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Be home master and merge tools to furniture! Do home design & mansion makeover!
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DragonPlus Game Limited
July 30, 2022
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Merge Home Master Premium Apk

Welcome to Merge House Master🏠 , the most efficient mixture of merge and design! Are living on this international of merge mansion, you’ll be able to create your dreamy area, take away the outdate furniture🛋️ and make area design! In case you are additionally an ideal fan of merge video games, you’re going to now not leave out this sport! Merge various kinds of items🔧 and create the rage furnishings and ornament!

Merge House Grasp Top class Apk free up

Be the well-known area decorator and do the mansion makeover&house renovation! Beautify from a easy dwelling room🛏️ to the splendid mansion🏡 and collect from a easy instrument to the beautiful furnishings. Merge the more than a few of equipment and whole the order! The extra order🧾 you finished and the extra beautiful furnitures you’ll get! Use the apparatus and furnishings which you assembled to renovate the house you reside! Do the most efficient space design and display it in your friends👭 !

Merge House Grasp Top rate Apk

🏅 Unending ranges and thrilling problem will make you by no means bored.
🏅 Mix merge video games and residential design completely, Double happiness and amusing will probably be delivered to you.
🏅 Style ornament information and practical design enjoy will inspired you.
🏅 Attracting plot and wonderful characters will corporate with you to complete the entire duties.
🏅 Workout your mind! Reinforce your intelligence and the power of technique.
🏅 Fascinating match and beneficiant praise are looking ahead to you.

Merge House Grasp Top rate Apk apk mod 2022

Renovate your house and enhance it in your dreamy house💖 ! Merge the fragments and parts to the various kinds of apparatus, use your intelligence🤓 to create the fad furnishings and ornament after which your outdated house used to be completed makeover!


40 comments on "Merge Home Master Premium Apk"

  1. Andrea says:

    It would be an OK game if there weren’t unwanted ads in it. There are tons of similar games out there that don’t have ads at all, or they have the option to watch one to receive something. Here they just pop up interrupting the game. That for me is enough reason not to continue playing.

  2. Lyndsay Matchett says:

    Was enjoying it until the second property where you take all choice out of decorating by trying to force us to use gems or watch ads. Don’t bother saying it’s a key way for you to make profit. I have played alot of these games and very few try to force ads or make you spend money. I have no issue watching ads as long as its not forced. At least have enough respect for players to admit what it is, a cash grab. Disappointing as it had potential.

  3. Lee says:

    I like the game but the pop up ad is annoying. Also, the level up rewards disappeared. I clicked ok when leveling up and the rewards just disappeared. I got a free piggy bank afterwards, which I received just fine, and then the next level up rewards disappeared as well.

  4. K Ronnie says:

    It’s just okay. There is little effort with regards to graphics. Just some photos used for decoration. The board is cluttered with items that can’t be accessed without waiting for later objects. Pop-up ads are also annoying.

  5. Gian Lo says:

    – Ads are intrusive. – Some quests requires too much of a certain item, but the item doesn’t even spawn often. It’s too rare for the amount of quests it’s required in – Please, for the love of god, stop asking us to turn on notifications. We turned it off for a reason but the pop up in the game keeps. coming. back.

  6. Inanc Baral says:

    I have mixed feelings. The game is visually compelling and has a lovely story. But, the storming of ads and its very repetitive nature are concerns. Also, merge requirements are silly. Lastly, the ads shown are not kids appropriate. You really should change your ads policy.

  7. TJ Newport (Lavinsky) says:

    Locking me into a tutorial even though all merge games play EXACTLY THE SAME is something that causes me to uninstall. Give me the blasted option to skip the tutorial, for crying out loud. Not only that, but everything moves slower than the player should be able to move it.

  8. Nichole Joslin says:

    The game is fun, the art is good. But the ads. Blink? Ad. Breathe? Ad. Don’t give me the “we need to make money” excuse; with the amount of ads that play, the entire game should be totally free. No packages to buy at all. Free. The amount of ad revenue that this game makes should be insane. Not only that, they copy rooms from other games… Literally copy/paste. Don’t waste your time unless you’re really into watching ads for whatever reason.

  9. LeeLee Is Me says:

    I posted a review about there being too many ads and they told me that they are balanced, no they are not. You got an ad before and after everything you do. I understand trying to make money to keep things free but dang there is a point where it’s too much. There shouldn’t be so many ads that I have to pay for the game just to not be bothered by them. I will uninstall first as most people will. You also have in-app purchases which is a normal thing so you’re making plenty stop being greedy.

  10. Dell Cipher (GoldenBonnie Catt-Matt) says:

    The game was fun until it started throwing the ads out of random which makes the game crash or when it doesnt crash at that moment when i want to continue playing it then crashes. It also at times fails to load the texture of some of the things which ends up making the game crash. There was also a time that the “want to buy this?” Popped up out of no where which makes one accidentally press on it which is very annoying.

  11. Mike Koch says:

    Was two stars but now one as it got removed for some reason. I’m going to assume because of the developer. There is no way this game has a 4.7 without some manipulation by the developer. Ads after each upgrade segment. Forced ads, not ads you click on knowing you have to wait. Ads that are forced are an automatic uninstall.

  12. Voila No says:

    The tutorial takes forever to end. It holds your hand and makes the game boring. The ads are unbalanced. There is an essesive amount ads that make far more than enough to support this lower quality game. It forces you into the playstore. Wanna close an ad? Go to gamestore. It doesn’t work first time either. There is alot of “buy this!” pop ups. It makes you hate playing. You should not be required to spend money on free games. Just make it a purchased game. Bot replies and deleted reviews.

  13. Jeanny Jakobsen says:

    A fun enough game with good stories and graphics, but by level 12 the ads got out of control. There are more and more ads and they started blocking the game itself and not allowing me to x out. I have had to close the game completely and leave it for a bit before being able play again, only to have it happen again within minutes.

  14. Ashra Three Trees says:

    To many ads, for no reason, or reward. Not enough or any design options, without paying. Sometimes run out of things to click, before you run out of energy, because there are not enough things to create.

  15. Penny Addis says:

    The graphics on the house are great. The graphics on the game board are too light and the lightning bolts are so bright sometimes I have a hard time telling which item is under it. The charge on the item is way too short and asking me to watch a commercial every 10 moves is ridiculous. At least give me more then one item to work towards. If you want to keep my interest you have to earn it and I’m already bored and I’m only at level 2. 1st game I played where I have to watch ads for decorations.

  16. Christina Speed (Christy) says:

    Love it! Takes some getting used to and some planning, which i love. I don’t think the ads are as intrusive as others have commented. My only complaint is when i have to stop playing because I’m out of energy and used all my ad-for-energys up

  17. Becky Burch says:

    It was definitely a 5 star game until this month when someone decided to make the game slower! I don’t like having to wait for the sparkles to disappear before I can merge the item the next time! I like to be able to move the items from place to place without having to wait 5 seconds in between merges! I can’t even move the item I just merged until the sparkles vanish! This is why I stopped playing everyday Now I maybe play a couple of times a month! If you don’t fix the problem I’m leaving!

  18. leah sky says:

    Since I started playing this one I haven’t touched my other games. The merging part is right on point. In other games I have to keep merging and sometimes I get stuck because I can’t figure out where to go next. That doesn’t happen in this game, which is really nice. This one definitely falls among my top games. Easily 5 stars!

  19. Serial Chiller says:

    It’s relatively cute but after the first room when you’re decorating you’ll only have one choice that’s “free” , one will make you watch yet another video and the other will cost gems. I’m over being bombarded by 30 seconds of ads that repeat every other one.

  20. Miranda Lee says:

    When placing designs in the game, there are 3 options. One you have to spend gems to purchase, which is fine, but the. You have to watch a video just to have more than one of the 3 options. Then when placing the design, you have to watch a video anyway. Way too many ads.

  21. Elaine Riley says:

    I like this game plenty; I have tried other merge games but this the only of them that was worth keeping. However, my game has been very unstable since the recent update; it crashes frequently, sometimes only minutes after I launch and start to play.

  22. Alex Maria says:

    People complain too much about ads. Good games don’t deserve it. You all need to understand that its how free games make money and continue to be able to update the game and keep it running. Not everyone will pay in-game money,its just the price you pay for free phone games. Thus is a great game smooth play and easier to navigate more than other merge games. I highly recommend:)

  23. L Belle (ElleDeBeri) says:

    “Remove Ads” should mean remove ads. Before installing I saw all the reviews mentioning the overuse of adverts. So, when I saw an icon showing “Ads” crossed through in red with the option to pay to “Remove Ads”, of course I purchased it. I cannot imagine how many ads there would be without that as there are too many with that feature turned on. I wanted a casual game that wouldn’t require thought – mindfulness through mindlessness. The concept of the game reflects that. The ads prevent it.

  24. Jennifer Stoutenger says:

    Was a fun game, until I advanced in the game and ads would start popping up randomly.. and the more I played, the shorter the time became in between the Ads. Other than that, it was fun and I loved the merging part!

  25. Jane Henri says:

    Awful! Could be a really good game but ads pop up all the time, you can’t choose any options without watching ads or paying, paid to remove ads, now things pop up all over the screen so you are still watching ads every 5 seconds because you accidentally hit it! Getting a refund and going to uninstall this! As to the reply I got, I did pay to remove ads but then more pop up that you still have to watch, it jumps round the screen so you can’t help but hit it

  26. Rachael Spires says:

    The game was good but now there is nowhere to go after reaching the last level. You can’t earn points in the events because there is no goal to merge for. Also there has been a problem with the energy levels over the last week, I have been paying for a weekly card to get 200 energy but over the last week it only restores to 100 — 100/200. So the weekly card is basically useless.

  27. Alex L. says:

    Could be fun but way too many ads and lots of them even are broken (black screen), so you loose the reward

  28. Christy says:

    There are so many other merge games out there. You have to watch ads or spend gems to have more than one option to do anything. I know they have posted comments about keeping it free but there really do not need to be this many ads. It’s just annoying. I also thought the writing was corny.

  29. Mandy Cellar says:

    I’ve read a lot of complaints about adds in this game, but imo, I like the way this game has them set up. I don’t have to watch an add unless I want the extras-period. It’s perfect. My only problem with this game thus far is that I’ve run out of levels! Grrr. Will there be more added or should I just delete this?

  30. Brandi Taylor says:

    The game play is pretty okay for the most part. But this is a pretty money hungry game. Making 1 free option when it comes to the designing part makes literally no sense. Yeah there are ads, but when I watched them the game froze and it was as if I didn’t watch them when I entered the game again. Super annoying. The game is also super laggy at times, making it nearly impossible to play at times.

  31. Mystery says:

    Fun. However, the tasks take too long to complete due to the time it takes for products to recharge. I’m about to uninstall, because I’m getting nowhere with this game. It’s annoying lol

  32. Zoe Wilson says:

    I love this game but I need help, I’m on level 14 & I just realised I’ve got three items still webbed (the sprouting seed, the furniture Catalog & the large rock) which all was meant to be unlocked level 2. I’ve now got nothing like that to unlock it & I’m unsure what to do

  33. Louise Turpin says:

    Brilliant game I’ve completed all levels and desperately waiting the update, it’s easy to navigate and watching ads and getting free things is an added bonus! Keep up the good work!

  34. Mary hereagain says:

    Newest update: well now completed, it said new tasks coming???? BUT now the game wont even load at all it sticks on 1%…… great work guys. Gonna uninstall it I think as more trouble than its worth tbh.

  35. Amber Barlieb says:

    I enjoy the game. It’s a great game to play to pass the time. I don’t find it money hungry, I’ve actually put 0 money into the game. Sadly though I’ve beat all the levels available and have been waiting awhile for an update with more levels. I’ll probably end up removing the game cause there’s no point in playing if you don’t have tasks or levels to beat.

  36. Summer Hicks says:

    Love the game but I haven’t had an update in months. But it not giving me new challenges to work on until the next update. That why I give it a 3 star. Sucks I can’t play the game at all.

  37. Dannielle Nash says:

    I enjoy this game, but I’m stuck on the living room. I have done 15 but the rest aren’t showing up on the level. Whenever I click on it they shoot off screen. I have no idea how to fix this.

  38. Joyce Lamarra says:

    This used to be the best game ever. Now it’s full of glitches which make it impossible to play. Fed up sending emails including screenshots detailing the problems and all you reply is ‘thank you for your suggestions’. You never solve anything. Would give it zero stars now but that’s not an option.

  39. Alani B says:

    Update nov 4/22… game play got worse. Uninstalling it. So sad i really liked it. I would rate it better if you get rid of that stupid floating bubble AND the “last chance” popup (after every single merge)….it gets in the way and is so slow….if it needs to be there…juat have it on one side. I love the game but that bubble is ruining that and i might have to give up on the game. GET RID OF THE BUBBLE!!

  40. SJ Johnson says:

    I personally think they’ve abandoned this game its been well over 3 months and no other scenes have been developed. For new comers it’s a good game, addicting but it ends….

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