factory balls Mod Apk New 2022*


The logical puzzle game. Make the correct ball in each level using the tools.
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Bart Bonte
July 18, 2022
4.4 And Up
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factory balls Mod Apk New 2022*

You may suppose that running at the meeting line is tedious paintings, however now not should you’re production Manufacturing unit Balls! Your activity on this common sense puzzle recreation is to customized craft each and every ball to a particular order. You’ve were given all of the gear you want to meet each and every order… excluding the instruction handbook.

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In each and every degree, you’ll see the objective design of your ball at the delivery field. Ranging from a simple white ball, get to paintings by way of clicking the equipment you wish to have to make use of and check out to fabricate the proper ball. For instance, the objective ball could be orange with white eyes and black pupils, which means that you want to make use of other spectacles to dam the paint and create the other patterns. Want to make a beak? Perhaps you need to pull a couple of instances with a couple of pliers.

manufacturing facility balls Mod Apk New 2022* apk mod

There is not any cut-off date or punishment for making improper strikes, so you’ll take a look at a number of other configurations to really feel your method to luck. For those who revel in a cerebral problem and are willing for a psychological exercise, you are going to experience Manufacturing facility Balls!

manufacturing facility balls Mod Apk New 2022* apk mod new

36 new ranges in the newest replace! Now 2 hundred authentic ranges!

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That is the legitimate Manufacturing facility Balls recreation by means of Bart Bonte/bontegames.


40 comments on "factory balls Mod Apk New 2022*"

  1. Harry Shirlyn says:

    Another brilliant game from Bart Bonte. Love the different combinations of colours and patterns needed along with logic to complete the puzzles. Highly entertaining and leaves you wanting more!

  2. Dwyane Dale says:

    Great to see this game on Android, was really pleased to see it and play it again. But the last two chapters were a bit of a let down. Started strong, adding the cross belts for a bit of variety, but gradually it all just felt like doing the same puzzles over and over again, in different colours and slight variations. I want to like this game more, but in the end it was just repetitive.

  3. Joanna Rad says:

    Great game requiring logic and thinking. Only downside is once you’ve figured out the formula it becomes a lot less challenging. If there were more variations in future updates this would be welcomed

  4. Hadley Matthias says:

    I really enjoy all of this developers puzzles. i wish each level kept track of the number of moves made and compared it to the least number of moves needed to complete each ball. Then we could come back to the level and play it until we finished it in the least number of moves. That would make these games last longer than they do.

  5. Witter Jamy says:

    Love this game! I finished the newly added levels, so Please, please, PLEASE add more! I absolutely love this game. No matter how many times I redo the levels, it never gets old! Took me a few (like 20-30) tries to create one of the balls in the new level. I searched in vain trying to find a cheat for it, and I’m kinda glad I didn’t find one. The joy I got when I FINALLY figured it out was awesome! Keep up the good work, and please add more levels! 😊

  6. Retha Kamren says:

    Very fun and challenging game with loads of levels – similar to Boo! but quite a bit tricker and with about 10x the content. There are a lot more props and variations of design in this game which takes a lot more thinking. My only criticism is that some of the levels start to get a bit repetitive, and by the final set I could complete each level in about 30 seconds because I knew all the tricks for each prop. I absolutely loved it and finished every level in about 2 days, but it was worth it.

  7. Luel Lynn says:

    Love it! A simple game? Concept and basic steps are simple but the complexity increases as you move along gaining skill and better problem solving experiences. There is always a way to make the factory ball, even when you are convinced that there is no way to solve it! Been there a few times. Why I like this game is it forces you in these moments to concede your approach might be at fault. You have to change your thinking to consider other possibilities. Just like you should be in life. Open.

  8. Darleane Ffanci says:

    Creative game. Use belts, glasses, and other covers to paint the ball in a specific way. Very fun. I wish more levels used tools to pull apart the balls, though.

  9. Wynne Liana says:

    Truly a master puzzler. From music to graphics to gameplay. Bart Bonte has a passion in game design that comes through in every game. If there was ever an independant designer that deserves your investment. This is he. Been playing his flash games for over a decade. Check them out. Buy this game.

  10. Jane Forbes says:

    This game is so much fun! But im totally stuck on level E18. I wish there was an option to skip levels and go on to the next one. Edit: somehow, all my progress was erased and now im stuck on E17! I can’t remember how i did it!

  11. Becky Dowson says:

    I really enjoyed this puzzle game. The concept is simple but the possibilities are endless, and the design and graphics are excellent. Well worth the money! I’ve completed it now, so I hope there’ll be some more levels in a future update.

  12. Alice Lacroix says:

    I reallllly enjoyed it at first, but what is unfortunate is that the difficulty resets at each stage (A,B,C,D,E) which makes the game a little too easy and very repetitive.

  13. Andrew says:

    Such a simple and ingenious game. Basically you use different masking layers and paint layers to create the progressively more difficult result. Excellent puzzle game in its purest form.

  14. KAM 1018 (KAM1018) says:

    Happily bought this after playing and finishing Boo….this one is just as fun and just as charming. Overall a great game. I do wish you could skip levels. I’m stuck on A37. Watched the hint/YouTube video numerous times but it’s not “behaving” the same way…the lower left quadrant does not “grey out” like the video….sigh. Had to move on to the other sections, but dang it bugs me that A isn’t finished LOL!! Please make more games like this and Boo….challenging but fun and unique!

  15. Angela Graham says:

    Fun and a bit of a pattern once you get familiar with it. Great time killer. The only problem is I prefer the cute pumpkin version of the game more. (Same developer, look it up.)

  16. Patrick Shannon says:

    Hours of puzzles. Be aware of fatigue. Don’t try to solve a chapter in one sitting. This is the kind of game you need to sleep on. One thing is missing from this game: a sandbox mode. You would need a tool palette and a color pallette instead of the current arrangement, but I believe it could be done.

  17. nicola casson says:

    I have now played both boo and factory balls and really enjoyed it. I want more factory ball games but google play don’t have them ☹. some of the puzzles on both boo and factory balls was difficult and some easy. I must admit on occasions I got so frustrated with a puzzle I had to walk away for a few hours then come back to it. It’s a fantastic fun game.

  18. Shianne Parsons says:

    I’ve never been as satisfied with a game and this, I remember in fifth grade I would play this on cool math for kids in the computer lab. I found the app like two days ago AND I JUST FINISHED IT!! There are plenty of levels and let me tell you, the flowers GET ME, I suppose the fact that they disappear after three waters just messed with my mind but I finally finished them all!! I’d love some more levels!! There’s really nothing negative, except I just wish there were more levels!!

  19. Justine Elizabeth says:

    Played it and beat it in a couple of days (being home sick meant I had above average available time) but it was fun! And I wanted to keep playing more and more. I love the challenges, and some make you think a lot more than others but they are all able to be done so it was great. Overall I loved it and want MORE 😍

  20. Sarah Mason-Fitch says:

    I got Boo just about a year ago so decided to replay it earlier since it’s nearly Halloween! This led me to find Factory Balls and I love love love it! πŸ˜€ Just like Boo but way more levels and complexity, I’ve just played categories A, B and some of C in pretty much one sitting as it’s so addictive. I really like the concept and it could easily be applied to other themes – Christmas baubles maybe please..? πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™

  21. Luke Nieuwenhuijsen says:

    This is probably one of the best logic puzzle games out there, challenging yet addictive. When I found me and the key the first game I found by you I was I need more games from you. Your games are amazing! When I found out that Factory Balls was getting a release on steam I instantly bought it! Congratulations on your fist successful PC release! I cannot wait to see more games from you!

  22. Sarah says:

    Excellent game. Enjoyed the five different group of levels. Finished in less than a week and will probably play again. Great for when you’re bored. Easy enough so you don’t get overly frustrated but challenging enough to make you have to think. Highly recommend

  23. Eri A.L. says:

    so much nostalgia! my sister and I used to play this game on my dad’s computer when we were little and would fight over who got to solve the next puzzle. I have so many fond memories playing your games with my sister, like sugar sugar & farafalla (my fav!). I was so happy to see that it’s on play and the apple store so that people can still play it even though flash is dead. thank you for your incredible puzzles and amazing graphics!

  24. mc 39 says:

    Good game, had to take off a star cause it’s a bit too easy. Finished it in a couple of hours. It would be nice if there was a randomized level feature, that would keep giving you new and interesting balls to create forever.

  25. Vinnie Iuppa says:

    A fantastic puzzle game that challenges without being overwhelming. I often had to try and think critically to solve a new puzzle or if a new implement was added but I never felt like I couldn’t find my way from start to finish. The game also looks very sharp and respond well. Would heartily recommend.

  26. Doreen Boley says:

    This is my favorite paid game/skills app, ever! No matter how often I play it, it never ceases to entertain. I cannot get bored with this app. I would love to see more apps like this one, with even more challenging levels. Thanks for creating an awesome way to pass the time, Bart Bonte!

  27. maya w says:

    I truly love this game, but I got a new phone and my progress is lost and I don’t know how to get it back πŸ˜” Edit: thank you! just finished the game again, also could you add a sort of “playground zone” where you get a blank ball and all the materials and tools to create your own, just a suggestion

  28. Bona Fide says:

    Very clever game. The music is crisp and the gameplay is mostly intuitive requiring experiments all along making it even better. The difficulty is way above my Neanderthal brain but I’m sure it’s going to tickle your neurons. I wish the background could go black for my amoled screen, and a level selection with pictures of each ball was implemented. Otherwise it’s perfect!

  29. CptLainey says:

    Almost perfect! The levels could have been organized in an easy to hard format and it gives you only the tools you need each level which becomes a huge hint towards completing the puzzle. Slight adjustments to these two thing would make a world of difference in my opinion. Other than that it’s a pretty fun thing to do in short bursts if you are in a waiting room or something ✨

  30. Chinar Mehta says:

    Love this game! Simple yet addictive, challenging, and so much fun! Totally worth the spend. Probably the only recommendations to the developer: The game could do with more features, like hints or something. But even without it, it’s pretty awesome.

  31. Kiera Chapman says:

    I’ve been playing this for years on any platforms I can and I absolutely love it. Fantastic and lots of levels. Lots of colors and cool objects to get to your desired pattern. Absolutely amazing I will play this game till I’m 6 feet under.

  32. Valerie Lawson says:

    I used to play this on Coolmath. Played every version several times, and it was one of my favorite games. Still holds up to this day. It’s challenging, but not TOO challenging – it’s just right. Genuinely great game, worth the $2.

  33. Paradoxical Toxophilite says:

    Just as good as the old game online with more designs. Did feel a little samey at times and i would love if they added a lot more different possible designs, but I love this game and it’s still super fun! Would recommend!

  34. RottonToms says:

    Downloaded and beat every level with no help on the same day. Game is super fun and engaging and of course it’s gonna be great. Bart is a great puzzle game maker and his creativity is through the roof on this one. Thank you Bart.

  35. Pwnage Block says:

    Perfectly good puzzle game! I remember playing a web version of it years ago and having a lot of fun, and my nostalgia didn’t let me down! It was fun to complete a few puzzles every so often or grind a set straight.

  36. Delaney Proctor says:

    This is really one of my favorite phone games. I played Boo, got hooked and bought Factory Balls, then finished it in a few hours. 😭 Bart really is one of the best game developers out there.

  37. Zack Blue says:

    Simple, relaxing fun. Small asking price for the game, good amount of levels, no intrusive ads. This game is really fun and I loved this game back on cool math games back in the day, as well as sugar sugar. Thank you for making this game! 😁

  38. Dalton Boyles says:

    Idea for update, a mode where people can make their own balls and see if they can make the same! A unlimited mode where people can use anything and obviously more levels with higher difficulties and more tools! Like where did the stuff go from the website game from Coolmath when I was a kid!

  39. Reagan Andeen says:

    So happy I found this game again. I remember playing this a long time ago on my iphone 4. It was my favorite game at the time and over the years i forgot about it. Every now and then I would remember building the different balls but, i could never remember the name. Until I scrolled by it a few days ago. I jumped with joy and have already grinded out every level. Seriously, one of the best games on the playstore. All i want is more levels. Definitely worth the $1.99 Please… More levels

  40. Sally Q says:

    Excellent puzzle game! I will continue to play this over and over until additional factory balls games are avaiable. Is there a way to reset this game without having to delete and reinstall the game? Thank you Bart!!!

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