Jewels Temple Fantasy Mod Apk New 2022*


Journey through exciting puzzles with your friend Jerome!
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March 29, 2022
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Jewels Temple Fantasy Mod Apk New 2022*

Get ready to your journey touring in time!
Meet new pals and assist them remedy their demanding situations!

Jewels Temple Delusion Mod Apk New 2022* mod apk

Jewels Temple Myth is a free-to-play cell sport,however has not obligatory In-app pieces that you want to buy

Jewels Temple Delusion Mod Apk New 2022* apk mod 2022

Benefit from the amusing storyline, loads of ranges, secrets and techniques, treasure searching,and extra for your fingertips!

Jewels Temple Delusion Mod Apk New 2022* apk

[Jewels Temple Fable Gameplay]
– Fit Three jewels and transparent puzzles with other goals – Defeat difficult bosses with quite a lot of boosters
– New and thrilling content material as you transparent on ranges

Jewels Temple Myth Mod Apk New 2022*

[Jewels Temple Delusion Features]
– Astonishing subject matters and masses of ranges – New and particular targets: Treasure hunt, defeat monsters
– Cloth wardrobe: Number of costumes to be had to decorate Jerome
– Secret stage: Merchandise accumulate mode
– Ratings: World, Nation scores, in addition to co-op and pvp mode with Fb pals – Aircraft mode strengthen: Play with out the web!
– Pill optimized
– Localized in 14 languages


40 comments on "Jewels Temple Fantasy Mod Apk New 2022*"

  1. Dweight Quincy says:

    I’ve been looking forward to this title for some time. Unfortunately it hasnt really been translated all that well. Many aspects of the game are left to its native language and I can’t decipher what anything is. I have to uninstall for now.

  2. Lyndall Chirley says:

    Absolute garbage, looked from the screenshots but it feel so dated to play when compared to other similar games. Worst part is the foreign text, why even release this when its not even fully translated?! Just seems like a lazy half assed release, uninstalled after less than a minute of play

  3. Jef Alain says:

    the game is easy, but to me it’s boring it’s the same as the other match 3 games, it’s really not a challenge for me I’m a gamer, and need a challenge

  4. Bobby Alexandrea says:

    Nothing new… the same as most of the games of this genre, I thought there is a story at the beginning but just a couple levels later you discover the truth about how empty is the game… If the grandpa in the game is selling the clothes to his grandchild then I can’t expect the developers are willing to give us anything for free later

  5. Jeralyn Kody says:

    pretty standard fare but the wardrobe feature is a nice touch. But damn the coin shop is expensive! Not worthwhile buying coins at such steep prices.

  6. Dymond Zay says:

    great game, but unable to revisit previous levels… should have the level menu where you can revisit levels you previously completed (especially to improve the star count)

  7. Kenn Jasper says:

    Another jewel match. Nothing special I can see in the first 20 minutes of play. They mispell the word noise in the first caption scene (noice), and its a sign of what’s to come. The game is fun enough, but not very original. The music inly seems to be about 30 seconds long and the looping is messy so it takes away from the gameplay. The chatacters are cute but the dialogue isnt very exciting, or explanatory. i gwt why the boy goes upstairs, but do they explain more about why Grandpa is playing..

  8. Timothy Berney says:

    I find Jewels Temple Fantasy nice and relaxing, at the moment there are a good mixture of tasks you have to do. I haven’t worked out what all the cloths are about but that will come. The graphics and the sound effects are good, the jewels are really crisp and the colours are nice and vivid. I wouldn’t say it’s the best game going but if you have 10 minuets to spare give it a go. 🤗

  9. Linne Lucasta says:

    So far game is fun and relaxing. Has many bonus opportunities. Little ads are great. This is one of the better games for me.

  10. Carrey Amber says:

    A match 3 that has interesting changes & gradually becomes more challenging. But; 2 issues: If you complete a level & receive only 2 stars (out of 3) there is no way to replay that level. Secondly, it offers ways to dress the mascot that is confusing, odd & seems to not work!

  11. Diamante Lacherry says:

    enjoying the game so far but the only problem I have is says ad x2 at the end of the level yet nothing happens when you tap it plus every so often it gives you a bag of gold which says watch video to get a reward and again nothing happens

  12. Denham Jenifer says:

    logged into facebook to save game but it would only show game generated I’d even though it said I was logged in. ranking boards suck…still had me on only 3 stars even after I was on the 35th level and had 3 stars on all levels….fun game but it doesnt update or show correct stars and ID on boards

  13. Kensington Glorianna says:

    not very good at tdentifying what each bonus jewel does. clearing the board doesn’t appear to use leftover moves. Small, too many choices without description.

  14. Dicky Franklin says:

    Didn’t even get to second level. So much garbage in here! Got stuck dressing that character and couldn’t get out of it? Just want to play the game, not play dress up! Grrrrr

  15. Hervie Aslinn says:

    The game is great the graphics are cool,and the characters are so cute! I’m enjoying the game very much. You can play anytime, and it doesn’t cost any money unless you choose to pay. That’s a huge plus.

  16. Balder Cecilie says:

    Very good graphics, ads are not annoying as in other games of this genre, overall a great game.

  17. Adyn Clarice says:

    This game is really easy but lots of fun. Not a lot of adds. 1st time I played was tonight so I am hoping it gets more difficult. Well worth installing

  18. Bundy Margie says:

    A great game with lots of variety of things going on, you won’t get bored with this one, it’s a can’t put down game and the cost of in app purchases aren’t bad either, well worth a look.

  19. Brenda Webster says:

    I really enjoy this game so far. Only thing I have to complain about is…every time I earn enough stars to open the chest..when I ooen the chest I get kicked out of the game as soon as I click on ok after I receive my award. Other than that I havent had any issues.

  20. Jesse Lagrange says:

    Currently level 15, lots of opportunities to double coins if you watch ads. Unable to change player name. Cute game so far.

  21. Michael-Paul Thompson says:

    It’s fine. Nothing special but equally nothing bad. Managed to totally crash the game by being good at one of the levels though, so not sure how to feel right now.

  22. Becca Lee says:

    just started and the game itself is ok…if i had to make a suggestion it would be that the board would be more of a full screen! the smaller board makes moving pieces diffixult at times!

  23. Colemar Bosili says:

    I just started last night, right now I’m on level 50 it’s starting to be tough now, until level 45 it’s easy, but than there are levels where the gems comes from left or right or down, you must be patient to anticipate the moves.. It is relaxing and challenging, the graphic is great the song a bit boring.

  24. Dianne Kilbride says:

    This is a great game graphics are great just makes you mad when you cant get the daily bonuses because the game gets harder as you keep going its been 3 days now !!! And again got the Daily for 2 Days & Its Gone Again What Are You Doing Even My Friends Are Getting Pissed OFF Can You Fix It Or NOT !!! Going To Uninstall This Dam Game !! Fix your game nnow my Friends say why play it Im sorry I told Them About it !!! Now Its uninstalled Was good !

  25. Bronwyn Adomaitis says:

    Keeps putting me back to the start after getting to higher levels. About to delete and try a different game.

  26. Deepak Maher says:

    A good game, not so difficult in the initial stages, but probably will get more gripping & interesting in higher levels, I presume so

  27. Dean Clark says:

    Good game. The hard and easy levels are spread apart and that makes the game more interesting. We have chances to win powerups. Good game.

  28. Wendy Jones says:

    Level 15 does not shuffle very well. Seems to be caught up in the top of the right side row. Can’t get anywhere cause that doesn’t work. Please fix it I will have to delete.

  29. Tricia Hungerford says:

    I am getting a kick out of this game. The graphics/animation is fun & the games themselves are very creative!

  30. Kevin Mccdonell says:

    If you want to try a match 3 game that is a little different than all the other ones out there now , this is the one to try . Really fun and thought providing game play ! Nice colorful graphics and smooth game play make this game a real winner !

  31. Kathi Stoddard says:

    This game is fun but you dont get the bonuses ur supposed to get. You touch the bag and you r supposed to Watch a video and get a bonus. The video never shows but the bag is gone and you get nothing. Please fix this or uninstall i put the game on my phone and the same thing happens. And it is still happening on my tablet. Time to find a new game

  32. esther royall says:

    I have just started playing and am at 50. So far, no complaints. A lazy, mind relaxing game that is stress free, no annoying advertisements unless you wish to obtain another life when you have lost all 5 lives. So thanks for this lovely game.

  33. Mamie Black says:

    This one is alright with me, liked how it was a lil story told, can also change the clothes they wear, I find that cool. But most of all I like how the coins add up. Great way to pass time.

  34. Robin Garrison says:

    First timer. Fun & entertaining. Don’t have to spend money to advance game status (so far) like similar games. One nitpicky observation is that “noice” should probably be “noise” in Jerome’s intro. I plan to recommend this game to family & friends.

  35. Young Kiba says:

    Love this game. It would be cool to be able to save your progress without facebook. I dont use facebook and i need to start from the first level every time i change phone or delete game.

  36. Penny Masiakowski says:

    I’ve just started, but I’m sure I’ll continue to enjoy this game. SpringComes usually doesn’t disappoint 😊 I’m especially enjoying the Rube Goldberg-esque puzzles! Take a minute to look and you may be able to win the game in one move😊

  37. LotsofLove Underwood says:

    Love the storyline. The characters are cute. And the graphics & soundeffects are great. Not too hard or easy. It’s a great game to relax.

  38. Maria Muldoon says:

    I love the game but on 3 downloads it keeps freezing on either level 49,50, is well done but im frustrated as it only decent one ive found that challenges????.Im UNINSTALL ING.yet again game froze.Fed up.

  39. Rachel Cascada says:

    Love that I can choose to see ads but the game stopped working on level 80. Tried multiple times and it would just freeze.

  40. Daniel Lashley says:

    Pretty fun and a little addictive. Q good way to pass time waiting for your ride or for your old lady to get out of the store lol

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