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December 3, 2022
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Dragon & Elfs Mod Apk

Welcome to a paranormal global of mysterious elves and magic. In combination allow us to turn into the saviors of this magical land!

Dragon & Elfs Mod Apk apk mod

The land of the Elves noticed peace for eons, a peace that lasted till the evil dragons attacked.
They gobbled the whole thing of their wake. Mountains, rivers, forests, existence bushes. They spared not anything, leaving Darkish Land anyplace they went.
The Elf Queen led the Elves in resistance, and whilst they repelled the dragons for a temporary time, additionally they suffered heavy losses.
And so, on this nice disaster your burden is heavy:
You will have to discover the arena and gather treasures In finding Elf Eggs and hatch them
Evolve your Elves and defeat the evil dragons Unfastened Rukh and heal the corrupted land
Merge miracles and create a wonderful fatherland

Dragon & Elfs Mod Apk apk mod new

☸Game Options ★More than Four hundred Levels so that you can problem.
★More than 800 magical pieces so that you can acquire.
★More than 60 adorable Elves so that you can in finding.
★More than A thousand quests so that you can entire.
★Countless Darkish Land so that you can heal in your house.
★The Elf Queen comes bearing surprises every day.
★Upgrade and evolve your lovable Elves.
★Command your Elves to construct a wonderful House.
★Make like-minded pals in-game.

Dragon & Elfs Mod Apk liberate

☸For Learners ✔Placing 3 equivalent pieces subsequent to one another merges them, and by means of merging pieces you create new pieces.
✔Placing 5 an identical pieces subsequent to one another creates an additional praise.
✔Try to all the time fit Five pieces in combination as an alternative of three.
✔Rukh is the existence pressure of Elfland. With it you’ll heal the land and defeat the evil dragons.
✔Your development in a level is mechanically stored and in case you shut your recreation, you’ll be able to proceed proper the place you left off when subsequent you log in.

Dragon & Elfs Mod Apk apk

☸Special Consideration ★If the display is locked, merely faucet the Lock formed button within the decrease left nook to free up it.
★No subject what occurs, don’t delete the sport, as in doing so you’ll lose your sport growth (Please use cloud saving to avoid wasting development at any time)
★Your save information will probably be uploaded to the server often. If there may be any downside, please touch us at any time.
★If you’ve any questions concerning the recreation, please ship us an e-mail to: [email protected]

Dragon & Elfs Mod Apk

Alright, what are you looking forward to, obtain the sport and dive into Elfland!


40 comments on "Dragon & Elfs Mod Apk"

  1. Tina Huntington says:

    **Update – Thank you for the quick response..it worked! :)** This one is a lot like Merge Dragons and up until now I’ve enjoyed it. However on level 103.Prepare for war 2 there’s no way to win! I’ve tried several times but the rate at which the dragons emerge is just insane. There needs to be either more time given to collect orbs and free up space before the first attack..or decrease the number of dragons overall. Hate to delete the game but I can’t progress as is. Please fix

  2. HellBillyDeluxe says:

    Oof another Unity nightmare.. This game is trash and I’d avoid it. It crashed while trying to log in to Google, it crashed after the first loading bar, it got passed the first loading bar and then crashed for the 2nd,4th time trying to load the game it got passed all loading bars and then crashed as soon as it booted.. Haha absolutely terrible, obviously you need to do some serious work to your “Merge Dragons” knockoff! -50 star rating if I could..

  3. Jade Spades says:

    This is a fun game. The levels are challenging and the designs are cute. My only complaint is that it’s too easy to mess up in season events so you can’t completely clear them. That’s fine for level challenges but painful in one time events. I have yet to actually complete one because of this issue. While they are very generous with their gold leaves which can help “buy” your way out of the sticky situation, it can still be way too expensive to do. You’d need about~1,000 gold.

  4. Mellie Thompson says:

    The game is fun but so glitchy. When I try to merge things the screen zooms in and out. When I try to have the elves harvest things they won’t go to it bc it doesn’t recognize when I tap on the life flowers. But it’s a fun game just glitches alot. And the graphics aren’t like the advertisement. When the glitches are fixed I’ll give 5 stars.

  5. Joy Hodges says:

    I would have given this a much higher score as I don’t particularly care for merge games. I started to enjoy this one until I realized whenever I try to watch ads for any kind of boost, the ad freezes and I can’t get any leaves or anything else for that matter. I hope this issue gets rectified, other wise I will have to delete it.

  6. bill williams says:

    Love it. However, the ads that dont let you close them, because they wont turn sideways, you have to shut down the game and restart. This is beginning to happen more often, and it is truly annoying. Game auto makes you turn your phone on its side. Update, emailed devs, and they fixed the problem, contacted me back in a day and a half, much appreciated. Rating changes to 5!

  7. Fayt N says:

    Really enjoying this so far. My main reason for only four stars is the price of the two bonus land masses. The cheaper of the two is more than 2x the price of the most expensive ones in similar games and they’re smaller overall than other games as well! Definitely not worth the price and turns me off of spending any money on this in general, unfortunately.

  8. Ashley Day says:

    Enjoy playing, but it’s glitches for some stars in the “home” area. Can’t see what they are…still repeats 2/9 for whatever it is. But then flashes another one as well. Not sure what happened for that. Only glitch I have experienced in the last few days. Closed out, restarted my phone and still that didn’t work.

  9. Michael Foskett says:

    3 stars only because the videos, when u petrifying the elves don’t. They cut you off and you have to restart the game. Also, your graphics leave a pink mark and unable to tell what the object is. I have had to do 3 Force Stops to get the game back, it worked but only for 20 min. The techs or devs. need to fix this ASAP, otherwise no other real problems. Fix these glitches and 5 stars, but for now only 3 for the inconvience and aggregation.

  10. Dr. B says:

    Nice game overall, but the amount of tapping the screen to get what you want has become ridiculous after the last update. To open the premium life chest, you now have to tap the screen approx. 8 times to get all the items, beause it opens a screen as soon as you touch a bubble. Also, one of my star quests at home is ‘heal all the land’, which could take several years to reach. When contacting support for this, they answered me they did not have time to fix that. Don’t invest money in this game!

  11. steven peacock says:

    Almost everytime I watch a video or ad to get an egg, leaf or whatever and it’s over. I don’t get it because it says I interrupted the videos. Times I have waited up to five minutes and it does the same thing. And the land clearing is so freaking slow. I was excited at first but having to keep watching ads and get no reward is killing the excitement and making me not want to play

  12. Wyldheart Woodelf says:

    Was enjoying it until yesterday, now I can no longer play in Pop-up. The game is ignoring preferences for event play and almost caused me to lose a Lock Key item. I don’t know what’s going on but they need to give back the ability to play in pop up, give the ablity to delete the chests that can only be opened by spending cash ($39.99 for a chest is never going to happen and I need the space!) and reduce the cost of Seasons to be in line with other Merge games (most are 9.99 they want 12.99)

  13. Kimmey Darlin says:

    This is my favorite game and has been for a couple of years HOWEVER, the past few months it has been freezing every 15 to 20 seconds. Causing me to merge unintentionally, or merge 3 instead of 5. During events it’s Highly annoying and making me want to not play at all. PLEASE Fix this issue right away.

  14. Robin Cox says:

    Having issues toward the end of the event… it just keeps freezing up the ganme and my phone. This happened in the last event to.. couldn’t finish it. I log out and back in over and over to come into the already froze. I do like that I can use my stylus playinh the game.

  15. Ario says:

    I am liking this game so far, it has far more home space than Merge Dragons, but I think there can be some improvements such as zooming in & out in events or in ‘homeland’. Having to watch ads to unpetrify eggs only to have several 2 eggs & none matching in an event. There does seem to be a bug where I watch an ad to recieve a treasure or leaves & never receive it. The ‘special’ home events that you can unlock,@ some points it becomes impossible to proceed, would maybe recommend elf eggs sooner.

  16. Terra Osborn says:

    Love the game, but ads don’t work. I fully support the reasonable ad options this game provides, but unfortunately the ads don’t work 90% of the time and shut the game down, freeze up, don’t unlock the reward or just shut the entire game down. It’s a huge bummer. Besides that it is a beautifully crafted merge game that I will continue to play. If they get the ad situation fixed I might even spend some money on it.

  17. Witchychic 809 says:

    This is the most unstable game Ive ever played! I’ve played it on 3 different phones and the app acts exactly the same on all 3. I can play for about 3 to 5 min then it starts to freeze, after about 20 to 30 seconds it will start moving again but will do it again and again till it just closes it’s self. It could be a 5* game but this has always been an issue! I don’t understand how you haven’t fixed this issue. I mean how do you expect people to play it if you can’t play longer than 5 min.

  18. Wendy Balchin says:

    Love this so far. Events are great for collecting gold leaves (main currency in game), great that sometimes you can “spend” score to clear land (so having score of millions is not irrelevant), don’t mind watching ads as rewards are worth having. Biggest issue so far is that I need to use too many leaves to progress through levels (so pretty much given up playing them-plenty of events to earn goodies instead).

  19. Angela Carraway says:

    Been playing this game for a long time. After this latest update every 20-30 seconds or so, it locks up, and stays locked up for 5-10 seconds. So, I’m done fighting with it. Until it’s fixed, I’m done playing.

  20. Marta Louro says:

    Your reward video is not working, I watch the video until the end and when I press the x i doesn’t do anything, so i press back and when i come back to the game it says i haven’t watched the all video so no reward for me. PLEASE FIX

  21. Angela Jackiewicz says:

    In 1 hour I got to lvl 3, all it does is get stuck entering a level or leaving a level. I was excited to play as I love merge dragons. Not worth downloading until they fix

  22. noralovan dennis says:

    love this game but have had two issues when i began game today the area needing to be opened said requires elf power 586/587 i have obtained 4 elfs and received no credit for them whats up with that also when i watch the ad for cloud storage it shuts the whole program down and i have to restart the computer and do not receive credit for watching the ad like i said i love this game but if these kind of glitches are going to keep occuring i will uninstall this game

  23. Julia Noll says:

    Cute game. Can’t move around the screen on any levels. You can only zoom out. Once the area you’ve started on is used up, you can’t continue on

  24. eve lloyd says:

    It could be a cute game but i only lasted 5 minutes before the repeating 5 second music loop got on my last nerve. No way to mute the music and even at its lowest setting (15%) it was annoying and obnoxious. Shame really. Will be deleting

  25. misagh hejazi says:

    I’m addicted to this game. Never got bored because of it. Love it alot. But i don’t know why i can’t update it now. Only 4 days remain for the new tournament and i can’t update the game so i’m lossing this tournament😕

  26. Nikki H says:

    This is a fun game, when it works. I like the options to watch videos for things, but most times I watch the whole thing and it either glitches out like it’s having a seizure or does not give me the reward. It also has it’s seizures often during game play. If you would fix the glitches I would give it 5 stars

  27. K S says:

    This game would be alot better if elves didn’t auto gather. I also can’t access setting from the home garden which is annoying since that’s where I need to access settings from the most. I’ll give 5 stars and make in-game purchases if these 2 requirements are met. I’d really like a setting that stops elves from auto gathering and a settings button in the home garden please 🙏 thank you for your time

  28. Sherie King says:

    This would be a fun game if it didn’t freeze and kick me out every 5 minutes. I now cannot get it to work at all. I have made it to land 44 and am playing the special event game and it won’t go to the level, the event or home and promptly kicks me off the game. I installed the latest update to no avail and have previously uninstalled and reinstalled only to start all over from the beginning. It’s very frustrating to only be able to play the same levels over and over. I don’t think I’ll reinstall

  29. syaoran li says:

    if your going to make a game with ads to get items you should code them properly so the game dosent freeze or crash the game EVERY SENGLE TIME and no its the game not my phone iv got 3 others similer games that dont freeze and crash because of the ads

  30. Makenzie Taggart says:

    A like 5 day Halloween event started yesterday and the button to enter was only there for a few hours and i havent been able to access it since. Also please add a button so elves dont auto gather. Its really annoying they use all their energy collecting stuff i dont need and then i run out of space.

  31. Cindy White says:

    The game won’t load most of the time . And just when it finally does you barely start to move things around and it crashes. Doesn’t let you go to level or events it crashes its been a couple months and it has not gotten any better I won’t purchase anything on this game until it loads and stop crashing. Disappointed looks like a good game. Haven’t been able to play .please fix it would like to play daily it just won’t load

  32. angela mcdowall says:

    I love this game, but I don’t understand how why is in events, there are items it’s impossible to get, even when you have released all the land. Don’t add shares that none of the merged items will open. Just seems like a waste of time.

  33. Cheri says:

    Events keep disappearing. Special events show up and state, for example, available for TEN days. It works the first day, then disappears until two days before the end. This happens with EVERY SINGLE event for at least 8 months now. About to delete the app and move onto one that is made by a different developer.

  34. Skye Blu says:

    Fixes all the things I hated about other merge games by adding the call and trash/sell options on one tab with item description. Plus the graphics are cute!

  35. catherine wilde says:

    Started off great , enjoy the hidden games on home camp. BUT…..the levels were fun until 267 and 268, they are unforgiving and frustrating. There is no wiggle room to figure out matches and you can seem like ur making headway only to find out u don’t have enough to make matches and have to start over. If I want to be this pissed off I can watch the news all day.😠 forget it, this game is ridiculously difficult. Been playing these types for decades, this one is a waste of time and annoying af

  36. Donna Avery says:

    Too confusing, must be missing something but I have yet to clear any of the event levels before they disappear.

  37. Andy says:

    Downloaded, keeps crashing, reinstalled, still crashing. Uninstalled. Waste of an hour trying to play. I’ll find a different game..

  38. Laura-Lee Reynolds says:

    While I love this game, I will be deleting this it. It’s ridiculous that you can’t completely finish ANY event unless you purchase, and most people who play these games can’t afford to do that especially with inflation the way it is. It’s so frustrating and wrong.

  39. Burr Alpine says:

    I like this game, but there are a few small bugs that set it apart from other merge games. These bugs can be annoying, but the consept is the same as all other merge games so I enjoy it. It doesn’t have many features other than the levels and “Home” so it can get pretty boring unless you’re like me and just want to unlock everything for no reason. I would also like to mention that the Elves aren’t really elves, and their dialoge can be cringy.

  40. Tina Tojek says:

    Game was fun, spent a bit of money on it but, now, there is a constant add even if you spend money. I’m not a big fan of that, I probably will play less because of that. I spend money on the game.. stop with ads!

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