Fish Blast – Big Win with Luck Mod Apk New 2022*


🔥The Best Fish Puzzle Game to Win Big Prizes!💵 Be a Millionaire!⚡
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October 20, 2020
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Fish Blast – Big Win with Luck Mod Apk New 2022*

Play unfastened Fish Blast Puzzle video games to win actual cash! Win giant prizes and be a millionaire with final ranges of fortunate video games.

Fish Blast – Giant Win with Good fortune Mod Apk New 2022* apk

🔥Fish Blast is a really perfect a laugh, difficult, unfastened caricature underwater puzzle & fish accumulating sport. In 2020, come to Fish Blast and get able with Mr.Panda to blast & weigh down the blocks to assemble cash, fishes, and actual cash praise!

Fish Blast – Giant Win with Success Mod Apk New 2022* apk mod 2022

❤️Have you ever felt tricky when taking part in a match-3 puzzle sport? In Fish Blast, you’ll absolutely benefit from the sturdy explosive feeling of crushing or blasting. This can be a more or less blasting puzzle recreation for each adults and kids. Fit a minimum of 2 cubes of the similar colour, blast the blockers to assemble fishes, toy, and different gear for actual cash praise at each and every stage!

Fish Blast – Giant Win with Good fortune Mod Apk New 2022* apk mod

✨Willing to play Blast Puzzle recreation and win actual cash on the identical time? Open Fish Blast and test the underwater global Now! Everybody may also be the fortunate man through unlocking final ranges and getting actual cash praise! Problem your self, to blast extra, beat the upper ranking, earn extra coin rewards, and win giant prizes!

Fish Blast – Large Win with Good fortune Mod Apk New 2022* apk mod new

✔️Tap a minimum of 2 cubes of the similar colour and pa!
✔️Use other gear like combinations, rockets or TNT to win larger and higher ✔️Get actual cash prizes after ranges ✔️Various actions: Day by day problem, Guild Reward, Celebrity match, Guild event, and Champion Enviornment.

Fish Blast – Large Win with Success Mod Apk New 2022* mod apk

-Completely unfastened blasting puzzle video games to play!
-Various lovely& lovely fishes to assemble -Over 1200 difficult puzzles on this toy & toon international!
-Show off your blast talent via becoming a member of quite a lot of thrilling tournaments!
-Ultimate rewards from the day-to-day problem!
-Real cash as a praise after passing ranges!
-Compete with different avid gamers international to win the Champion Cup!
-Create your Guild or sign up for the Guild you need with Fb pals.
-More unfastened cash and props
-Addictive gameplay.

Fish Blast – Large Win with Good fortune Mod Apk New 2022* unencumber

Get started your happiness via becoming a member of us, revel in this distinctive unfastened blasting puzzle recreation, and feature a brand new journey in Fish Blast excursion!

Fish Blast – Large Win with Good fortune Mod Apk New 2022*

Love blasting or crushing blockers within the toy & toon journey global?
Love amassing unfastened cash and successful actual cash?
Obtain totally free to experience blasting feeling with your folks!


40 comments on "Fish Blast – Big Win with Luck Mod Apk New 2022*"

  1. Azizi says:

    All the levels are ridiculously easy to beat, at first you get $1+ every level and then you have to beat 2 levels to get 80¢ and right before you get enough to cash out you have to beat 5 levels to get 15¢. The worst part of this whole app is twice now I’ve been up to the point where I can almost cash out and the game crashes and keeps kicking me back to level 30. Complete waste of time and energy to play this and expect anything.

  2. Betty Hoskins says:

    The commercials are really misleading for this game. Then as you play there are more and more commercials but it’s always the same ones over and over with no way to skip even when it shows the X to close out. When you get playing you pass a few levels and get $10 or so. As you play it gets drastically lower. When you hit the 100 level you should have enough to exchange, but you have to have $100 in the bank before you can collect. It takes over 150 levels to get there.

  3. youcanthandleit says:

    Very fun at first, but actually trying to acquire the first hundred dollars that is required to cash out is almost impossible. Once you reach level 90, they began to drag it out by giving you ¢10-20 every five levels and you begin to lose frequently past level 100. Not worth it if you’re actually looking to make money and the amount of ads are insane.

  4. Chrissy Herman (TheRadicalEdward) says:

    The ads don’t always work and you have to watch to the end to get the rewards. My 1st level gave me $10. The 2nd one was about $2. Now I get $.10. After $80 I had to do 2 levels, and after $90, I have to do 5 levels. I would much rather have the rewards be evenly given so I have a better idea of how long it will take me to cash out.

  5. Carnation Carroll says:

    It’s an okay game. But I keep experiencing what I call ” a blackout screen.” After I complete a level it goes to an ad. The ad doesn’t play just goes dark and I have to exit the game completely then go back in. I’ve missed some money earning opportunities and when its required to play a certain number of levels to get the low amount of money. It gets annoying

  6. Brett Kinsey says:

    The game itself is okay but, when you reach around $85, you will go down to earning around ten cents every five levels. Other issues as you get closer to your goal are crashes after you have won the payout level and upon reopening the app, the level has advanced but there has been no payout and you have to wait an additional five levels. Also, you earn bronze, silver, and gold badges that add starting boosters, the game will crash after you have started a level and when you reopen, your badges are gone because you didn’t complete the level. Kind of convenient how and when it crashes really.

  7. Julie Gemini5 says:

    It claims that will give you money for sure not a scam, at level 68 I was up to $90 but there’s a glitch it says you have to remove more bubbles then what’s on the screen so there’s always 4 bubbles left and you fail. It doesn’t deserve the 4.4 rating. FALSE ADVERTISING. You probably get paid for us watching the ads and don’t want to pay us for the game!!!!!!

  8. Therease Wissler says:

    Spent hours playing to get the $100 gift card. Got to $87 and level 68. It’s impossible to get past levee 68 because there seems to be 4 bubbles that aren’t visible, even though I’ve cleared it several times. It seems to me that it may be intentional to keep people from being able to claim the prize. Uninstall for this game.

  9. Olivia Hu says:

    Game is fun but the ads suck balls. It keeps freezing then I have to get out of the game just to start the same level again. It’s getting tiring to keep going in and out of the game just cause the ads are not consistent. I would of gave more stars if it weren’t for the ads consistently freezing and lagging.

  10. Betty Sanders says:

    The game is very fun and addictive. But I’ve seen the ad for this game. And the payout does not match the game itself. And when playing the game, once you hit $82 you cant get any money for playing levels which you have to play 2 for a chance at cash. Then on that second level the game goes to an ad and freezes. When you start the game again, you loose any cash you would have won for those 2 levels.

  11. Beverly Sandifer says:

    Edit: I’ve earned .04 today. That’s 40 levels. That is hours of my life I’ll never get back. Deleting this scam. Be warned. Run away, don’t walk. This game is fun but a total waste of time if you’re trying to earn money. Started out paying well. But after over 300 levels, it’s now paying . 02 after beating each 10 levels. I’m at almost $96. At this rate it’ll be Christmas before I get the $100 needed, and if I do get there, I’m sure the rules for collecting will change again.

  12. Matthew Burke says:

    It is an absolute con. Do not waste your time. You have to earn $100 before you can actually cash out. You jump to the 80’s quick and then it becomes a huge waste of time. You earn .18 cents or less after passing every 5 levels. Which means to get from $91 where I am to $100 I have to beat over 175 levels plus watch all the stupid ads. So if you were to figure out how many hours it would take you would be better doing just about anything than wasting another second playing this ridiculous game.

  13. Glenn Boucher says:

    Overall its a good fun game to just do some mindless stuff. They advertise big payouts but after the first few big pays it quickly drops to where you only get a few cents after several levels and don’t waste your time with the bonus videos, they are always unavailable. As I said, fun to play but not for really making any money, still curious that once I hit $100 if thdy will really pay or will there be errors in cashing out.

  14. Michele Bailey says:

    Frustrating levels that use all of your inventory and coins. Once you reach a certain level you play 10 levels to win a single penny ,o1¢ hundreds of adds to watch. Spin wheel is usually no real help because you can’t use those items in the current game screen. As you drop from Gold to Silver and Bronze they freeze your power items it’s Frustrating and Ridiculous!!! My advise is to not to start playing this game.

  15. David Hare says:

    The game starts off great and you’re making good money. Then you find out you need $100 to cash out. As you go from level to level the amount you win decreases quickly and dramatically. At level 60 i got only $.23 and I was still $15.00 from the magic $100. This is a total ripoff. The ads take longer than playing each level which are not that difficult.

  16. Gabriel Gone says:

    It started great. Earnings were decent, when the level was complete it went directly to the next level, excellent incentive. As the levels went up, so did the ads, and to earn you had to complete 5 to 9 levels and so on. 10 seconds every ad after every level, and the Earnings became $.07 but nothing over $.25. I’m at level 163 and in order for me to earn I’ve to complete 9 levels, and again… the earnings are no more than $.20. This game isn’t for the players to earn money, it’s for the ads.

  17. Laurie Ackerman says:

    Their ads are still a lie! You start out earning big rewards for each level; however, as soon as I got to $95 it does exactly what it’s always done- a few cents and more levels in between. Also, the levels end up being almost impossible to solve. Altogether, shady, dishonest and misleading. As usual!

  18. Jennifer Williamson says:

    Game play is okay, the reason i downloaded was because the ads lead you to believe you get to the payouts faster. It doesn’t, you have to get to $100 before you can cash out. They give you big payouts in the beginning but by the time you get to 85ish dollars the payouts drop significantly, down to less than 10cents every 10 levels. If you like this type of game great but you wont get to the payout amount quickly, im on level 160 and stuck at almost 95$ with 9 cent or less payouts every 10 levels

  19. Robert Mcclanahan says:

    Every time I try to use a booster on the next level, you’re suppose to see an ad on the next screen. The ad starts and then the screen freezes up and turns black. The only way I can start the game is to log out of the game and restart it! It happens everytime I try to use one of your free boosters. Please fix this! My problem with your app is back and worst than before! Please fix it if you wwant a better score than 1 *!😡 Its worst now. Try to use a booster and the black screen comes on! 0 st

  20. Paule Button says:

    Just another fake game. Goes fine for several levels but the closer you get to the $100, the less pay you get . I’m up to $95.20, and am on level 299. They only state you have to do so many levels to get a CHANCE to get money. They don’t aways pay it. They also CHEAT during the game itself. They don’t always count the levels correctly, don’t always” HAVE ACCESS” to videos you need on the higher levels, & don’t give you the correct amount of rewards you’ve earned. I have gone 19 levels-non

  21. Amy Lee says:

    I like the game, that’s why I keep playing. The money part sucks. When I got to around $95, the payouts became $0.01 every 10 levels, but since I like the game, I continued to play. Now I am at $99, and it freezes and won’t let me finish any levels. I tried Support, but got no response. Update: I was finally able to start playing again. When I got to $99.25, it switched me to a “championship” round. I am now on level 109 of this championship, and am at $99.27. That’s right, TWO cents added

  22. Greg “Stretch” Mitchell says:

    The game started out paying $10 or more for the first few levels and then paying less and less each level I played. I’m now on level 116 and it’s only paying around $0.10 but you have to pass five levels to get that $0.10 and watch ads and ads and more ads. So far I’ve earned $95.50 and I very doubt I’ll ever reach the $100 level that allowed me to cash out . Well somewhat a fun game they shouldn’t lie about you being able to cash out.

  23. Thomas W Brennan says:

    The game is okay and fun; but once you reach around $95, it starts only paying out one penny per 10 levels! That is very annoying! I can’t believe they did this! This means it requires you to pass another 500 levels in order to get to the payout. I don’t know if I want to take that long, I may just uninstall it first…… I think I’m being very kind giving the ‘gameplay’ a rating of three stars out of five!

  24. Ben Holtsclaw says:

    The payout starting rolling in quickly and the advertising made it sound as if you didn’t have to wait to get your money. As soon as you get to about $95-98 the most you get for every 10 games is $.01. It’s now become a time suck and an advertisement app. You have to watch an ad just to get to the next screen of anything. Overall, not worth the time unless you love watching the same ads all the time.

  25. Allen Andrews (DaddyArt) says:

    over all. it isnt a bad game. however, i am really tired of games like this that lead you on to believe its possible to make money fast off of it. starts off with a huge confidence boost where every round gives 5-10 dollars at a time. though it dies off the closer you get to the cashout goal. bombarding you with adds left and right, making the conditions for winning the prizes even rougher saying you have to complete 10 levels to get a prize which is normally about 0.03 cents toward your goal.

  26. Sharon Goodwin says:

    I’ll address the (lack of) payouts later, but the game is interesting, although easy. I have gotten to level 310 in eight days, and only lost a level four times. I know some people would like that but I prefer more challenge. As fot the payouts, you need $100 to cash out, and you get $10 for the first level, put the payouts rapidly drop, so now I have $98.34, and am getting .01 every 10 levels. At that rate i will need to get to level 1970 to cash out, and there there might l not be enough.

  27. Michelle Hannon says:

    I got up to $95.65 and finally finished the 10th level to get the little bit of change to add to my money. Well the game went to an ad and as I was waiting for the ad to end they didn’t reward me for the playing those 10 levels so I am deleting this app. I hope someone else has better luck than I did. I recommend not to download it but it is up to you.

  28. rikki stevenson says:

    I’ve been playing this game for 2 days now and it was fun at first, and I was winning at least $1 after few games. Now at level 170 and now its paying like 23cents and you don’t win until after you play 10 games. I agree with all the other reviews false advertising because they make you think you can win fast but this is taking forever to cash out. Makes me think you really won’t get the money in the end. Also there’s ads after every level it wasnt like this at first.

  29. Suzanna Olson says:

    It is kinda fun I do think the bingo game interruption is a bit to much . I don’t like games that you only get to play one time and than you have a ad I would prefer to play at least 3 rounds and then have two ads and then play 3 rounds again otherwise I start to loose interest because of the constant interruption. It takes away from the game fun.

  30. Becky Frederick says:

    Better be looking for entertainment only, no actual payouts! Too many advertisements! When you 1st start the $ rewards look nice, but once you reach $147, the $ rewards are only given every 10 levels IF you pass on the 1st attempt and the rewards are only $0.01 every 10 levels. So you have to pass 3,000 levels to reach the required $150 limit. GOOD LUCK folks! Another no cash payout, false advertising game!

  31. Beverly Crabtree says:

    Where do I start? #1. This game starts out with decent. Then contiunes with decent pay outs but every other level.. Then all the sudden it’s every 5 levels. With 9 cents… Stupid! #2. It’s super slow! And I know it isn’t my wi fi connection.. It’s like that no matter where I play. #3. This game glitches.. A LOT. #4. To many adds. I could understand watching the adds if i was still getting at least $2 every 5 levels. But 9 cents?? Don’t waste your time!

  32. Patricia Atkinson says:

    Well I have a few problems with the game. Load time has got to change. It takes almost 4 minutes to load on the start up screen, & then on the rest of the load screens it takes close to 2 minutes. Another thing you don’t give away enough boosters unless you pay on line for the most part. I was making good $$ until I hit level 115 I believe. I have just a little over $5.00 to reach $100. That should not be that way.

  33. Berto Armijo says:

    I like the game, but it still can use some work on it. Like the change payouts amounts that go from dollars to pennies gets to low in order to cash out at a fast rate. At first it’s ok, it’s just when you get closer and closer it goes to low in order to cash out. An other thing about the payouts on this game. That its level up to receive a cash amount to get closer to cashing out is too many. It would be nice to pass a level and it pay the amount closer to cash, instead 10 levels make It still 1

  34. Lisa Hunt says:

    Bait and switch. It starts out great. The amount of .oney you win on each level starts adding up pretty quick. Then all of a sudden the bottom drops out. It says you have one more level before you can cash out. But it says that on every level. Levels went from $11 to .24 each. I haven’t read where anyone has cashed out yet. If I could figure out how they calculate the money maybe it would help my strategy.

  35. Deborah Silva says:

    I like the gameplay because it’s fun… On the other hand, though, this game advertises instant collections & I’ve been playing it for well over 36 hours & have yet to collect; +, once I started gathering $ into my pot & it got up over, I think it was either $20 or $50, the amount per level just kept getting smaller & smaller… Then, as it stands at this moment, I don’t get $ in my pot every level anymore and it’s been that way since about level 120 or 130… I think my leg is being pulled.

  36. Rebecca Tammany says:

    Seriously am less than $5 from being able to cash out and only get a couple cents after going 10 levels or more, have been trying for quite some time just to get the last $4. The game is fun, but as usual, they reel ya in with bigger amounts at the beginning then dwindle to almost nothing the closer it gets to being able to cash out. I know I would be inclined to keep this game if it actually paid. Will likely uninstall since it’s probably a scam…bummer, because it is fun and often challenging

  37. valeria owens says:

    Great game….til you get to the last $10.00 you need to cash out. Then you have to play ten levels in order to get any money at all. When you get to the tenth level, it freezes up and you do Not get your credit toward your cash out. It has happened more than 20 times to me, but I’m only a dollar and a few cents away from cash out. I’m not going to quit, but the makers of this app need to fix that. Been playing for almost 2 months now.

  38. Donna Barlow says:

    This is a fast moving game which I love. However, there is almost TOO much going on. I really have a hard time even getting thru one level without a very annoying offer or ad. I understand you have to have the ads and they are a good variety but too much. There is room to calm the “outside” activity and let us at least play the full level with no “breaks”. Graphics are good. Money pays slower but that’s ok as long as the game MOVES. Also, it’s been freezing up lately.

  39. Rhonda McBride says:

    Fun app but you’ll never get to the $150. Payout is great in the beginning and gets less each time and you get paid every round for a bit and then it increases between rounds. I’m at level 151 with 5 more levels before next pay amount and last one was .26. It looks great when I’m at $144 but $6 more with who knows how many more levels. Not gonna do it.

  40. Ms Smith says:

    8/30/22 Edit: after 2 years, still no cash out. The higher you get, the more levels need to be passed to get fraction of pennies. And far too many ads to even enjoy the game. Just like any other “make hundreds in minutes”, it’s not true… it will take months to reach the required $100 cash out, if at all. The higher the level, the more levels you have to pass before getting any money, and even then it’s 14 cents here and there after every 10 levels or so.

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