MON BLAST! Apk Download New 2022 Version*

Summon Monsters by collecting puzzle power and dominate with your Monsters!
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VisualShower Corp.
April 8, 2021
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MON BLAST! Apk Download New 2022 Version*

Summon Monsters The usage of Puzzles!
Summon monsters via accumulating Puzzle Powers! Top velocity isn’t sufficient in Monblast. Attempt to make the most efficient strikes at the puzzle board!

MON BLAST! Apk Obtain New 2022 Version* apk

Dominate together with your Monsters! Triumph over your fighters the usage of the more than a few talents of your monsters. From time to time, distracting maneuvers can also be extra damaging than direct assaults!

MON BLAST! Apk Obtain New 2022 Version* mod apk

Make the most efficient Crew!
Monsters with more than a few abilities comparable to attacking, protecting, therapeutic, and traumatic are looking ahead to you! The extra you play the sport, the higher number of monsters you’ll get! Create the very best staff that matches your play taste.

MON BLAST! Apk Obtain New 2022 Version* apk mod

Improve Your Monsters!
In mon blast, you’ll get Monster Eggs by means of successful battles or by way of buying them within the Store. Hatch your eggs to gather extra monsters and improve them to be even more potent! They are going to be a perfect assist when preventing towards more potent warring parties!

MON BLAST! Apk Obtain New 2022 Version* unencumber

Quite a lot of and Steady Updates! Extra recreation modes to return to Monblast! Pals Battles (PVP), Ranked Battles, 2 vs 2 Battles, and plenty of extra particular Monsters to sit up for! Have a blast with visualshower’s mon blast that may change into even more moderen!

MON BLAST! Apk Obtain New 2022 Version* apk mod 2022

Visualshower Buyer Make stronger MON BLAST! Please be at liberty to touch us at Visible bathe buyer heart [email protected] in case you face any problems taking part in the sport. Should you supply us your smartphone software knowledge, OS model, time and date of factor incidence, and detailed data of the problem, it is going to lend a hand us give a boost to you quicker.

MON BLAST! Apk Obtain New 2022 Version* apk mod new

MON BLAST! VisualShower Buyer Heart Visualshower Touch : [email protected] Visible bathe Operation Hour : 09:00 A.M. – 18: 00 P.M. (UTC+9) on Weekdays We’re in a position to help you accordingly at the following weekday from 09:00 A.M. for inquiries that have been made on vacations and weekends. We ask to your working out that it would take a little time.

MON BLAST! Apk Obtain New 2022 Version*

*Note : You’ll obtain monblast at no cost, however positive monblast sport pieces will also be bought thru in-app acquire. If you don’t want to use in-app purchases, be sure to block in-app purchases thru your instrument settings.


40 comments on "MON BLAST! Apk Download New 2022 Version*"

  1. Merton Millie says:

    Didn’t have a tutorial, so I lost my first battle, but after I figured it out, SO MUCH FUN! Thanks VS, keep up the good work!

  2. Alexandrena Eryl says:

    Honestly, it’s a pretty great game. The shop is a little buggy with the free gold and the incubation times could be a bit shorter but other than that it’s pretty good. Additionally the timer will bug out at times leaving you stuck and basically forcing you to lose the match.

  3. Almo Franklyn says:

    Really fun game, though waiting 24 hours for one egg to hatch is a bit much. Still, great job!

  4. Wells Lilybeth says:

    Its an easy game but had trouble at the start but got use to it afterwards

  5. Rugby Kassi says:

    Im having fun with this game but im have an issue, why is that when I win I gain very little points but when I lose, I loss a ridiculous amount of points? Its very frustrating. Edit: Thank you very much I understand now.

  6. Amhar Eirlys says:

    Pros: Solid puzzle game. Cons: Solid puzzle game Conclusion: You figure it out Post Script: Look at devs. email address for a laugh

  7. Javon says:

    Well lack of knowledge of how to play but you just have to guess, yea it’s pretty easy to get it. Yet sometimes I wish I had some knowledge before they toss me in. Anyways a good game overall

  8. Joe Shimamura says:

    Appreciate d response. Unfortunately, I have 2disagree with ur game system. As mentioned b4, I have 2 accounts with 2 different phones. Both have same monsters with exact same level. And yet, my other account keeps winning and advancing becuz it has many combined block combo from d start while this one keeps going back on area advance due to the unfair repeat 3 block combo which cant hurt d opponent resulting in constant losing. Will have 2 uninstall this b4 I smash d phone in frustration.

  9. Regina Wang says:

    Fun casual PvP game, click clusters of blocks 3+ of the same color to attack your opponent. Art is cute, gameplay is simple and rewarding enough. You dont have to pay anything to do decent since it depends mostly on how well you can find those cluster of blocks, and they give lots of freebies to help draw a decent number of monsters to level. Only thing I wish can be added is the option to delete/abandon eggs you dont want to hatch, but its a minor thing. Overall Im killing it in the battles lol

  10. Logan Moosejaw says:

    A lot of people are saying that the game is rigged, but it’s not. I haven’t bought a single thing in the game and am already a very high rank. A tip for those who are losing: look at the characters perks. Bronze monsters are easier to level up than gold, thus making them stronger. Just because it’s a gold monster doesn’t make it better. I absolutely love Visual Shower games because you can still play it and enjoy it without paying for anything and there are no ads. Absolutely love this game.

  11. Logan Moosejaw says:

    Previously gave this game a 2 star review, but I’d like to change it. I, like many others, thought the game was rigged until I actually looked at the character perk sheets. Saved me sooo much hassle. The bronze monsters are way better than gold because the gold are harder to transend. Just look at the perk sheets. The game is waaaay more fun now that I actually know how to play. It’s a strategy game after all… Awesome game! And no ads either. VS games are awesome!

  12. Alex Hernandez (Nanoguy117) says:

    Cute little game, matchmaking is a bit of a wait, but overall enjoyable

  13. mo0nri says:

    Underrated. The game need some little fix. because sometimes freeze with reconnecting but aside that fixable problems the mechanic of this game is really great. You can play it F2P with no problems just time. Hope Google decide to give some recommendation this game because deserve it. Not 5 stars because still a little bit green but in a good way!

  14. Aryania Feaster says:

    It’s fun and cute!! Not rigged at all, despite what people are saying. I play it casually, and Mon Blast is a nice way to spend free time ^^

  15. Taiyo says:

    I wish the matchmaking is not taking so much time and this game have many players around the world (◍•ᴗ•◍)✧*。

  16. Charry Nishikawa says:

    There is no point leveling up since battle depends on luck on brick arrangement so if u keep getting 3 blocks u cant attack and get killed by even against d weakest opponent with good block arrangement. Having lv 1000 bronze monster or perk is utterly useless no matter how the other says. Losing constantly pushes u back too so cant progress 2 next area forever. Game obviously rigged. Only increasing stress, bad as antholic. Uninstall.

  17. 404 goofycrawdad says:

    I like it but I would give it a five star but to click anything you have to click above the bomb egg and other things

  18. Joe L says:

    Good game. It could use a “Clear Team” button, as well as an “Auto Team” button that will build an optimized team for beginners

  19. Jejja Pit says:

    5 star I gave to this game cuz it so good to play and fun and you also you can play it with your friends or siblings.if the rate got till 10 I will give you 10 out 10

  20. Crescent Stars says:

    I do enjoy this game, but I have some criticisms about it. 1st, while it is true you can win F2P, I don’t like that you can lose because of bad tile placement. You can have a great team and still lose because you don’t have enough matching tiles. 2nd, the shop bugs out and doesn’t refresh correctly. Please put a “maitenance” sign or something. 3rd (suggestion), please put new music for new areas so the game doesn’t feel stale and stagnant. It is super fun, but it can use some improvements.

  21. Dinowo Drxwz says:

    This game looks cool and it’s my first time getting into the game but I’m kinda stuck at the game title or loading screen with no play button or anything so could you please fix that?

  22. Yuèliàng蔡 says:

    I have screen issues and the game keeps going offline and opponents won’t load. Uninstalled.

  23. Jose Carlo Ramos says:

    I like the concept of the game, my only reason for rating two stars is the way the battle goes. As they fight you cannot enjoy to see the monsters battling, I suggest that the game have rounds, input time every rounds to see how many puzzle pieces you can accumulate during the time given. Add more animations on monster attacks too. I like the game btw

  24. Avyanne Yee says:

    I like the game. Would like it better if we’re able to buy more incubator or discard unwanted egg(with or w/o money returns) else, waiting time for incubator is minimum 3hrs then i get to play another round to get another egg.

  25. EJ.Rrolz Barbz says:

    Its a good game. But it lacks monster design. Will be playing it more but try improving the artwork. Its too childish for me.

  26. Q CK says:

    I enjoy the game. However, the matchmaking or find an opponent is taken too long period. I wish it can be done within 15 seconds because there are plenty of users in the world playing this game.

  27. Par Earl says:

    I enjoyed it at first but it became frustrating to me. To win the battle you must have a good tile placement. If not, you’ll surely lose the game no matter how good your monsters are. I just hope you improve the battle so everyone can enjoy. For now, I uninstalled the game. It is somehow frustrating for me to enjoy it.

  28. Jim “Danger” Hanson says:

    This feels like a really good… mode of a much bigger, compete game. It’s beautiful and well designed, but ultimately ruined by the lack of a “story mode” or anything resembling it. Almost every game like this has a and mode that plays like this, a PvP arena guild battle challenge thing, to drive competition, but it’s couched in a much bigger, more complete game experience. It could be so much more, and I’d be happy to check back on it to see if it grows

  29. Haisham Rasheedh says:

    Can’t go past the opening. Stuck at intro

  30. Hope Franklin says:

    It keeps crashing when starting the app. Edit: sent an email.

  31. Sathakutti V says:

    Yay its super app i played this game in this game for more times and the egg has fast hatching in 3 hrs and there are more monsters but i wany mewtrio😭😭 i blast more blocks and my hand are type wrriter😁😁😁😁 i will win more times but i want strongest monster this app has no problem this is a good app

  32. J Wright says:

    Cute simple and no annoying ads as far as ive been aware (if they are there it doesnt get in my way)

  33. Anthony Nunez says:

    This reminds me if another match 3 game called ZOOKEEPER, and I thoroughly enjoyed my time playing it. You have to be quick and match as much as you can. If you cant react fast enough dont play, you’ll just get yourself upset

  34. Nunyaz Bizness says:

    Finished the tutorial, but the play button is greyed out and pushing it does nothing.

  35. ProMonster Medina says:

    5 minutes into the game. The game is nice, not too too sure if I’m going to all all out on it because of bluestone. But then i see you can’t link your accounts and well now i can’t F̶a̶r̶m̶ ̶m̶a̶n̶d̶a̶ use the manda i have on my accounts to grind in this game. But that a very minor thing so. I’ll give this a 5 Edit: after pressing training card i saw VS club but still no manda Edit 2: 14 minutes in and only one game. I can’t wait till arena 1 gets more people online and battle me but for now.

  36. Shihan Rahmi says:

    I really love this app its fun and entertaining. But i noticed that i cant find White island in your apps what happened did it get removed?

  37. Acromotor Remine says:

    I download this game because i download blustone hahahaha thats all in terms of battle gameplay its a meh for me but i like the characters they are so adorbs

  38. Siva Sun says:

    Unique game Can be a great pvp game but need more players Show more stats please like total matches, win rate. Guilds please Teams and maybe more

  39. DeAndre Walker says:

    I am hoping for a chance to pizzle and correctly to beat anyone on there mobile app, if they joined discord today and fun too.

  40. Joshua Harris says:

    For warned, there’s crazy cheating, or flaws with the functionality and consistency of accuracy to power of creature. The input to output of powers and the reciprocal of that damage dealt are inaccurate from one game to the next, and that of damage recieved is exactly the same. Game otherwise would be solid. Theoretically on paper the actual game play as implied would make for a very solid game.

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