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Accept the Challenge - Save the Lemmings!
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November 14, 2022
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Lemmings Apk Download New 2022 Version*

Lemmings recreation is an offline vintage puzzle recreation by which you must information the Lemmings in the correct route for his or her survival, construct with equipment and use instructions to get them out of traps and puzzles to win missions.

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Lemmings is a vintage puzzle technique recreation for many who like to play loose survival video games. There are literally thousands of ranges to be had to benefit from the unending Lemmings amusing. Lemmings are Loopy and run wild, they’re going to run in the course of the Lasers in case you aren’t cautious, it’s a must to save the Lemmings by means of directing them in the proper course. You need to stay the Lemmings secure and clear of the traps and hindrances to unravel puzzles. You in truth need to lend a hand the lovable Lemmings of their dying survival undertaking.

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You’ll release quite a lot of rewards, together with new tactics to triumph over traps, new boosters and new Lemmings so as to add on your collections by means of progressing on this Lemmings puzzle sport. We’re continuously freeing new seasons and planets that comprise ranges, puzzle demanding situations and new uniquely designed Lemmings to make use of. Simply obtain Lemmings puzzle offline, plan a survival technique to continue to exist the traps, to triumph over hurdles and to get Lemmings out of risk. Your undertaking on this sport is to stay Lemmings protected from the traps and hurdles by means of the use of other puzzle methods within the recreation. It is extremely easy and simple to make use of survival gear in Lemmings.

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How one can play Lemmings puzzle sport?

Lemmings Apk Obtain New 2022 Version*

Each and every degree on this vintage puzzle recreation has a collection choice of Lemmings that spawn which you will have to direct to theobjective – an go out level. As a way to get the Lemmings to that time safely it’s important to go other traps, stumbling blocks and puzzles. Lemmings aren’t extremely smart and can stay operating thru lasers and partitions until you information and direct them via the use of your option to entire the Lemmings recreation missions. You want to be rapid to arrange your instructions to show them to an go out level and to avoid wasting the Lemmings.

Lemmings Apk Obtain New 2022 Version* apk

To start with it might be tough so that you can play the difficult missions on this Lemmings offline puzzle sport, however through taking part in 1 to two missions it might develop into simple so that you can lend a hand the Lemmings in getting them out of the damaging zone.

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Under are a number of the gear and instructions that you’ll use in Lemmings survival:

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Dig> Dig thru destructible blocks to move lovely Lemmings via them
Umbrella> Decelerate Lemmings fallings via the use of it and live to tell the tale lemmings from demise Blocker> Block Lemmings and lead them to flip clear of the risks, hindrances and traps
Staircase> Construct a diagonal staircase to get your Lemmings to better puts sooner than their trapping and destruction Damage > Sacrifice a Lemming to explode and to ruin any constructed construction to transport against an go out level Rocket > Smash blocks above your Lemmings for survival

XP Machine:
If you are enjoying via ranges, you’ll earn Lemmings puzzle revel in that provides up. Whenever you earn sufficient XP you’ll degree up and be rewarded with more than a few Lemmings boosters, gear for survival and particular Lemmings without cost.

Seasons & Planets:
Each two weeks we replace the sport with both a brand new season or a brand new planet on this Lemmings puzzle technique recreation free of charge. Every season comes together with 32 new lemmings so that you can free up together with some difficult missions. Every planet releases with new difficult ranges. Because of this you could at all times have greater than sufficient demanding situations to just accept and win on this Lemmings offline game


40 comments on "Lemmings Apk Download New 2022 Version*"

  1. Deryk Demey says:

    the original game used to have a set number of abilities per level… this one uses energy to buy what you need, when you need it. if you had alot of energy you can purchase enough to pass any level. beings you can spend $$ on energy, kinda takes the challenge away. also, I can’t seem to find a way to go back and play a previous level if I didn’t get a perfect score. looks like one you pass a level, you can only move forward.

  2. Ronda Edwald says:

    Love the game. It’s faithful to the original, the free-to-play stuff is done right and fairly, and it’s done in a way that really works well for mobile. I’d love it if the team works on a desktop version. First though, please make a level select? I didn’t know there’s more than ten for the first comet, I just did the missions and passed by it after only two levels. only found out after I reset the app and experimented a bit.

  3. Chester Brack says:

    Very fun time killer. The only reason for 2 stars is there’s a very limited amount of energy (used to play). It runs out quickly, and takes 3 hours to refill, so you can only play about 15 minutes, then wait 3 hours. There’s no option to pay to remove the time wall. You can pay to remove it for 2 hours. It takes a lot of fun out of the game. Make it more fun by adding more options. It’s currently very simple. It’s dig, umbrella, and build stairs. More options from the original game would be gr8!

  4. Attmore Rawnie says:

    This game brings back good memories from when i played lemmings as a child. Of course it’s not identical because we’re limited to a touchscreen, and I think they modernized it well. As others mention, it paces you by making you wait to gain energy. Waste energy, wait more. Take your time and efficiently use your energy and you can play longer. Of course you can pay, which makes it easier to pass levels, but then there’s no challenge. Overall i enjoy it for a quick break every so often

  5. Kristiana Emeline says:

    This version brings back some of the fun of the old games, I grew up on, but with drawbacks. 1- You can’t replay the levels to try again, if you end up falling short a lemming or two or a perfect rating. 2- the energy system is a huge hindrance. You can maybe do 3 levels before you run out, and god help you if you screw up, cause that’s just more energy gone. 3- I would like to be able to turn off the Tribes custom lemmings. They are cool, but they can make it hard to figure who is in the lead.

  6. Haylie Carley says:

    Lemmings was one of my formative gaming experiences (I still have the original on floppy disk), so my expectations were high. This game doesn’t quite meet them, but it really is a very well done modernization of a classic. It is, sadly, FTP with microtransactions, rather than single purchase, but that is par for most mobile games. My primary complaint is that many levels look complicated but actually have ridiculously simple solutions, so there isn’t as much challenge as I prefer.

  7. Acca Aria says:

    I used to play as a kid. It’s been fun playing again. The game animations between levels lags a bit (even tho I’ve lowered the settings in the game) but I’ve had no problems while playing a level. Can’t find a way to replay a completed level. And running out of energy could be annoying but I don’t play long enough to see that. And they give you a way to gain coins by watching ads (limiting how many you watch per day). Overall, I’m having fun with it.

  8. Madog Brandenton says:

    This is a clever adaptation of the classic Lemmings game. For better or worse, it has the standard mobile spin put on it, being free to play but pay for currency and items. Energy recovers over time or is unlimited for 2 hours if you pay$7, which I believe is too expensive. More tiers of energy refills would be useful. It has been designed to work well with a touch screen grid system, and I hope that future updates will continue to refine the formula. Overall, it’s a good start.

  9. Hannalee Bardan says:

    Loved lemmings as a kid, so was excited to try this. Its an energy based setup, but I was ok doing 2-3 worlds at a time then waiting for energy to refill. I had no crashes or lag. After doing MANY worlds, my issue is, there is no clear goal. The worlds seem to get harder for a while, then reset to easy. There is no reward for not letting any die, and you can’t go back and replay any level later to get a better score, which doesn’t matter as it doesn’t keep score anyway. Not the game i remember.

  10. Shannyn Adyna says:

    Lemmings was one of my favorite games as a kid, so I was really excited to see this. My excitement was extremely short lived, however, once I launched the game and saw what you’ve done to it. Gone is the fun, puzzle solving game I loved, replaced with an energy based money making game. No need to solve puzzles, just wait for “energy” (or, they would prefer, buy it) to hamfist your way through with no strategy at all. Good luck progressing without spending money due to the level unlock mechanics.

  11. Chassity Gifford says:

    Nice remake. I loved the old PC game. It’s great to have a phone version. Of course, controls are different and they made a nice adjustment. As a side effect though, the game turned into a puzzle solver, as you can set your work directives ahead of time for the entire board. Also, restricting action to single screen limits variety. As a negative, the game does not appear to save status with Google so you can’t continue it on another device.

  12. Kristianne Constantinos says:

    you’ve lost all control over the lemmings. you cant select a specific lemming for a task. this makes the game frustrating due to the inability to navigate specific obstacles. I do like some of the other changes like being able to release a blocker instead of blowing them up. With that, this game frustrated me too early by basic mechanics for me to continue to play the game.

  13. Laurenne Elberte says:

    This game is full of design flaws and glitches. Please move the angel button away from the middle of the screen or atleast add an “are you sure?” pop up. Sometimes a lemming will get stuck between two blocks and the level becomes unwinnable. They need to add a feature that allows you to eliminate all remaining lemmings once you have enough in the safe zone.

  14. Lexandra Phillis says:

    game itself is very good. However adds are too annoying. I will tolerate a small amount if adds but this one had adds that you click on (by accident) and then when you exit the ad it stays over again and you can’t get out of it until it finishes. if you actually touch the screen again you have to stay out over again. removing game. this is a totally a game i would consider paying for if it were an option.

  15. Dejah Cheyane says:

    1st, the game is reminiscent of the original, but is different enough that it feels off, such as I have to spend energy rather than have a set number of moves which totally changes gameplay. 2nd, the controls are clunky in that I have to look to see which buttons are where. For reference, there was a static placement bar that you clicked the icon in the original. Lastly, energy system is horrible as you don’t know how much you need for a level and can lose midway through from running out.

  16. Blaise Krystiana says:

    For the most part, it’s a fun game. My biggest problems with it are it doesn’t feel enough like the original lemmings game I played on the computer when I was young. I was hoping for the same style of play and even levels as the one before to bring back nostalgia, but then also willing to have new maps and graphics to compliment the game. With this version I feel like it’s a bit clunky and not as precise as you could be/had to be with the old one. Also don’t like the whole “money making scheme”

  17. Darnell Jeryl says:

    The game itself is wonderful! Graphics are good, puzzles are interesting and the special Lemmings are cute. Only problem is that the paywall is almost immediate!!! You can’t even get through more than a couple levels without running out of energy, which isn’t enjoyable and is the exact opposite of the relaxing time I’m looking for in a mobile game. I’m willing to pay a flat fee to purchase it outright, but $7 every time you’ve got the chance to play for 2 hrs?! There’s even a $100 item?! WTH?!

  18. Malyn Gwenevere says:

    This is a clever mobile version of the old game. The controls are simple and easy, but the game is riddled with bugs, like turning the sound off didn’t actually turn the sound off and how it’s now impossible to collect all the tribes without paying despite watching 6 commercials in a row, and how it’s constantly offline and my energy levels are for some reason cached until the game arbitrarily updates the clock. cute game, not ready for prime time.

  19. Kaety Pamila says:

    Fun nostalgic game! Just wish it didnt push for you to purchase things so much (the 60 energy points only really get you through 3-5 levels and then you have to wait for ages for energy to regenerate. Particularly annoying when you don’t pass a level on first try.) Also, I wish you could choose to go back and replay levels you’ve already done – my kids want to play the game and i dont want to let them because they can’t go back to the easier levels and they waste all my energy!

  20. Rayner Beck says:

    Kinda disappointed in this game. I liked the old Lemmings games, and the way this one has been ported to a phone games is quite well. However, once you figure out a few key moves, every level becomes really easy, and they start to feel repetitive. I could have lived with that if it were not for the other issues of ads and microtransactions being shoved in front of you at every screen change. It gets annoying real fast to have to click them away at every turn.

  21. Milton Gerrett says:

    I love this game but I would change it by removing the ticket on the prize wheel; those levels aren’t as fun & the frequency of getting a ticket for someone who doesn’t play those levels is way too high. You could also make the game better by altering certain levels that have 4 falling stones in a row; they’re almost impossible to beat without a resurrect & I’m sure it discourages a lot of folks who don’t want to spend $1 to buy one or use one they already have. Other than that, it’s awesome 👍

  22. Carlose Ethel says:

    This game can be a lot of fun and a real time filler but there are some issues. You’ll be prompted to spend money on a regular basis and some of the levels seem to be designed specifically to get you to use paid bonuses, that are obtained with both in game and real currency, in order to clear. I’ve also noticed since one of the recent updates that lemmings will randomly ignore directions which leads to them dying or you losing the level.

  23. Genna Geoffrey says:

    Super fun and addicting game, biggest drawback is the incredibly long energy refill time. That is, until recently when the game started resetting my progress about every fourth time I open the app. Not all the way to beginning, just like the last few days worth of levels. Progress is tedious when you have to keep repeating the same levels over and over and over, not to mention loss of tribes and acquired bonuses.

  24. Sukie Hwitloc says:

    When I first downloaded the game I had a blast. The levels were intuitive and clever. I had the original and it completely reminded me of it. However, limiting the amount of energy to only 60 units (and no way to upgrade unless you pay for premium) doesn’t make me want to continue. Before you were given the choice to watch an ad for an additional spin or you could continue to play. Now you are forced to watch an ad after each and every level you do. And loot boxes. Please stop being EA

  25. Abigail Grace says:

    This is a really nice, fun game. I enjoy it, and though it does tend toward every other mobile app in that it has a limited number of things you can use without waiting for some time or paying (you use 1 energy for every action; you have 60 total, and it regenerates 1 every 2 minutes or so), it is not excessive. However, the game is very laggy and slow on my Samsung Galaxy s7. It has also crashed. It is not unplayable, and is not slow within actual levels, but still frustrating.

  26. Erica Burkett says:

    I like the game. It’s a good way to relax after work. It would probably be higher stars if it wasn’t for the fact if I’m playing a level and I get a call or I message someone or misclick when I’m swiping away my notifications and get sent off the app. The app restarts itself and I lose all of the energy I used in that level and have to wait for it to recharge just to play it.

  27. Sumeet Khobare says:

    Great game, but rewarding is not great. The game progressively gets difficult but also gives very less reward for achieving difficult challenges. For instance, the levels can take up to 30energy orbs(half of total) but you only get 15-20 lemmings in return. This affects the tournament ranking. Also as the game’s progress is strictly dependent on how many lemmings you save, you are essentially stuck in an area as each level only rewards a certain amount lemmings.

  28. Paul Bielaczyc says:

    I wish this had the complexity of the original, but it doesn’t. Tons of ads, and tons of pay to play, non stop. Most of the ads are for click bait games that are false advertising, Evony and Puzzle Survival are the main culprits. The game also constantly asks you to watch ads for “free stuff” but the ads lock up, so you never get the free rewards. The puzzles are alright, but not that challenging. Overall not worth it. As for the

  29. Anup Pande says:

    Used to be a good game. I play this casually and it used to be that I could still achieve most game targets. After a recent update however the game has become noticeably worse – more levels needed to complete the daily rewards which makes it basically impossible to complete playing casually, the eggs drop less frequently and, when they do drop, they’re mostly the common ones. The levels are the same level of difficulty but it basically feels a lot less rewarding now if you’re trying FTP.

  30. Brandy Schrader says:

    Omg the nostalgia. I’m loving this game. This was one of my favorites when I was young! (Not so young now haha) Wish I could play more… The energy thing kinda sucks, but it was interesting how it added an element of difficulty when I was low and had to ration abilities in a level. The addition of themed collectable lemmings is cute. The micro transactions in mobile games always puts me off tho, but the devs have to make money too. So far, no ads I didn’t ask to see. Nice option for bonus loot.

  31. Jen Cunningham says:

    I really liked this game at first, but the higher you go, the puzzles become impassable without having to pay for the resurrect option. You can win the resurrect option through the challenge games, but not often enough to make up for needing to use them to get through a simple puzzle. With hazards being right on top of the exits, no matter how skillfully you get through the puzzle, you can’t pass the level especially the “save all lemmings ” ones, without having to pay out.

  32. William Sears says:

    It’s alright. It can’t be addicting because the energy is so limited that you cannot play it for more than about 15-20 minutes before you have to stop to recharge. They really press you to watch ads but, most of the time, if the reward isn’t good enough, you can skip the ad. Unfortunately, if you tap to “Claim” a reward, sometimes the ad just doesn’t play and you lose the reward. Plus, even when you watch an ad through to completion, 25% to 30% of the time it doesn’t give the reward.

  33. Jason Marlo says:

    Fun but too many ads and too expensive. They constantly find ways for you to use energy which requires you to constantly watch long ads.. They must be making tons of money from all the ads and the over priced in-game items. It honestly feels exploitative. Not a feeling I want when playing a game. There’s no option to just buy it. You can just get “VIP” subscriptions. No thanks!

  34. Rick Wilson says:

    Different from the original, but with the same charm and fun. UPDATE: After a 3-year hiatus due to irritating monetization tactics, I tried the game again to see if things were better. About the same, but the “reward rocket” is new. My complaint with it is that “free energy” gets delivered when I launch the game and have a full energy supply, so the reward is wasted. Allowing rewards to give energy beyond the norm would be a great feature, and it’s done in other games.

  35. Scott Kelsey says:

    I e-mailed support six months ago about the app looping on downloading game saves. Three updates later, and not only is the issue not fixed, it’s gotten worse! Every time I finish a world, it gets stuck and nothing I can do will break the loop. It’s taken up to two days to resolve on its own, and then it happens again on the next world. I enjoy the challenging puzzles, but this defect is close to making me quit.

  36. Isaac J says:

    It’s an okay game with limited doses. It’s a puzzle game that’s pretty simple to start and then does ramp up with some difficulty over time. I usually only get to play it and start to get into it maybe twice a day because many of the levels are less of a challenge and more of a way to drain your magic so that you have to either wait for it to recharge or purcha$e more.

  37. Christopher Kohler says:

    Fun take on an old classic. Odd that it actually forces you to stop playing after just a short period of time (15 mins max). I’ll may be be able to play 2 levels and all my energy is gone. The constant bombardment with asking to pay for things is a huge turnoff, especially since everything is terribly expensive and unreasonably over priced for a cellphone game. It’s also extremely difficult to get items like the tickets, so tribes is pretty much a non existent part of the game.

  38. Brian R. Tolman says:

    This game us quite fun, with memories of my childhood right at the ready. Until you get into the much higher levels, after you get the the world which the spike blocks are introduced, the gameplay shifts and suddenly 90% of the blocks contain spikes, most of the time there is no way to avoid them and you lose 1 or 2 lemmings. The problem then arises that you can only lose two to complete the level, they made it impossible to advance. Of this gets fixed I’d consider reloading, but it’s a waste

  39. carla giese says:

    I’m updating my review to a bad one. I’ve loved lemmings for years and was excited to play again. I even bought coins and stuff to sort the game but the game lost all progress. I complained and my purchases were restored but progress wasn’t recoverable. Now it lost progress again. It’s just not worth it to keep doing it over again.

  40. Jessica Hubbell says:

    Love the remake of the original but I stopped playing because there seems to be no way of beating this one level unless you spend money to get an jnfinite life for your lemmings in the level. Tbh, I feel like they purposely have changed the game to make it more difficult to get you to spend money, but all it did was make me no longer addicted to it and stop paying any money on it ever again.

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