Number Block Puzzle Apk Download New*


Come to play Number Block Puzzle Daily and give your brain a rest!
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Big Cake Group Limited
April 6, 2022
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Number Block Puzzle Apk Download New*

“Quantity Block Puzzle” is an addictive enjoyable jigsaw puzzle sport. Come to play Quantity Puzzle Day-to-day and provides your mind a leisure!

Quantity Block Puzzle Apk Obtain New* unencumber

⁃ Drag or faucet the quantity blocks to transport them.
⁃ Use the empty house to put the tiles so as.

Quantity Block Puzzle Apk Obtain New* apk mod

There may be some other “Block Puzzle” mode on this sport. It’s an overly a laugh mode!

Quantity Block Puzzle Apk Obtain New* apk

How you can play this BLOCK PUZZLE mode?
⁃ Drag the wooden blocks to transport them.
⁃ Fill blocks in a vertical or horizontal line to transparent them.
⁃ Blocks can’t be turned around.

Quantity Block Puzzle Apk Obtain New* apk mod 2022


Quantity Block Puzzle Apk Obtain New* mod apk

⁃ Superbly simple and easy, no power and no point in time.
⁃ Difficult to damage your best possible rating.
⁃ Simple to play. Vintage brick sport and quantity sport for every age!
⁃ More than one gorgeous background photos.
⁃ A couple of fabrics of blocks. Comparable to: wooden, sweet, jewel, gems…
⁃ Helpful gear that will help you spoil the best ranking.
⁃ Vintage ‘block puzzle’ and ‘quantity puzzle’ sport.

Quantity Block Puzzle Apk Obtain New*

Come and play this recreation and grow to be a grasp of mystery sport now!


40 comments on "Number Block Puzzle Apk Download New*"

  1. Cordelia Clarice says:

    I used to play this as a little kid and enjoyed the challenge. Of course this game is much better!!, and if I get frustrated ,it won’t go sailing across the room into pieces,lol.

  2. Finan Ethel says:

    Fun! Challenging at times! Helps keep me on my toes. Good for memory issues.

  3. Marleen Quent says:

    Too many ads and rewards. We just want to solve puzzles, not collect stupid rewards, get high scores and wait forty seconds after each puzzle.

  4. Clarey Lizandra says:

    Fun, Fun, Fun Fast Play with lots of options easy or hard just take your pick Have Fun!!

  5. Jeffry Swift says:

    This app has a billion ads, and won’t even connect you here to rate them unless you say you’re giving five stars. It’s just one big ad trap. The game play and graphics are good but way way way too many ads.

  6. Ellice Holiday says:

    Very simple and fun to do. Especially if you can’t sleep doing numbers is a key for a good night’s rest.

  7. Isen Adrenalijna says:

    How does this relieve stress I was looking for a game that actually does but it’s just more stressful trying to solve the first one STILL I have a migraine 😥

  8. Antuane Evelin says:

    Haven’t seen one of these since the plastic ones we used to carry around in our hands. It’s still fun. At at the great break from some of the craziness that goes on.

  9. Derick Rovere says:

    Fun game but way to many ads . im uninstalling cause ever since i downloaded my phone keeps shutting down

  10. Billy Jonni says:

    cool game I know this number block puzzle is super cool I mean the third part was kind of hard but I still got past it in the other puzzle is really cool 👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌

  11. Midge Jaclyn says:

    It is the technical form of the little plastic square with sliding tiles I used to play with when I was a kid. This is so neat.

  12. Myles Mabel says:

    Love the game itself…. Wayy too many ads. Especially the home scape ads. I actually downloaded that game and its not what it seemed. So I’d like to see other ads not those. And less ads altogether.

  13. Lorance Fleming says:

    The difficulty of the rounds varies,which I enjoy. The colors are good. Brain Teaser.

  14. Bristol Keaton says:

    I loved to play this game in its plastic form when I was way younger; 50 years or so ago. I did not realize then how many skills this game taught me in thinking and problem solving. Thanks for the memories!

  15. Blossom Natassha says:

    I like the app because it has a number puzzle for you to solve , it has how long you’ve taken to do the puzzle at the top and I like solving puzzles.

  16. Lindsee Hyram says:

    A super great game if you mine is geared like this… it’s not exactly my cup of tea ….great for trying to expand the mind though, just a little too slow for me … I’m a gambler, slots…great game though, honestly.

  17. Sener Hadley says:

    I thoroughly enjoyed the game experience. It is a great stress reliever and I love to play this game at the end of a hard day. The graphics are good and the gameplay is smooth; I haven’t had any trouble with lagging at all. However, the ads are a bit much and the controls aren’t the most convenient. After playing a single level of number puzzle I have to collect my rewards, watch an ad, then select my game mode again. I’d like to see a more quick way of transitioning levels. Overall, great game!

  18. Hide Carrolyne says:

    I love to play this type of game. Only gave it 3 stars because the game itself is great but I absolutely hate all the awards and junk between the games. Get rid of all that stuff and I’ll give it a 5

  19. Haines Genna says:

    I love the fact that this app has two games in one and then fix your brain really good it’s a brain teaser

  20. Delwin Nikki says:

    This game is not fun it makes me mad and too many adds cut back the adds please. It would make the game so much better thanks.

  21. Nella Ozzie says:

    Great game it’s really relaxing and fun but theres only one flaw. too many adds! after I lose or win a game adds stacked on top of me! I am not saying this to criticize you but I am saying this so you dont make a mistake in the future.

  22. Weston Durrell says:

    Too many gifts. Even i couldn’t start my game gift and gift. Give me all gifts into my ass. This game is a gift game. You cannot play. Just take all gifts without playing. 🙄

  23. Jennalyn Yule says:

    Should be zero all it shows you over and over how to play the game showing lady s finger moving the same numbers over and over again thats all bye

  24. Sabrina Howard says:

    This app gets an A+ rating from me. It’s a nice touch to enjoy smooth soothing jazz as you play games you’ve played and enjoyed in your yesteryear.

  25. Bosta Cósmica says:

    It will be nice if we could play online whit other players. And also you could add hardest squares, 5×5, 10×10,5×6,7×9,etc. The game is great but it could be better.

  26. Blessed Morton says:

    I Love This Game! & Thank You for going above and beyond to give us 2 Games in one. I also Love the Number Puzzle! I confess I’m hooked! LOVE IT ♥️ Everyone Stay Safe and Well. & May God Bless Each of You!!!

  27. Linda Mann says:

    Sometimes immediately easy to see where to move numbers. Makes it more fun. The harder it is the more stressful.

  28. Matt says:

    I mean, I know we all need to make money but come on. Beware the pause menu, it almost auto purchases for you base on the button location. Dark UX to the extreme…

  29. Yvonne Silveira says:

    I have been playing the game for the past 2 months. I had reached to the 50th level and had 35,000 points. Can you connect me to my previous game. Much appreciated. Love the game

  30. Kelly in-Canada says:

    The number game and shape game are equally a lot of fun. Both are just what I was looking for to keep my brain active and young!

  31. Andrew Thorne says:

    Too complex, claim coins, open boxes, and goes back to the beginning….. Choose a game. Just want a sliding block puzzle increasing in difficulty

  32. Satyaprakash Kumar says:

    Horrible, i expect that i will go to next level with increased difficulty. But the game will keep forcing to open useless chest, and click at least 3 to 4 buttons before next levwl that gets over in 5 seconds. Uninstalled immedietly. No idea from where the developer is getting such crazy idea. Horrible not evwn deserve -ve 5 stars

  33. Michael Macgregor says:

    This is indeed a terrific number game the only thing is that there are too many advertisements in it and need to be taken right out otherwise it is a most enjoyable and terrific game of excellence keep up the good work MICHAEL MACGREGOR

  34. Teri Mack says:

    The game could be fun, however, When playing Sudoku Block, the game freezes up after several levels. I have to exit the game & start all over again! That is quite IRRITATING! Please fix this bug, so that I can enjoy ALL the games!

  35. Delia Palin says:

    I’m so disappointed. This game constantly crashes, freezes or sends me to the store. I’m uninstalling it now.

  36. AR Perry says:

    Just took a quick look, can’t be for ADULTS! So silly and can’t turn off the music.

  37. Patty Contos says:

    Great game! It’s very well designed and good for my grandson’s!! Good learning experience!!

  38. Cheryrell Duncan says:

    I used to play this game when I was younger. I how it gets harder. 1st few levels are just ok.

  39. Mohammad Alabbas says:

    This is the best number block app I have ever seen ! There is probably only 1 ad and u can change the background too!!!

  40. Lendy Ellison says:

    Love a challenge & this definitely gives me one of the best love love this games keeps me on my toes, I keep trying to beat my or others time’s. Definitely NEEDED if you want a challenge, or even challenge ur self like I do love this app ❤️🦋

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