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Home design tile match & project makeover! Design your villa! Play connect game!
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June 15, 2022
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Makeover Master: Zen Match Mod Apk

Do you’re keen on house design and Tile sport?😘 Makeover Grasp is a brand-new house design recreation. It comprises tile puzzle sport which is able to double your happiness and provide you with particular sport enjoy. You’ll now not leave out this recreation! Beat those intriguing match-3 tile video games and beautify luxurious properties and villas🏘!

Makeover Grasp: Zen Fit Mod Apk apk mod

You’re an out of this world inner clothier!😺Use your creativity to construct your dream house🏡. Encourage your lifestyles by way of finishing the entire challengeable quests and construct space from exterior construction to the internal ornament main points 🛋, all decorations want you to choose! There are a considerable amount of furnishings and such a lot of colors🎨 for you to choose, you’ll mix’n’match house designs in numerous types. Numerous shoppers are ready so that you can enhance their dream house, are you able for it? 💕

Makeover Grasp: Zen Fit Mod Apk release

Other from different “”house design”” games🏠, Makeover grasp can even make you a tile grasp! Whilst taking part in the adventure of your own home design makeover, cross the match-3 ranges to win extra rewards and boosts💎💡. It is going to educate your flexibility and workout your reminiscence! It’ll come up with a sense of calm and you’re going to in finding your self at an excessively stress-free temper. Check it out and possess this particular revel in! ✨

Makeover Grasp: Zen Fit Mod Apk apk

1.Loads of ranges won’t ever make you are feeling bored!
2.Fabulous furnishings and opulent decorations provide you with visible delight! Three.The mix of match-3 degree and residential design double your happiness! Four.Domesticate your ingenious skill and in addition workout your mind flexibility! Five.A laugh occasions and mysterious rewards are looking forward to you!

Makeover Grasp: Zen Fit Mod Apk mod apk

Obtain Makeover Grasp at this time! It’s a wonderful🤩 option to spend your recreational time! Get started your adventure of satisfied Makeover now!


40 comments on "Makeover Master: Zen Match Mod Apk"

  1. Lieren Cavanaugh says:

    This design game hits all the targets. Inside the home and outside, restaurant remodel and more – all with very few ads and a non-overbearing storyline. The game is unique, as well. It’s picking through a stack of tiles and matching three without running out of room. Fun, challenging, creative, and very addictive.

  2. Hailey Rodriguez says:

    It is alot of fun and i’ve only had it a couple days. I like the game to earn money which with these types of game i usually dont. It is pretty cheap to buy the items although it does get more expensive as you progress. I also just like the desinging aspect of it. i do wish you didnt have to watch an ad to recieve the gifts. I also wished the levels were a bit easier because alot of the time there will only be one tile and none that match close to it.

  3. Mjunior Correabarrera says:

    I really enjoy this game. It is fun and it really helps me pass time. What I like about the game itself is the graphics, different choices we can change looks and the colors are vibrant. Now playing the game got kind of hard really fast, like why couldn’t you at least made it easier for the first few rounds. I am only just finishing up my first room and the game is already hard to play. This way it pushes us to spend money to continue! Not cool!

  4. Kelcie Baker says:

    Entertaining and fun to play. However, ads are set up as optional to get a reward for watching but either way, it makes you watch an ad. Even if you watch the optional ad, you will have to watch another ad after EVERY SINGLE PUZZLE. Makes game play rather annoying 🙄. Also raises some privacy issues. In which you have to agree to in order the play. What’s up with all these invasion games selling our information??? Shameful

  5. Amanda Freeborough says:

    Love game and concept, played until level 80. But am uninstalling due to all of the ads! Yes, I get ads are a necessity; however, theres one after EVERY level & also if there is a bonus gift option at the end of a game & u watch a video to claim the extra bonus, ANOTHER ad plays after that before you can return to next level or even the current room being decorated. Watching ONE video after a level to claim a bonus prize should be enough…TWO videos after one level is overkill. :-/

  6. Caroline O'Brikis says:

    Great pleasure game. I enjoy playing it through Mistplay with great rewards. I have invited many friends to play. If there is a glitch, back out restart and it corrects. That’s why not 5 stars. Sometimes it has to be restarted. You don’t loose a life, just takes a minute and right back where you left off. Enjoy!

  7. Felicity Ligus says:

    This game is awesome! It’s not like other games, you do watch ads here and there but it’s not a constant after each round unless you click on things to watch ads, they give you amazing choices and after 10 minutes of playing I fell in love, this game is great if you are into interior design, like myself, I recommend trying it because you can design with your own taste and style! It never glitches unless you have internet issues.

  8. Megan Dillow says:

    Ok. I would love this game if it wasn’t for all the ads. I get needing to have them and having one here and there, but I end up having to watch at least 3 during one game, which is irritating. And most of them you can’t skip and they don’t silence, which irritates me further when it interrupts my music constantly. That’s the only reason I took off 2 stars. Otherwise, would be a great game.

  9. theswordoftruth 1844 says:

    Great fun and if you don’t mind watching some are in exchange for not spending money (times are tuff), then you’re going to really like this decor game. Really liked the tile match kind of matching game…you’ll see…better than the boring and frustrating other match 3 games that, towards the 3rd level, make it so difficult, on purpose, so you’ ll break down and spend money. Hate that! If I had money to spend then I would use it before that anyway! This game isn’t like that!

  10. Travis Wood says:

    This game is really fun!!!! The rooms look super cool and how you get the coins is by matching 3 of the same shape. I don’t know why but also this version of match 3 just seems a lot easier than it is in other games!! The only complaint I have is that there are some ads but there actually aren’t many times when you have to watch them unless you want to for a prize. Anyways great game and you should totally get this one!!!!!😀

  11. Kate Young says:

    Monotonous puzzles with very little variation. Not worth the over the top amount of ads (including double ads you can’t skip)…I understand it’s how you make money, but the difference between this and other games with ads is the sheer amount of them with little to no skip option. The matching levels are all too similar to want to sit through that.

  12. Deanna Babcock says:

    Overall pretty good game, especially compared to similar ones. Not too many ads and the match game is easy, and there’s no energy requirement to keep playing. My only complaint is that the amount of coins you earn per levels stays the same even when you move on to new projects and need more money for each item, so you go from having to play the minigame once to having to play it 3+ times for one item. It would be so much better if the coins increased with each new project.

  13. Debbie Nowicki says:

    I like the game but there are too many ads. And the ads often close down the whole game so you have to restart the game and most of the time you lose the $ that you just earned. UPDATE Aug 7,2021: I didn’t play for awhile because of the problems I was having but they’re still here. I also purchased the .99 cent package with gems and lightbulbs and no ads and I NEVER recieved it. PLEASE fix your ad problem. This could be such a good game if you ironed out the kinks. As it is now it’s frustrating

  14. Zell says:

    Kindly reposting my review, since it seems to have “vanished.” Tile match was alright. I had several rounds where too many pieces were too deeply buried to even complete a match. My bigger issue is the ads. Ads after every level, ads for the daily bonus, ads for level prizes/boxes….too excessive. Using ads to keep things free is fine, but being inundated by them is not. Besides that, it really takes away from actually playing to be repeatedly sent to the Play Store instead.

  15. Teresa Barba says:

    Constantly hangs up and freezes. Very frustrating to lose lives because game is always glitching….I have changed my rating to a 1. The glitches are not as bad, but it appears when you get to a certain level, it is impassable without a booster. Have tried numerous combinations over several days. Also, some of the videos that pop up border on soft port.

  16. Lily L says:

    It seems my first review mysteriously vanished, so I’m knocking off another star. It’s great that it is not a match 3 game, but that’s it. I play a lot of ad supported games, and I don’t mind watching ads to support a game and get bonuses etc, but this has too many ads. It’s a cheap game, probably from China based on the grammar in the story, and the responses from developers. They charge $5/mo if you want to be ad free, and the game isn’t good enough to justify a subscription price.

  17. Marion N says:

    Ads, the game. It’s not unusual to have optional rewarded video ads for extra rewards when finishing a level. These I don’t mind, and I usually agree to let them run. Then there’s another, not optional ad on exiting puzzles. It probably wouldn’t be as bad if the ads weren’t buggy, but sometimes the x’s don’t appear at all, requiring a reload of the game. The game itself is nothing innovative. It’s the same as every other renovation game out there, with matching mahjong instead of whatever else.

  18. jane k says:

    this is the best makeover game out of all the ones i played! the makeovers are cute, the stories are cute, and the levels arent too hard. my only complaint is furniture is way too expensive. i understand having to play 2 or 3 levels for one item, but not 8. everything else about this game is great though! keep up the good work!

  19. Viole Morales says:

    At first it’s fun and entertaining, but after game 50 or so, the game goes soooooo slow that I got bored. A simple curtain or counter top, for example, cost so much, that you need to play 3 times before move on to another thing and the games are very complicated. Too boring and takes too long. Nice graphics though.

  20. Michelle Womble says:

    The game would be great except they have a ridiculously long and unnecessary animated logo splash screen at the beginning & end of each level. It makes it feel like the game is dragging out so much. I understand sitting through ads (despite half of them not playing correctly), but once you add in the unnecessary time it’s like a minute of waiting between levels. It’s to the point I’m not gonna play because I don’t want to play something so slowly.

  21. Emily says:

    This game would be 100% perfect if it weren’t for the ads. Now I did choose to purchase the no ads package because I truly enjoy the game. BUT, an ad after game, sometimes two, really ridiculous. I found it hard to enjoy the game with watching an ad every 2 to 3 mins. & yes I understand the cost of maintaining an app. Not to mention the ads if you want extra goodies. The game itself super relaxing, designs are amazing. Pro work on graphics & maintainance, zero glitches, etc..

  22. Kayla says:

    I really enjoy this game. It allows you to play puzzle matching games were you match the pieces, once you match all you move on to the next level, and collect coins. Once you complete each level you earn coins to fix up your Client’s room or your able to fix it up with a gift you collected. After fixing each Client’s room their wanting you collect an even bigger award. If you get stumped they have an hint option plus many more options to help you out. Its a very addictting game. Love it!

  23. Laney Smith says:

    Fun game. Challenging in high levels. Unfortunately, as the levels get more expensive, the rewards remain at 300 coins. I can handle that because I like the puzzles, and I can deal with the ads, but the STORY LINE is ridiculous. People like myself come to play a game to get away from drama. The ongoing bickering between the characters is annoying. New clients for each design would’ve been perfect. A few rooms each for the same clients like it is now WITHOUT the love triangle would be ideal.

  24. Gail Merrifield says:

    Its a fun game. The ads are every were. The points you need to advance to the next level krep getting higher and higher. You get plenty of aid from the game makers but this does not make up for ALL THE ADS. I uninstalled it. I don’t if you carefully balance the ads. And I don’t care if it only costs a little bit ( DAILY). Too many ads.

  25. Heather Greco says:

    I enjoy this game. It’s a fun matching game. However the amount of ads is ridiculous! There’s 3 ads in a row several times while playing. It’s also annoying that you have to watch ads for hints because tiles are deliberately hidden one on top of another. Overall a fun game with cute, realistic room designs but wayyy too many ads.

  26. Cat C says:

    I DID like this game but then it becomes impossible to beat most levels without using a ton of hints. Or, a lot of times, I have to use 4 or 5 lives just to get it to finally change the order the tiles are in and then I beat it no problem. And the ADS!! I watch all these ads by choice to get freebies but then forced to watch even more in between EVERYTHING. No thank you. Uninstalling 👎🏼🙄

  27. Tessa Mesenger says:

    I think this app is fine except for the reason, it is super glitchy. I don’t know if it’s my device , or just the app I general, but there is, and I do know a lot of adds. This is a common complaint, but there really is a lot of adds. For example after completing a level sometimes you get a mystery present. But they make you watch an add to open it. There is a choice to lose it though. I recommend that option if you are not willing to watch an add. If you like adds I recommend this app.

  28. Lyric Fox says:

    Update: a month after my original review (3 star), I have to downgrade it to 2 stars. I still enjoy it, but I know that will change. The reward is always $300 + a bit more if you pay to play or have to watch an add. With some items costing north of $2000, you have to match a whole lot of tiles. There is no way to increase your $, except to a once a day ad for $485. So you play. A lot. And you watch ads. A lot. I’ve been playing this game non-stop for the last month. It feels VERY beta-ish. The nice part is it’s a different sort of match three from what I usually, which I really welcome. Having this as a tile match where the tiles are stacked is much preferable to the Candy Crush sort of matching. The problems are when you get into playing regularly. The mechanics are good and the designs are mostly good. A month long subscription is on special for $4.99, and that’s a good value. The regular rate is $9.99, and that’s definitely NOT a good value. AFAI can tell that only buys you access to a few groups of “watch this ad and win a reward” and a few other things. Hardly something worth paying for. And definitely NOT worth the $9.99 price tag. The Wheel of Fortune is really limited in what you can win. Two of the rewards are for items I’m not sure what they are. for. You are given an option to re-spin if you watch an ad, and that’s a welcome option. Ditto the Mystery Gifts you get after playing a match. I’ve amassed a hefty collection of neat items that I can’t seem to use. The only time I was able to use any of them was in the first couple of design scenes. I’m now on my 7th scene, and there’s nary a place in sight for these decorations. The good news is you are given a chance to add to daily to gems, lightbulbs, coins and free play time. They’ve also recently added a way to increase your stash of gems by watching ads. The beta feeling is because this game is rough around the edges. There are things like the decoration items that just don’t have an explanation. Lack of options on the Wheel is a real oversight. Nothing to spend gems on makes it feel rather pointless to continue adding to your collection. This game has real possibilities, but the developers need to work on it. Hopefully they will (and will change the price point for membership!)

  29. Theresa Krich says:

    Everytime I watch an ad it’s the same ad consecutively every single time, that’s ridiculous. I usually choose my games from watching these ads so I’m definitely interested. I’m sure that you would have a better response if you showed your customers different ads so they knew what was out there instead of showing the same ad over and over and over again. Someone needs to have a serious talk with your marketing department because they’re costing you money by not giving your customers more options

  30. blujeans 94 says:

    Unlike others, I did not feel it had excessive ads. Each ad runs for 5 seconds – compared to other games, I’ll take it!! However, even though I’m at level 180, I decided to uninstall it. Problem: way too easy. Getting coins and lightbulbs (to help you out) and diamonds is almost excessive. Winning free time: for what? It is impossible to loose a game. Just a time wasting game – but very relaxing. If I’m going to waste time, I’d like to be at least challenged in the process.

  31. Julia Zurbrugg says:

    The game itself is a lot of fun, but after each level you have to go back to the main screen and watch an ad. This last time I had tonqatxh 2 ads before I could go back to the main screen just to be able to play another level. I understand having ads but not this many. Not worth my time. If you notice many reviews are very similar to mine and the company gives a generic feedback about how ads are how they afford to develop the game and you can remove them for cheap. 🙄

  32. Nichole Joslin says:

    There’s nothing zen about this game. Ads after every level, sometimes two in a row instead of the usual one. Every level after a certain point feels like it’s pay to win because they’re impossible to solve. There’s no point in planning it your moves when you can’t see all the pieces. This game is frustrating and anxiety inducing. Don’t waste your time!

  33. Blessed says:

    It’s a fun game & it can definitely pass the time. However…There are far to many ads. I understand they are needed….But sometimes on just one level, u may get 3 or 4 ads. You can almost count them. And sometimes, within those ads, it will glitch and the screen will go black. Either you will have to start the entire board over (with more ads) or it will completely freeze and it will take a few minutes before you can play again. Fun game but not worth all the issues to keep it…

  34. Jaesha Gonzalez says:

    I really enjoy playing this game. I like that levels are different then every other game, I like the fact that I just need to watch small commercials to get more bulbs and gems, What I don’t like is half the time it shows an automatic commercial as soon as I have finished a level. Can get annoying. Also, you only win 300 coins, doesn’t make sense when im shelling out 6 to 9 hundred for most of the renovation.

  35. Amanda Lowe says:

    This is a very fun game. It passes the time quickly. Has a lot of different rooms and the decorations are different in each one. The levels aren’t that easy sometimes but there not impossible either. The reason for a 4 star is because of the ads, there’s a lot. I don’t mind watching them to get gems or light bulbs but watching them every time you do something can be annoying. But other than the ads all the time, the game is GREAT FUN!!

  36. Pam Foldenauer says:

    I played this game about a year ago and had issues with the ads not paying out. Now I return to it to find the ads have made the game virtually unplayable. Sure, every ad seems to pay out 2 gems a piece when they randomly pop up, but they make it so you can’t do anything and freeze the game completely. I get it, the developers need the revenue from selling ads to keep the game running, but there’s no point to it when the ads make it so you can’t play. I want to like this game but I just can’t.

  37. Moto Phone says:

    So far, so good! Just started playing, but I like it. The logo/loading screen playing twice (once when you finish a level, again when you start the next one) between levels is aggravating, but not a dealbreaker. Haven’t remodeled enough to decide if I like the remodeling portion.

  38. Aisha Blackstock says:

    This game is a bit boring. Not enough interaction. Need the ability to really makeover every aspect of the space. We don’t have that control. The game levels need to be easier earlier on to make the player want to comeback and keep playing. If a player doesn’t feel accomplished or like they are advancing they will uninstall this game as I have just done. Work on this a bit more I’d give it another chance with those improvements.

  39. A R says:

    I love this game! It’s like mahjong and a home design game mashed together. Easy to get rewards that help you get through games so you don’t get stuck on a level. I like the skipable in game story. Does include ads but their not too annoying and you get rewarded for them. The only reason I took away a star was because it’s hard to get new tile styles. I’ve been playing for a long time and barely got a third one after waiting sooo long.

  40. Danielle Franti says:

    Update… I keep getting kicked out of the game when I click anything to watch an ad to earn spins and light bulbs. I’ve lost 600 coins every time 😡 . also when I try to click on the last thing I need to design in the room, the screen starts glitching so I have to click several times to try to click on the last item.. Also it would be nice to be able to go back and look at the blueprint somehow. I like the game otherwise.

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