Jewel Princess – Match 3 Froze Mod Apk New 2022*


Jewel Princess,embark upon an immersive Match 3 frozen puzzly adventures.
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July 2, 2020
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Jewel Princess – Match 3 Froze Mod Apk New 2022*

Jewel Princess, quest frozen Adventures. Embark in this immersive fit Three puzzles and Uncover the wondrous worlds with a magic typhoon with ice princess.
Explore🧐in mythical adventure with without equal consumer matching enjoy and mysterious occasions. On this colourful global filled with addictive snow adventures, change and overwhelm the gems💎to whole the problem.
Well-designed puzzles wish to be solved together with your suave mind and magic wand in iceworld. Attach gorgeous jewel gem stones making mixtures to revel in a fantastical impact!😘

Jewel Princess – Fit Three Iced over Mod Apk New 2022* mod apk

Check your Fit Three Puzzle talents thru 1000’s of a laugh and difficult recreation ranges. Unharness superb mixtures and strong Boosters to blast via Gem stones in royal damage!
Blast jewels along with your matching ability, teach mind via fixing puzzles.

Jewel Princess – Fit Three Iced over Mod Apk New 2022* apk mod new

Observe the frozen jewel💎and gemstones to discover the paranormal frozen journey. The adventure of exploration is stuffed with hindrances, breaking them and gaining treasures.💰
There are quite a lot of crowd pleasing scenes within the snow mountain.
Hope you’ll get a greater temper within the jewels mythical.

Jewel Princess – Fit Three Iced up Mod Apk New 2022* apk

●🎮Easy and amusing recreation puzzles, embark on an frozen journey.
●🏅2000+ neatly – designed ranges, play thrilling fit Three sport.
●😍A number of recreation modes mean you can fondle admiringly.
●⏳No time or position prohibit, experience puzzle a laugh any time and any place.
●📶No want community, you’ll nonetheless play video games in no-wifi.
●💕Beautiful graphics, unharness wonderful combinations and strong boosters.
●👵No age restrict, proceed the brand new tale for your self.
●🤩Multiple superior rewards ready for you.

Jewel Princess – Fit Three Iced over Mod Apk New 2022* free up

Play Jewel Princess for free! We are hoping that you are going to revel in our recreation! Uncover the thrilling amusing by means of diving into the journey of Frozen International.
👉Download this puzzle now, upload extra a laugh to existence.

Jewel Princess – Fit Three Iced over Mod Apk New 2022*

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40 comments on "Jewel Princess – Match 3 Froze Mod Apk New 2022*"

  1. Eallard Cerys says:

    Good game play👍It would b a 5 🌟 if u could make the graphics not so much alike & the crowns r pointless!..The ads start coming after game 20 (I think & ur already hooked on game play)..& they r not back button..different types & way 2 long..plz fix & U will have a hit✌

  2. Spencer Jayni says:

    It is a match game but different than the others….very well done. Passes the time with just enough challange. Nice job… I really like it!!!!

  3. Rayce Speed says:

    I love the game but could someone tell me how to find the bag?? Most games click settings but not this one, see them going in but it disappears then can’t get it back..

  4. Starlene Christabelle says:

    I like the game; why the four? The beginning of the game example is irritating in every game is too much. Where is the option to turn it off.

  5. Cym Mason says:

    Love the game! But won’t watch ads that i don’t amd will never play for more than 5 seconds! Good bye!

  6. Acca Rea says:

    Like every other match 3 game. I installed because it showed sliding gems to various positions, looked different and challenge (ad on sandballs) this was nothing like ad.

  7. Brayden Sandira says:

    Sweet game! Just started but enjoying it very much. Controls are very smooth. Nice, soothing music. adorable character, suggestions helpful. Well done.

  8. Mickaela Robin says:

    This is a fun, colorful, and challenging but not overly hard match 3 puzzle game. It definitely keeps you occupied for hours on end.

  9. Halstead Darryn says:

    This game is fun to play. It has a tutorial that helps win the game. You can match jewels of the same color and use bombs to help win the game. I love the princess because she looks just like Elsa from Frozen. Overall, the game is fun, challenges you, and is very great!

  10. Darrel Annett says:

    I didn’t think I was going to like this game. But it’s really a good match free game. Run smooth fun puzzles not too easy not too hard and you don’t get it bombarded too much my ads definitely worth downloading and playing if you like Match 3 games I think you will really like this game

  11. Kamelia Brant says:

    Absolutely the dumbest game out. Dont waste your time playing this…every level the same. Also, they have levels where you get rid of a match ans 6 more pop up! Idiots made this one. Game for morons, no stragegy needed.

  12. Rangley Raybourne says:

    I made it to level 901 and can go no farther. It’s been a challenging game, and I played it longer than most. I will probably download again in the future. For now I have to move on. Good game!

  13. Cathie Jeovanna says:

    Worth a lot more * but level 45 had achieved 2* with 20 moves left, without using boosters. Didn’t get 3* waste of time playing

  14. Garnet Lavender says:

    Trying to purchase something from your site it continuously goes back to the Play Store. Unable to make purchase. The second day in a row. I cannot purchase any items from you. . It continuously goes back to the Play Store.

  15. Kayce Prudence says:

    Is a good game Jewel Princess Match 3. I do wish that you could just played the GameWithout have to pay the treasures of the game. Maybe you should look up gameplay and Change it In Way That ring more people to play your game. But it’s true brilliant To play the game

  16. Reginal INSERT says:

    Good game but too many ads one after each level or try is a joke also it seems to be more laggy and slower since last update u can’t do more then 1 move seems to have been dumbed down a bit and time it takes to refill hearts is too long 30 mins per 1 so it’s 3 hours for full hearts is too long we don’t have time to wait 30 mins or 3 hours to play a game. Needs more coins and boosters in game as don’t get enough when u complete the levels and u can’t always pass level with out boosts good game.

  17. Rayshell Chrystian says:

    Your game has bugs. Keeps closing in the middle of play which causes me to lose a life. Then I have to do the same level over. This is too annoying. Not wasting my time!

  18. Gibson Everton says:

    Every time I play this game it freezes up in the middle, I’m uninstalling this game! It is a bad game because it’s freezing up.

  19. Janet Byassee says:

    I’m enjoying this game. I’m 67 years old and at times it seems a little fast for me but I’m getting more 3 🌟 than not. So yes 5 is what this game deserve. Thank you. God bless you and those involved in creating and designing it.

  20. gerald jeffrey says:

    Beautiful game just a prson much younger 🐺🐺so I would say good game to try. Ok u make a state ment countrol I don’t no if I got that right but all seem to be perfect no complain wonderful. Later.

  21. Ederlyn Dizon says:

    Vibrant colors though objects are small. Can’t figure out what are the uses of the coins gained in the play.

  22. Karen Morris says:

    Love the graphics, but don’t love the ads after EVERY level!! Have played this game for hours, & as long as my patience holds out, will continue

  23. Kelinci Nakal says:

    The game that I recommended. Why? because the limit on the number of steps makes sense. Standard difficulty so I can enjoy it casually. Life is stressful, this game is relaxing enough to kill time …

  24. Michael Keffer says:

    I like this game but some of the ads are annoyingly repititious. The Quibi ad is the worst offender. Could something be done to correct this?

  25. Andrew Stephens says:

    At the moment on level 10 no ads very easy going see if it continues without ads and improves the difficulty

  26. Renee Hinson says:

    WONDERFUL GAME! The jewels are very nicely designed, and shaped in a very desirable way so that it can be played easily. Please develop more games like this one.

  27. James Mahon says:

    Jewel Princess- Match 3 Frozen Adventure game is a relaxing game. The graphics are really good. The Jewel Princess, and her best friend the snowman, are curte. The back ground music is very catchy.

  28. Celia Marie says:

    Cute game. I was having fun. But it’s too hard to see the chocolate 🤣 great grahics and colors. 5 stars

  29. Leslie Werner says:

    Fun game. I would recommend this game to anyone. Graphics are fun. I think it could possibly be made just alittle bit more difficult.

  30. Mindie McFadden says:

    This is a good game. Glad you get chance to skip instructions and end of each level to move on to nextlevel quicker

  31. Deepak Maher says:

    Hv just started playing, initial stages seem simple, hope as we go further, stages shd be more interesting, gripping & enjoyable with good pop ups.

  32. Steph says:

    At first I thought the game was going to be easy. The game is really cool and fun going. 😎 u can kick back and chill out. But this game is fun to play. Young kids and even Young teen of all ages can play. It make u think with ur brain. I gave the game 5 stars.

  33. sylvia harrigan says:

    Good game I’d like to see tournaments and little competitions implemented it gets a little menautenous and the woman’s voice is annoying 🙄 but good for keeping me focused for now cheers

  34. Emily Washington says:

    Love the game so far! Challenging but easy to pass levels. Lots of boosters to help also. Keep up the amazing work!

  35. Rhonda Layne says:

    I enjoyed this game when I first started playing it. All it does now is freeze at the begining of the game and then it locks up my entire phone to the point I can’t even turn it off I have had to take the battery out of my phone just so I could reboot it. Now my phone is acting squirrely. If my phone will work long enough, I am going to uninstall this app. So frustrating.

  36. Terry Mikesell says:

    Enjoyed the game until around level 50, now it freezes after completing 2 levels so then I have to restart, luckily it saves the levels already played. However I uninstalled and reinstalled, hopefully that will work. If not uninstall. Any fixes?

  37. rayshawnda davis says:

    Fun game but they need to unlock more levels. I reached level 2000 and when it was over. This was a bummer as I really liked this game.

  38. Elizabeth McRae says:

    I have had this game before but i just downloaded it two weeks ago but i love it and this game is really fun and you should let your kids get this game it is a frozen game but it is really fun to play i am in level 9

  39. Danielle Nelson says:

    Upheaval match 3 type it’d game my daughter really really likes it not 100 % sure ir itys because it’s given or is ; becauseit annoys me

  40. Jody Lewis says:

    I love it, 😎💘💕❤️🚀another disney character, magically (fearless ) jewel 💍 💎 princess “Elsa”I had this 🎮 before on my phone 📱 Thanks Google!

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