Jewels of Egypt・Match 3 Puzzle Apk Download New*


Restore the Pharaoh's city and solve match-3 gems puzzles in the adventure game!
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G5 Entertainment
December 2, 2022
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Jewels of Egypt・Match 3 Puzzle Apk Download New*

Swap and fit gemstones on Hundreds of match-3 puzzle ranges to gather sources and assist Pharaoh repair a ruined civilization with its majestic pyramids, temples, palaces and obelisks!

Jewels of Egypt・Match Three Puzzle Apk Obtain New* apk mod

Shuttle again to earlier period in Jewels of Egypt®, an awesome unfastened match-3 sport! A agreement at the Nile Delta wishes your lend a hand to be introduced again to its former glory in occasions of the Egyptian Empire. Play hundreds of match-3 video games, clear up difficult match-3 puzzles and rebuild this ravaged however once-beautiful house into the treasure of the brand new Kingdom!

Jewels of Egypt・Match Three Puzzle Apk Obtain New*

This sport is a singular and epic mix of town construction and match-3 puzzles, tied along with a storyline stuffed with court docket intrigues, crafty plans and historic occasions worthy of Nefertiti, within the colourful and colourful environment of Historic Egypt. You’re an bold third-generation architect who’s looking for your sister after her mysterious disappearance. Assist the decided electorate revive their group after devastating assaults via the power-mad Irsu and his wily retinue. Then determine a hyperlink between your circle of relatives and magical antiquities to enthrone the fitting individual. Makeover a fertile flooring, in finding your lacking sister and stay an impressive artifact clear of evil forces to be sure that fortune favors your settlers as soon as once more!

Jewels of Egypt・Match Three Puzzle Apk Obtain New* mod apk

Whilst this recreation is really loose to play, you be able to release non-compulsory bonuses by the use of in-app purchases from inside the recreation. It’s possible you’ll disable in-app purchases to your instrument settings.

Jewels of Egypt・Match Three Puzzle Apk Obtain New* apk

● PLAY thru a novel mixture of addictive match-3 and town development in a single recreation ● CROSS on an journey stuffed with the historical past, stories, and myths of Historical Egypt
● MEET the Pharaoh and his nobles, monks, squaddies, scribes, traders and farmers in your technique to prosperity
● GRASP 1000’s of distinctive match-3 ranges ● WIELD fantastic boosters and power-up combinations ● FREE UP plenty of historic structures and landmarks to rebuild and improve on this loose fit 3 sport ● PRACTICE your friends’ growth with the leading edge integrated social community ______________________________

Jewels of Egypt・Match Three Puzzle Apk Obtain New* apk mod 2022

Recreation to be had in: English, French, Italian, German, Spanish, Russian, Korean, Chinese language, Jap ______________________________

Jewels of Egypt・Match Three Puzzle Apk Obtain New* liberate

Compatibility notes: This recreation plays absolute best on high-end smartphones and capsules.

Jewels of Egypt・Match Three Puzzle Apk Obtain New* apk mod new

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40 comments on "Jewels of Egypt・Match 3 Puzzle Apk Download New*"

  1. Rachel Mayo says:

    I would rate this game higher since I love a lot about it, but I’m having a huge issue with it. As I was trying to complete a goal, the app kept stopping and I got the quest done. But it keeps telling me that I still need to do it and I’m not getting it anymore. I tried uninstalling the app, reinstalling it, even restarting my phone. I dont know how to fix this. Please help

  2. Jeff J says:

    I’ve enjoyed many types of Match 3 games with added Stories. This one intrigues me with the Egyptian theme. I sometimes get more out if it’s more direct. Games can become to complicated when to much is added in a short period. For me I’m glad its going on I like that challenge!!! Looking forward to further play. Though I’d like a bit more understanding what my points collected are. Or have I just not noticed that?

  3. Martha McLain Clifton says:

    I’ve just started this game but I’ve played jewels of Rome for about a year and if it’s like that one I know I’ll love it. I love how you’re not stuck on just one game, you can move around. I see all you people complaining about ads and pop ups about buying items, get over it. I like the specials and how else do you think these games can be free for us to play but for them to advertise for others. The only thing I wish was it could be a little cheaper.

  4. B. Drake says:

    I am addicted to this game. The graphics are outstanding. The storyline is worth reading. There are many difficult challenges as the game progresses thru the levels. Do be sure to check the landscape throughout the nome for rewards that help with collections and inventory. Nefrettiti’s facial expression when you replay a level are spot on for sheer disappointment. So many venues for varied games across the nome. Enjoy

  5. Matt Stokes says:

    It’s an okay game. At a certain point it becomes unplayable without using boosts. Also no way to turn off the hints which is super annoying because the hints are usually the worst moves. Too much nagware too much stuff that you can’t play was good for about a week of playability and don’t see the point of paying for it.

  6. Susan Drago says:

    I play several G5 games. The graphics are exceptional. Completing each puzzle requires thinking ahead. The only problem is that as you advance (and become more addicted), the puzzles become nearly impossible to solve without purchasing assists, and soon become a cash hog. If you can afford $10 a day to play, good for you. I can’t.

  7. T. Hackett says:

    This could be an excellent game BUT it’s one of those games that are fun – just to lure your wallet. Once you get to a certain point it becomes impossible to advance without SPENDING LARGE SUMS OF CASH. I’d rather spend $25 bucks to but the game outright then to spend Hundreds of dollars to continue playing. Hungry Shark was like that but then it put in on XBOX. I think it was $10 or $15 but it was AWESOME as a one time purchase.

  8. Kevin McClain says:

    Same as the Jewels of Rome game. Same shortcomings too. Eventually you get to the point where you don’t get enough moves to complete the level. They want you to buy boosts with real money. I don’t so I keep retracing the level until I run out of energy. A couple of days like that and I put the game down for extended periods of time

  9. Kat Sim says:

    Game is fun but crashes regularly. Freezes mid game, losing energy and rewards. Items like energy tokens fail to credit but are used up. Icons like the pause button often cover corners of the game board, making access impossible in that area. Otherwise, its a great interesting version of match 3 game.

  10. Robin Nikki Baker-WeeDon says:

    I literally just installed & started playing this game about 45mins ago, & so far it’s okay. The only issue I have with it is, it’s a little slow, meaning after you have completed a level & at the end, instead of being able to just click once & it quickly sends out ur rewards, the rewards come out a little slow, & you have to click several times….. I know that sounds real picky, but I prefer quick matching games. I’ll give an update later on this month.

  11. Patti Hoff says:

    Love their Roman themed game and this one is no different. Would still love to be able to turn off hints while playing, but other than that, love all the level options to choose from at any given point. That’s a great aspect when I get stuck or frustrated on one level/quest, I can just go do another one!

  12. Jean Preble says:

    Beautiful graphics. Interesting storyline. However, if you do not have unlimited funds to spend, after about level 20 everything hinges on spending cash money. Buy boosts, buy shoes, buy shoes nearly every level. You get left with one or two tiles and no win, no shoes. The events allow you to achieve the first chest without depleting all your resources. After that it is work at not failing because you don’t have shoes. NOT player friendly. I have friends, so I haven’t quit.

  13. Jean Jones says:

    So far, it’s excellent!! But u very seriously, VERY SERIOUSLY wish there would be some kind of things you do in order to get items needed without spending money! I am a widowed disabled person, who has no choice but to live on LESS than$1,000/month and that makes it extremely difficult to be able to spend $$on a game

  14. Natasha Lawrence says:

    I have only recently started playing this game. So far, I find it to be an enjoyable game. You go to different areas on a map to search for different objects via match 3 puzzles to complete goals. This part is simple and easy to understand. I find the match 3 puzzles are a challenge, but are not so challenging that they cannot be completed. I also like that I don’t have to have a Facebook account to keep my progress. I created a G5 account for that. I recommend giving the game a try.

  15. Carol Cotsonis says:

    I sometimes seem to get into a brief loop where I have to find the same object for Khety [is that right?] but otherwise the game is very enjoyable. The characters, scenery and props are thoroughly Egyptian and I enjoy reading the dialogues. The match three puzzles are just the right degree of difficulty. Quite a mesmerizing game, all in all.

  16. Andrei C says:

    Great game but the levels sometimes start with 30, 10 or 5 moves. What cheap mechanic is this, guys? How the f…. do you think this is fair?! Until it’s fixed, you get one star. Edit: Got in touch with dev, they requested a lot of info but I am fairly sure they won’t fix anything. Restarting the same level over and over again resulted in different moves allocated: 15, 5, 10, 20, 25, etc.

  17. Jester Kali says:

    Typical match 3, with a Egyptian twist. Has amazing visuals and a decent but well written story with good characters. Mechanics are easy to understand and the levels aren’t too repetitive and have a curve of difficulty to them. Disagree that powerups are needed to finish some levels, especially when you can repeat a level indefinitely with energy. 4 stars only for big reason tho. Randomly, when you have to retry a level, the amount of moves changes. Vastly. With no indication why. Very annoying

  18. Robert Zinda says:

    As soon as I saw the big intro and storyline that has tons of time wasting stuff between you 10 seconds of game play, 6 moves on the smallest screen and your back to s huge explanation that nobody cares about with tiny objects that you have to find and visit to get upgrades does not make any game fun or interesting. It does reduce the number of players though. I can’t even say if they cheat like all other match games wil and systematically ending your game to get your money

  19. Eowyn Stark says:

    Best game I’ve played so far. Very addictive with so many challenges along the way. I’m definitely a lot poorer now than when I started…😆, but you do get a lot of things given in the game. I wish they give you 10 crystals instead of a paltry 3 😁 cos for extra moves you make in the matching game, you need to get sandals for 4 crystals, so the freebie shld be at least 4? Anyway 10 would be better. 😉

  20. Kandi Spetzman says:

    Game is visually appealing, and it’s a fun, basic match 3. So frustrating and annoying to get to a level you can’t pass unless you buy extras, and this happens often. There ought to be a way to use in-game coins to buy things, but G5 games always want your money.

  21. Stephani Bambino says:

    I have really enjoyed this game for the past 2 years and now it is getting to the point where I don’t even look forward to playing anymore because most of the puzzles are so hard and they don’t give you enough time or enough moves to finish it. You got bomb barrels going off after just a min and u almost have to spend money and buy tools just to win and what’s the fun in that? I’m going to be Uninstalling it and finding a new game to play if they don’t fix it. I’m sad about this.

  22. Yl Y says:

    I am so angry now. I have tried many times to try to pass harbor level and finally it’s only 1 move shortage but I run out of diamonds to continue. Fine, I just pay for 15 diamonds then. But after the transaction I got kick out of the game! Then what is the point of buying when I need to go through trying again! I am very angry now. Never will I buy in between the game again!

  23. Vonjah Tuttle says:

    Quite a fun game, easy to loose the thread of the side quest stories, but the main quest keeps a journal. Wish the game came with 3 settings for each puzzle, i.e. casual would give the least amount of experiance/prizes, challenge for midrange, and expert highest amount. I do love the weekend side prize that you have to earn tokens to be able to play.

  24. william arrants says:

    Love this game. Played it on PC as well. As for levels being to difficult, this is a puzzle game. You must use your brain. It may take several tries to complete a board but that is the fun part. Find where the weakness is on the board and then solve it. One hint I will impart, do not let the board play you. Ads are more than acceptable . Also I like the story line as well. Players may always skip the story but to me this is a big part of the game. Plenty of power ups, and side games to help .

  25. Elizabeth says:

    A typical G5 game. It’s great in the beginning, but after a certain level, without boosters, levels are almost impossible to pass, unless you don’t mind being stuck for days. You need gems to purchase just about everything, but it’s the one thing that you get almost none of. There’s only 2 boosters that you can get without gems and they’re the suckiest boosters. I know developers will have the typical comeback, ” you don’t have to spend cash, blah, blah, blah “. Don’t believe them. UNINSTALLED!

  26. Mary Nelson says:

    The game play is fun and challenging. There are many different challenges to choose from. I just wish the energy was unlimited. I’ll accept that for not having any ads popping up.

  27. Kitty Dungar says:

    The last three event stories have been repeats. You’ve changed the avatars and nothing else. You have removed the previous stories from the diary. I am so disappointed. It had been a fun game. Your answer is UUNTRUE. You do not do it for that reason. There are no specific rewards related to a specific quest! You eliminate the diary pages so a completed quest is vanished. Integrity and honesty would be appreciated but your reply possesses neither. It is 5 repeats now.

  28. Marianna Wyatt says:

    Good game keeps me occupied. Like the collections. The ads are not too annoying but fed up of them freezing for several minutes. Gets on your nerves so much that you log out.

  29. paul davis says:

    Nice graphics, ok scenarios. Usual slow progress unless you pay money but game is still enjoyable. Adding the option to watch short videos to earn valuable gems was nice. 😀

  30. Michael Katende says:

    The game app is amazing, but if you don’t have real money to buy the games items in the game store, it’s hard to move on in the game. But thanks for this amazing game Application. When l get the money to spend in the game I will same day. But not now

  31. Simaholic63 says:

    Though I’m not very far into the game, I’m loving it so far. The only thing I wish it had, that would make it absolutely perfect in my eyes, would be to add match 4 in a box shape to the game. That’s always been my favorite aspect of a match 3 game. I love being able to make a 🦋/🐝/🪲/etc, then combining it with a match 5 result, and watching it clear a bunch of stuff, so I win the level… lots of fun! However, regardless of whether or not you add this, it’s a great game & I love it! ❤️

  32. Mopelola Adeseye says:

    I really enjoyed playing this game. I loved all the levels and receiving rewards per task. The music helps to keep going and reading the quests to build the structures makes the objective unique.

  33. aparna gupta says:

    When I started playing this game I was hooked to it due to the wins I was getting 4 free. After that I started paying to get more tools to use that the game provides. I now find that the more I pay the more the game makes it harder for me to win without expending tools I hv bought. Tdy ws the limit when I tried to buy it and it only gave 16 hammer tools as against 40 earlier. U r getting too greedy. I regularly invest in the app yet u make it harder for me to win. Change this greedy mentality

  34. Denise Bielski says:

    This and hidden city won’t download the updates. It’s been 3 days of trying to get them updated. Egypt tells me I’m not connected to the internet, when I am. Hidden city just does nothing. Please fix, I don’t want to delete and reinstall them, because I lose my progress, and you won’t take my email address because its in use, I only have one! I just Uninstaller the game, and I’m re-installing it. I really hope I don’t lose my progress, not happy. But it has been four days and nothing so….

  35. Mark Stone says:

    I played this a long time ago. In that time, it was fun even with harder levels. I just came back to see, that on lvl 16 it is frustrating and cannot do much without paying. You almost get 0 diamonds for little help, so there is not much chance to have fun, because you will stuck on some levels. Good old days..

  36. Joyce Mills says:

    I enjoy this game. Find it fun and challenging. I think you could improve by giving tools or at least something more useful than what you give when monsters are destroyed

  37. Norman Nolis says:

    I love this game so far so good. I am enjoying all the challenges that come with it. I have more chances of choosing the different challenges to play. However, after my last game, I have not been able to play as I am now unable to download the new updates. It’s almost two weeks and is taking too. My download percent has been reading as 9/47mb. I have enough data however its stuck at 9 and has not changed. Please help me with this so I can continue with my game. I am disappointed for now.

  38. Kathryn Squyres says:

    I love this game. It’s fun and challenging. But the app keeps shutting itself down or makes the screen go black and I have to restart it after every single puzzle.

  39. A C says:

    Only recently found this one. A nice variation of the ‘gems’ games. Best played on a tablet or laptop; bigger screen, easier to read the story and see some of the graphics. Good fun.👍🏼

  40. Sora Greed says:

    It is the best colourful game I have ever played. I love the music and graphics. It is so easy to play andI am having a lot of fun with it. I enjoy it alot too.

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