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October 26, 2022
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Home Design : Hawaii Life Apk Download New 2022 Version*

Welcome to the Aloha State! Play House Design: Hawaii Lifestyles and reside the lifetime of an inside clothier and an actual property rich person. Lend a hand an never-ending flow of purchasers who depend on you to make their island residing goals come true. Resolve amusing fit Three puzzles to assist design, customise, transform, and embellish the easiest dream house with stunning decor. Carry out wonderful house makeovers all over the main Hawaiian islands for the households who took a jump to the island existence. Develop into their desires into fact, your purchasers are looking ahead to you!

House Design : Hawaii Lifestyles Apk Obtain New 2022 Version* apk mod

Meet your assistants, Luana and Mark, who will assist all over your internal clothier profession.

House Design : Hawaii Existence Apk Obtain New 2022 Version* mod apk

Reason why to play House Design: Hawaii Lifestyles

House Design : Hawaii Lifestyles Apk Obtain New 2022 Version* release

★ Transform properties, fixer higher, villas, bungalows, mansions during the foremost Hawaiian islands, together with Oahu, Hawaii, Maui, Lanai, Molokai, Kauai, Kahoolawe and Niihau in line with your individual style.
★ Meet intriguing shoppers who switch their busy lives in giant towns to laid-back island existence.
★ Design and renovate other rooms: Zen bogs, rustic kitchens, grasp bedrooms, backyards, luscious gardens, and sumptuous tropical getaways.
★ Make a choice your personal decor taste. Farmhouse, fashionable, family-friendly or simply for singles. You make a decision you select.
★ Categorical your self with a fantastic selection of top-end fashion designer furnishings, lighting fixtures, floor, DIY and different decor pieces.
★ Gather cash and rewards to construct, renovate and beautify quite a lot of room types.
★ Revel in heaps of thrilling match-3 ranges with superior blast boosters. Extra matching difficult manner extra amusing!

House Design : Hawaii Existence Apk Obtain New 2022 Version* apk mod 2022

Obtain and play House Design: Hawaii Lifestyles now. Weekly updates are assured.

House Design : Hawaii Lifestyles Apk Obtain New 2022 Version* apk

House Design: Hawaii Existence is loose to play, despite the fact that some in-game pieces can be bought for actual cash. Playing House Design: Hawaii Lifestyles? Be told extra concerning the recreation!

House Design : Hawaii Lifestyles Apk Obtain New 2022 Version*

Fb: https://www.fb.com/PurpleCowStudios/

House Design : Hawaii Existence Apk Obtain New 2022 Version* apk mod new

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/purplecowstudio_cookapps/

App Permissions
[Optional Permissions]
: required garage get admission to permission to save lots of sport knowledge
[Permission atmosphere and withdrawal method]
– Android 6.0+: Tool Settings> Software Management> Make a choice App> Revoke Get admission to – Below Android 6.0: Can revoke get admission to by way of deleting an application


40 comments on "Home Design : Hawaii Life Apk Download New 2022 Version*"

  1. Williamson Elwin says:

    Again, like all your other design apps, Hawaii Life is fun to play and beautiful to look at, but absolutely frustrating when it comes to the controls! I’m on the very first scene and I want to change the pool. You’d think touching the middle of the pool would bring up the options but noooo. All I can bring up is the dang deck options – no matter where I move! You’ve got to fine-tune the controls so we can change items without going crazy from frustration, CookApps!

  2. Phyllida Ailith says:

    Would suggest to creator two ideas. One, would be more options on objects, furniture & materials, on each design. Two, would be an option button to ask for help, or tip, instead of always being provided. Those that have played similar games, already know how to play puzzles, there for they don’t need advice each time play puzzles. Thank you for creating such an amazing game.

  3. Liberty Glan says:

    Normally I LOVE games like this, but this version just was not for me. I like the original Home Design game and I thought this would be similar to that but it’s definitely not! For me this game takes too long to complete one house design and you have to constantly play The match 3 game literally every two minutes to do anyting. The graphics and storyline are awesome.

  4. Wulfric Reynold says:

    I really love your game but, I have trouble getting the ads to load for extra moves and extra points. It also locks up when I’m waiting for my point to upload. I’ve lost a lot of points this way. It causes frustration when I’m trying to design and can’t get my points. I’ve decided to continue playing for a while. If it gets fixed, that’s great but if it doesn’t, I don’t see any reason to play. Thank you for your time.

  5. Frayn Krystal says:

    Cute game, but 1. i wish there was more designing choices (which is often the problem with these games… 3 choices of drab designs), 2. there’s no opportunity to earn tools to clear the game board, other than to pay for them, and 3. it would be nice to earn diamonds and/or tools here and there. i just think there could be more to the game, but it’s still a nice distraction from stress.

  6. Kassie Mollie says:

    Love this game. Best match 3 ever! Having ads to watch to continue playing and 3 extra turns to finish a level really helps. Love having 50 %extra at some kevels. The different choices for furniture, walls, etc are great! Only problem is I’ve run out of rooms to decorate and next room says “coming soon.” I can still play the match 3 and accumulate points.

  7. Maurice Demitris says:

    Addictive! I’m pretty impressed as I’ve seen some terrible reviews of other home makeover games. Each level is fairly easy to beat, some are more difficult requiring boosters or playing a time or two, but luckily you can watch ads and fill up your lives occasionally or help give you extra turns. I especially like that I don’t have to pay to earn a bunch of styling items as I’ve seen with other games. Addictive enough that I’ve played about 70 levels just today. Great job to these creators.

  8. Cynthya Evans says:

    I’m tapping out. I’ve hit level 171 can’t get past it I’m not going to continue playing it in hopes that it’s going to happen. It’s not. Uninstalling and trying a different game. I’ve also seen the matchington Mansion ad now about 1400 times. That is definitely something I’m going to miss. And it’s been thrust down my throat so often that game will never be played by me ever! Peace out. Please vary the ads so it doesn’t get incredibly extremely painfully and punishingly monotonous

  9. Karen hoilam says:

    Game is fun, but error occured and game stopped 3 times within 1 and half hour. The last time it happened was during my infinite life one hour. Finally i restarted the game and then i lost all of coins and no more infinite life hour. Cracking and lagging are one of the most annoying problem you could have when you are playing a game, losing everything and all progress is something else. Sorry i am going to uninstall it.

  10. Bonnie Masi says:

    I enjoyed this for a while. But then it became tedious, because it would play ads between every puzzle, wouldn’t allow you to skip them, and wouldn’t give rewards after. You’re also supposed to get extra moves for watching ads, and this began to act up, too. You watch the ad, then it doesn’t have you the extra moves. Got tired of it, uninstalled.

  11. Jessamine O Connor says:

    I LOVE this game. The choices are really varied and you get to do puzzles as well, but I was just in it and I was going to play the mini games but it won’t load it just shows a blue screen. Secondly could you earn more money from the mini games or make the things less expensive cos everything I want to add something I have have to play a mini games. Other than that, it’s the best house design game I’ve ever had

  12. Astoria Rego says:

    Fine, but limited. This is a basic match 3 game where you earn points to decorate. You’re *very* limited in how to decorate, though. You can only pick from 3 options and must go through a set of pre-determined items on each level. It is well programmed for what it is. It does keep popping up asking what you would rate the game. If you say less than 5 stars, it doesn’t direct you to this page. So they’re trying to skew their ratings here in a somewhat dishonest way.

  13. Melissa Houck says:

    It feels like it’s mainly mini game. You add something to the house and then have to make more money by playing a mini game that’s basically Candy Crush. Add something, run out of money, play a mini game—repeat. Or you can buy the coins. And there’s not much to the decorating. It’s mostly choosing pre-designed sections of a house into a predetermined area.

  14. Page47 says:

    So I was enjoying this game but it keeps freezing right as soon as I win an level! Right at the end. I have to force close, then go back in, and have to try the level all over again. And I had a booster streak, all the way to the top and then I had none because the silly game froze on me. It never freezes any other time but at the end of me beating a level. This is the 3rd time this has happened! Please fix immediately.

  15. katy bryan says:

    I LOVE this game & all the interior design games from this company! My 1 complaint & the reason I didn’t do 5 stars is bc if you have multiple items in the same area once youve picked both items you cant change it to a different color bc when you try to click on it will only let you click on the item thats close to it.. For example if I choose the color of the wall and theres a painting on the wall if I try to go back & change the wall it only lets me change the painting in front of it.

  16. Destiny Dymond says:

    It’s the by far most calmest app I have used. The little mini games they give you in order to earn coins is so easy. The make the scenery look so nice. I just finished the pool area and it looks just like how some pool areas would look. I don’t normally take the time to write a review for a game but for this one I had to. 5 stars!!!!

  17. ettolrahc carlisle says:

    I love this game I’ve only completed my first house but I love it already! The levels aren’t easy but aren’t hard you get a prize everytime you complete a house and so far I assume they are good prizes and whenever you have to choose a design the designs are so good and they fit in with the location! Asv whenever you go into the area where you choose the furniture or whatever you place you have the option to leave! Most games don’t allow you to that! I reccomend this game to everyone! 😍🥰😛🙂😜

  18. Lauri Field says:

    Never enough moves and boosters in a game that you have to hit the pieces two or three times to knock it out. The game starts out fantastic. Then the levels become unachievable. I like a challenging game, but not a game that causes such anger. By the time you have exhausted all the coins and boosters, the game is over!!!! Uninstalling

  19. Iryna V says:

    I already won in competition for mansion – I had first place twice, but still not promoted to the next level! Why do I have to run for it again and again to win? So disappointing! And Game stucks a lot! I like the game, but it often looses connection especially for the competition when I start winning. Looks like the game’s blocking my connection on purpose – my enternet connection is good and it’s working good for everything else! It gets annoying – probably soon will just delete the game!

  20. dorothy brooke says:

    I was enjoying this app, but then the higher the level the more problems. Like not getting my score or coins whatever you call it. The change in how the booster work, which I don’t really care but they should tell you when you get in levels 300s booster work differently. Anyway, not fun when you work for a score and get NOTHING.

  21. Lurain van der Vyver says:

    I love this game, becuase you can ACTUALLY choose your own designs in every room! And when you are done with the one room, you can still play the game without going to the next one yet. You can still collect money and save it for the next room to upgrade it. Thank you for giving enough money after playing a level. The levels are fun and i like the boosters you can use. I like that there are people having a conversation with eachother. I am rating 5 stars for the controls, graphics and gameplay👍

  22. galukya1 says:

    So far so good and I’ve been playing it on and off for a while now and I really have no complaints. I like the opportunities to get three extra moves by watching an ad. I like the opportunities of increasing your points 50% or more at first by watching an ad, they are tolerable and reasonable lengths and I like how you get many chances to win the game portion and all the hints within the game portion. Of course can’t neglect to mention the design choices and Hawaiian music are very nice!!!!!!!

  23. L C says:

    Actually kind of like the game, but the ads are way too aggressive and annoying. Once you get into the game, it starts playing a 30 second ad (the kind that pretends to be 15 seconds but then makes you wait another 15 after hitting the x) after every level. This game isn’t original or fun enough to sit through that many ads, sorry.

  24. Amy Black says:

    Way too many adds and once they’re done the game freezes and goes to a black screen. After restarting it freezes again and each time it takes a life. Then I’m forced to watch yet another add to get more life’s. And again before I start the next level there is ANOTHER ad. Ridiculous. Don’t waste your time on this game.

  25. Jeff Fitzpatrick says:

    The app doesn’t load correctly. It’s not giving more moves after video, or bonuses after video.

  26. Patti Martin says:

    Im on level 3019, This is my favorite game! But PLEASE FIX IT!!!! It wont give you the video bonus tools every 24 hours, it is slow! The level that im on now, it wont even let you decorate it. The prices are like $610, when you click on it, it comes up saying ERROR! plus thats a cheap price since the rest are like 2800÷. Please please fix it. I love this game🙄😊

  27. Okwir Dons says:

    Very exciting and enjoyable app ,, the app is good and it’s easy to play it level , but what am not understanding is that am already on level 20 but it is not responding I don’t know why or what is happening

  28. Lemuria “Lilith” Happiness says:

    After update, the app can’t be open. “Loading…” forever, please fix that.

  29. Pupis Snupis says:

    The game is nice , I’m at the level 1216, . but after that the progress is impossible….not enough moves…and there’s one your trick , that I really don’t like you don’t allow using boosters indepenently !!! We have to match the boosters with their colours…great request for not enough moves…so we are finished .

  30. Jolie says:

    Game was great, til Sept. 19th, it started running back to back (double ads), after they run you cannot collect your bonuses/extra plays, etc. It just freezes!! This is the second time there was a problem with ads/freezing, sad. Would have given a 5, til now

  31. Hayley Letori says:

    Fun game but unrealistic targets. I have to get 40 green, and they don’t even give me any more once I get below 20! How am I supposed to do that then?? Oh I know, spend money. Bit scammy.

  32. Popi Andreou says:

    1. Too many ads 2. Very hard levels 3. Very few coins for very expensive decos 4. Not much of decor options 5. No daily bonuses except a 10 min stupid help which most of the time crushes and you can’t collect 6. No bonuses when you win a level unless you watch a long ad but still not much of worth it

  33. Rolo Camyron says:

    It’s really fun, relaxing, and time comsuming.

  34. Annette Dwyer says:

    It is very fun to play when you are board and it’s good for your decor spree and you can use it for your head to weak up and you have to think I rate this app 8 out of 10 and that is still very good and why I gave it that is because it is annoying that it is slow and the story is super annoying and with me I hate that and many you do we are all different!!!!!!!!!!! Thanks for reading my post have a good day or night byeeeeeeee

  35. Muthoni Kibunja-Baldo says:

    The adds have stopped loading, so I’m not able to get bonuses nor am I able to get extra moves. Also if I lose a game, rather than giving me the option to play again or go back to the home screen, the game just freezes and I have to restart the app and end up losing progress. I love this game, but this is so frustrating.

  36. linda carriere says:

    my progress wasn”t recorded ,had to work to get back to where i wasthen, the room is complet,but won”unlock the other room ????

  37. Juene Turner says:

    Too much silly talk. Too many ads.

  38. Fofo Aj says:

    It is so fun I actually have not so many adds and I don’t see anything bad . It might be that some people have problems and some don’t . From my point of view it I assume .

  39. Au Sui Shan says:

    Suddenly has bugs. No response from Game Over and cannot play ads to refill the live. Please fix it

  40. Kgalalelo Matlamela says:

    This is horrible 😤😬😠, when i just entered this app it just says hawaii life have stopped please report and one favour please unlock other stages

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