Farm Blast – Merge & Pop Mod Apk


The farm of your dreams is one bubble away!
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September 30, 2022
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Farm Blast – Merge & Pop Mod Apk

Welcome to the attention-grabbing international of Farm Blast.

Farm Blast – Merge & Pop Mod Apk apk mod new

Farm Blast is a smart puzzle recreation for many who are on the lookout for an entertaining method to loosen up their mind and go the time. Blow their own horns your strategic talents; faucet and blast the bubbles to unravel the puzzles, and increase your farm through finishing the degrees. Fixing puzzles hasn’t ever been such a lot amusing.

Farm Blast – Merge & Pop Mod Apk release

This sport is simple to play, however difficult to grasp. You must pop teams of bubbles of the similar colour through merely tapping on them. Because you handiest have a restricted choice of strikes in each and every stage, it depends upon your artful blasts and mixture of boosters for enormous explosions. Attempt to transparent the board with fewer strikes to reach a better rating.

Farm Blast – Merge & Pop Mod Apk apk mod 2022

Remedy all of the puzzles, transparent all of the ranges, achieve the objective, and win cool boosters.

Farm Blast – Merge & Pop Mod Apk apk mod

Rockets, bombs and rainbows will allow you to ruin the blocks and cross the degrees more uncomplicated. Use those nice boosters and power-ups on the proper time to smash bubbles, transparent the board, acquire stars and win nice prizes! Easy gameplay, however laborious to grasp.

Farm Blast – Merge & Pop Mod Apk mod apk

Fb Login may be to be had. You’ll proceed enjoying on any instrument with out dropping your development by means of logging into your account.

Farm Blast – Merge & Pop Mod Apk

Additionally, ‘Day-to-day Occasions’ are right here. You’ve gotten the chance to take part within the quite a lot of occasions and win much more.

Farm Blast – Merge & Pop Mod Apk apk

Farm Blast is a unfastened and thrilling puzzle sport that can stay you hooked for a very long time. Become involved within the colourful journey of Farm Blast; we sit up for your problem!

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40 comments on "Farm Blast – Merge & Pop Mod Apk"

  1. Pamela Kearney says:

    Like all you’re other games, this is just as great. The graphics, colors and characters. Love it all. I’ve had absolutely no issues with the game. I was wondering if you were going to be adding a connect to FACEBOOK option soon so we can save progress? Keep up the great work.

  2. Nancy Newman says:

    Like this game. Played for a while yesterday. Now i tried to get on and the screen is black. When it does work it loads very slow. I even restarted my tablet. Would like to keep playing. disappointed may have to uninstall. Can you see what the problem is? Thank you. Good rewards. Tried your game again still the same. Runs very slow and still get black screen while it is trying to load.

  3. Janine McMahon says:

    I rarely write game reviews. If I dont like a game or it has too many ads or the ads go for too long then I just uninstall never to play again. WELL, this simple idea, has just become my new favorite. Ads if I want them as a reward to get something and not between each level. Good on you developers. I appreciate I can have a bit of fun from time to time and not spend my little free time purely on ads. Thank you. Very satisfied indeed.

  4. Brent Cameron says:

    Was a nice little time waster, and I would have given it 4 stars, but then they drastically reduced the number of coins you win for each level. And they increased the number of coins to get extra moves. 200 to play level, 300 to win and then 2000-3500 coins for an extra 5 moves. Even harvesting coins were reduced by 1000’s. Seriously?! Ridiculous! Sorry but uninstalling.

  5. Carolyn Anderson says:

    Not worth the download. The game play works well at first. Then the coin system changed and now you can not get anywhere in the game anymore. I have been stuck on the same level for 3 days and can’t use coins s to buy items as they are all way overpriced. So it works for a bit than it just becomes a waste of space. I will be freeing up some space on my phone. As this game is horrible and support does not reply.

  6. Ellen Preston says:

    Loved the game and played a lot but since update coins earned for harvest are down to 1/3 of what it was and cost of tools is almost 4 times as much, plus what is earned for each game is way lower too. Seems you are trying to force purchase/money spending. Seriously considering uninstalling at this point and that makes me very sad because the game is challenging with every level a new experience, which is rare.

  7. Tina Q says:

    Love the game but once it got that new update to where you have to use lives now, the level won’t play right. I can get all the tasks done to complete the level but then it still stays on the screen like if I haven’t completed it. It will continue to let me select moves even after I run out of moves. Also won’t let me back out the level to go to the menu.

  8. Monica Richmond says:

    If I could give it a zero I WOULD. I played the first game. I collected all the red items required. There was a checkmark showing completion, but it kept making me play. It would not start a new game. I even had 0 moves & it never started a new game. Then I exited out of the app. Went back in, and the map populated showing the different levels, but wouldn’t allow me to enter into any level. I got frustrated and deleted the game since I wasn’t even able to play.

  9. Jo-Ann Giesbrecht says:

    Could be a good game except the ads are to big for my phone screen and I have swipe out of the game to keep playing because there is no way to get rid of them.

  10. Michelle Beck says:

    Downloaded this game it was rubbish it knocked me off twice after three levels it’s not my internet never had this problem before so I uninstalled it then decided to give it another go still the same can’t get pass three levels so not bothering again it was good the levels I played

  11. Owen Hurcum says:

    Not a bad game. But it doesn’t always respond to what you want to do and some of the levels are laughingly short on moves.

  12. A Turner says:

    Uninstalled. I understand ads for makers to make money, but it’s the sneaky ads that you have to click three times to close, and you end up on the Google play site five times because the close button is a single pixel. Again, I get it, but it’s the kind of ads that have me uninstall. Get with the people buying your ad time and tell them to cut it out.

  13. Casey Kionna says:

    Fun game until it started cheating … and the ads are too big for my screen then making me lose my reward because I have to tap out of the game and get back in. And STOP saying ads is what makes IT FREE because that is NOT my complaint!

  14. Seree Wilson says:

    While the game is fun. I have to Uninstal it. The ads that pop up are completely inappropriate. My 7 year old should not have to worry about provocative ads while playing a game that attracts her age group

  15. Kimberly Brink-Castleberry says:

    Ad screens are buggy and will not close correctly. If you can get them closed, you are usually forfeiting the ad rewards. This is either a bug or this app is farming ad clicks.

  16. Carolyn Attardo says:

    so far so good . lovely little time waster. ads not too intrusive but one or two don’t allow you to close them either 1. early or 2. at all!! this results in having to completely come out of the game and reopen again… no detriment to progress just annoying . but overall its enjoyable .

  17. Marco Lebron says:

    Ads are present but not as much as others. Didn’t ruin the game. Designed well. I hope to see a part 2

  18. Wilhelm Bohrer (Bill) says:

    It’s just Angry Birds Blast with a different skin; a kinder, gentler skin, less celebratory of violence anger, and tension. I must like this game, I keep coming back to play.

  19. Yuki Charley says:

    Ads, ads and more ads! After each and every level. There is a thing there asking you to watch an ad to get power ups. Every. Single. Level. Then on level 7 I get a grocery ad that displays over my entire screen! Nope! Immediately uninstalled. I play other games where you can choose to watch ads for items or lives or whatever… nothing ever takes over without my approval. Terrible game.

  20. Bruce Eisermann says:

    I LOVE blast games! Farm Blast is definitely Top Tier! Blast games are my fave genre at this time and Farm Blast is the Blast game that I play most. So, if YOU REALLY ENJOY BLAST GAMES, GIVE FARM BLAST A TRY. YOU’LL BE HAPPY THAT YOU DID! 5 STAR$!

  21. Michelle McClellan says:

    Great mindless fun, and but nothing horrible. Lots to options for extras

  22. missyo408 says:

    The game started out as very fun, however after passing level 100 it becomes more and more difficult. That’s fine, but it provides fewer and fewer opportunities for power-ups in game because the balls frequently change randomly, which I find annoying after a while. Few power-ups provided even for watching ads as compared to other games I play. This game definitely is a pass.

  23. Bill Railey says:

    To many ads then game freezes on ads and have to close and restart. To much nonsense for me bye bye game.

  24. Sybel Brown says:

    I really like that it is a very fun game and very addictive. Not too many ads and it lets you finish the level before going to one.

  25. Sue Schneider says:

    Love the game so much when the levels get too hard I reinstall and start all over. Unfortunately when I paid to remove ads I couldn’t find a way to transfer that to the new install 🙁

  26. Fernando Walker says:

    Played many games but this one is interesting it’s a lot of fun and I guarantee you will like it I recommend

  27. Joanie Pattershall says:

    I am really enjoying this farm blast just keep popping after matching colors it’s relaxing game. No issues do far moving up on levels hoping they don’t get to hard to solve. Thank you great job making this great game it’s fire.

  28. Clenard says:

    I’m having a lot of fun playing this game. It’s definitely not a traditional match game. Far more interesting and a whole lotta fun!

  29. Andreas Saurwein says:

    Nice game but forced ads every few levels are not acceptable. We all know that ads pay for the game, but there are ways and ways to implement them. This is not the way.

  30. ale hinojosa says:

    I was looking for something fun and easy and found it!! So far game is very well put .hope you enjoy too

  31. cles oda says:

    Pay to play…..intentionally gives you levels that you can’t win no matter what you do .

  32. Celeste Clayton says:

    I like this game its relatively easy to go on to the next level and when I have a hard day at work, I can play this game forever. Life is hard enough just glad this game isn’t.

  33. Abbegail Zelene says:

    Liked the game at first. Now I am uninstalling.It goes straight to Google play after each ad. DONE.

  34. Sean Hughes says:

    So far so good, ads are frequent but manageable at the moment

  35. Autumn Rose says:

    Cute fun game to pass the time. Runs smoothly.

  36. Rose Daugherty says:

    I read other reviews saying it gets harder that is what is good about the game if you don’t want extra points you don’t have extra ads so If you want to spend a good time enjoy a challenge after you get to know how to play this game is fun 😊

  37. n ford says:

    I counted 5 stages of animation, 1 of you can skip some, an advert and popups. All of this happens between, every, single, level. I’ve become slightly mad by level 3. This needs to change, I don’t like waiting 2 minutes just to play 1 more level? I can’t do it anymore.

  38. Brian Mckee says:

    Fun game however forced ads. You give the option to decline then it gives me the ad anyways with no reward.

  39. Betty Aberly says:

    Hi I just started playing today it’s a nice strategy game sort of like harvest with solitary

  40. Jayne Serfass says:

    Fun graphics ready to play & easy too!!!

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