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Connect to other Slugslingers; Add friends, duel, and send gifts!
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Epic Story Interactive
October 6, 2022
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Slugterra: Slug it Out 2 Premium Apk

Become the most powerful slugslinger round with an impressive military of slugs!

Slugterra: Slug it Out 2 Top rate Apk mod apk

Remedy puzzles, stage up slugs, and duel your folks on this adventurous slug shooter recreation, Slugterra: Slug it Out 2! Commute during the other caverns, stuffed with tales, enemies, and prizes, despite the fact that remember that a few of these caverns are best to be had for a restricted period of time, so that you’d higher hurry and discover them ahead of it’s too overdue.

Slugterra: Slug it Out 2 Top rate Apk apk mod new

There’s a entire other international beneath the skin, referred to as Slugterra! Discover this luminous, high-tech international and undertaking into the nooks and crannies of the Ninety nine Caverns. Alongside the way in which, you’ll in finding slugs that experience particular abilities that permit them become into tough and magical beasts! Paintings together with your slugs to defeat any enemies by way of coaching, evolving, and even perhaps unlocking their fusion energy! You could even be capable of befriend the mythical ancestors of the entire slugs, the Elementals!

Slugterra: Slug it Out 2 Top rate Apk apk

🐛 Have you ever ever wandered within the area of slugs?
🐛 Have you ever ever battled in battle with slugs?
🐛 Do you need to experience puzzles in a preventing sport?
Now it’s time to take price of the sector of slugs. Let’s develop into a professional Slugterra Slugslinger!

Slugterra: Slug it Out 2 Top class Apk liberate

Will you find new pals, new competitors, or perhaps even new and thrilling Caverns as you cross during the recreation?

Slugterra: Slug it Out 2 Top class Apk

How You Can Play Slug It Out 2?

Slugterra: Slug it Out 2 Top rate Apk apk mod

• Transfer into the sphere and tackle demanding situations to double the joys
• Fit Three or extra of the similar slugs within the puzzle to fee them
• Shoot the livid slugs at the combatants to overcome them
• Defeat your rival and take your recreation to the following degree • Whole the preliminary ranges to extend your slug assortment

Slugterra: Slug it Out 2 Top rate Apk apk mod 2022


Play in depth and difficult puzzles, the use of your slugs that will help you grasp each one in all them!
From the Slug Hideout, discover all of the caverns from Tale Mode to the Ninety nine Caverns! And after an extended day of slugslinging, engage together with your slugs within the Hideout!

As you discover the sport, acquire, improve, and evolve the slugs that you just obtain! Convey energy to a battle with the fundamental slugs, deliver power to a duel with a workforce of Megamorphs, and produce wonderful teamwork to a fit with fusion slugs!

Play during the other modes of Slugterra, comparable to Tale Mode, Multiplayer Mode, and Duel Mode! Each and every mode is other and assists in keeping you engaged with its strong point!

Slugterra has blank and colourful graphics that produce a perfect crunch to your gaming enjoy. The background track is pleasant and stress-free, and makes the enjoy very relaxing!
Play each day to obtain rewards, after which stay taking part in to obtain superior weekly and per thirty days rewards!
Stay a watch out for common updates with more recent slugs, difficult ranges, and thrilling rewards! Take note of limited-time Caverns which can be best open for brief classes of time, and that come with distinctive tales!

Play our interesting slugterra video games to overcome your boredom!

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40 comments on "Slugterra: Slug it Out 2 Premium Apk"

  1. Brayden Garvin says:

    So Triggering I remember playing this game when I was younger (the first version). It was so fun! NOWWWW, I literally can’t play without being infuriated by the overpowered enemies. The ironic part is, the “bosses” are the easiest part! I don’t think the difficulty of the levels matches the rewards and natural progression of the slugs’ skills. If you’re easily irritated like me, don’t even try playing past level 19…

  2. Ead Stephon says:

    There are some things which I wish they kept from the original version. The story mode,the way you could buy slugs with coins,and the dungeons in which you could also get slugs,also you can’t pick your character which is a shame. Other than those few things the game is very responsive the art style is quite enjoyable and the attention to detail is definitely appreciated.

  3. Gail Holloway says:

    I really enjoyed the original. When I saw the 2nd game I thought it would enjoy me like the first one did. To me they are the same but the first was like a backbone and the second one was the rest of the game. I would also like more levels and a really OP slug for completing the current final boss. I enjoy the amount of adds. Every 5 levels is a good ratio. I wish it wasn’t glitches to get duplicates from boxes. I wish it took less time to load

  4. Garrick Borrough says:

    Decent at best. Prices are steep enough to encourage spending. Not sure what the goal is when all you do is do prolonged battles for 6 coins. Even got a chance to watch an ad for double rewards! Declined and still had to watch an ad. No adless option I could find, but whatever. Was nice to see things after the show’s abrupt cancelation, but still. Could be fun if it had more of a purpose.

  5. Engku Hafizuddin says:

    This game is overall better for me, but I want to complain a few part of this game- The thing I don’t like- First, When I open legendary box to get 5 star slug. I get the 5 star slug and get ghoul energy slug (WORST). Also, when I open it more than 7 times, I got NOTHING THAN COINS AND GEMS. I THINK they really wants us to spend on 5 star slug pack for real money. Second, Too many adds. but this problem can be solze if u turn off the data and wifi before u open the apps.

  6. Stephan says:

    A great and surprisingly cute mashup of matching and creature collection. Runs smooth and ads are easy to remove and tolerable even if not.

  7. Bal Sid says:

    Your pairing for Multiplayer is just stupid. How do you expect to battle when you pair players that are much higher in level. Due to this I don’t see any point in playing Multiplayer mode since the price is not much either.

  8. Prabhat Singh says:

    Being a Slugterra fan, I enjoy this game a lot… Though it is a tiles match game but the levels are interesting and rewards are given in adequate amounts so that you can level up with time. Good slinging experience while you keep matching tiles.. The bigger, the stronger. Megamorphs are way awesome and you can even name your slugs!! Sending Gifts is a problem because it always shows gifts sent 10/10 and as a result I am unable to send any gifts. Psychic & Electric elementals require nerf.

  9. Markas4life says:

    Amazing game. Great graphics and lots of slugs to collect and level. It would be better if we had more story quests.

  10. chad swinton says:

    GRATE I hope in the next Update that the legendary slug chest that would only be cost 100 jems because every time I unlock the legendary slug chest I don’t get an elemental at all or the chance of getting an elemental would be 90%. I also like it if the elementals can evolve. Please and thank you.

  11. Keegan Sims says:

    I really like this game I wish there were the dungeons from the first game and where u can buy your slugs but u cant do that in this game which is disappointing in a way but still very fun game and it also takes a while for an update for Samsung to get an update but on iPhone and apple they get it immediately and I got this from the youtuber fuzzem bc he posted videos on 3 new megamorphs and I only got 2 so idk what that’s about.

  12. Jason McCarroll says:

    Your game is a good game but it’s not really fair that some of the opponents can just spam frostcrawler and other slugs faster than most players can keep up with I suggest an update to fix this problem so players don’t have to stress about this issue again.

  13. Keeran Padayachee says:

    This game is awesome and quite fun to play in your spare time but it lags just a bit when you go to upgrade your slugs but then again I am not sure if it could be my phone to

  14. Martin Bedrač says:

    Fantastic game! You can combine different slugs for different oponents so it is quite tactical game. Upgrading is very satisfying. I play this game with my 10 years old son and it is great time spent together.

  15. Crimson Spirit says:

    Good game, but I keep getting the notification that there’s a new cavern to explore, but both caverns are locked despite showing a timer. Literally cannot progress.

  16. Nickoliah Wheeler says:

    So far this game has been fun for me a lot but the ads… whenever I go to watch an ad to get a better chest and etc, I press the button and the video pops up for a second then disappears and I don’t get the reward.

  17. Atlas Ledesma says:

    I love Slugterra and the game is fun enough but it feels basic and boring. It makes me wish there was a real Slugterra game that was a shooter or action rpg of some kind. But would recommend if you are a Slugterra fan.

  18. Bodoh Babi says:

    this game is good but i didn’t get the pack that I’d purchased. the price for the pack is rm 34.90. so my money just go to waste just like that. i need a refund. please respond.

  19. Bishal Biswas says:

    After add a friend… No option to play with friends. If you play with a friend, it’s not a friend but a robot playing with you. There is no option to play with real friends in real time. A robot just plays your friend’s character with your friend’s slug. What’s the point of having the “add friend” option if I can’t play with my friend in real time?

  20. Ibrahim Amer says:

    it would be pretty cool if we got mimky the slug from the underwater episodes maybe you can make it so then the last slug an opponent fired will be the slug that mimky transforms into. Also I would suggest if you add a system where you get a bigger chance every time you open a chest or you could make the chest cheaper maybe like make it 300 gems since its already hard enough to get a legendary. I really love this game and if you fix these little issues the game would be great for f2p players.

  21. GG says:

    Dig the graphics and the concept of the game where there’s stages galore and caverns to conquer. A little information about the gems matching process would’ve been good. I figured it out 🙄👍🤣… Unsure about the evolving and fusion of slugs rn but I’ve only been playing for 3 days 🤣🤣🤣. This game is better than other gem games purely because of the cool matching idea. I’m strictly a play to earn gamer and Slugterra suits me fine

  22. Jayden Gehrke says:

    Great game… The only promblem is just after you complete story mode. After you complete story mode and have every slug there is litterally nothing you can do. I feel like this game needs a update at least every other month. But other then that 5 stars great game.

  23. Dakota Redmond says:

    Tbh it’s just mid, alot of options and stuff, the bad parts are in multiplayer mode it should pair people with your level and also it’s way to hard to get elementals but everything else is good and it gets boring after a bit

  24. Nathen Tucker says:

    Make it real on the floor and better and make a realistic and amazing and have it real movement it has a frog and everybody else in the cartoon instead of finishing move and talk and have them talking again online it all in Frozen make it way more higher chance to get the wedding rings and have everybody when they come in and say no to give him 2000 James pretty please I love this together I will always play no games and watch all the hotel with me thank you

  25. YY Yap says:

    Also I got the water elemental when I bought my first legendary chess!!! It’s so Amazing!!! Even though they said it would give you 5% to get a elemental but sure does tell your fortune of luck. Unfortunately this elemental was my least favorite I wanted the air elemental. But I have a problem with my multiplayer talk bar when I tried to press it it glitches and never letting me in so please fix it for me.

  26. Mohammed Almtaery says:

    I love this game but my elementals got taken away from a long time ago ( water plant earth and fire, physical and eletric as ghouls) maybe if I could get them back then I’d appreciate It, thank you for reading this!

  27. Liam says:

    Honestly I love this game. It’s really fun the duel mechanic is really interesting because it allows you to get things like a dark chest(the most useful chest in my opinion) without having to pay money, just to get the necessary amount of gems to get a dark chest. So that alone makes the game feel less pay to win. The skins give a feeling of nostalgia. And the slugs are really interesting. Especially in their design and their mechanics.

  28. alishba kauser says:

    Whe I used to play it, the game was really good but now I tried to play it and the game just turns off. I’ve tried everything. I had all bars on network connection, I’ve tried uninstallingand reinstalling it and taking the game off and turning it back on but nothing works!!

  29. KQC says:

    Fun and concise battle system, great graphics, amazing music. If it wasn’t for the poor level-up system, lackluster rewards and constant need for in-app purchases in order to make progress, this game would 5 stars. Slugs in your arsenal should gain experience from every fight, like a proper RPG. Perhaps that would make up for the scarce amount of gold you earn from each fight.

  30. godwin nkanaowo says:

    Cool game but we need more upgrade my phone is getting freez and over heating because of your game please can you sort it out once and for all. Add more slugs make it five instead of four please do something about my freezing phone.

  31. 05-7 says:

    This is a great game and fun through out the entire experience. There is only one thing i would add to make this one of the best mobile games and that is a more clear description of the slugs abilities. Overall, this is a great game and would highly recommend you play it

  32. Jorgie Nicole Oliver (nini) says:

    Absolutely great and simler like the show awesome graphics and very cool designs of those characters I love the art style and very cool one thing that makes the game unplayable….. It lags that I can’t play it the lag is like weird sounds so fix the bug

  33. Taiden Tucker says:

    This game is amazing online and offline I can’t believe how it works. If I were anyone else I would definitely download and play. There are no forced adds and only one after a duel that is if you don’t want double the amount won. The only this I want improved on is the evolution stones I want to win just a couple after a random duel out of the 99 caverns.

  34. Gábor Dyekiss says:

    Great game, especially how it’s still updated from time to time, makes for a great suprise after leaving for a few years.

  35. mikey smart says:

    It’s a good game but one slug granuke it doesn’t have it’s bomb ability for players it has it for the npc so am asking you can it have it’s ability for the players plzzzzz it will be very fun and good using granuke because it is a good slug if it has this ability. And the level up system sucks

  36. Claryce says:

    It is a very fun game but i wish there was this system to change the ghoul slugs to original slugs because i have watched the show (slugterra) and i know that ghouls is not exactly the good slugs. In the next update can you please add a machiene like this. Thank you!

  37. Majd Kamosh (HkMk45) says:

    You will experience an ungodly amount of BS from this game. From smaller, weirdly shaped boards to bot opponents rapid firing tier one slugs at you, and getting a tier three slug out in a fraction of a second. You will likely not have to pay anything if you stay free-to-play, since the challenges give a decent amount of gems to rush through crates (don’t buy crates, just go through duels) and get new slugs.

  38. mortuza akon says:

    Please add infurnus blue fire transformation and many other ghouls are missing.please add this features to enjoy more and you should increase the multi beta reward.i need update more and more in this game and many guels are missing.further the friend list battle is fake player battle I need real player friend battle please fix this problem.then we can enjoy more.then I will give you ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

  39. Mr Uzzal says:

    This game is very very interesting I finish all level of story mode duel and multiple mode and 99 carvens and monthly challenge and weekly challenge and day challenge and collect all fusion slug and groul and elemental slug and fusion and I got all skins . Please unlock new slugs. Groul version of Thresher. Firenzer. Pieper. Hoverbug. . Enigmo. Crystalyd.Slylen. Narwhaddle and unlock new universel flopper slug and unlock megamorph hop jack and hop rock

  40. Krystian Pacyna says:

    This game is like the ruler of all, when you have a evolved lvl10 3 energies you literally get to break ice from a Frost crawler or somethin’ but goes THROUGH IT! Its like all the slugs are the best but there’s 1 issue, why does it need to cost SO much MB? For the amount I had to say goodbye to all my games, but luckily rejected it.

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