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Help the dragons save the world from the invaders! Adventures await you!
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November 14, 2022
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Merge World Above Magic Puzzle Apk Download New*

Enter the arena of dragons and magic… the arena Above!
Mystical creatures and legendary treasures watch for you in an improbable kingdom of sky islands and magic puzzles the place dragons rule! A singular mixture of Viking myths and trendy myth!
Watch your little dragon hatch, develop and turn into more potent as you fit tiles and resolve puzzles! Fit and merge! Construct and mix! Creativeness is your most effective restrict in a mystical realm of fable… a dragons global! Acquire treasures, amass cash, discover the land, however don’t overlook to relaxation in a comfortable camp! Then come again to discover extra secrets and techniques! There’s all the time yet one more puzzle to search out! Wish to make your dragon more potent? Merge eggs to reproduce mighty creatures! Fit Three is the trail to victory! And there are some secret issues to be informed… Construct you sky empire on the earth Above!

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Merge International Above Magic Puzzle Apk Obtain New*

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40 comments on "Merge World Above Magic Puzzle Apk Download New*"

  1. Handi Bishop says:

    Love the games so far, especially being able to hold the phone upright or rather in portrait mode. Makes it much easier on the hands. So far though I have encountered a glitch with one of the settings, the one i turned on was the confirm click one, just in case i accidentally hit an item i don’t want to obtain or hit yet due to wanting to merge. Tested it out on a n energy but it just used it right away, didn’t ask to confirm to use. Will update to let know if I find anything else. ~Thank You~

  2. Darious Colvert says:

    I started the game right when the spring event happened, which was terrible, because you can’t opt out and you have hardly any space for the regular stuff. When I physically could not fit any more stuff, I just waited for the event to end. Waste of time, I just logged in to find that the event was over but the flowers wouldn’t leave. Fun game otherwise, but there’s a thousand like it, and a glitch like this means instant uninstall.

  3. Carlatun Cedrica says:

    I would really like to give this game 5 stars. However, there’s one level that can’t be beat. It’s level 42 and it just can’t be beat. You have items that are needed covered in super dead land and recant freeze Em Up by harvesting life force from the flowers and the other plants. So, somebody tell me how to past level 42 and I’ll consider a 5-star rating. But when you make a level so early in the game that is this difficult to pass, your game is failing.

  4. Leian Grimsley says:

    Really enjoying this game! However, I cannot get past some of the 3rd attempt on the levels, therefore I have no new levels to try. Losing interest in this game pretty fast now because of this. Please allow the user to continue on to new levels WITHOUT having to complete every single level 3 times. Once should be sufficient, with the option of trying them again on a harder setting! Can we get new levels please!!!

  5. Benita Stefanczyk says:

    Cautiously optimistic! Some of these merge games get too hard too fast,especially quests. They just want you to spend real money to get anywhere. This hasn’t been too demanding regarding the cost of levels yet but early days! We’ll see! Update: great fun! Once you get started and figure things out you can do a lot,even without playing levels! Glad i found out what to do with wheelbarrows! Very cool. 🙂

  6. Troy Hoffman says:

    Fun game. It has an option for free gems by completing tasks for other games, such as installing or getting to a certain level in those games. The first couple of times, it just worked and I got the gems. The next few times, I had to contact support and send screenshots as proof, but eventually got them. Then the last two were “rejected” with no explanation even though I completed the tasks and sent in the proof. Emails went unanswered. This seems shady and makes me want to uninstall it.

  7. Melanie Hill says:

    I actually loved this game for the ONE day it allowed me to play it. It started telling me there was a problem in the file configuration & that i need to restart the game. Which I have done at least 15 times, to which it still didn’t work. There is a support button to press there as well which I have tried at least 8 times & it will not allow me to go to wherever that button takes you. So I uninstalled & reinstalled only to try to go back to the game & have it still happen. Losing everything!!!

  8. Annette Bronkhorst says:

    When the wind blows you can barely catch any of the things!!! Same with the stars. It would be more fun to catch them all, even if it stops when the board is all full. Get rid of the Earl character, it’s distracting and annoying. I tried it and found no extra value to his decrees. At times with the mirror image you can sell it for 20 coins and at times not. Better if you could all the time, because to Destroy is negative, or watch it disappear. Even if it were a 1 coin sale.

  9. grace “Gigi” suruda says:

    I had an issue a couple of months ago so I reinstalled the game. Lost all the islands I bought and progress (max at the time.) With the new update and event it crashed. And now says it’s a connection problem. I have fios and can run 8 plus devices no problem. It’s also not my phone. Can’t reinstall the game for fear of loosing all the money I put in again. Dev’s are no help and screwed me last time I lost all my purchases.

  10. UnderSurface AU says:

    I play this game quite a bit, but, like many of the other reviews here, the game cannot load properly now. I can get to my islands for about 3 seconds before it crashes and kicks me out. It lasta about 6 seconds if I don’t move or touch anything. Forget about doing islands or challenges. I have a lot of progress and I’m not willing to reinstall the game. What happened?

  11. Bunny Taurus says:

    This game is great, but there seems to be a problem not only on the main, but also during in the event. Problem is some areas on the lands from the right, top right and bottom right hand corner. Items are refusing to move. When trying to selecting or clicking the combo bonus bubble on those areas I mentioned. Please fix ASAP and thank you.

  12. shammah maybe says:

    Enjoyed this game very much and would rate 5 stars but the recent update made it unplayable. I cannot select, move or merge items that I don’t have centered in the screen. So for every single action, I have to move the whole screen to put the item in the middle before I can use it. I use an emulator so there’s no support. Too bad the update bombed the game.

  13. RB Jr says:

    Needs a lot of work. Ads cause it to lock up and I do not get the rewards because of it. And I have now accidentally destroyed several items because they were to close to the destroy button. No conformation before destroying. Uninstalled this game! I do not recommend downloading it because if you destroy something of value there is no way to recover it.

  14. Jennifer Surdam (Jenn) says:

    Really good game. Enjoy it a lot. Don’t have to pay, but can if you want. I tend to spend some money on it, but it’s cuz I enjoy the stuff in certain chests, and I like the unlimited packages for different events. They’re super cheap, so I don’t mind spending a little each month. Great game, awesome app, thank you, please don’t screw it up!! 🙂 no real bugs to speak of, just excellent game play and great fun!! Definitely recommend!!!

  15. Tonya McDaniel says:

    10/02/20 update: The game is very enjoyable…I hate that you can’t clean your land to do other things. As soon as you try to clean the dragons come and fill it up again. We need the option to sell or destroy what we don’t want back like it use to be. 7/20/20 Love the game…the only problem is it keeps shutting down in the middle of the game. Have completely reinstall cleared out cache and game still continues to shut down every 10 to 20 second. I will be deleting this game although it is fun.

  16. Chase P says:

    I like how it can be played in portrait mode instead of landscape, but I would love if there was an option to turn off auto rotating of the game. Sometimes I’ll be laying down and the game keeps rotating to landscape. Maybe an option to lock items in place so they don’t get switched around with other items. Other than it’s a very cute game! Ads are completely optional which is a huge plus. Events can feel repetitive but it gives a chance to collect eggs and other items I missed out on last time.

  17. Cheri Mason says:

    I would really like to try this game. It looks like it’s right up my alley. Problem is, every time I try to download it, (about 10 trys minimum) seems like everything went smoothly, so I proceed to open app. App goes as far to install up to 975 kib and stops, nothing else, loading bar just sits there for forever!! I’ll rate again once it loads properly in future.

  18. Hannah Renee says:

    Merge games are by far my favorite, this one takes the cake though because it has weather changes that bring different items and options whole happening. The graphics are adorable, it’s challenging in a way that doesn’t make me give up. The best part though is that advertisements are by choice!! Thank you all so much for making and maintaining this game. I wish events were a little easier, but I’m not very good at games so that might just be me.

  19. Melissa Collier says:

    I have loved this game, had heaps of high level dragons cleared land, played all the available levels and was doing well in the current event and I have lost everything even though I was connected with FB I can’t restore it. Have lost the heart to continue playing as don’t want to build everything up from scratch again. You need to fix this issue.

  20. Alison Chappell says:

    I love this game..I have spent a lot of hours and money on it. But I am so close to stop playing as every time I watch an ad for extras or anything it crashes and goes off to my homescreen so I have to load the game again..only for it to happen again! Over and over! Please fix this as I really enjoy the game but can’t take much more of the crashing.

  21. Hope Bias says:

    I’ve downloaded and deleated A LOT of merge games……this is the first one I’ve been haopy and entertained by enough to not only keep, but spend cash on. My ONLY problem with the game is the excessive lagging, freezing and force closing I’m experiencing. PLEASE try to fix this issue…….I DON’T WANT TO UNINSTALL the game but it’s becoming extremely annoying. And it really is causing me to miss out on a lot of things in the game.

  22. Angela Fitzgerald says:

    I would probably like the game if it didn’t have it fixed where you have to complete orders, cut trees, etc etc. If you could merge items and complete missions then it would be a great game, at least for me. I don’t like Evermerge for the same reasons. I like the idea and story behind the game. If you create a new game that’s about merging only then I would definitely love and play for it hours. I can’t with this game. It’s too time consuming, no fun and you don’t earn enough gems to buy items.

  23. Jeremy McMillen says:

    This game is fun for a merge game. It has beautiful graphics. The problem is if you want many bonuses you have to watch an ad. This in itself is not the issue, the issue is the ads constantly crash the game and the game restarts. When you start the game again, you didn’t receive the bonuses that were promised for watching the ad. It happens 4 out of 5 ads and makes this game infuriating. You are basically watching ads over and over without any benefits. Fix it please.

  24. Tina Erskine says:

    I really like this game. I play it a lot. BUT! There have been a few issues as of late. It keeps crashing when I’m in the middle of the game, also it keeps lagging. It’s became very slow and very frustrating. Please sort this matter out. Also another annoying thing is, when your moving items around the whole screen moves, which good for seeing the whole area, but when you’re moving something, all of it moves. Please can you make a lock screen, so the option is there if needed. 2 🌟s for issues.

  25. BE VOCAL says:

    CAUTION: EXTREME GOAL-TENDING! Whether by design, or unintentional coding, the “Gaurdians” in this game consistently HOVER where you’ve been recently tapping on screen. The result is that you’re constantly having to flick them out of your way, in order to do your thing. Annoying at best. Bad coding at worst. My guess, is that this is completely intentional, and won’t be reviewed by the devs.

  26. Toblet Pollock says:

    I’ve been playing this game working on getting to a previous achieved level that wouldn’t load. Now I’ve been on it for a while but it seems to be stuck in a screen that looks like the first tutorial screen. It won’t do anything to even get me out of there. O uninstalled and reinstalled with no luck to shake this messed up issue. I would’ve given it a 4-5 but now 0-1… SMH… Needs to get fixed ASAP

  27. Keine Nom (Wordsandstuff) says:

    Played for a long time (my phone says 277 hours) over many months, just opened the game today and it was starting fresh. Thought if I connected to my Play account it would restore, but it didn’t. Game didn’t check for other saves either (like sometimes it’ll show you a new save and an older one and you can choose between them) and it can’t connect to Facebook for some reason. Edited: great, NOW it gives me that choice, but only from the zero-progress attempts I’ve made just now.

  28. Shane Prince says:

    Great graphics, and lots to do. Plenty of ways to advance without spending a fortune like you would with other games. Definitely would recomend it to people of any age.

  29. Aya says:

    Please add the option of turning off automatic harvesting… Am tired of those creatures bringing me things i don’t want.

  30. Fatemeh Maryam says:

    When I try to open the game, it just gives me a black screen and no loading screen. This is after the newest update. So no way of contacting you through a different means. I’ll take down the review once fixed.

  31. Margarets Tablet says:

    Unfortunately the no longer loads which is really frustrating it seems to get stuck part way through loading and sticks there. Used to enjoy this relaxing game. So far this game has been really enjoyable. Not too many glitches and quite relaxing.

  32. Andreea Oprescu says:

    I lost quite a few tasks just now because every 1 minute the app would close and restart, and the progress on the tasks was reset. The version is up to date, no issues on internet so not sure why it keeps hapening. If i try to open it again now, it just keeps me in a loop on the intro images.

  33. Jose Ignacio Widow says:

    It’s a good game, but with the last update, the game crushes like a minute after I start using it. Hopefully they’ll fix it soon.

  34. sameena sam says:

    Unable to open it. It’s just getting refreshed by itself after every 10 sec and starting off from the beginning

  35. Lucy Prandlova says:

    1.5.2001 My all time favourite game! Literally unlimited play time in the harbour, fast progress, cool events, generous rewards, never feel like being forced to purchase anything or watch ads – I do, it’s totally worth it! Cutest animation, pure joy! Beware – totally addictive, you won’t be able to stop!!!!

  36. Tamra Kathrineberg says:

    Update: I even tried to do a fresh install and still NOTHING! Freezes at the loading screen! Was great until….I couldn’t get into the game! I have played this game for years! Yesterday it started with it reloading itself in the middle of play. I started a trouble ticket with them after doing all the recommended steps and now I can’t even get into the game. It just freezes on the loading screen.

  37. Jack Roberts says:

    Really fun , however with the latest update , it keeps disconnecting and when I get in and log in, it crashes, and it’s the same issue on my Samsung tab6 and Note 9 , don’t get this , just got the new update, 11-16-22 , and it won’t go past 1/4 load , can’t even send a complaint ticket since it won’t load 🤬

  38. tanya brown says:

    The game stopped loading. I was instructed by the “support” to uninstall and then reinstall and I lost everything including the money I spent. DO NOT UNISTALL THE GAME. The best this company will say is “we fixed some bugs try again” but ignore the fact that if you paid money for crystals over a period of time and are still paying for crystals you cannot access.

  39. Sas Jord says:

    Game stopped working, customer support worked with me and after 1 week got my game back. For anyone that has this game keep your ID#, character name and clan name so if this happens to you the game can be retrieved.

  40. Shana H says:

    I would give this a 5 however some things could be better. One example is Chief Earl. What he offers should be cheaper or just unlocked at a base low amount. Some merge games automatically have features where creatures only loot what you choose. Initial progression also seems a little slower than Im used to but after more time I will add more to review.

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