Space Escape:Horror Galaxy Sta Mod Apk


New Free Adventure Escape The Room Game, Escape from this quiet deep space!
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January 9, 2018
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Space Escape:Horror Galaxy Sta Mod Apk

Tranquil, lonely, frightening, woke up in area, and the entire send has itself and a interphone.
I misplaced all my reminiscence. It kind of feels that I’ve some more or less undertaking.
Who am I? Who’s the only I’m speaking to? What is going to my destiny be?
Room break out, this time you want to emerge from this quiet area!

House Get away:Horror Galaxy Sta Mod Apk apk mod 2022

function: Moderately designed sport playing cards Beautiful scenes Attention-grabbing puzzle
Immersive recreation enjoy.

House Get away:Horror Galaxy Sta Mod Apk liberate

Are you able to get away from this unmanned house?


40 comments on "Space Escape:Horror Galaxy Sta Mod Apk"

  1. Cadel Jilian says:

    Entirely too many loud ads! I don’t even want to play the game because there are so many throughout the individual levels, as well as between levels. It interrupts the game flow and feels intentional just to get you to pay to get rid of them. This is a heavy micro-transaction game.

  2. Canda Meldrick says:

    As many have wrote advert at the bottom makes this unplayable and no options to resize waste of time and effort don’t install and waste download time and your own time.

  3. Crespin Ewald says:

    I really enjoyed the game but way too many ads. Constant interruptions when trying to figure out puzzles. Had to delete the game

  4. Fenton Dakatia says:

    Ads ads ads, everywhere, every time. Just too many annoying ads. Also the game is not that great, poor gameplay, confusing scenes and unrealistic puzzles.

  5. Ailith Chany says:

    Not great, some puzzles make no logical sense.

  6. Kassidy Roberta says:

    This game does not respond to touches. Its almost impossible to do anything.

  7. Warden Faine says:

    If you leave this advert app running for a while, every now and then a game
    appears for a brief moment! Blink and you’ll miss it, and it will be back
    to the 30s unskippable ad carousel!

  8. Whitlock Gearlean says:

    I cant play this game bcoz there are ads covering my inventory and i cant
    press the button. This is after i paid to have the ads removed. EXTREMELY
    NOT HAPPY! Would appreciate a refund for the removal of ads.

  9. Ellie Fleming says:

    Interesting, good graphics

  10. Eres Steva says:

    I played cool with no wifi

  11. Banjamino Boh says:

    People that are having trouble with ads just turn off your WiFi before opening the game when I do this no ads appear

  12. Marlyssa Martyn says:

    cool game try playing it.

  13. Irwyn Candice says:

    fun game but a ton of ads

  14. Kolleen Myla says:

    Great puzzles and compelling story, the game is pretty decent

  15. Wittatun Wiladene says:

    It is good

  16. Chaos Kaeli says:

    It is unbelievable the amount of ads. Over and over again! That’s just downright greed!!!

  17. Marline Acker says:

    Ads, ads, some more ads please…? Unplayable.

  18. Christina Claudelle says:

    too many sad

  19. Brandalynn Godwin says:

    None of the answers make sense

  20. Dean Humpston says:

    Alright..lot of ads

  21. Midoriya my boy says:

    The slow increase in difficulty helps adjust you to how this escape game works since each one is different. I like it.

  22. sour cream says:


  23. lucy evans says:

    Ads are too frequent the game is great but literally every minute or two an ad pops up and it gets frustrating

  24. Linda Survillion says:

    I love the game not enough free coins

  25. Dominic Nooney says:

    Good puzzles spoiled by bad puzzles; later levels sometimes felt arbitrary, illogical and unsatisfying.

  26. Jane T says:

    Unplayable due to the intrusive ads

  27. Alina Gonzalez says:

    It’s an alrite game so far

  28. Andrea Noel Ang says:

    Too much adssss!!!! Way too much!!!

  29. Asli Guresci Onder says:

    Because of ads you are not able to play

  30. Robert Baker says:

    Enjoying the game up to level 8 I paid 12 dollars to get the answers your answer were hard to desifer your puzzles of the test tubes were simple enough how ever when you came to take the test tubes you can’t I got it right I used utube video walkthrough I’m deleting it now fix the puzzle you took my money now I’m 12 dollars down have you got the hart to respond to this review

  31. Emanuel Rivera says:

    Short missions storyline is iffy

  32. vanessa kryzza Rodriguez says:

    Really enjoying papa box’s game .

  33. L Jian Yu says:

    Bad storyline, no description for items

  34. Katorah Ellis says:

    It’s a decent game and I like it

  35. Andrea says:

    Overloaded with ads

  36. Cartsy World says:

    some of the hints are too difficult and doesn’t really make sense but overall a good game.

  37. Ronald Heath Jr. says:

    The sce(ad)nes are short. (Ad) the puzzles (ad) are ok. And t(ad)he ads just pop up (ad) at any time. Did I (ad) mention the (ad) ads?

  38. Jeri Quarry says:

    To many ads

  39. Beny Iskandar says:

    you should learn how to create a game like HAIKU

  40. Felis White says:

    Everyone I spent 30s playing the game, I must spent 1min watching the ads.

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