Raven Castle : Mystery Match 3 Apk Download New*


Adventurer! Gather Tools by solving Match 3 Puzzles to bring back the Village!
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December 2, 2022
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Raven Castle : Mystery Match 3 Apk Download New*

[A new Adventure Begins]

Raven Citadel : Thriller Fit Three Apk Obtain New* apk mod

Welcome to Raven Fort, Adventurer. The outstanding adventure has began now you’ve stepped into this outdated the city.

Raven Fortress : Thriller Fit Three Apk Obtain New* apk mod 2022

Since remaining Fall, the whole thing modified because the mysterious black dense shadow lined this the city.

Raven Fortress : Thriller Fit Three Apk Obtain New*

As soon as a the city filled with cheers and laughter, now simplest silence and darkish shadow stays.

Raven Fort : Thriller Fit Three Apk Obtain New* apk

To deliver again the previous vibrant nature, the townspeople close to Raven Fort wishes your lend a hand!

Raven Citadel : Thriller Fit Three Apk Obtain New* mod apk

Discuss to the dwellers, seek, discover, and be informed in regards to the secrets and techniques of the darkish shadow.

Raven Fortress : Thriller Fit Three Apk Obtain New* apk mod new

To rebuild and renovate town, you wish to have positive equipment and components.

Raven Fort : Thriller Fit Three Apk Obtain New* unencumber

After rebuilding town, you’ll be able to renovate your ‘personal area’!
Renovate your individual area the way in which you wish to have! Collect the pieces by way of fixing the mysterious fit Three puzzles.

Does who wish to fall right into a mysterious journey are welcome. However, be warned. Don’t consider what you spot and really feel.

[Looking for an Adventurer!]

– does who loves fit Three puzzles and mysterious tales – does who aren’t scared of travelling
– does who needs to fulfill a brand new good friend
– does who’s uninterested in easy and dull fit Three puzzles and wish one thing new!

[Game Features]

– benefit from the intriguing quite a lot of fit Three puzzles with tales which might be stuffed with mysteries
– ‘design’, ‘renovate’ your own home together with your ‘personal taste’
– ‘consult with’ your friend’s space and discover – townspeople with more than a few traits will ‘lend a hand’, and ‘reinforce’ you within the sport
– take away town’s ‘curse’ and ‘repair’
– roll the ‘cube’ after finishing the hunt and get rewards!
– face different customers all over the world and be at the most sensible of the rank!

[Don’t concern it’s no longer that SPOOKY]

Townspeople close to Raven Fortress wishes your lend a hand and strengthen! Adventurer! Handiest you’ll assist repair the city that was filled with cheers and laughter!


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40 comments on "Raven Castle : Mystery Match 3 Apk Download New*"

  1. HeatherPru says:

    My 2star rate is due to the required multiple boards to play just to complete an ever so simple task. I could see this logic much much later on in the game but not, right off the bat. You clear 5 or more boards just to turn the lights on??say huh? Other than that, I like it.

  2. Melissa Fischer says:

    The graphics and story line are fine. My only problem is that the game puts coins into a piggy bank and a treasure chest that you have to spend real money to get the coins you have already won. Just give me the coins I was awarded outright. Money for the game should be from the ads that pop up after each level cleared. Hence the three stars.

  3. Stephanie Crawford says:

    This game has tons of issues. Butterflies are all but useless, blocks fall way too slow denying you boosters, clouds block items from falling or take out boosters, rockets don’t take out the whole row/column and on the problems go. I don’t want a cake walk but this is ridiculous and comes across as a money grab. Devs should make money but not by making the game impossible unless you do spend money. On the positive side the story is good.

  4. Chrissy Magma says:

    This is a huge change compared to your other games! I love how there is a story going along with it, very little ads ive seen unless i want to double my rewards by viewing ads. Graphics are crisp and smooth. The only disappointing thing i do not like is the weekly subcription charge. I liked your other games where it was a monthly charge only. Im not always able to pay something weekly. Monthly sure becauze end of the month pay.

  5. Branden Sarver says:

    The game seems good.. Creative ideas, however, the touch alignment seems to be way off or something… Have to tap below buttons or several times to get them to work. This makes it very difficult for matching tiles because if you don’t hit it just right, the wrong tiles move. Also, a lot of times when I swipe sideways, the tiles move up or down, and vice versa…

  6. Bonnie Kovalski says:

    Lov this addicting , however I make it close to the end and it starts to drag, I have to close the app , disenchantment is growing. This is my update , I could cry I’ve lostso many rewards and levels because of the drag I’ve decided to uninstall..I can see why a rate ad doesn’t appear every other turn.

  7. Dohna M Kerckhove says:

    When reading the first description of the game it mentioned it was unique. However I found it to be like other games I’ve played. The only difference 1 type of move that isn’t included the game I’m comparing it to. I didn’t find this as exciting as I expected. I will give it another go. The graphics are great. Will dig deeper into the game. It doesn’t play well on my Samsung Galaxy A Tablet. Could be the tablet I have found one other game my tablet doesn’t care for that game either.

  8. Krista Flare says:

    While the app is functional, the amount of prompts it sends for you to play it is excessive. Anywhere from 6-10 a day. Stop. Stop it. As for gameplay, it’s simple enough so far, but I’m sure it gets more challenging later. My only problem is that it’s not got enough to keep my interest. Art is gorgeous. Story could be more engaging w/voice acting tho.

  9. Erica Randall says:

    Let me start off by saying that I enjoy the game. However, in the last 2 hrs that I have played, I had to force stop/reopen the app 20+ times. And, that is not an exaggeration. The last puzzle I played froze 3×s, once on the last move. Needless to say, I am now taking a break. I will edit my review once issues are resolved. I really want to give 5☆s.

  10. Berta Griffith says:

    Just started to play but it gets a bit boring having to go back and forth just to clear a section to obtain objects. As for this one comment about subscribing to this game?, forget it. All games have ads that pay you to advertise their products. The pop ups as to what to do is getting boring. Maybe you should have that in a help section located somewhere in a corner of the screen.

  11. Beth Cavenar says:

    You don’t get near enough moves to accomplish the goals to pass a levels! The piece’s don’t move the way you tell them to making some spots very difficult because of this. It goes so fast that you don’t get to play the game very much on some levels. This game got annoying quickly for these reasons. Not near enough tickets to decorate with. Why can’t you double those along with the power ups by watching an ad?? It has potential but you have tons of things to fix before that will happen.

  12. Kathy Hines (MissTique) says:

    I love the game! Until I hit that unseen limit where it’s been decided you’ll now come 1 move from winning on your very last move! That is if it allows you to win at all! It makes it all but impossible to win until it seems you’ve tried long enough, and then you win in like 3 moves! I hate feeling manipulated! And this type of thing happened ZERO times before I hit that magical “unseen” ceiling! I am about ready to just delete it. UPDATE: I AM deleting! I’m tired of playing a losing game.

  13. Ray Mullen says:

    I’ve been enjoying the game but have hit a problem, I am supposed to get four items to certain spots to be collected; but you not putting the 4 pcs in. I’ve taken several screen shots of game after game that you can see no 4th piece , it does add to the insult when games ends and it notifies me I failed , since with the cheating of not putting a required pieces, it would be impossible to win.

  14. Mhairi Crum says:

    Love the game. But some levels seem impossible to pass. Been on the same level for 3days. Used up all my boosters. I like a challenge but not when it becomes boring and repetative. Will give it another day and if it’s still the same I’ll be uninstalling.

  15. Joan Pike says:

    This is a game you don’t have to quit after 5 rounds because you can’t play any more. I’m enjoying being able to play as long as I like because I stuck in bed because old age problems and I need something to do that workable a enjoyable, Fun game.

  16. Rosemary McLain says:

    It looks like it would be a good game, I like the colorful graphics; but it is so slow I get totally bored with it. Plus, I installed it in the morning 3 days ago and this afternoon is the first time I’ve been able to get the app to respond. After slowly playing for a out 20 minutes app is back to the notification “app not responding”. Oh, but they can send me notifications. Uninstalling, may try again in a few months; bugs really should be worked out before an app is put on line…..geesh!

  17. Catherine Slomko says:

    Fun and interesting. I do not know what happened with the last update, but I am losing turns during the game. I would have 3 turns left and the game thinks I am finished. I thought it was a fluke, but I finally won and a few games later, I had 8 turns left and it said I was done. Tried 5 times, used power ups and gems, and probably would have won if the 8 turns were still there. Please fix.

  18. Kate Ashley says:

    The “how to play” is annoying. Should be an option to turn this off. I don’t usually play these kinds of games but am interested to see where it goes. It is refreshing to see that V2R support actually reads the ratings and responds. Thank you for this so many don’t.

  19. Bright Eyes says:

    Beautiful game art, except I cannot stand the cauldrons, they just need to be taken out of game, you can’t blow them up even, I don’t see how they improve game play, they just need to go.

  20. Kim LaBelle says:

    The game itself is fine, but after some levels the game shows a full screen picture of a building or room portion with no instructions as to what to do… I’ve tapped on every little bit of these pictures, trying to escape or move to another screen but it must be a glitch in your programming…. the only way to escape is to close the game then restart it. For this annoying reason alone, I’m uninstalling for awhile. I might try it again after you’ve had time to fix this glitch. ✌️

  21. Belinda Lattea says:

    This is the first time I’ve played a game like this it seems interesting but I’m learning it very slow I’m trying to figure out all the layout but thank you making the app it’s kind of keeps me occupied and trying to relax when I’m trying to figure out the puzzle so thank you for making that app Belinda Lattea date 10,11,22.Time:10:59pm.

  22. Marilyn Casselman says:

    Love this game but after several turns it freezes and requires a restart. Ads …way too many!

  23. Virginia Taylor says:

    I purchased a package in this game. Never got the items, never got a refund and no response after 3 emails. Don’t spend money on this game..rip off

  24. Robbin Dupree says:

    I have just started playing a game but it seems very interesting but I need to play it further to really give it a great score but so far I like it but I know that it’s going to get harder on the way because I play another game something similar to this and it’s very challenging after you get so far so I will rate it again later but right now I like it I recommend it to someone have a great day

  25. Nikki Morris says:

    I like how the graphics look, the gems are a little small but not bad. The decorating aspect is just okay. Not much to it. But its gets hard fast, out of nowhere I can’t beat levels and has become too frustrating

  26. Chris Richardson says:

    Great game. For a few days anyhow. After a while it becomes tedious trying to beat levels. Great if you have the hundreds of currency you want to throw away buying the outrageously expensive resources offered. Thanks for a bit of entertainment. Time to move on 😁

  27. Jennifer says:

    Well …..it’s loaded with ads and apps when I get to play the actual game I enjoy it l, but now I have to delete a bunch of stuff and a big process to clean my phone. Glad it’s not on my iPad

  28. Mandra Fine says:

    It took me a minute to decide to install this game. I finally gave in and am so happy I did! I am truly enjoying this game. It keeps you interested, just the right difficulty and is cute as all get out!” Give it a whirl, literally. You won’t regret.

  29. Caleb Temple says:

    Game is irritating. Just like any other match 3 game now a days where they combine so many requirements to pass the level and the randomization of falling jewels makes them a constant nightmare. When you only have a certain amount of moves that clearly fall short by atleast anywhere from 1-5 moves away from beating the level. But the story line is alright i guess.

  30. Fernando De Paiva says:

    My games has not been able to load for the past 5 days. I have done the updates and even Uninstalled the game and re-installed it and it still does not load. It sits on 50% and nothing else happens. Please advise.

  31. tabitha dragonsong says:

    Really beautifully done! Matching is relaxing and loving being able to decorate too! Different from other match and decorate games because you have lots of choices! Thanks so much!

  32. brendon van den boogaard says:

    Game randomly freezes, background animation is still functioning, but you’re unable to make any moves. Have to resort to an (open, close) to continue playing with a restarted level, but mind you I shouldn’t have to. I suppose it is somewhat entertaining, kind of like a “clockmaker clone”

  33. Susan Ainslie says:

    I enjoyed this for a few days but in the last two days, when I’m supposed to get 30 minutes or an hour of gameplay as a reward, it doesn’t update the life counter. I’ve so far missed 4.5 hours of play due to this bug, even when I purchased the ad free subscription. Please fix it! There is no point doing the dice roll or trying to get rewards if the game doesn’t actually give you the rewards.

  34. Dawg 69 says:

    So far I like the game makes you think so you don’t run out of lives well that ended, typical of free games if you don’t buy stuff they slow down on how much you win and how long it takes for you to move on

  35. Tammy Foley says:

    The game lets you get to a certain level, then you can not beat it! 4 days on same game ,will be uninstalling

  36. kathy smith says:

    Slooowwww an boringggg for People that have experience with this kind of game . Losing interest already and have been playing 10 mins hoping for it to change

  37. Robert Mobley says:

    Excellent game play,shows your progress on a map, way to cool,compared to the traditional line dot scale, the use of old fashion builds is great,nice and detailed art

  38. Lisa M Hicks says:

    Nice graphics, still trying to understand the story line. But its fun anyways.

  39. Daniel Hurn says:

    This could be a good game! But it keeps crashing. Only thing you can do is uninstall and start again! You will lose everything you have collected. Don’t spend your money on it. You will find that the game also stops levels when you still have 4 or more moves left! Development people don’t want to know about this. Developers just want money off you. Don’t give them money!!! They won’t answer this review….

  40. Kathlene says:

    Very frustrating! This game has been crashing all evening! I bought jewels and didn’t get them as well! Bad first time player impression!

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