Snake Troll : Thief master Mod Apk


Use your brain to steal them all
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June 1, 2022
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Snake Troll : Thief master Mod Apk

The tale is set a misplaced snake who starts his adventure to seek out his circle of relatives with a large number of just right and engaging issues on this adventure. Within the adventure, you are going to play the function of a snake to thieve and troll the rest however watch out of unhealthy issues don’t contact them or you’ll pay the associated fee.

Snake Troll : Thief grasp Mod Apk apk mod new

The plot of the sport tells concerning the snake together with Three levels:
+ Degree 1: Guardian snakes drop eggs on a stormy night time + Degree 2: Snake is going to the unsuitable space, climbs to the highest of a tree to look his area within the distance.
+ Degree Three: Snakes to find their as far back as the fitting area

Snake Troll : Thief grasp Mod Apk apk mod 2022

Snake Troll : Thief grasp Is a puzzle recreation, Use your mind to thieve the whole thing you need. Your smile is our hobby. We’re actually pleased with that. Every degree is a tale that may make you glad and relieve rigidity. Teach your common sense. You might be good to unravel a lot of these tough puzzles. Are you able to move quicker? Let’s cross !! Just right success and obtain now! Snake Troll : Thief master


40 comments on "Snake Troll : Thief master Mod Apk"

  1. Jürgen Henze says:

    Are you really trying to turn such a simple single player game into some forced online ADnoyance pest ? Simple one player games are installed because they do not need much space and also must not need a permanent phone home “feature”. Either go high quality or stay offline capable.

  2. Ali Nejad says:

    Play Ad Ad Ad each 10 seconds, crazy, common guys is this supposed to be a game or ad toilet?? Seriously, ridiculous , Uninstalled after 2 mins, garbage

  3. sithara ramesh says:

    Bad game every 10 second ads for next level ads i uninstall this very bad its not your problam but you can keep the game better so people like this is not hate make it better ok

  4. Omar Samir says:

    This games ads are disgusting and the game is horrible uninstall it now and you’ll be glad the thumbnail is horrible too

  5. Colton Craig says:

    Forced to watch a 30 second ad to play each level. Deleted after the first few levels.

  6. Jill Ballard says:

    Too many but I do like playing it but the adverts are doing my head in

  7. Taytay Sal says:

    It’s fun but there are a lot of ads so can you please remove some ads

  8. Cayla Mclendon says:

    Every level you have to each an ad to get to the next level it’s terrible this game sucks

  9. Rajeshwar Maurya says:

    I like this game but there are soo much ads 😖☹️ And these ads are irritate me soo much please fix it 🥺

  10. Bern Richie Pavo says:

    Ok game but there are many ads if you turn of wifi you cant play ok ge but many ad

  11. Jazmi Jamaludin says:

    Yes. Guys the ads are crazy I hate the ads. lol

  12. AEMIEL NIKKOLO Alvarado says:

    The developer of this has a small brain! U don’t know what the snake want to steal it’s so hard and plus so many ads!

  13. Subhanie Kariyawasam says:

    This app is ok but there is no point of playing it. This is fun but i havent seen anything in the add so far. So i deleted it.

  14. Anaya Lizzabeth says:

    Pretty good there are a lot of ads in my opinion. The age range is definitely 13+ because it’s a little inappropriate, not like unclothed but very little. I would rate this a 4/5 because of the ads but overall I like it!

  15. Mani John Wesley says:

    Well. Sandra’s flores is right I saw dis ad like 100000000 times i downloaded dis game and I am a 9 year old so do not play dis sexy or romantic ad.

  16. Clark Wendell Cabanado says:

    The game is great but the ad is just inappropriate for children

  17. Canna Euopie says:

    worst thing I’ve come across. this is so unsettling and just disgusting?! children from all over the world play games and these ads come up. this is so bad, I wanna give you a zero, but I can’t. so I’ll give you a one😐

  18. Kanaya Indira says:

    it should be more than 7+ why do they think the ads they make make ppl started to play theyre game… And stop it girls are not toys pls fix this…

  19. God Child says:

    This game is trash!It is very innapropiate for lots of reasons first the ads are so gross but KIDS are watching the ads wich is not cool for a kid to watch.It says it’s 3+ LIKE NO how is this gross weird gagbe game for little kids but the playble ads are like NO it’s so gross and it takes away woman’s private day AND IM A GIRL SO CAN YOU STOP MAKING GROSS AND WEIRD GAMES PLEASE.THS NEEDS TO BE STOPED

  20. SasquatchEats :D says:

    I hate how this game only makes it seems like white blonde women are beautiful when all races are beautiful and it makes the women far more appealing than the men which is extremely perverted this game is exactly what we don’t need kids to see if I could I would give this game 0 stars

  21. DevilPig says:

    Too many ads and cant play offline. The eds you watch off of levels gives more coins than the coin multiplyer after finishing a level. Also level 18 was glitchy. I couldnt touch the frog without failing and i tried at many angles but nothing. I quit the game and went back in and the level changed to a batman level and i passed it. Its not a hard game so its most likely a glitch.

  22. fragile movie says:

    Jesus… I saw this ad in a game (not in a kid game but still) and… I’m 26 but I was shocked. What thbe heck, guys… How could you make that stupid game? OK, it’s your right to make it but putting ads in other r games… I was so embarrassed bc it was also with sound, hell… My god, that’s awful, sorry but true.

  23. Jade Abygail Abalora says:

    No very bad game to many ads and for adults you putting dirty things on kids mind and for those like this game I’m telling the truth…

  24. Tracey Smith says:

    The game doesn’t save progess and shows up disturbing stuff on kids game, please fix this.

  25. Quinn Harriger says:

    Installed just to write this review. I got an ad for this game on a CHILDRENS GAME and it was literally some dude being very sexual and undressing/stealing a woman’s clothing. What the hell?? Is this what we’re teaching kids these days?? PLEASE TAKE THIS GAME DOWN.

  26. Jingyi Zhong says:

    The game is easy but not fun. The artwork is disgusting to look at and you get an ad after every stage you complete, not even worth one star.

  27. Andrea Pasaoa says:

    This is cool but so many ads take the game down please take it down now!

  28. Jey Colla says:

    For useless kid. And too many ads so kids can watch all ads than playing game..

  29. Parbatithapa Ashika chhetri says:

    None Long haul it s for the next few to get back to work with the team on the phone and I have psßssssso

  30. Raul Avena says:

    This game is too many ads and really i hate this game beacause of the ads bit the game is fun

  31. Julz Domingo says:

    Bruh SO MUCH ADS I can’t do this I hate gross Ads Fix this game this is not fun

  32. Crow Fox says:

    I installed just too review the ads, I was playing E game about 3d cats and this came up it is HIGHLY disgusting I was suprised too find this anyone could see this, and for sure a kid nasty just nasty this shouldn’t even be a game too begin with its pervertish, in the ad it shows the “snake” slipping under the dress and taking off the womans bra then gives you the fake option for the skirt or top next disgusting!

  33. Murdermus Prime says:

    Fun game. Some levels require you to get creative to win.

  34. SB sahoo says:

    So boring.there is too much ad disturbing and irritating in the game.I am so disappointed.anytime the ad comes one by one .one level one ad.this is so irritating and too much disgusting.I quit this game I can’t play only for ads

  35. Zafkiel Yudbet says:

    Hahhaa this game is fun but it has a lot of ads😅

  36. Saydi Syphard says:

    There’s way too many ads and can’t play offline, every level you do there’s an ad right after you do it.

  37. G IC Lin says:

    Ads !Ads!Ads!So mani ADS ! If I could put 0 stars I would! 歌仔戲作業時刻期間過去哦吃股權奢侈收入則是葵花子是餐飲和持

  38. Pascal Davidson says:

    I love the game but to menny ads when I first played it a ad pops up straight away so if you want to play it check this comment and dont git the game!!!😠😡🤬 I with I had a game that had no ads.

  39. Frank Pro says:

    Don’t bully this game i love ads its too adicting maybe one day all of you likes ads and this game!…

  40. Moky Modo says:

    There too many ads and i turning off my network internet connection and can’t play with need an connection while offline mode can’t play with a closed ads, what i do

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