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Investigate crimes & criminal cases as a detective in a murder mystery story!
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September 14, 2022
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Murder Mystery – Detective Mod Apk

Finally!!! Greater than only a Hidden Gadgets Sport!

Homicide Thriller – Detective Mod Apk apk mod 2022

Put your detective investigation talents to without equal take a look at in Homicide Thriller – a practical, immersive legal investigator recreation. Beginning in London you’ll use your talents of deduction to unravel over 60 complicated, mysterious prison instances from more than one homicides to assassinations!

Homicide Thriller – Detective Mod Apk mod apk

Discover practical discussion choices to be told details about every case – habits interrogations, investigate cross-check our bodies, analyze the crime scene and extra. Perhaps you’ll to find one thing that doesn’t appear reasonably proper. Does the husband of the sufferer act just a little ordinary? Or perhaps the homicide weapon has fingerprints… because the detective, it’s your task to determine.

Homicide Thriller – Detective Mod Apk apk mod

As you collect extra clues you’ll increase an image of what came about and are available in your personal conclusion – effectively resolve the crime to liberate the following case!

Homicide Thriller – Detective Mod Apk free up

⦁ Over 60 mysterious felony instances to research ⦁ Uncover clues, analyze crime scenes, interview and interrogate characters
⦁ Instances range in issue, difficult investigations of all talent ranges!
⦁ Use good judgment & deduction to resolve circumstances as it should be ⦁ Lifelike discussion for an immersive homicide thriller revel in ⦁ Extra thrilling circumstances coming quickly!

Homicide Thriller – Detective Mod Apk

Enthusiasts of crime and thriller books, puzzles, and difficult riddles will love our homicide thriller sport. With story-driven gameplay and a variety of other theories to probe for each and every case, you’ll be piecing clues in combination and fixing crimes like Sherlock Properties or Poirot!

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40 comments on "Murder Mystery – Detective Mod Apk"

  1. Lizbeth Remi says:

    Only 3 stars for now. I’m 7 cases in and so far they’ve been predictable, short and awkward to solve at the same time. Closing a case could be more efficient via multiple choice instead of having to type it in and risking typos. (Speaking of typos, the game itself has a few and the writing in general seems very simplistic and lacks depth) Edit/reply: i disagree. if done right, multiple choice can make it more challenging. i recommend checking out the board game “Detective” and making some notes

  2. Geralene Mekayla says:

    This is a great game. It gives you more decisions to make than those hidden picture crime games. Also, I love the storyline, It’s almost like watching a movie. My only issue was the fact that there are never any visuals, you have to read everything and imagine it in your head, which is fine, for the most part, but if you guys really want to make this app pop, add some videos or forensic mini games. I would definitely recommend this app to anyone who likes mysteries and a lot of reading.

  3. Taralynn Brigett says:

    this game is incredible. It really works the brain unlike those other games where all you have to do is find stuff and wait days and hours for stuff to progress. it’s exactly the type of game I was looking for. a few grammatical errors here and there but that’s fine with me. please continue to update this game with the great stories you guys have. I would also like for the navigation to be easier. like a menu to go back to some places instead of having to spam the back button.

  4. Aston Sherri says:

    A lot of the information is hard to gather and you flip through the same screens over and over till you get it and even still sometimes info is far too vague. The clues don’t help much as they usually tell you the same thing twice or tell you something blatantly obvious from the start that you figured out 2 minutes in. A brilliant and fun concept, but poorly executed although I applaud the effort because it is a difficult thing go make amazing.

  5. Danette Bonie says:

    Oh boy. This game’s great. First, the game itself. I find solving the cases quite fun (even if at times info may feel a little vague) and I found that solving it with a friend at your side is much more entertaining. Second, the story. I won’t go too deep into it, but it is quite well written. Third, the sound design. Man. Some of the tracks and sound effects used in this game are absolutely bone chilling. 5/5. I want to forget the cases and do them again. Can’t wait for the new Hong Kong cases.

  6. Benna Briseida says:

    very simple gameplay but very engaging and fun! theres nothing amazing about the graphics or controls or anything but i think it adds to thef feel of the game. really makes you think and is very logic rather than puzzle based, which I enjoy a lot. Some things I would suggest for improvement would be navigating the case and evidences becuse it tends to get very confusing after a while. overall great so far though!

  7. Ginnie Woolcott says:

    The story was pretty good and got me hooked. The overall challenge across every stage kept me interested in the game, as I gradually wanted to find out more behind the mystery. The unfolding of key specific events was well done, and it hyped me up for the second installment. If I were to complain, I’d say that sometimes the overall challenge of the game would lead me to get outside help; a tendency I could have avoided, but didn’t. Some puzzles were too specific and some were too broad.

  8. Brentyn Lorrin says:

    The logics behind every scene is fantastic and it gives a real feel of a detective. The stories are also amazing. But controlling the menu is bad. I can’t go to the home menu and only a back button is available for navigation. There should be separate window for suspects, evidences, investigation etc. And there is no google play games or facebook sync option. I have lost my previous progress on my new phone.

  9. Kurt Carmilla says:

    It’s great at the start but there were missions that required googling things. The fibanacci code? The math and division parts? It’s like you have to buy clues to figure stuff out. I don’t like that it’s one big story I liked it when it was just figuring out random murder cases. Also the hints become so vague and make no sense “what was in natilies box” how are you supposed to figure that out with literally no information guiding you to that answer. I’m stuck but might just delete the game .

  10. Averel Evelynn says:

    It’s a nice game, but a major downside is how sometimes you can only find clues by pressing choices in specific order. For instance, if you want to question someone, instead of getting a clue by directly choosing to question them, you need to first choose to go to a separate location that’s may or may not be related to getting the clue, then maybe another, then you can get the clue. This is never specified, and I’ve gotten stuck on one of the cases because of it.

  11. Betsy Freda says:

    Amazing game, and there is so much thought put into it. Other detective games mess up details and throw the player off, but I had no problems. The last actual level, (with the tinfoil) Was amazing. The tricks, the emotions, The plot twist, it all came together into one amazing end. A problem I found in the chess interrogation was that it made you select one of the options and I couldnt find out a way to fix it. Great game, great story, great ending, just wished it was longer. AND THERES MORE YES

  12. Hollie Blondel says:

    The idea is good. But the interface is old school and boring. Basically, you have to click to questions and remember the answers. The navigation is hard: instead of going to the next question of the section, you have to click back and choose next one, or switch the section to another one (in which case it’s harder to remember where you have been already). Picture provided with the ability to click on details and get explanations would be much more interesting (but requires a lot of programming)

  13. Jeffries Starling says:

    It’s pretty fun to actually have clues to read and try and put the pieces together to work out what happened. But it feels a bit cheaply designed and i feel you only pass or fail depending on how many things you can read and in what order before you have to guess. On the easy ones it seems you have unlimited time to go back and forth and read everything, but difficulty is created by interrupting your read with new evidence and access to the original is gone

  14. Tasman Gwyndolynn says:

    This game is great and actually makes you think like an investigator to try to solve the crimes. It could use some updates to be more user-friendly. For example, having to click the back button constantly and remember which ones you haven’t clicked or need to click on is a bit challenging. I really appreciate that this game doesn’t have any ads or try to sell you a bunch of stuff throughout.

  15. Abbigayle Ellene says:

    Hm, good idea for a game, but it’s all over the place. Maybe add some sort of a scene BEFORE we get immediately thrown into the case? It’s a bit overwhelming to say the least. Sometimes the informations are too vague, and the dialogue of the characters are a bit lackluster for my taste. It’s pretty hard to be fully immersed in the game long enough to actually enjoy solving the cases. It feels more like a chore. Overall, it DOES have potential, wish you guys will polish it even more ^^

  16. Aneisha Bonnita says:

    It’s a fun deduction game, the menus are a bit difficult to manage. You can only get to certain clues from another menu. It would also benefit from a feature to make your own notes (unless I am missing it.) Also during the third case there is the cut off before you get to investigate everybody and there is no option to go back. Still a good game to bring out your inner Sherlock.

  17. Glynda Flick says:

    It would be better if when you put in the answers at the end of each stage the answers that are right stay, and you just have to correct the errors. Having to replay the whole stage sucks. Also if you have entered the correct answer the clue for that answer should deactivate, using multiple clues to get to the one you need is annoying. Thanks

  18. Anntoniett Stevey says:

    There shouldn’t be text boxes in the game. It makes you lose your patience going back into the investigation screen to retry your phrasing and hoping it’s right over and over again. I get that it’s to make it harder but it’s basically impossible like this. The hints are mainly common sense, it would help at least for the text box answers if some of the clues were for to help you phrase it correctly.

  19. Lawson Anwil says:

    Great game! Text boxes make this game frustrating as I try to determine the correct wording to enter in order to solve the crime. Also, I feel that the menu setup is cumbersome and needs to be revamped possibly with sub-menus to make going back to top menus easier.

  20. Cedrych Ajah says:

    Listen, No energy required, just your brain. This game is for you if you like solving “case-files”. Its brilliant! There are three difficulties in each region, the evidences, the way they give you a maze of findings and all its just so good to play. i love it. The way the story is written, the pictures, the music. It fantastic, keep it up, devs!!

  21. Donte Bert says:

    Enjoy the different levels of difficulty, storytelling, and that the app does not require a lot of permissions. I wish that the images were a little bit more helpful, colorful and maybe Interactive. (Example : on the case of the two girls that went missing after graduation party. The map of Andrea’s house compared to her neighbors could have been more helpful and useful)

  22. Deidri Alexzandria says:

    This is a great game. It is plenty dificult though so be prepared to use yoir brain. I never had problems following it’s logic but sometimes the right path can be hard to find. The clues help alot with this and you get a good amount of them at the start. It is also one of the only murder mystery games to not have an energy based gameplay so that is nice. Over all it is just a fun and challenging game that is definitly worth trying out.

  23. Angela Abdel Khalek says:

    Definitely amazing in a unique way, unlike all those hidden objects games, so basically I liked everything about this game!!! The graphics, the characters, the storyline, the way it puzzeld my mind. Because what’s the point in a mystery game if it’s super easy? The more I couldn’t find the answer the more determined I was to do so. That’s what happens in real-life, there’s no case were you will easily find the evidence and Boom you got your murder. (Note: sarcastic tone)

  24. Ai MR says:

    Basically just images and sentences. But if you love a thinking game this is a good experience. Haven’t finished playing but couldn’t go back to finish some of the things in Voice on the Phone, had to turn the game off and re-enter a few times to finish some of the checks. Hopefully it’s not gonna be this way for the other levels.

  25. Francisco Perez says:

    Challenging in a good way. Its not easy but it does give you enough to figure out the cases. Best murder solving game I’ve seen so far. Simple and perfect game play. It’s easy to be wrong too if you don’t really pay attention to details. The game has a dark undertone but its fitting seeing that most cases are about murders. Not recommended for younger people. Music and photos can be creepy but fit the game. No ads so far so that’s great. Overall very good game!

  26. kristen grindstaff says:

    I love these games! I never write reviews but this game is amazing. I’m not sure how I stumbled on it, but I thought it was going to be another hidden objects game. I was wrong! You actually investigate clues to solve the mystery and not not silly pictures. The story line is great and if you get stuck they do have clues. Some games just let you stay stuck until you give up trying. Can’t wait to keep playing!!!

  27. jlynngambler says:

    Pro: Different cases have different difficulties and I like the story lines. Cons: 1) When you’re investigating certain angles, an event happens to move you forward in the investigation, but it doesn’t allow you to go back to finish the prior angle, meaning you miss things. You have to quit and start all over to get all info. 2) On solve screen, you have to press your entry in the menu several times for it to accept it, and sometimes it doesn’t work at all.

  28. Al Newbegin says:

    Not a bad way to kill time. Could do with a casebook so a player could add notes or review the investigation. It’s good to see a lack of ads but the one thing that always makes me cringe with this type of game is the translation. Its fine to pop things through Google translate but they need to be proof read by someone with a good grasp of English. So many grammatical errors, which I could over look if the game wasn’t set in London. All in all tho a pretty enjoyable game.

  29. Emma Mosher says:

    Very good story lines so far. There are no mini games or anything like that. You get all the clues and have to figure out the murderer. It’s a little annoying that you can’t always go back and look at all the clues I.e. in case there once the phone call happens you can go back which is a frustrating if you didnt have time to read all the previous clues yet but otherwise love the game!!

  30. C says:

    So there are precious few deductive reasoning type games on play store so it’s definitely what I’m looking for. I don’t even mind the challenge of it. What I do mind is the open ended, fill in the blank questions as part of the answers to solve the mystery. Those are frustrating because people reword things and if it’s not worded exactly the way you intend it to be, well at that point I could have a pretty good idea what happened but it still doesn’t count as “solved”.

  31. DJ M says:

    Alright, don’t get me wrong. This game IS good. But close to unplayable. 1. The difficulties rely on the amount of guessing in the level(NOT the clues) 2. The controls were messy. You have to press back a lot to go back to a certain place/destination. I like the storyline and the idea of inferences. The hints are helpful. But I suggest you add a little box with places, bodies, and items.(once discovered) Example: [SPOILERS] The house/casino/dealership – Gangsters/Tall man/Girl Partner – etc. 🙂

  32. Lucas Abbott says:

    I thought this was a pretty solid game. *spoiler* The puzzles are deceptively easy, but there were times I’ve thought for hours and had to google. While it works in the end it becomes a little bit intimidating in later levels (I never actually figured out the EMP thing.) I even had to look up the ending up, it just never occurred to me. My only real problem with it… I was looking for a rinse and repeat type game, instead it gives you characters you wouldn’t think you’d miss. Will do HK oneday

  33. H. K. says:

    This game is beyond fantastic. I’m not talking about graphics, controls or visuals.People tend to give more stars to a game with AMAZING visuals and graphics but I proudly give it to this incredible game. It doesn’t look like it, but all cases are connected to form a story. You’ll feel thrill, suspense, fear, sadness, all is unexpected. Not to mention the soundtracks which are FASCINATING! If you’re looking for a serious investigating game, with no hidden objects/minigames, you’ve found the one!

  34. Marta Edwards says:

    While I find this game fun and yet challenging, it’s only 3⭐ because of two things: 1 is the interference choices in the middle of the investigation that you have to fill out to get more of the case. That really is stupid and it’s got no clear answer from what information you have. I was forced to watch ads for clues most the time. 2 is that one investigation on the code to the case. How the hell was I to know that one?! Or anyone for that matter! I do like that you type in some answers.

  35. Leanna Rose says:

    This is an incredibly well made game! Its so much more than a simple mystery app, it actually challenges you to think and put things together. Its still possible to solve without hints, and even if you do need them you can receive them by watching ads. I’ve just finished the London portion, and the plot is amazingly well thought out. I can’t wait to continue to Hong Kong!

  36. Remember RuFF says:

    Not going to spoil anything, but some of the deductions are abstract. I’d be surprised if people weren’t just googling the harder clues. I get it’s supposed to be challenging, but this isn’t challenging because the cases are hard, it’s challenging because there’s nothing in game to track relevant data you collect. If you want to play this go old school and grab some pen and paper to track relevant information. If they add something like that to the game it would be the perfect detective game.

  37. Ses Lopez says:

    Great interface. My disappointment is that you’re not really solving anything. The screen prompts you pretty much on what to select and all you’re doing is just touching all of the options it wants you to investigate before you can move on to the next. There’s no independent thinking here. Categories are chosen for you.

  38. straight taric says:

    Absolutely great. I’ve been looking for “detective games” for quite a while now and I’ve found this gem with all of the goodies in it; the story was astounding, the cases were not that far fetched and would still be somehow believable, the characters were so enticing and the gameplay was absolutely tremendous. Be advised though that you will have to think critically in some cases. Overall, this is such a great experience, 10/10, would absolutely recommend it.

  39. Teresa Reed says:

    Liking it so far, just brief vignettes instead of one big, long story with a lot of details to remember. My only issue so far is with the third story; once you begin to investigate a suicide you can’t go back and review previous notes, or interview those you hadn’t yet gotten to. Had to restart the game a few times to do that.

  40. A Simpson says:

    I stopped playing after 3 crimes. I don’t understand all the great reviews. It’s a text based game with a few poor quality photos. It’s basically the same as reading a solve-the-mystery short story (which I enjoy) but instead you click through all the questions to gather the information. That’s fine as a concept but I didn’t like the visual feel. I don’t need amazing graphics, just a nice interface and less strange photos. I would rather just play this type of “game” by reading a short story.

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