Merge County Mod Apk New 2022*


Merge crafting materials, and other items to support the growth of the town!
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December 30, 2022
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Merge County Mod Apk New 2022*

Give Newburyton a makeover! Go back for your formative years house, and assist the group input the Twenty first century! Merge crafting fabrics, and different pieces to make stronger the expansion of the city! Help the downtrodden folks of Newburyton with personality particular duties and issues. And don’t overlook, a contented the town is a thriving the city! So, let’s get merging!

Merge County Mod Apk New 2022* mod apk

Returning in your uninteresting adolescence house is rarely amusing, so why no longer repair the entire thing? Re-build it from the bottom up!

Merge County Mod Apk New 2022* apk mod new

Thrilling Unique Characters
Meet the townsfolk, and lend a hand them with a laugh, and now and again ordinary duties, to lend a hand give a boost to their houses, in addition to their way of living.

Merge County Mod Apk New 2022*

Exploration Unencumber new spaces of town as you degree up, and achieve get entry to to new characters, and new merging alternatives.

Merge County Mod Apk New 2022* apk

Playing Merge County? Be informed extra concerning the recreation on our Fb Fan Web page!

Merge County Mod Apk New 2022* apk mod

Want assist? Touch us by way of sending an electronic mail to [email protected]
We’re right here that will help you!

Merge County Mod Apk New 2022* apk mod 2022

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40 comments on "Merge County Mod Apk New 2022*"

  1. Robin Thornton says:

    I am enjoying playing this game, it has good graphics and characters and a cute story line. I do have one major problem with this game as far as the amount of coins it takes to get extra power. I can see doubling it to 10 pts but 15 coins for 1 unit of power is extreme. I love playing this type of merge game over the other types. I would give 5 star rating if you could update that. Thanks for the great game!

  2. Eliza !! says:

    This is honestly one of the better merge games. No ads unless you want to watch them, a decent amount of energy without having to buy anything. Weirdly good character development?? It would be nice if there was a toggle on/off lock screen option so you didn’t move the screen around when trying to move objects.

  3. RuSonja Robinson says:

    It is better than the other merge games but the use of energy is high and the amount of coins and money it takes to finish tasks or to buy things (to get what is needed to move along) is especially high! If u want to move faster then u will definitely have to come out of some real cash (as in from your bank account or cr. cards). Even when spending your hard earned money…u still dont get enough of what you will need.

  4. Jimi Morrison says:

    Seems to have improved some on the amount of materials you get compared to their other game “Fable LEgends”. At this point it feels like an improved version of that. Of course that assumes it doesn’t slow down after doing the Boot Camp and other initial stuff. Too many pop up ads still though. Combine them into one please and not every 5 minutes.

  5. Ashley Dunn says:

    This is the second time I am writing this out. My previous review was magically deleted right after the developer answered. So I am giving 1 less star. Been playing for a couple of weeks and decided to walk away because the energy consumption makes event completion basically impossible unless you play every second that energy replenishes. Also, the events seem to be recycled over and over which is really boring.

  6. Lisa Lucero says:

    I played this for awhile before rating it. My only Con is the game takes kinda long to load. Other than that its really a great game. Im a free player so its nice to not have to buy things to advance. I also like the fact that watching ads (Optional) btw, actually gives you items to choose from to progress AND if the ad your watching crashes it gives you compensation! Thanks to all the people envolved in this creation.

  7. Keiosha Walker says:

    I have been playing this game for months now. I love this game, but I I feel as others do. It do take extremely too much energy to clear the pathway to level up. I make a lot of purchases because I want to move to the next level. I dont feel like they give out enough energy, and or takes much energy but we can purchase extra. Im the type of person if I feel as though im spending too much money I will uninstall the game. Overall i just want to enjoy playing in my free time consuming my mind.

  8. Lakhesis Game says:

    Definitely a run of the mill merge game. It doesn’t do anything the others don’t; timers are long, space is small, prioritizing spending (and not just a premium version… that would be acceptable), and all the normal factors. Where it scores less than those is that I have less than zero desire to even see the “story” and thus progress. Too many timers and not enough incentive to keep going.

  9. A W says:

    I want to give this game 5 stars so badly. It’s fun, it satisfies the organization need, and it has fun progression and plenty to do; however, the amount of pop ups and forced tutorials is beyond frustrating. Popping up with an offer right after a big satisfying merge, and then when I say no you ask me if I’m sure? Beyond annoying. The control scheme gets a little frustrating at times (with big fingers) trying to get things in the grid properly. I love this game, but it’s not without annoyance.

  10. T N (T0ast3rGurl) says:

    I’ve been with this game since it started. The ads, pop-ups, & tutorials are a bit excessive. My biggest complaint is that I’ve stacked energy since the beginning (you can only play for so long)… well over 3k but I noticed about a week or so ago that I was down to the standard amount. When I asked about it I was told to relax and the energy would replenish with time. I couldn’t find anything in the updates that they were taking away unused energy either.

  11. Teresa Arispe says:

    I don’t really see anything wrong with the game on a technical level, but I find it too weird that the character dialogue appears to automatically assume the player is female. Just a personal pet peeve I guess, but I think it would have been more fair to let the player pick their gender at the beginning, and take out the annoying stuff about awkward crushes. I like the concept behind the game, but the character development feels like it was written for preteen girls and it gets on my nerves.

  12. Krystal Cheney says:

    I am obsessed with games like these. So I recognized immediately that this is a total rip off off EverMerge. Not a big deal. I like the added feature of weekly goals to go along with the daily goals. The items do move a little quicker around the board, which can be a little frustrating at times, however, I like that the items won’t merge on their own and I also like that it asks me if I want to collect the wands or pinwheels if I accidentally tap one. Im not very far into the game.

  13. Philly YewQuest says:

    I would give it 5 stars if everything didn’t take such a frustratingly long time to build. Only way to complete the ‘extra games’ is to put real money into it. I’ve never come close. Please consider less steps for completions. UPDATE:Been playing for a few months. I have not been able to complete any Event Island. Too many steps that use too much energy. It is getting very discouraging.

  14. Naty Matos says:

    I rarely leave reviews, but I saw some negative ones and had to give my 2 cents. Love the game, the fact that has many events makes me want to play all the time. Some said that the “lives/points” don’t replenish fast enough. I think they do,plus just like commercials, that’s when I go do something else and by the time I’m back it’s full and ready for me to play. I have other merge games and this is my favorite.

  15. Brooke Nuskey says:

    So far, it seems like an exact copy of their other game, Merge Fables, but with a different theme. The quests are exactly the same, with different dialog, but a lot less charm. Some feedback for the developers: tutorials tell you things after you’ve already done them many times. And the automatic collection of production items from Merge Fables was nice, please incorporate that here. Clicking on each milk bottle individually is kinda pointless. It’s okay so far.

  16. Erin Pisani - says:

    Game play is way to slow. It takes for ever to regain energy aswell as in game coins and cash. There are options to get more energy using the coins, but it’s so expensive. 700 coins for 36 energy..its ridiculous. Especially when the game is very stingy with giving out the coins. I’d be willing to watch ads for more energy and coins. I refuse to spend hundreds of dollars of really money to progress in this game. Its unfortunate because I enjoy the game, but it way to sloooow.

  17. Tabitha Raab says:

    Hmmm so why this game could be super awesome there are a few things that need to be addressed. Sometimes when clicking the planes that hold the gift the gifts completely disappear as well as the plane. Also I have screenshot and been able to see things just randomly disappearing or no longer on board. This wouldn’t be an issue if those were things that were not needed to move forward in the game there by allowing me to progress.

  18. Emily Lesher says:

    Overall this is an enjoyable game that I enjoy! The game has enough extra stuff and bonuses that I still manage to get 10-15mins of game time 2-3 times a day. I know people complain that the 3 day side events are impossible to beat, this is absolutely true and one of the major downfalls. Perhaps dev’s could consider having the events on a rotating schedule for a month where you pick up where you left off each time the event comes back around.

  19. Tina Hayes says:

    It’s so addicting and fun I’m loving it, I wish it was 2 items to merge unless speciality thing’s, for item’s to build up. It should be 2 item’s per merge until bigger or speciality item’s or mini drops for extra ways to get bonuses & level up, since it takes so long for energy to reach full again. Especially when u don’t have enough coins to buy extras & to save It’s long periods of time to build fund’s up. Normally can’t get enough to buy much either! Otherwise love the game still the same…

  20. Kimberly Gossage says:

    I love playing this game!!! It is so much fun, entertaining and captivating. Really is awesome! One thing I do not like is it is impossible to get through the special events all the way without spending money. Second thing is each action takes away too much energy. Luckily there are a couple of ways to get renewal energy but even after using those, you can’t do anymore digging. Third and final are the special tasks you are given to do. They are the same all the time. Maybe mix them up some.

  21. Rachel Allen says:

    I want to like merge games. I really do. But merging things on accident, not getting the resources you really need, and lack of “workers” to open up new areas in Merge County is really frustrating. Rated a 3 and not a 2 because I know some of my complaints are unique to me, but I still feel like a “game” should be overall playable and not just a battery drain time suck. Edit: Dropped a star for false advertising. Saw an ad that had nothing to do with the gameplay.

  22. Dgy says:

    Great addictive game and the pieces move well and aren’t too crowded on the area. Event games are ridiculous because there’s too short of time to do them before they’re gone so why bother. This game would have gotten 5 star’s for sure but now that I’m nearly to the end, they switched progression up to slow it down by using more energy. A mistake imho because now I’m unhappy and deleting it instead of finishing it.

  23. Patricia Nelson says:

    I like the game very much. The only thing I don’t like is if you accidently get an extra piece when mergeing the game eats it instead of not taking it. The other games I play don’t use extra pieces you may pick up accidently and they leave on the board for you to be able to use. Beware of this when playing the game. It has cost me to use extra turns or pieces.

  24. Mercedes Woodard says:

    One of my favorites!!! Especially in the merge category, for sure!! It has a storyline, however it’s still “open” to a degree so as the player I can do what I want (I hate the merge games that give you a goal, you finish that goal, and all of a sudden you’re out of that level to the next, so you don’t really have any say or whatever to do what you want with the space and items and such, soooo annoying to me!!!!). This one, though, is entirely enjoyable and amazing!

  25. Stephanie S. says:

    I’ve enjoyed the game for a handful of months, I’ve made a couple in game purchases, I win most of the events. Most of my island is uncovered. I get on routinely through the day. And it’s gotten worse. I can physically feel a difference in how sensitive moving icons has become, making more mistakes now after all this practice. The events are getting harder, needing more “energy” to get through. Now they push their other games on you. I’m out, in finding a new one to play

  26. Anamarie Sabbagh says:

    I wish I only had to play the one game I chose. I dislike that you win items and they go to two other parallel levels instead of directly to the game I’m playing. I don’t mind the special events, but, again, I’d prefer being able to simply advance quicker in the game I’m choosing to play. When I can play,advance quicker and win rewards in just the one game, I’ll change my rating.

  27. Darcy Carpenter says:

    When I first started playing, it was a fun, relaxing game. Graphics are nice, story flows. But the “extra” edition games to earn clothes or decorations are so frustrating. The closest I have ever gotten to win was 95%. The game always ends before I get the reward and a new game starts. I can’t afford to pay all the time for energy either. I hope your developers can come up with something for those of us that want to play a game.

  28. Hyperbolic “Haipa” The Artist says:

    It’s kinda driving me nuts. I can’t properly report a weird annoying bug in the game that has to do with the ads. Clips of the ad audio will play and cut off everything else audio even hanging up calls on me randomly especially more frequently whenever I’ve watched an ad in game. From Ru Paul’s ad audio to Call of Duty ad audio to Amazon’s ad audio. I can’t get it to stop no matter what I’ve tried to do. For that alone that I’ve been dealing with this with no way to get proper help it gets a 3

  29. Casey Wright says:

    The game is fun….or at least it could be if you weren’t getting constantly bombarded with events, tasks, goals, rewards, sales, and push notifications that you cannot disable. It’s been on my phone for two days and I’m deleting it now. I get notifications WHILE I’m in the game that I’m missing out on fun events in the game. It’s also severely repetitive and “grind” feeling with no real goal in sight. You end up with weird leftover bits that just sit around after you merge stuff.

  30. Ramona Lee says:

    One thing that I really like, that is unique to this game, is that if I choose to watch an ad or do something for extra energy, but it doesn’t play, for any reason, most games just say try again later. But MERGE COUNTY just goes ahead and gives you even more energy points than you would’ve received if the ad had functioned properly. Also, there are in-app purchases, but I’ve never felt I was missing out if I don’t spend money. That is so rare! And I’m never bored! Always lots to do! 💕

  31. Jennifer Lahti says:

    Great merging game with a cute story line & characters. I play every night!! I’ve had very minimal technical issues since installing, mainly related to ADS — ads either malfunctioning & causing the game screen to go black, resulting in having to close the game & restart it, or ads don’t play & then game doesn’t award whatever the prize was for watching the ad. I have noticed more recently that *sometimes* if an ad won’t play, the game detects it & still credits you whatever the prize is.

  32. Jaimie Taylor says:

    No matter what amount of time I have free for a game, this app can fill it. Very rare that you’ll have everything completed and maxed out. The constant events are a little much, especially when you’re trying to get into it and then suddenly it’s over and there’s an entirely new event. I appreciate how things don’t merge being next to each other, you have to manually stack it to merge so less accidents. Progress with the tundra and fish seem quick, mainland progress drags.

  33. Savana Moon says:

    Sometimes when I click on something I’m randomly teleported across the screen for no reason. The amount of pop up for things that cost real money I’d super annoying and make no sense since there really isn’t a need to pay if you have the time to dedicate to gameplay. Mines be some useless when buildings reach max level and take up valuable space on map with no way to get rid of them. If this issue isn’t resolved in next update then I’ll probably just uninstall 🤷‍♀️

  34. Amy C says:

    Very similar to Evermerge which is fine because this game does things a little better. For instance, when you long hold on an item, it’ll show you the line of merges with that item vs in evermerge you have to go inside the discovery book and find the item to see the line of merges. This game just feels much smoother in game play and isn’t as demanding on the energy. If I have a little bit of time to play, this is the game I play.

  35. D'chanda Hall says:

    THIS GAME IS SO ADDICTIVE!!!!!! OMG. My only problem is the extra games they give you to complete in 3 days they make impossible to complete. You never have enough energy because you have to use it to activate what it takes to get items and activate the item to clear level and it’s harder then clearing main level. They want you to pay for it. I’m the type who wont. It take to long for energy to build which is making me wanna stop playing. I like the rewards from merge fables better

  36. Leslie Ann says:

    I’m frustrated with the special events. They only last for 3 days which is NEVER enough time to complete them, they should last a week. I’ve never gotten past 95% complete. I also feel that the energy cost of if the squares is too high. Developers please let our energy go a lil bit farther!!! Overall, it’s a fun game and it’s not overrun with ads which is nice. I have a separate issue with the ads that won’t let you leave the ads…

  37. Lori Ayers says:

    Needs more opportunities to get Energy without having to pay for it, change the Events so they’re easier to do or make them 7 Days / a week long. Lower the amount of keys needed to unlock the fog!!!!!!! The Food Super mines are good, the building mines are too much energy. It’s all too much unless you pay. I’m not paying anymore. Everyone is skipping events and wants to quit. The size is so large that I have trouble downloading all these constant updates. Get it together!

  38. Blue Hargrave says:

    Fun game if you like making smaller things bigger. I do. But as other people have mentioned the events take too much energy. They’re too short. No matter how much I try, I only ever get “95-97%” and then the event it over. It was whatever when I first started. I just figured I was too casual to finish them, but I started trying at them more. Buying more energy with coins, buying coins with cash (not real money.) I realise now it’s just that they don’t give you enough time or energy to finish :l

  39. Bethany McDonald says:

    I really enjoy the game. I do think there are way to many events and not enough time to complete them. Way to many items to merge! Some of them I think is unnecessary it’s like it’s never ending. I could play this non stop all day and not make much progress! I hate coming back to an event that I did and it’s ended bit I don’t get anything even tho it shows my reward

  40. Amethyst Moon says:

    I really like this game, but I uninstalled it for one reason only. The graphics are cute, game play is easy, first time login was a little overwhelming but its just as good as the other “merge” games, however, the cost of “energy” is almost selfish on the developers part. You just don’t get enough to play very long, especially in events. You almost HAVE to spend real cash to keep playing and merging 5 for the double item is imperative. Sorry, too many of these exist to keep getting frustrated…

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