Knight Saves Queen Mod Apk


Learn the basics of chess and challenge your brain in this fun puzzle game!
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Dobsoft Studios
July 26, 2019
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Knight Saves Queen Mod Apk

Choose your Knight and rescue the Queen in difficult chess puzzles! Be told the fundamentals of chess and problem your mind!

Knight Saves Queen Mod Apk

Adventure thru a chain of unique lands as you meet pal and foe in your trail to victory.

Knight Saves Queen Mod Apk apk mod new


Knight Saves Queen Mod Apk apk mod

– Use the items from chess in a wholly new puzzle recreation!

Knight Saves Queen Mod Apk release

– Dozens of brain-bending ranges

Knight Saves Queen Mod Apk mod apk

– Stunning visuals accompanied through a complete orchestral ranking

Knight Saves Queen Mod Apk apk

– 12 achievements to seek down

Knight Saves Queen Mod Apk apk mod 2022

Sign up for within the unfastened combat of the world whilst afk from the chess board! Shuttle the dominion of sweet weigh down your competition! Block and unblock the board with the knight’s jigsaw strikes.
OBTAIN NOW and check your mind in the newest dependancy from Dobsoft Studios!
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40 comments on "Knight Saves Queen Mod Apk"

  1. Aeccestane Kassi says:

    It a great chess game

  2. Billy Auriana says:

    It helped to encourage my chess ability

  3. Worthington Lilliana says:

    Great puzzle / chess game. Difficulty and addictiveness levels are supreme. Would like the ability have clues.

  4. Hallan Wulfric says:

    Really like it … graphics, gameplay and the music is so sweet … i like to just start the game and listen to the theme song. Lovely.

  5. Delavan Jozy says:

    I have only one issue. Pls just tone down the no of gold wins.

  6. Loc Merrill says:

    Excellent concept with great graphics. Challenging puzzles, and only $1.99 to remove the ads!

  7. Cleveland Edit says:

    Love the game play and how it makes you think! Lots of fun..

  8. Latorria Jeffrey says:

    Great way to kill time during short waits. But do not promise a date for more levels then go past by several days.

  9. Welss Ashwin says:

    Chess related puzzle

  10. Natalea Sapphlyn says:

    Great game but I’ve been waiting on new game levels for a long time. When are we getting the level 70’s update?

  11. Scotti Jenee says:

    This new kind of chess is so good. It will be better if there are more unit on the battle ground in a game

  12. Andora Laurentia says:


  13. Faine Briant says:

    I am not sure this game

  14. Frankie Cibele says:

    Nice game. Makes you think.

  15. Dandra Christofer says:

    Very nice game😘😘😘

  16. Frankeleyn Acca says:

    anyone gotten gold on 90 yet? I keep coming up one move too many?

  17. Jabriel Rugby says:

    Very nice game easy to spend time on it and also a very smooth way to teachlearn chess

  18. Jeaneen Sully says:

    I’ve completed 90 levels …. waiting for upcoming levels… plz update it quickly 😍

  19. Philip Laurelene says:


  20. Racquelle Elissa says:

    I’m not able to buy more coins

  21. Hawley Nikky says:

    Fun game, too many ads but still worth it, at least for now

  22. Phillis Leatrice says:

    cool stuff, I cant stop playing it !!! could you have the moves of the enemy pieces shown if you select them please. it would help.

  23. Aston Britteney says:

    Nice game.

  24. Laverna Everly says:

    The best 10 star . change game name knight saves king Queen is powerfull king need save and add pawn promotion

  25. :non-commercial:director says:

    Update: Thou the ads are a bit much and no easy way to skip. If you want to improve it further suggest to draw line moves on screen as a visual also make option for transparency on main. I like how the scene changes and gui with each level advance. The game is well thought out. The art on the knight and princess/queen is good as it is. Just correct the art on the pawns and bishops and less ads. GG! Bug: in resume music after mobile notification. No music resume. After enter app while in level.

  26. Pavan Dodda says:

    Nice game πŸ‘ŒπŸ‘Œ with each level increases difficulty. Lots of fun ,,

  27. Chaitanya Bhundiya says:

    best game.

  28. Love4lust7301 says:

    It’s good, but did anyone get pass level 90

  29. Gostha Pattra says:

    Nice game

  30. Debbie Osborne says:

    I’m a complete chess novice and I love this game. I can now play actual chess against my nephews and win occasionally! Would love some more levels, I’ve reached level 100 and started again!

  31. lissa Boren says:

    I have wanted to learn how to play chess my whole life, I never could get it. Now I get it. It’s fun and makes chess so much easier.

  32. YASH KIRTANE says:

    This is very good game ever . Sir suggestions that can u use maharathi, atirathi, this our old war names for learning more about chess . And having character to play . Thanks sir

  33. Igorr Abraham Mastrn says:


  34. Robert Cler says:

    Great puzzle game, lots of levels

  35. Riana Stassen says:

    Two words: LOVE IT!!!!

  36. yuval kohelet Dvash says:

    Delightful and instructive

  37. Neil Chen says:

    How to bring saving data to the other android device?

  38. David Vincenzi says:

    Brilliantly fun! Need more games like this – not to complain about the graphics, just inspired by the graphics and animations of this superb, innovative, chess-gameplay design, to suggest enhancing the looks and animations even more. The cosmetic side, has unlimited potential for more effective immersion in a strategy game like this in my view. Thank you again for creating this fantastic game developers!

  39. rggsldr says:

    It’s good

  40. Pankaj Maurya says:

    everything good but game doesn’t save progress…need update

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