried several times but froze each time am very disappointed that this glitch has not been fixed yet, cannot go on to bonus game even

  38. Catharine Lee says:

    Cool storyline and, as always, lovely graphics but had problems with multiple crashes. I progressed to confront the lion monster and that game would just cause the whole thing to crash repeatedly. I’ve tried 4 or 5 times now and will be uninstalling after I finish this as I only have so much patience.

  39. Gabrielle Richard says:

    Would give 5 stars if I didn’t have to click the same spot many times to get it to do an action I needed to do. It was very frustrating but the story, art, and mini games were fun. Just work on the game sensor. It can ruin a game when you have to aggressively click one spot multiple times for the game to continue.

  40. Lusia Andriani says:

    The graphics are awesome. Smooth game with alot of mini games variation

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