Match 3D -Matching Puzzle Game Apk Download New*


With Match 3D Train your memory & relax while playing a Fun Pair Matching puzzle
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December 7, 2022
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Match 3D -Matching Puzzle Game Apk Download New*

Get able for a brand new, difficult and unique matching pairs mind recreation. You want to compare Three-D items at the flooring and pa all of them! Whilst you transparent a degree, you’re going to to find new gadgets to pair. Type and in finding all pairs, transparent the board and win!

Fit 3-D -Matching Puzzle Sport Apk Obtain New* apk mod 2022

Get started on the lookout for hidden object and matching tile pairs – Fit 3-D is an ideal strategy to zen stress-free and on the similar time trying out your reminiscence and thoughts talents. Each children and adults will certainly have numerous a laugh whilst sorting and matching hidden items!

Fit Three-D -Matching Puzzle Recreation Apk Obtain New*


Fit 3D -Matching Puzzle Recreation Apk Obtain New* apk

✨ Glossy 3D visible results and items: Each and every degree of Fit 3-D provides you with an stress-free a laugh revel in of matching 3-D tile gadgets at the display screen, each and every transfer you are making will provide you with a lovely 3D impact that can lift your puzzle recreation enjoy. Sorting and matching 3-D tiles is actually stress-free and can undoubtedly have a soothing zen impact!

Fit 3-D -Matching Puzzle Recreation Apk Obtain New* apk mod new

🧠 Well-designed mind instructor ranges: We’re glad to let you know that our puzzle recreation will make it more straightforward so that you can memorize gadgets and small main points by means of enjoying our mind instructor ranges, you’re going to begin to realize your that memorizing skills getting higher with time. Seek and attach tiles to overcome the extent! Grasp your thoughts and reminiscence ability with Fit 3-D. In finding all hidden items and transparent the board to overcome the extent!

Fit 3D -Matching Puzzle Recreation Apk Obtain New* mod apk

⏸️ Pause it every time you wish to have: As a result of we all know that you’re a busy individual, and we worth your time, we carried out the pause characteristic the place you’ll be able to pause every time you wish to have, so you’ll get again to matching Three-D gadgets anytime you need. Turn out to be the grasp of tile matching!

Fit 3D -Matching Puzzle Sport Apk Obtain New* liberate

🧸 Lovable animals, candy yummy meals, cool toys, thrilling emojis, and a lot more stuff to puzzle out.
💾 Auto-save sport to proceed from the place you left off.

Fit 3-D -Matching Puzzle Recreation Apk Obtain New* apk mod

Fit 3-D is straightforward to play for everybody!
Glossy pairs of animals, meals, faculty pieces, family gadgets, emojis, and plenty of extra thrilling sort ranges to release by means of merely matching the pairs! The sport will also be anything else you need from a calming zen enjoy to a thoughts and reminiscence problem!
How You Can Play Fit 3D:
– Select the first Three-d object it may be (a glittery 3-D object, animal, or an emoji)
– Then select up the Second 3-d object & transfer either one of them to the circle in the midst of the display.
– Stay doing that till you transparent the entire display screen & win the extent.
– Then stay having amusing & get started a brand new stage
Providing lots of lovable mixtures, this unfastened puzzle recreation will energy up your mind and building up your reminiscence velocity. Fit 3D is a perfect possibility for calming and having some stress-free time.

All you wish to have to do is play this connection-based puzzle sport with more than a few 3-D ranges that set it except for all different video games. This matching pairs puzzle recreation is very easy that anybody can play it.
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40 comments on "Match 3D -Matching Puzzle Game Apk Download New*"

  1. MJ Partain says:

    To the creators/designers of this game, you need to fix the level progression. It should not go from matching 6 items on level 1 to matching 20 or more items on level 2. That’s not the way game progession works. This would be an amazing game and a great way to pass time, but the level progression needs to be fixed. Also you don’t need to bombard players with ads. I understand ads keep the game free, but you do not 5-8 ads while a person is playing, as well as ads before and after, the level.

  2. Ryan Altfillisch says:

    Good game play and I like the graphics. Sometimes, a touch won’t be registered, but it doesn’t happen often. However, I only give it 3 stars as ads ruin it. I generally don’t complain about ads as I know they are needed to have a successful game and make it better in the future, but this game has ads in the middle of levels and often times, multiple ads during a level. That is just flat out ridiculous. Not worth the time to get in a groove only to be interrupted by an ad.

  3. Michelle Davis says:

    UNBEARABLY FRUSTRATING! Don’t waste your time. Too many other alternatives. VERY difficult to move pieces. Forced to tap over and over…and over and over…and over and over…in order to select a piece that simply won’t activate or budge. SUPER annoying when you’re playing against a timer! If you’re going to create a timed game, you have to get the logistics right. Back to the drawing board developers! Deleting, but not before warning others.

  4. Heather Ross says:

    I really like this game, but the commercials are beyond ridiculous!!!! When you have 6 minutes on the clock to finish a game and your game is paused twice during that time for a 30 second commercial, it gets old quick. I expect commercials when playing a free app, but come on, you can’t even let us finish without being inteterrupted?!?!?! It breaks my concentration and is so frustrating!!! I play these games to relax and instead I find myself stressed. Hope this issue is fixed!!!!!

  5. Amy Watson says:

    Love this game! My biggest issue is when you try to pick/drag a item on the edge of the even it won’t let you grab it. Then when your tying and trying to pick/drag the item you have the timer counting down. Which then makes you lose a bunch of your time or even lose the game. Also some levels don’t give you enough time to finish. No matter how fast you can find them.

  6. Kari Godeaux says:

    Fun game. Sometimes it does get a little bogged down. Sometimes it’s hard for the game to recognize you’re picking up that lone piece over to the side. Sometimes you have to make sure which piece the game recognizes you picked up before dragging it to the match in the matching area. Still a fun time killer and brain workout. Minus 1 star because they will play an ad in the middle of your level, more if it’s a longer level, and it is annoying AF.

  7. Carrie Andrews says:

    I enjoy the game itself, I really do. I do not enjoy the experience though. The ads are intrusive. Ads before and after levels are fine, I am ok with that. However, ads repeatedly appearing *during* gameplay is not ok. Nothing ruins an experience more for me than constant and continuous interruptions. Even the annoyance of not being able to pick up items that fall on the side of the screen pales in comparison.

  8. Amy Williams says:

    I enjoy playing this game a lot. The only thing keeping me from giving it 5 stars is the ads that pop up during the round I’m playing! It breaks my stride and focus, which is key when completing some of the lower 2 minute timed rounds. Hard to get back into the groove and often end up missing the clearance of the level by just a few pairs. Super frustrating! Otherwise, it is a great, fun game to pass the time and challenge your brain.

  9. Frank Nicodem says:

    I tend to agree with the majority of the reviewers. First, the game is excellently designed, skillfully drawn, and implemented imaginatively. But my second point is the same as others who have said “enough for the ads”. This game requires intense focus and concentration – both of which are interrupted by ads that appear multiple times for the same level. This doesn’t just make it more difficult, it makes it annoying and dramatically lowers my desire to play it.

  10. JoMaican Jo says:

    Great game! Definitely worth 5 stars but only giving 3 stars: There are way way way too many ads to the point where it disrupts play. Sorry to have to uninstall because the ads are too intrusive to the point of interrupting the level 3 or 4 times to show a 30 sec ad. Also, one glitch: when the level is almost complete, the last few pieces are impossible to pick up! I watch the timer tick down while taking 2 to 3 seconds to move a piece. Not cool.

  11. Michael Luna says:

    Very challenging game. Some of the levels are going to make you mad because you’re sometimes on a tight timeline. I don’t mind ads, but it’s just unnecessary to throw one in the middle of a thinly timed session, completely taking your concentration away. Sometimes an item is on the edge of the screen and it can be severely time consuming getting it out.

  12. Jessica Huffman says:

    The game play itself is simple but fun and engaging it. Way too many ads, especially in the middle of the game. It’s a timed game, so its not-so-great stopping when you’re in a Groove. I was still okay with that, because it was fun and it’s an idle brain waster. But then it took three lives without resting the level, then I watched an ad for a new life and it’s still started me where I closed out of it last time, and then I watched an ad for 60 more seconds and it didn’t give them to me.

  13. Debora Reno says:

    I love the game. The other reviews are correct. A) there are way too many ads B) ads pop up at most inconvenient times C) pieces on the edges become extremely difficult to move near the end of rhe game. D) plus I am having a problem no one else mentioned. I am guessing it is a glitch. The game will go to an ad. It will not give me a x or close or any way fo get out of the ad. When I finally get back to the game it shows I am in pause mode. If I hit play the game starts over.

  14. Hugh Richardson (Soulless Geek) says:

    Pretty good. Fun. But it needs a bit of work, in some areas Picking up objects on the edge of the screen can be infuriating, at times. And performance suffers after playing for a while. The game needs a bit more optimization, so it isn’t hitting the processor as hard (I’m on a QC 855, and it’ll heat my phone up, after a few rounds) Also, an annoyance: paid for ad free, but still get “offers” for specials. It isn’t bad, as it’s only at game start up. But, not great.

  15. Abigail Bartleson says:

    Ads in the middle of playing! This is a timed game, one where you gotta find matching objects in a pile and drag them to the bottom. Imagine being focused, in the middle of dragging an item, and a full-screen size ad interrupts your game. By the time you clicked the several little Xs to close the ads, you’re off your game again. Now repeat that 3 times. Honestly, super annoying. But I like the concept, so I’m gonna find another one of these games without all the interruptions.

  16. Lisa Spangler Fahl says:

    The amount of ads is shameful. However, my biggest complaint is the counter at the bottom of the page, cheats. It gives you a few seconds, (10, maybe?)to find your next match but, once you get over 10, it clears your count before the bar hits zero. That’s pretty crappy, if you ask me. You set the player up to fail, from the beginning. And, when you get down to just a few matches left in the board, you can’t move certain ones till everything else is cleared. What the hell is that? Deleted….

  17. Nancy Leigh says:

    The concept of the game is really good. But you cannot capture the items on the sides of the phone and you lose a lot of time trying. There would be a good idea to have different levels without so many items to have to capture. And of course everybody’s complaint about too many ads and when they pop up it is a complete distraction and it ruins the game. You need another option to earn the stars for extra time because each one of those ads is a minute that’s 10 min of looking at ads? Noooo!

  18. Mistie Gray says:

    Love playing this game, but I just can’t give it a good rating. The ads are horrendous!!! Finally, I gave in and purchased the ad free version. Which is ridiculous and wouldn’t irritate me so much if it weren’t for all the other problems, such as, freezing up, items not being picked up when I am clearly touching it, etc. Now I am having to close it down every other round, because it freezes up when I choose to use the 3x multiplier for the final star score.

  19. Breanne Haws says:

    The game itself is pretty good. It’s great for hand-eye coordination. The graphics are great. Would be a great way to kill time and test your brain, but… It is incredibly irritating that there are ads in the middle of gameplay. I understand having them before or after a round, but I’m only 6 levels in, and am interrupted 3 times during gameplay for an ad, as well as one after the round, and one before. As much as I enjoyed the first 6 levels, I think I’ll be uninstalling this app.

  20. Lindsey Witt says:

    THEY EVEN PUT ADS IN THE MIDDLE OF TIMED LEVELS. Ads everywhere. It’s only really playable if you pay 5.99 to get rid of ads. I played for one level and had to sit through 3 ads. If you get past that the little items are cute and the gameplay is easy. A good time-waster. As for me, I’m uninstalling. It’s a cute game, but to me it’s not worth the 5.99 to play ad-free.

  21. Lisa Marie says:

    This is neat idea for a match 3 game. I want to like it, but you ruined it with ads. An ad between every level, sure, I can accept that. But when these levels are timed, and it’s interrupted by ads (more than once!) I cannot accept. It disrupts my concentration, causing me to lose time and my multiplier. Then I don’t quite finish in the time allowed, and have to watch another ad for an extra 30 sec. If you were going to throw ads into the middle of levels, they should not be timed.

  22. Lori Brochu says:

    This is one of the most frustrating games I have ever played for afew reasons…1. I know they have to have ads but they have them during the levels and use up your time to complete the level running them. Mulitple times. 2. The pieces stick in the game sometimes and have to be tapped multiple times to move. 3. You earn coins but then can’t use them. More frustration than it’s worth. Uninstalled.

  23. Laura Nicinski says:

    I don’t really have a hard time finding the matches before the time runs out. However, the couple times that I needed moe time were not fun. I chose 10 ads, which gives you 10 more minutes. I didn’t need that long to finish, but no lesser choices. It turns out that I needed almost that long because the game stops after 1 minute for an ad, then returns to your game for 1 minute and abruptly stops for another ad. Stopping the game for an ad 10 times deliberately makes a person lose concentration.

  24. Kelly says:

    I was enjoying the game. However, after each level there is a 30-second advertisement for another game. And then I was receiving 30-second ads while playing! I don’t know if it’s because I hit the advertisement at the bottom of page when sliding items to circle or if these are just interruptions during play. Either way.. extremely annoying and I am no longer a player.

  25. Wintyr Barnes says:

    I keep trying to give this game a chance, and it keeps getting deleted after a few hours. Why? As everyone else says, it’s the ads. Who throws ads in the middle of a TIMED level? Also, I got stuck trying to clear the first 3-ish minute level and just didn’t have enough time, and it looks like the only way to get more time is… yep… more ads. Or payment. Not cool. This game is a lot of fun but not worth the distracting ads.

  26. Jennifer Salisbury says:

    I absolutely love this game! It’s a bit addictive too. The only thing that’s frustrating about it is if you can’t finish due to lack of time and don’t have the extra points for additional time …. it won’t let you x out of it. Like I have to go between screens that I had open previously to close the app that way to re open and start over. Other than that the game is alot of fun!

  27. Chris Hutchings says:

    I like playing the game very much. I dislike very much the tactics it uses to defeat you – the game is hard enough without the objects suddenly becoming “sticky” and not wanting to move when you get close to finishing. Also when everything hits the pad sideways so it doesn”t register, or worse, bounces off into oblivion. Or, the screen goes black instead of playing your video or giving you your spin and the only way out is to reopen the game, causing you to lose your progress. Dirty pool!

  28. Victoria Kaer says:

    If I could you’d get 0 stars. Ads constantly freeze. You have to close the app, it resets the level so you are forced to start the puzzle over but with whatever time you had left when it froze. Been stuck on the same level for a week because when I’m about to finish it plays an ad and freezes. I don’t mind watching ads if they work and you don’t play them IN THE MIDDLE of a level. Play them between levels not in the middle when you’re concentrating and trying play. I’ll be deleting the game.

  29. Debra An says:

    This game there are way too many ads. Anytime you pause the game an add. After a game an add. Need coins 10 ads only in the beginning and then nothing! Said it is stress relief “No Way! With the timers it is impossible to enjoy the game! It causes a lot more stress with the timers. After getting to level 9 that is it, I am fed up with added stress from the game and way too many ads!

  30. James Frederick says:

    The advertisement is very misleading. The app is designed so you have to buy time to do the levels. I went through A few levels and watched ads to get more time. The amount for ads is a small fraction of what is needed. The additional time is small and insufficient. Then you are not permitted to repeat getting additional time. I could be a good game. No other game I have enjoyed did this. To

  31. Stacy Koch says:

    Fun little game, but you’re ruining it with ads in the middle of gameplay! I have never seen such an obnoxious and inconvenient display of ads! People won’t stick around long if you don’t fix this. Ads should not interrupt gameplay. If this is corrected I will up my rating. Update: I paid to get rid of the ads and it was well worth it so upped rating. Level 442 without having to ever spend coins to advance. New game pieces introduced frequently. Not forced to join a team, can do totally solo.

  32. Mindy Rupp says:

    It’s not my phone bc I’ve had multiple phones and downloaded the same app every time, so don’t even with that. But when there is an object towards the edge of the screen, it NEVER wants to detect I’m touching it. And it’ll be so precise, it’s unbelievable that the game doesn’t detect it. Almost makes me think the game is designed to make you lose…🤔 But that’s not my business. Anyways, it also makes it to where other objects go into the spot to be matched when I NEVER TOUCHED IT. So please fix

  33. Teresa Lyons says:

    I really enjoy the game itself. The 2 reasons I gave a 3 instead of 5 stars. 1st it keeps freezing up redundantly during game play, not letting you move anything, but the clocks still going. 2nd too many ads, ones at bottom is part of the freezing up. Also at the end of each board you have a choice to get extra prizes watching an add, even if you choose no, an add pops up anyways without reward. It’s a really fun game but I’m probably gonna Uninstall due to ads and freezing up.

  34. Lane Hargrove says:

    The time, given on the clock, to clear the matched items becomes unrealistic as the levels progress. It is designed, and sadly in most cases, to get the person playing to spend money or be forced to watch those ridiculous advertisements for 10 coins, or 1/10th, of what it cost to continue to add time and extend each level, until the level is cleared. The game, though fun at first, is a rip off and frustrating as the times given to clear each level becomes less and less.

  35. Teresa Vincent says:

    The timer absolutely kills this game for me. I got it to have a stress free, easy but fun matching game. The graphics are nice but the timer, and having to stop bc it runs out… That’s the opposite of what I’m looking for. I wish there was an option to get rid of the timer for levels. It’s a shame bc I really do like it otherwise.

  36. Erica Genina says:

    This game used to have annoying ads that popped up repeatedly in the middle of a round that totally ruined the groove. So I didn’t play for a year & decided to give it another go. Now the ads are only at the end of the round, but they’re all a full 90 seconds long. So unreasonably long! Also, why not offer untimed rounds??? Seems like something everyone is asking for.

  37. Joanna Kryceski says:

    This game can be fun, but with the short time limit the game can quickly turn stressful. There is a lot of ads. Not to mention ads that cause the game to lag while playing, which affects the actual game play. Game pieces won’t move/lag because of ads that are constantly playing at the bottom. Even while you are dragging items to the match area, you can accidently drag right into the ad, which stops the game. This used to be fun but the constant ads and the lagging of the game is annoying!

  38. Shelly Okamura says:

    What is the point of all the stars at the end of each round of play if you never get to use them? POINTLESS! They make you use COINS/ MONEY to buy extra time/extra lives, which you will invariably need, since there is never enough time on the clock to clear the board, even if you use boosters! They just stack the board with more items to make it look like the magnet is removing some, but you end up with the same amount as you would have had in the first place! They just want your $$$.

  39. C Saunders says:

    Keeps your attention, but very, very hard to win. Just now catching on . You can freeze the time or collect light bulbs to give you free matches but you have to earn them. Very interesting way to pass time! Even if you lose, you want to keep playing. Loved it and I was just starting to get good at it, but it seems geared more towards getting you to pay to play… it used to let you watch adds to get coins then that stopped so I uninstalled . Loved it though!

  40. Brandy Barrett says:

    If I had to describe this game but I only could use one word, that word would be addicting!… I love it but lately usually on the longer rounds 2, it will freeze 4 a couple of second and then turn off 2 my home screen, taking a life away and any extra I may have used or earned as if I just lost, without giving me any of the points I did score in that round! 🤬

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