My Home Design : Modern House Mod Apk


Design home with furniture inspired by Pinterest and Ashley.
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December 7, 2022
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My Home Design : Modern House Mod Apk

Design? Style? Commute? Comedy? Sure! Aimee’s Interiors has all of it.

My House Design : Fashionable Area Mod Apk apk

Meet captivating Aimee Cooper, a tender American lady from the Midwest who is set to make it large within the internal design global. Paintings along Aimee and turn out to be a go-to decorator for celebrities in addition to laypeople. Problem house design limitations and create probably the most glamorous interiors on this new enjoyable house renovation sport free of charge!

My House Design : Trendy Area Mod Apk apk mod

🛠️ Play at no cost and offline!

My House Design : Fashionable Space Mod Apk apk mod new

Sharpen your adorning talents via designing properties, cafes, outside bars, residing rooms, and plenty of extra visually surprising 3-dimensional rooms. Uncover trending house design types, various from the Mediterranean, Scandinavian to Japandi.

My House Design : Trendy Space Mod Apk liberate

Go back and forth with Aimee world wide, from Paris to Hawaii, and design homes starting from sumptuous mansions to farmhouse Fixer Uppers. Experience pleasant tales, meet humorous characters, and renovate their houses. Quite a lot of just right style, humor, and drama are looking forward to you!

My House Design : Fashionable Space Mod Apk apk mod 2022


My House Design : Fashionable Space Mod Apk

Loosen up via play and specific your creativity in every new Episode Uncover trending designs and get impressed to create your individual adorning taste.
Renovate recent, glamorous areas and find out about other internal design types. Commute all over the world and create customized designs for each and every nation Enjoy a tale stuffed with humorous and heartfelt discussion!

My House Design : Fashionable Space Mod Apk mod apk

Resolve difficult blast puzzles to discover Aimee’s thrilling tale, liberate hidden spaces, and beautify new areas in every Episode. Loosen up, take a seat down, and experience this thrilling tale!
If you happen to like to look at HGTV assets renovation, house design presentations, like Fixer Higher and Assets Brothers, then Aimee’s Interiors is an ideal digital inside design sport for you

Aimee’s Interiors might be up to date with extra blast puzzles to resolve and extra amusing tale chapters frequently! Already performed and loved the sport? Keep tuned for updates and drop us a evaluation!

We’re Crimson Cow Studio at Cookapps. All of us love to observe house reworking displays and skim Pinterest for uplifting internal pictures. We create house decor video games we adore to play ourselves. For those who’re into house design, sign up for our colourful design group on:

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[Permission surroundings and withdrawal method]
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40 comments on "My Home Design : Modern House Mod Apk"

  1. Cathy Campbell says:

    Well, wish I could move furniture after it’s in the room! They say “couch” and it’s really a chair. Color choices for sofas and chairs are awful! Current colors check paint Co. lists. These are not up to date (2021) and the wall paint should change with the seasons – too much gray! That goes for tile in bathrooms and kitchens. Wallpaper is back in style – flowers and designs that pop! Doing one wall in wallpaper is passé. Large rooms standing plants/trees and lamps are too small for rooms.

  2. Lavender Moon says:

    Sorry I have to uninstall, there is way too many steps that I have to go through to connect to Facebook every time I log in, Just so I can save my data,I’m going to have to uninstall Facebook and then reinstall it again,and I can’t remember all the directions that they told me to do, just forget it! it would have been a great game the decorations were nice😨

  3. Caron Rodesk says:

    I love this game! But im having problems. IT WONT LOAD! I just had a problem with my router and it was replaced with a new one. I tried to play the game but no matter what i did it wont open. Very disappointing. I am foced to give it only one star. Fix it and i’ll give you five stars.

  4. Lieren Cavanaugh says:

    I love playing games that have virtually no ads! This is completely uncluttered design and gameplay. The storyline is concise, the graphics are really nice, and the game is fun.

  5. Akasha Wolfhaven says:

    It was cool at first, but I would keep running out of things. I’m not much of a puzzle player, like Candy Crush Series or Bubble Witch Series or even Angry Birds. Those games aren’t my cup of tea because all those puzzle games are the same. You’ll get to a certain level and can’t pass it, or you keep running out of stuff either having to wait forever or buy what you’re nearly out of. This was why this game was deleted. The graphics and the designs were adorable though.

  6. Bret & Lorry Treat says:

    No lag. Wish there were more options to choose from when selecting furniture, paint, flooring ect. Would also be nice if these design games would give you the option to play right side up on my phone instead of having to hold my phone sideways. All in all though, Home Design is pretty fun!

  7. lilly Bullinger says:

    I love this app because ever since I got this app there has been no ads. One question are the characters that are in the app, is that designer girl Repunzle. And I love the details that the app gives me to put in the house. I give it 5 cause no ads I love the details. Bye 👋 Oh and make sure whoever made this game, make more games like this, but not with the mini game With the little find the mach game thingy ok well bye for real this time

  8. Logann Padilla says:

    I LOVE THIS GAME! It is one of the best games because after you finish a round it tells you if they are going to play an add. I 100% wish other games did this. It also does not freeze or glitch like the other reviews said it did. Before I downloaded it I was sketchy because of the other reviews. I did delete ALL of my other games because they just can’t compare!

  9. Peppi says:

    Really fun match game, the match part is not to easy or difficult, its just a fun and addictive game. Love the beautiful options to decorate the rooms and the finished results are beautiful. Cutest graphics and characters, recommend downloading

  10. Candace Tyler says:

    Great now let’s hope this continues and isn’t disappointing like so many other games. Time will tell. If it goes downhill and becomes too stressful there’s a simple solution uninstall and tell everyone out there. So far really liking!!! Thanks for the time out in these stressful times. Stay safe!

  11. Donna Schilling says:

    Love this game but wish developer offered more free gifts to use in the game by watching ads. A wheel of fortune would be nice for free coins, free boosters, extra turns, extra lives, etc. I rather play games that offer videos to get additional features in the game. Wish there were more available especially for coins

  12. Elayne Fulcher says:

    Only 2 stars because if you change your mind on the decor there is often no way to click on the desired item to change it as there is in other games like this. The game needs a way to go and change things. Also when you finish a room your only “reward” is free play? Loosen the purse strings and give your players coins or gems.

  13. Mjunior Correabarrera says:

    This is my favorite game even though they do show too many ads and should give us gems or coins for watching them, I still consider them my favorite game because no matter how hard the match 3 game gets I tend to always win and move on to the next level now that’s my kind of game not leaving you stuck at one level for very long.

  14. Rachel Brookes says:

    I love this game. I am on level 10 and so far I have only had two ads and those two were very short. The only thing I would suggest is that you add a button at the bottom of the game so u can just go from one level straight to the next one. Other than that the games great and would definitely recommend it. This is my favourite house design game.

  15. May Henderson says:

    Best decorating game I’ve played by far ! The match puzzles are not so difficult that you can’t move to the next level, and you get a chance every round to get extra coins. This is my New Go to game ! Lots of fun !

  16. Nicole Robson says:

    I love this game it barely has any ads and it’s actually really funny gives you freakiest almost every single level well not everyone the ADD and every single time there’s an ad it gives you a little bit of a warning to tell you that there’s an ad it doesn’t just pop it up in your face as it usually doesn’t in any other games I love it it’s the best game ever totally you should always use it when you’re bored it’s a great boredom buster and everything’s just so much fun so I totally recommend by

  17. KIM T says:

    Love the game however, there are several ads that won’t close so you have to ex out of the app. and log back in. It gets annoying as this happens every 5th or 6th ad. but it’s still a fun game.

  18. Nicole Laplante says:

    The design options are great and beautiful. The game itself is difficult for my eyes and after tge first few games shuld no longer be highlighting the solution to be played as it makes the game less challenging.

  19. Rebecca Kelley says:

    I really loved designing the rooms. The only problem was to get the good items you had to make purchases. Otherwise your choices were limited period finally gave up and uninstalled the game!

  20. bean says:

    Usually I don’t rate games, but this one is just awesome. I’ve gotten only 3 ads by level 15 and they are all very short. It’s a very fun game for you to show off your taste and it’s a great way to have fun. DEFINITELY RECOMMEND!!!

  21. Hannah dM says:

    I’m really enjoying designing with this game!! Plus I actually love playing the match 3 type game they’re offering too. Its really hard trying to put this game down when I have to do something, yet the 1 thing that helps is knowing as soon as I’m done I’ve got this to look forward coming back

  22. Princess Queen says:

    This game is so much fun!!!!!!!!!!! I love all the facial expressions and they let me choose what kind of style I want; this game is easily accessible and the storyline for this game 🎮 is finamial!!!!!!!!! So much fun and I can’t wait to build a life here in this game 🎮!!!!!!

  23. Heloise Grobbelaar says:

    The game is OK not too manyadds which is nice for a change. The problem I have is some of the adds are of an adult nature not appropriate for small children to see yet your game says from age3+. I have grandchildren that sometimes want to play . So I am rather going to unstall the app.


    This game is super fun and the levels (that I’ve done anyways are super fun and easy) and I’ve always liked playing design games like this, this might be one of the best ones I’ve played.

  25. Lou Smith says:

    Refreshing new game for me…do wish colors on each of the components of decorative design were better color coordinated than what they appear to be…sorry, but I’m quite a perfectionist…BTW, my favorite colors are shades of gray . LOL.

  26. Allie Allan Poet says:

    It’s an ok game,however you can only collect cash to buy the furniture by playing the puzzle and it only gifts you 800-1000$ per puzzle…and the furniture is expensive, so it takes a long time to complete a room because you have to play the puzzle to finance each piece you need to complete the room…kinda annoying, I guess it’s a puzzle game

  27. Happy Bubble says:

    The sound effects are very satisfying and the artwork is good. It is a match 3 to decire and you can use more than just 1 style. Meaning if you get the pink couch you aren’t stuck with whatever set it was designed for out of the 3 options and that’s nice. 4 stars so you know Im real, and the ads aren’t too bad either. Good job!

  28. Lindsey Strachan says:

    I really like the game – less ads than many and fun to play BUT level 579 is impossible to get past without spending a fortune that I am not willing or able to. I will have to uninstall as a result.

  29. susan bell says:

    So far I have enjoyed this game, I always wonder when does the costs become over the top. But so far it’s great, graphics are great, and the choices are great, the rewards are great to. Let’s hope this is the ultimate game choice🤞

  30. Shubhashree Madchetti says:

    Game is good , but please don’t put such hard levels …it really slow down the intrest and at the end no option…i have to uninstall it ….this game is really pleasing .. please let it be that calm , don’t spoil it’s simplicity by adding such hard levels . Because more than earning the coins , i m more interested in interiors

  31. Elizabeth says:

    It could be a great game IF they didn’t charge so much to decorate the rooms. What do I mean? It takes well over 10,000 coins to decorate the first room. The second room, a walk-in closet, takes over 30,000 coins ( this is an estimate, based off the 4 items I’ve already placed ). Earning coins through playing levels is typical, but you would have to play so many levels to do just the closet, I estimate about 60 levels, that this quickly becomes a pay to play game. UNINSTALLED

  32. Nada Saksouk says:

    I’m honestly looking for home design games that don’t have money and all of the game stuff because I just want me and many others to experiment with home designs but overall love this game and keep going. Smile!

  33. Linda Henderson says:

    Way too many ads and they keep opening my browser! Sometimes the ads go blank and you have to re open the app and loose that life! So annoying and the level I’ve reached is impossible!! Not happy especially with the ads!

  34. Sandra Francis says:

    The game is not even playing on my phone,i spent all my data on the game only for the Game not to play,the Game exit itself which is soo Soo annoying please i don’t know why the game is not working i will delete it now and I will never waste my data on your games again your product are bad because it is not the first time I will be experiencing this problem with your game so I don’t like it thank you so much for wasting my data customer are always right so look for the solution to your problem

  35. Syed Nizamuddin says:

    Amazing work with the furnitures and decoration loved it

  36. Fairouz Koopman says:

    It’s very relaxing an gives nice ideas for interior decor

  37. Gretchen A. says:

    Very fun if you like match games

  38. April Yokley says:

    So far im liking the game. The only reason I gave 4 stars instead of 5 was i cando without all the story line talking. I just finished my 1st room and i havnt had to purchase anything with real money. Which is always a great thing to any games.

  39. Catori Nashoba says:

    This game should not be marketed as a design game. It’s 98% a block connecting game, 2% design. I’ve played 16 mini games & I’m STILL not done with the first design. Smh. Deleting this app.

  40. rendani masiya says:

    It very interesting and it is educational ❤️👌☺️💯

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