Energy: Anti-Stress Loop Premium Apk

It's the perfect game to relax and challenge you. Anti-stress and calm, enjoy.
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Infinity Games Lda
December 2, 2022
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Energy: Anti-Stress Loop Premium Apk

Features: Easy gameplay: Simply faucet the traces to rotate and create attached loops. The wires will shine when no less than one bolt and a lamp are hooked up thru a line. Stress-free: Other folks with OCD problems point out this recreation as a good way to get well. Power gameplay could be very calm – “simply faucet the road” – and a few ranges in keeping with day are sufficient to battle OCD and anxiousness problems. It’s like working towards yoga together with your smartphone. Sensible brain-teasers: Power options never-ending minimalist brain-teasers that may spice up your common sense talents, calm down your soul and strengthen your focus. It’s going to make you vivid! Vintage recreation: Extremely when put next with different good judgment video games because of its simplicity, Power could be very pleasurable and can light up the ingenious aspect of your mind.
Play all over the place: You’re going to take lower than 20 seconds to remove darkness from a circuit. That’s highest to play at the bus or whilst you watch for your flight on the airport. Get started enjoying and loosen up anyplace you’re!
Recharge your battery: In case your frame battery may be very low, Power is the best way to recharge it. Anyplace you’re on the airport, at the teach, or at the bus, spice up your focus and make your mind shine with the brain-teasers paying homage to Infinity Loop.

Power: Anti-Stress Loop Top rate Apk mod apk

Higher than a yoga consultation, Power will calm down your soul!
Play the king of good judgment video games now!

Power: Anti-Stress Loop Top rate Apk

In case your frame battery is fading, Power is the very best spice up to recharge it! That includes a minimalist taste, a transmission circuit, and sensible brain-teasers, this shiny sport will permit you to to calm your anxiousness and get your focus in line!

Power: Anti-Stress Loop Top class Apk apk mod new

Power is harking back to the vintage Loop via its simplicity and delight equipped. You simply want to faucet the cord to rotate it and arrange to glue all of the strains. Be sure that the transmission comprises no less than a lamp circle, a cord, and a lightning bolt circle to light up the sunshine circuit. The cord loops will shine when the entirety is hooked up!

Power: Anti-Stress Loop Top class Apk unencumber

A part of the well-known Infinity Loop franchise, this calm, minimalist, and sensible sport will assist you to coping with anxiousness and OCD. As an alternative of final never-ending loops, you should faucet to attach each twine to the lamp and create a closed gentle transmission. If you faucet the primary line, you’re going to spice up your focus and scale back any signs of tension or OCD. Attempt to light up the circuit as time and again as you’ll be able to and recharge your soul with certain concepts.

Power: Anti-Stress Loop Top rate Apk apk

In calm brain-teasers like this, you don’t want to be tremendous sensible or speedy as a lightning bolt to be triumphant. Making a useful mild circle the usage of each twine, bolt, and lamp is extra essential than turning in a shiny efficiency. POWER atmosphere is pleasurable and minimalist, that includes a peaceful soundtrack and never-ending gentle loops. The certain power equipped through this sport will recharge your smartphone battery or make your mind shine like a celeb.

Power: Anti-Stress Loop Top rate Apk apk mod

In case you are searching for a minimalist faucet sport to spice up your focus, POWER is the correct selection. Like different easy-to-learn good judgment video games, this sensible sport options never-ending brain-teasers and its construction works as a circle: because you can’t end it, your development is like an never-ending circle. Absolute best to play if you are in a ready line or on the airport.

Power: Anti-Stress Loop Top class Apk apk mod 2022

Running as a focus spice up and an effective way of preventing nervousness and OCD problems, Power could also be a amusing manner of making improvements to creativity when you calm down your soul. By way of connecting each and every twine, lamp, and bolt, you’ll remove darkness from the transmission and create vivid mild shapes. You turn out to be an archaeologist: while you entire the circuit, the loops will shine and you find the hidden determine.

We affiliate POWER with yoga as a result of this sport is a superb solution to purify your thoughts and soul Whilst you whole a dozen ranges, your center charge slows down. Identical to in a yoga workout.
Be aware: This sport may be to be had on Android Put on and Android Watches. And it’s very amusing as neatly!


40 comments on "Energy: Anti-Stress Loop Premium Apk"

  1. Amapola ITA says:

    I truly find this game addictive and interesting at the same time. Level after level the difficulty increases but without being impossible to solve it. Yes, you need to watch a tutorial to pass level 12, and yes, advertisements appear frequently but come one people! These two developers need to make money out of this amazing job! So far, I have done 30 levels; it is relaxing, graphics are clean and appealing at the same time and music helps to build the perfect mood! I LOVE IT! 💕

  2. Robert Chenoweth says:

    Great game even though it crashes a lot between screens. On good side, it never crashes during the actual game play. Only betwen screens and ads. A bit of a warning. There are puzzles where you can light all the lights without using all the wires. Kind of frustrating when you have to figure out the alternate solution at that point. Kind of against the calming effect the designers talk about. It would get 5 if the game didn’t crash.

  3. chelsy martin says:

    This is great, fun,relaxing, and really good for the mind. The levels are challenging, withou being to hard, and the designs arebeautiful, both on puzzles and backgrounds. I like that you dont have limitrd moves, and arnt timed on the main puzzles, so you dont have toworry about rushing or counting moves. The daily puzzles are timed, but theres enough time to complete the levels once youve gotten used to regonizig the patterns, though when i first started i kept failing until i got it. A+ game

  4. chilehead craig says:

    UPDATE: I’m well into the 200’s and difficulty does not increase. Never used a hint and my 6-year old can almost complete the levels only needing a few hints. Original review: Entertaining game when having a little time to kill, but not incredibly challenging. More of a fidget tool than a game. My 6 year old had become interested, so it will probably prove challenging to him at some point. Still fun, though.

  5. Rachele Chaplin says:

    Energy is a game of turning small bits of lines and curves to connect a current/flow of energy by using all the pieces like a puzzle. The levels increase difficulty pretty quickly and are challenging each time. I’m around level 20 and the app hasn’t crashed or lagged. The developers did a wonderful job using soothing and calming colors and schemas in the graphics. I enjoy it thoroughly!

  6. Kathryn Lockhart says:

    I don’t usually review games, but this one is being unfairly accused of unmanageable ads. I’ve played lots of free games, and uninstalled many because of the ads. This one has a normal number of ads that can mostly be clicked through quickly. And the game is terrific. Some puzzles are easy and some are harder, but they are all very satisfying to complete. I’m glad I decided to see for myself whether the ads are unmanageable. They are not. Thanks for a great game!

  7. Jennah Wittenbarger says:

    Love this game and its simplicity. Just don’t mistake simplicity for boring. It def challenges the brain. I love the variety of puzzle difficulties. Post update 8/21/22: downgrade to 3 star from 5. I prefer the game prior to newest update. It was simple, challenging, fun, addictive. Update feels cheap & gimmicky for no reason. My level is 1164 for reference.

  8. Socho TEK says:

    SAside from the gimmicky (also pointless level up system because it does nothing for you? Aside from leveling up slightly faster.) But I feel the puzzles have become ridiculously easy. Most I can literally do in about 15 seconds. In the past month I went from level 2500 to right now 4494. Just seems way less challenging and I wouldn’t say I’m the smartest kid in the class by a long shot. Also after transferring to a new phone I lost all the data I had on my old phone for leveling up so…

  9. Josh Mathews says:

    Update 8/24/2022. The added “features” of XP and cards, plus push notifications reminding me to play have ruined this previously excellent game. The whole reason I (and from reviews, most other people) like this to begin with is it’s chill and casual. With this update the experience between games is cluttered and confusing. The game itself is still good however. Original review: An excellent experience! Ads are not overpowering. Levels are mixed in difficulty so you have variety.

  10. Andrew Boynton says:

    Fun and quite relaxing game to pass a few minutes with. Recent update introduced a way to “progress and level up” after completing levels, with rewards to customize the colors and styles of connections you see. Unfortunately all of my unlocked items have randomly been lost, leaving me with massive exp point requirements (20k+) without bonus exp gain… only to unlock the colors and styles I’ve already been using for awhile. I’ve tried reinstalling and loading progress, but to no avail.

  11. Lizzie says:

    I was rather annoyed about the new xp update as it interrupts a once relaxingly smooth ui but nothing is more annoying than the fact that the xp system broke on me and revoked all the “gifts” I earned while still keeping the longer level up. if you’re gonna add a feature, do it right or don’t add it at all. my only suggestion would be to maybe provide players with the ability to disable the xp system. there’s no way for me to even directly contact the developers about the bug I encountered.

  12. Kraxos sl says:

    Really solid and innovative take on a classic style of game, the minimalist aesthetic helps create a relaxed environment for solving the puzzles. It’s not afraid you’re going to lose interest every 5 seconds, which is more than welcome in today’s market. The ads aren’t incessant and don’t break the natural flow of the game. Already recommend it to a buddy of mine.

  13. Frankie Cas says:

    New update is terrible. They’ve gotten rid of the daily puzzles, although I keep on getting notifications to play daily puzzles, only to find no daily puzzle when I open the notification. It’s frustrating. Not only did it get rid of my favorite part of the game, but my achievements/trophies from the months of daily puzzles I’ve completed in the past.

  14. jeff timke says:

    Relaxing and addicting. Music is mellow wish I could play it on a timer to fall asleep to, however as I play the game it lets me concentrate on solving puzzle. Good job!!! Hope there are more changes in style of game play and the challenges become tougher hint hint never place a timer on the game as it will destroy the concentration aspect. I SOLVE FOR X.

  15. J Bluewind says:

    Honestly love this game (enough to buy ad free). It’s very relaxing and well made. Good for when I need something challenging but not mentally exhausting like when my anxiety is up. I don’t think it’s crashed on me. The ads were reasonable. I chose to upgrade because I like buying full versions when I like a game and want to support creators (NOT because I felt like I had to). If I had one critique, it’s that some of the backgrounds make it hard to see the pieces (but I just turn those off).

  16. Natascha Hay says:

    This is one of those rare games that doesn’t frustrate me into deleting it fifteen minutes in. There is no competitive elements, no “level” system, or any of the other things that can make “relaxing” games stressful. There are ads, but they’re not overwhelming and invasive. (No mid-level ads unless you want a hint.) No microtransactions, no “energy” cap… I’ve found this to be a great way to unwind before bed and quiet the constant hamster dance my brain can be. No notes!

  17. Alex Bircsak says:

    Since there are no unused pieces, all the puzzles are trivially solveable by process of elimination. Fine for a mindless time-waster, but don’t expect to think for more than a few seconds on any level. [Edit: This /is/ by design, however, so while it’s not exactly what I want out of a puzzle game I’m increasing my score from 2 to 4 to reflect that it’s well made for what it’s intended for.] Some ads can have unpleasant levels of volume change from the gentle music of the game.

  18. Thworf Humphrey says:

    Super chill puzzle experience. Difficulty is randomly varied from puzzle to puzzle, and is never too hard. I usually play while winding down for bed, and I find it helps relax the mind. Definitely worth the ad-free experience. I feel the progression system could use a bit more creativity, and that’s the only reason I gave 4 stars instead of five. Realistically, it would be a 4.5 if I could give halves.

  19. Rob Davis says:

    Nice! Best is one can play if or when off-line. To some it is a terrific challenge to others it is an escape while waiting for the clock. Ads aren’t bad, well, not as plentiful as many other games. Sure most of the ads are the same over and over. So what? Free is not an absolute. So far, it automatically saves game progression even when off-line. I’m not at all sure about the scoring system. Don’t care for it to be honest. I like the game.

  20. Joanne Parent says:

    I absolutely love this game & it definitely helps me fall asleep at night. I am giving it a 3 star because with the update, they got rid of the daily puzzles & I actually enjoyed those too & some of them were a challenge but I really liked it. I hope the next update they bring the daily puzzles back. I also don’t like all the extra things that they have added to the game. I just prefer solving this puzzles to help relax and that’s it. No extra points or changing the theme. Nothing extra needed

  21. Keke says:

    Used to love it because of its beautiful simplicity. It was so relaxing I didn’t mind having to put up with ads after every level. Stopped playing for a while and came back to lots of complicated features that add nothing to the game experience. And now when I tap on ads to get out of them, I’m taken directly to the app store… and when I attempt to go back to the game, I still have to watch the ads. Sorry guys it’s a no for me.

  22. Beulah Langston says:

    This game is nice to relax, only thing that confuses me is when it keeps prompting me to finish daily challenge levels before time runs out it just takes me to the one I’m on. I can’t tell if there’s actually supposed to be different areas to play from or like a map to switch between dailies and normal. But overall I enjoy it

  23. Eugene Moore says:

    The latest update completely wrecked the game for me. The most significant changes, and the ones that ruined it I.M.O, are the facts that there are now only a few select puzzles that noticeably repeat, there are no longer any levels, and no longer a way to share your progress with family and friends directly from the app as you were able to do before the update. All deal breakers for me. Going to uninstall and recommend that people PASS on downloading this app!!

  24. Anthony G says:

    Updating to address the dev response. The issue isn’t the ads and I never said it was. It’s the fact that you are given a choice where you can either watch an ad for benefits in the game, or skip the ad and then, upon deciding you want to skip the ad, are forced to watch one anyways, now without the benefits. It’s slimy and the reason I gave it 1 star. Either be honest about the ads or don’t give the user the option to skip an ad and then force one anyways.

  25. Mike Davies says:

    This is a nicely put together maze/stream puzzle. I understand this is a two person team building this. The visuals are clean and well designed. , The ads are not too intrusive for a quick playthough of a few levels at a time. I look forward to seeing more from this team.

  26. Amanda Stucky says:

    So how do you only keep the background colors you want active. When the first redesign happened I was able to select the background colors I wanted to use, play the game some, go away and then come back and only the ones I selected were active. About 2 updates ago that changed. Every time I come back to the game the first thing I have to do is disable the default colors.

  27. Shirley Marshall says:

    This is a very cool app, but 1 reviewer was correct – even though it let’s you choose your background colors, every time you re-enter game, you have to select them again — and sometimes in the middle of the game it will throw out a bg color you did not choose!! Extremely irritating!!! Either we can choose our own colors or not, but don’t offer us an option and then make it invalid!! Otherwise, it’s a wonderful game, but I don’t play games for long if they irritate me!! 😉

  28. Matt Dillon says:

    2 stars before ever playing because TOS *AND* Privacy Policy are partially obscured by a big white box in one area and text overlayed on top in another. These are different pages that need opened individually and happens in both mobile and desktop browser modes. Also, in the Data Saftey section it says the app collects Device/other IDs, approximate location and installed app activity and encrypts it in transit, yet it also says it doesn’t collect any data — so which is it?

  29. Rikakue Roleplay says:

    Incredibly simple and fun, adds aren’t too much, and it has enough levels to keep the player engaged for longer then just a few days. Amazingly well done for a game with only two developers! Though, I do really wish there was a way to toggle the points system/cards off, these do get in the way of the original pacing of the levels a bit.

  30. Randy Wilson says:

    Same as another recent review, I used to enjoy this game, and didn’t mind a few ads. It was easy to do a few quick rounds in just a couple minutes. But now each round comes after an ad that often takes more time to watch than it takes to finish that round. Uninstalling.

  31. Eric Frydendal says:

    Snooze.. General rule of thumb, if you can spin a piece 4 times, it needs to be spun 3 to be put in place. The game isn’t challenging, just repetitive tapping. The dev should have created a feature to hold a piece and spin, so you can spin it quickly. Instead, you just end up tapping over and over to turn a piece, when it just needs to go one turn in reverse. Boring game, mediocre visuals.

  32. Mark Voegele says:

    Used to be a 5. When I first installed this app a year or so ago, it was great, relaxing fun. You would solve the puzzle and it would immediately move to the next puzzle, then the next, and so on without pesty animations, scoring celebrations, or screen controlling ads. Now they’ve added a scoring step and things to tap to move on, etc. Well, it was fun while it lasted. I will now delete the app.

  33. Delaney Miller says:

    Really relaxing! I love the experience and the colors and how you can just tap a wire and it would turn and I love the animations for the wires. It’s one of the best offline games I’ve played! And if you added colors for the wires, it would be even more awsome! It’s not silly or trashy, it’s something actually worked hard on. I also love how the levels get harder and harder as you go. It’s very relaxing because how you know that it’s a very good offline game and all the sounds. Love it 😍 😍❤

  34. Joshua Dziewaltowski says:

    Beautiful, addictive, an absolute joy! This game is as close to perfect as anything can get! It’s so simple a child could play, but complex enough to keep you interested for, well, an embarrassing amount of time! My only gripe, and the reason I’m giving 4 stars instead of 5, is the fact that the WearOS app doesn’t sync your progress with the phone app! I’m nearly at puzzle 400 on my phone, but my watch starts the tutorial all over? Otherwise, it truly is a masterpiece in mobile gaming!

  35. Austin says:

    Really awesome game, sounds and visuals are very nice. I like that you can unlock customization for completing levels. it adds an extra layer of achievement that makes it that much better. Best part is there aren’t tons of ads being thrown at you!

  36. Gryphon646 ___ says:

    Well, the game was relaxing until it was updated. No scores, no pressure, no special tweaks, just a puzzle to sovle and then onto the next. Now, there are cards, and skins, and points needed to unlock stuff. Should be a setting that removes all those from the game. I just want puzzle, solve, next puzzle.

  37. Amanda Conklin says:

    It’s a really relaxing game except after every level you have to watch a video it’s not a choice to ignore and take less points. But the game it’s self is very relaxing, backgrounds are calming along with the music that they play. Taking a star away for the constant ads but the rest is very fun and relaxing game. Very easy to do!

  38. KJF says:

    For some reason the graphics in this game appear choppy all of a sudden. At first I thought it was my phone (as the graphics start to appear choppy when my phone starts overheating), but this isn’t the case. I’ve tried clearing the cache, uninstalling and re-installing the game, and restarting the phone. The graphics just don’t appear as smooth as they once were. ☹️

  39. Alex Dornfeld says:

    Update 2: This is a very lazy developer who just released a bunch of buggy clone apps filled with advertisements that you would want to pay to remove to maximize profit and minimize effort. Simple things like sound settings don’t work properly among all of the clones, and the UI is not good at all. There’s also a bonus for some of the apps having achievements that take forever to unlock, which is nice. I can’t support this type of developer. Stay away.

  40. Al R says:

    This game is basically exactly what’s advertised, so if you like ‘rotate the pipes’ games, you’ll enjoy this. It has clean art and a gorgeous and consistent UI. I like the unlockable options quite a bit. And I’m actually kind of obsessed with the smoothness of the animations for the menus and things. Having to tap through for settings options could get kind of annoying in a larger scale game, but the options are limited enough that it isn’t much of an issue here.

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