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A gentle journey into colour and perception
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November 28, 2022
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I Love Hue Apk Download New*

The authentic color grid puzzle sport!

I Like Hue Apk Obtain New* apk mod

I Really Like Hue is a steady adventure into color and belief. Reorder mosaics of colored tiles into completely ordered spectrums. Lovingly made for avid gamers who revel in fantastically crafted puzzle video games – or somebody who wishes a couple of moments of visible tranquility.

I Really Like Hue Apk Obtain New* apk mod 2022

“Vibrant, calm, and curious” – Pocket Gamer
“Pretty to have a look at” – Kotaku UNITED KINGDOM

I Like Hue Apk Obtain New* apk

COLOR – transfer each and every tile to its best position inside the spectrum UNITY – create order out of chromatic chaos BELIEF – learn how to see the smallest distinction between identical colors SERENITY – lose your self in a tranquil global of color and light-weight

I Like Hue Apk Obtain New*


I Really Like Hue Apk Obtain New* free up

* Mesmerising colour-based gameplay – a puzzle of belief, now not good judgment * A minimum, modernist aesthetic – a playable murals * A relaxing synth soundtrack
* Percentage your accomplishments… and moments of attractiveness * More than one play modes – lose your self within the IMAGINATIVE AND PRESCIENT or problem your self within the QUEST!
* Over 900 ranges to resolve * Evaluate your efficiency to the sector moderate, and liberate achievements by means of beating it


40 comments on "I Love Hue Apk Download New*"

  1. Bartolomeo Primitivo says:

    I am in love with this game. I finished all levels today. It acts as a form of relaxation for those who perceive calmness through visual and audio context. The music is very soothing and the concept of the game makes it very easy to complete. Also a great practice for visual purposes and identifying what goes where and how to piece together parts of the puzzle. Overall an amazing time killer and an enjoyable experience

  2. Lamari Mable says:

    Great and simple with lots of levels. But like most apps, the in game currency ruins it. After you use all the free coins, you have to wait a day to get more, which only gets you like three levels. Another app I use like this has the ability to save a hue pattern as a wallpaper, which I would like to see here. Overall, it is decent.

  3. Shalyn Wynne says:

    A very relaxing and chill game go play. Its challenging enough to test your color perception & skills while not being so overwhelming and breaking that “relaxing” moment. You can also continue where you left off or just play a quick level while waiting for something. 👌 Only bad thing is that all the ads are 30 seconds long and you can’t skip them. But not a big deal for me, personally.

  4. Sherryl Bille says:

    this is a really fun and relaxing game! i love how it doesnt force in app purchases down your throat and theyre very generous when it comes to advancing to new stages! theres none of the hassle of needing to complete an entire level before moving on to the next, so you never experience the inconvenience of not knowing how to solve the puzzle, therefore not being able to play the game – if you cant solve it, skip it! its such a wonderful game! the colors and gradients are so pleasing to look at!

  5. Elidure Kalvin says:

    I definitely love Hue! I love the simple controls and mechanics of the game. I feel motivated to do better than the “world average”, which makes it more of a challenge since if I swapped pieces around I could get to the end within an infinite amount of time. Loving the colours in your palette, I’m still in the early stages so I’m looking forward to different colour schemes. Anyway great job, Zut team! The game is so fun and beautiful.

  6. Brigitha Tilian says:

    I enjoy this game for being very calming and relaxing and having beautiful colors. I am also a sucker for any game that lavishly compliments me after finishing a level. The only downside is having an ad pop up after every level. That by itself is understandable because it is a free to play game, but it also pauses any music you’re listening to on another app. The in-game music is okay, but I would really like to be able to listen to my own music to zen myself out.

  7. Deeann Dalys says:

    This is an excellent de-stressor game. Just enough difficulty to provide a challenge without becoming frustrating, and no way to “lose”. Plus, it’s pretty! I kind of wish there were some stats based on how well you do on different hues- I feel like some colors give me more trouble than others and I’d be interested to see if that was true (& how that compares to others) but that seems both hard to program and not something most people care about, so that’s not a complaint 🙂

  8. Iuma Arvin says:

    Great game, great time killer, challenging and addictive. Played this game for a good year (off and on) and had no complaints. Now I do. The skippable ads that would appear once every 3 or 4 boards now appear after every one you complete and they’re 30 seconds and unskippable. It’s very annoying and frustrating to have audio cut off from the video I’m watching to have the same 3 goddamn games show me an ad I dont want to see and that I can’t ignore.

  9. Jarrell Dreogan says:

    I would give this game 5 stars if it weren’t for the daily bonus mechanic (you can only play so many levels until needing to wait a day). The game is exactly what it says on the tin: you sort color blocks into a gradient. If that’s your style of game, it’s really relaxing and enjoyable. Almost all of the one-star ratings are undeserving; all ads are skippable after 5 seconds and the crashing error had been patched.

  10. Dimiterios Lannie says:

    I think it’s great. There were a flurry of ads on level 2 and not so many since. I have never yet run out of play prisms – some people have lots of free time, I guess. I guess the average moves is a real number. I’m pretty good and I’m nowhere near it most times, which is a little depressing (joke….). Not really like swimming in paint but sort of.

  11. Brock Colley says:

    I love almost everything about this game. Pros: The colors are beautiful, I love the sounds and the music. I love that I’m not racing a clock or any other outer measurement of success. Cons: the ads are a bit long and it’s hard to get all the way out of the game when you’re ready. My phone’s navigation buttons disappear unless I’m at a certain screen in the game (maybe that’s just my phone though?) Overall super happy with this game and looking forward to playing it for many moons!

  12. Aliezah Jazmina says:

    The game overall is relaxing and smooth. Except the ads but I ignore that. The game doesn’t lag at all and the gameplay is sometimes tricky. You’d think its one color but once you move the tile to another side, it changes color. I would give it a 5 star but I tried logging into Google Play and now when I open the app, it closes. Now I can’t play it at all. Guess I’ll try to uninstall it and reinstall it then if it works then I’ll give you a warning. Edit: Yep it works just fine now.

  13. Kelson Agness says:

    I loved playing this game on my tablet. If I recall correctly it gives you about 3 or 5 new levels worth of currency every day to play with without watching ads, and I was content with that. Relaxing, fun, never tired of it, could still play it with a blue light filter on once my eyes adjusted. But since trying to install the game on my phone, I seem to have lost all my save data. Had bad wifi, and I did play the tutorial stage so probably my fault, but sadly lost interest in playing regardless.

  14. Maryann Abergavenny says:

    Great game for spending a bit of time when you’re otherwise occupied. Only reason for 4 stars is that this game seems to have an issue with lag spikes when switching tiles which start in the middle of a game and persist until the end of a level. Not sure what the problem could be, but it only seems to be caused by tiles switching. If that bug is fixed then it’ll be a 5 star review

  15. Mickalla Benon says:

    Too many ads! This is a beautiful game. I find it very relaxing and really enjoy playing it, but the number and length of the ads ruin it for me. After a few rounds it starts showing a 30 second ad after EVERY game (which only lasts a few minutes). And then you have to buy more prisms if you want to play more than 5 rounds a day. But hey you can always watch MORE ads to work around that. Very disappointing.

  16. Mickaela Sherron says:

    I really love how this game can be both invigorating and relaxing. Its soothing and so satisfying when you finish the puzzle and have all the colors placed correctly. The ads aren’t intrusive. You might need to be careful if you have sensitive eyes, some of the gradients can be bright, however it is easy to progress and gain prismas (used to start a puzzle) so you could choose only the darker ones.

  17. Hannalee Bliths says:

    Very enjoyable and relaxing. The levels get more difficult, but you can just mess around til you get them. There are slightly more ads than is ideal, but they don’t show up in the middle of levels, and levels last at least a few minutes each, so it’s not like constant ads. You have to use currency to play, but you can earn it watching ads (1 ad for 5 levels, not that bad) so it is definitely free to play. Very satisfying.

  18. wahvie says:

    I love hue is very zen. The little sound effects are very relaxing. It’s hard enough to not be boring, but it’s not easy. I’ve gotten stuck on some levels for a few days, but never got angry at it. I found my new favorite time waster! The last few tiles are just as satisfying as the last few pieces on a jigsaw. It does have ads after each level, but you can skip all of them after 5 seconds. Highly recommend! Unless you’re colorblind… that sounds irritating!

  19. Mark Connely says:

    I enjoyed this game because it is simple to understand, yet challenging to execute. It is attractive in design and not obnoxious in any way. There are no ambiguous or arbitrary solutions – you are either correct or you’re not – there’s no room to argue that a puzzle could have had a different solution than the one it has. It calls upon an unusual skill (arranging colors in a graduated spectrum between two index colors on both the X and Y axis) which was unfamiliar to me, but it was interesting to see how quickly and intuitively it developed.The challenge comes from simultaneous contrast. Simultaneous contrast is a phenomenon that happens when two adjacent colors influence each other, changing our perception of these colors (more or less saturated, more or less bright). It can be observed both with different hues, or luminosities. So part of the game is learning how to recognize and deal with the illusions created by your own brain, and that’s always fun and satisfying.

  20. Cindy Wodinsky says:

    This is a great game for colour gradation addicts. There are many levels and you can see how your score compares to the global average. I like to replay each puzzle until I’m able to complete it in the least amount of moves before moving on to the next one – a “personal best” sort of challenge. Opening the app gives you 15 free prisms each day so you soon have plenty of prisms to “pay” for playing. Ads only run after puzzle completion so not too annoying. One of my most favorite games!

  21. Albert K says:

    Just completed the last of the 955 levels. A lot to like; the puzzles are gorgeous and it’s a very nice balance between challenging and relaxing. But on too many of the levels the color gradations are so slight that you have to mess with your phone settings to finish the level. A game like this should be a mental challenge, not a tech adjustment ritual. Also why no optional move counter for players trying to beat the averages? These are fixable issues and I hope they get fixed.

  22. James Phillips says:

    Only about 200 levels but I’m having a blast! This game is very relaxing, beautiful and exactly as described. Ads only show up about 25 levels in, and removing them is cheap. Game is generous with it’s prisms, the currency of the game, and I’ve never felt like I needed a purchase to play. The gameplay is just tile swapping, at least so far as I’ve played, but it’s perfectly fun and consistently cute.

  23. Damien Edmiston says:

    It’s a nice relaxing game, and as an artist, I can appreciate the colors and subtle differences in them. That being said, it does get repetitive after a while. And if you’re playing this game to relax, the ads will throw you off big time, and they happen frequently. I also don’t understand why there is a system of points needed to do each level (new levels being 3 points, and you only get 15 free ones a day). Its very annoying to get 5 puzzles in and have to just stop.

  24. Madeline Embrey says:

    I initially got this because it was a fun idea for a puzzle, but I’ve noticed I sometimes use this this to calm down and reset a little if I’m upset or can’t stop worrying. It’s challenging enough to distract you and it’s visually nice to look at. There are no times to beat and no stressing out racing against the clock. Nice grounding effects for me at least. That’s my own experience, everyone is different.

  25. Ribbon Duckling says:

    I don’t usually rate apps but this one is great. It’s very relaxing and even though it does have a record system it always feels like an option to get a high score. It has far more levels than I think I could ever play and can kill hours. The most annoying part would probably be the “cost” to play a level but you get a few free pyramid things daily and in my experience you dont have to open the app to get them though that may vary. Good game

  26. Kayley Abell-Hart says:

    I love the gameplay, but not the arcade-like business model. I wish I could just buy the game. Having to spend prisms each time I play a puzzle, with no way to earn prisms in-game, means the more I play the game, the more money I’d need to spend (or ads to watch.) This is especially frustrating because I really like the game itself! It’s challenging yet relaxing and satisfying. It’s like no other game I’ve played.

  27. Lynde Szczembara says:

    I love this game. It’s essentially a puzzle, but its beautiful design makes it feel fresh and different. Plus when you beat the average it says things like “you sparkling rainbow, you did it!” which makes me smile :). There are ads after every level, but it’s like 5 seconds in between completing one level and starting another so it doesn’t really bother me.

  28. John Madden says:

    A lovely, soothing game. And for at least a little while after playing, I have a much more nuanced appreciation of the colors around me. For this non-artist, it’s like a small window into how a painter might see the world, which is nifty. While I was glad to do it after discovering how much I liked the game, I did feel a little coerced into paying for a “prism pack” to get rid of the ads, which are frustratingly intrusive in the free version.

  29. Robin Hall says:

    I did not think it was going to be so addicting. Its so satisfying, makes me feel a little smart. I’ve played 2 different versions, according to requirements of your phone. Both are just as good. Remove ads or get Google play pass it’s worth it. Buy a prism pack. ADS CAN BE SO UGH! I’ve been playing for months, there are still more levels to complete. Great, relaxing, puzzle game. 😎

  30. Mona Terwedow says:

    I really didn’t expect to like the game this much, but it’s very relaxing for me. I like that there are no timers or leaderboards. I just started the Guru level, and I’ve been playing the levels all the way through, instead of skipping ahead. The language it uses (you bright shining rainbow!) is a little over the top, but as long as no one actually tries to indoctrinate me into a cult, I can handle it. It’s really amazing how different a tile looks, depending on the colors around it.

  31. Hunter Hogan says:

    The puzzles are fascinating. The concept is original. The gameplay is elegant. But, there are two huge problems with the app. First, after every puzzle, there is a highly intrusive advertisement. Second, the cost of disabling ads is extremely ambiguous. I would pay to permanently disable ads, but I’m not sure if that option exists.

  32. Gorgon Gear says:

    Ads are rather intrusive, but otherwise, it’s an excellent game! Relaxing and pretty. Other than the ads, my only complaint would be how long it took to unlock the hexagonal stages. (They seem *easier* than the second category of levels, but are on the third category. Not sure why. Actually, they seem easier than the grid levels in general.)

  33. WJ MacGuffin says:

    This is surprisingly well done! It looks great, controls are responsive, and the gameplay is chill but engaging. If you like puzzles, I’d recommend giving this one a try! Oh, and it does not flood you with ads and doesn’t try to constantly get our money. A company making great decisions is like that deserves or attention!

  34. Shu Wi says:

    I Iike the puzzles. And being able to see the “world average.” I don’t mind the ads. They’re a puzzle thenselves to figure out how to clear them off the screen most efficiently. I don’t like the fact that I either have to buy more points to play more games, or wait until the next day, but I understand game developers have to make a living. BUT–I get annoyed at the end of every puzzle because the program takes an extra second to tell me if it is completed. For that reason, I play less often. NJ!

  35. Jess Jabour says:

    The puzzles are very relaxing, the ads are intrusive. Fully worth the few dollars buying any gem package to make them go away. Once the ads are gone, the only way the app could be better is if the heart at the end indicating you’ve completed the puzzle faded in and out. After two or three puzzles I’m nearly asleep, but the darn heart appearing is a smidge to stimulating for my preference.

  36. Nae Nae says:

    This would be a 5 star, but I would like them to hold on the final picture another 2 seconds. I’m ND, and I love playing this game. My mind wants to put the colors back where they belong, so I’d like to see the final stage with the black dots a little longer after it’s complete. Once the final piece is in place, it immediately removes the black dots & adds a heart, so I’m not getting the satisfaction of seeing it exactly the way it was before the colors were shuffled with the black dots.

  37. Kerri-Leigh Grady says:

    My favorite casual game. It’s meditative, mesmerizing, and an absolute joy to play. Puzzles become increasingly complex, so each one is a challenge, but they’re never impossible. I’ve played through once and test my progress to replay. I can def see restarting several more times since it won’t likely get old. Of course, part 3 would be amazing, too. I played the original after this one and thought it would have been fun if I hadn’t been spoiled by this one first.

  38. Richard Hefner Jr says:

    It’s a great game. It’s challenging and relaxing in a wieed way. I don’t like the Inclusion of prisms to play levels, but ive never run out so yeah. Only mobile game I haven’t turned off notifications on because all it sends is a brief notice when you get your daily prism refill. Not very colorblind friendly, but I don’t think it’s possible to make a game like this colorblind friendly :/

  39. black heart -w- says:

    Love this game and the part two. I would give five stars but something happened. I’ve been playing this game for over a year and occasionally get bored of it and Uninstall it, data is totally fine and saved whenever i re-downloaded. I just went through one of those phases and re-download only to have my hard work deleted :/

  40. Jackie says:

    I’m a digital artist and a big fan of color gradients, so I absolutely love this game, and feel like it’s teaching me a thing or two about color combos to boot! It’s engaging, relaxing, and really flexes the puzzle muscle (to use a technical term). Sure the ads are annoying in the free version, but that just means I’ll get the paid one when I can. c:

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