Design Empire: Home Makeover Mod Apk New 2022*


Create your dream home! Spin the wheel and design rooms the way you want them!
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October 13, 2022
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Design Empire: Home Makeover Mod Apk New 2022*

Welcome to the home adorning sport Design Empire!

Design Empire: House Makeover Mod Apk New 2022* apk mod 2022

A renovation recreation with a twist: What is going to you do should you win the large cash prize? Construct a brand new space? Renovate yours? Or purchase one of the vital sumptuous penthouses within the town? This is precisely what Design Empire lets you do!

Design Empire: House Makeover Mod Apk New 2022*

Let’s learn how fortunate you’re! And the way just right your tastes are too!

Design Empire: House Makeover Mod Apk New 2022* mod apk

Design Empire is a calming & amusing homestyler sport the place you earn cash and use them to design, customise and enhance the very best dream space with stunning décor.

Design Empire: House Makeover Mod Apk New 2022* apk mod

Excellent Good fortune!

Design Empire: House Makeover Mod Apk New 2022* apk

What makes Design Empire so particular? It’s the primary area clothier on the planet that allows you to mix two of probably the most attention-grabbing issues in lifestyles: Creating wealth & Ornament!

Design Empire: House Makeover Mod Apk New 2022* apk mod new

Move do this house design makeover recreation out and construct the home of your goals!

Design Empire: House Makeover Mod Apk New 2022* release

The newest within the style of internal design games/decorating video games, Design Empire options:
1. Transform houses within the vintage taste or cross trendy? You make a decision, you design!
2. Check out your good fortune on the wheel of fortune – a truly amusing, fascinating & simple a part of the sport! Three. Take part in some distinctive and wonderful collectible demanding situations! New pieces to gather with weekly updates! Four. Design and renovate other rooms in several kinds, together with family-friendly residing rooms, kitchens, toilets, bedrooms, and lots of extra! Five. Addicting gameplay with offline mode, so you’ll revel in this decor recreation and design houses at anytime from anyplace!

Let’s cross! It’s time to unharness your internal area dressmaker and develop into old-fashioned areas into fabulous properties!

Let’s Play! Let’s Design!


40 comments on "Design Empire: Home Makeover Mod Apk New 2022*"

  1. Kim says:

    So far, in room 3, I only had one glitch. The item I wanted to decorate would not go into the circle and I had to restart the game. The other issue are the rooms themselves. No wall color worked well with the bedroom. It’s a very big challenge to get the room to match itself. Someone should work on the designing part of the game. Besides that, I love the idea of playing a slot machine that you win more often than not for money. Thanks for not using “THE” match 3 game!!! I recommend this one!!!

  2. Christina Brooks says:

    I loved this game at first! It’s relaxing, you can design rooms without the stress of match, blast or word games to get you ahead. It’s easy enough to get coins. You get hooked….and then BAM out of levels. I’ve been waiting monthssss for more rooms. I don’t want to give up on this game, but I’m getting pretty close. If you’re looking for a game to kill time short term, this would be great for that. But I would like to continue the fun, not die of old age before new levels are released.

  3. Becky Burch says:

    This is the most relaxing design game I’ve played in a long time. There’s no forced ads. There’s tons of ways to get energy. The game is great. The only thing I wish that they would fix is having to buy extra food for the animals. It would nice if I could watch an ad for food or if the food lasted a bit longer since we only get one free one every day. Otherwise the game is perfect. Great job guys! I ran out of rooms please hurry and make more please.

  4. Victoria M-ski says:

    It’s unique obtaining game money/energy via slot-machine type spins instead of trite match-3 puzzles. I like the boxes to open & the game board. A few thoughts: In a few rooms the ceilings aren’t visible at all. The lit part of some light fixtures look fake compared to all else. It would be nice to be able to keep the default look for some choices (I.E. walls). That’s just nitpicking though. Fun decorating app where you actually get to mostly decorate! And I love the cat!!

  5. LeeLee Is Me says:

    Basic boring game, not much to it. Designs are bland and you don’t have a lot of choices and other than designing a room you get to click a little button to spin for things that’s it. I Just finished my 1st room and had to pay $1200 to hang up some stockings and like $2,000 for a christmas tree and it’s not even Christmas time. Prices are ridiculously expensive… Uninstalling!!!!

  6. ShadowLilly says:

    I love this game. They have made it so relaxing to just sit and decorate without horrible challenges, or a ton of adds.

  7. Barb Threlfall says:

    I hate match games but love design games and they usually go together. This one doesn’t. It’s slots spins so far, and Im having fun!

  8. Kennedy Gibson says:

    I’m really enjoying this game but I really don’t like paying for anything because I don’t have the money to pay for these packs but I still love this game & was wondering if you can make more games like this ? But please make it free thank you !!!! 😃😀😃😃 😘😘😘

  9. Jean Dunn says:

    The game is decent and not stressful, but it keeps lagging behind for weeks before adding new spaces to decorate. I will keep the app until the weekend to see if new rooms are added before I uninstall it.

  10. [email protected] Satin says:

    Nice game but I would like to see more variation in the styles of room decor as it is all ultra modern so far.

  11. Cathy Walby says:

    Kinda fun but I know other games have a way (if you pay)to turn off ads. You might get alot of people pay.

  12. Larry S says:

    Game took payment three times for 22.93 well in my pocket at work. causing nsf fees why would anyone purchase the same thing 3 times in a row is beyond me. Very frustrated if I could I would rate q zero have not heard from developer fees.

  13. Anna Adams says:

    Two stars because it’s mindless relaxation. Lost three stars because new levels seem to take forever to be released. This could be such a good game if there were levels after 50 to play

  14. Lisa Galloway says:

    Wonderful and fun game, with a slot type challenge to obtain money to buy furniture. TmLOVE the slot challenge, completely different from all the other design games I have played! A must have game!!

  15. shirley marsh says:

    Very interesting!! Different and so far, fun! Back to enjoy your game some more. It is a good games! I’m back again, I really do enjoy playing your game, great fun!!

  16. Denise Houghton says:

    Brilliant game and designs are great, i would have given 5 stars but I’ve completed all the rooms and it seems to be taking a long time for new rooms to be added, I’ve checked every day for over a month now

  17. Serrah Sarah “Serr-Bear // TanK” Uhl-Wagner says:

    So far so good. Designs aren’t all to my liking but its fun to play so far so its not too bad and its diff than other games like it.

  18. Marisa Clark says:

    Absolutely love the game especially since it’s not like match 3 or other similar games. Can’t wait for the new levels to come out since I’ve completed the whole thing.

  19. Suzanne Leiker says:

    Fun and different design game! Really nice graphics great side game play, no need to spend $$ if you don’t want to… love the decor options 😍

  20. Michelle Franzen says:

    Gameplay is easy and you get plenty of coins to progress. Fun way to kill time.

  21. Tina marie Haskett (Teetee) says:

    Fun game like the way we have to collect coins to play. I finished the game Uninstalled it again and started over because I really enjoy the game. Only complaint is it needs more levels to play.

  22. V Koel says:

    I like this game in fact one of my faves! Although the prices are high you can win money, just takes a little longer. The choices are sometimes unusual but the outcome of the room your designing turns out looking wonderful. So glad I decided to try this design game!

  23. teresa holder says:

    Loved the game… finished all levels too quickly cause it is addictive. When will move levels be coming. I see where some players have been waiting months.

  24. Shakierah Egypt says:

    No complaints thus far. It’s a peaceful game with no need for matching games to gain coins. This is the first of it’s kind I’ve seen. Hopefully it’s not the last.

  25. Regina Barnett Michaels says:

    Love the game but ran out of rooms. I see where others have been waiting for months. Will new rooms be coming? I am wishing I had just opted for the Ad version instead of paying for no Ads. Otherwise, it’s super fun! I just need more rooms to design!

  26. Salih Zaman says:

    Its so realistic way better than the rest and u dont have to play a stupid mini game u spin the wheel however it is a bit slow the waiting for spins and later in the game the wheel gets useless u should improve on that other than that the game is great

  27. Pat Gregory says:

    Very new, like 15 minutes new, but very nice. Get to pick decorations for each room. Great graphics, even background music is soothing instead of frantic

  28. Nary smith says:

    Hi 👋 I am so happy that I found this app ☺ 😄 😊 🤗 I really really love everything about this game graphics are incredible beautiful.😍!!! There are one problem in my opinion please if you can lower the prices on items. I would be even more happy 😊 and appreciate everyone’s ❤ Thank you so much ❤ 😊 ☺ 😊 ☺

  29. Laurie says:

    I love that it’s different from match 3 design games. It is much more fun and relaxing then the match 3. My only reason not for 5 stars is that more levels need to be added.

  30. Anitha Shetty says:

    It stops at level 45 liked the game pls fix it it’s a request no News plus I installed stopped at level 30 it’s strange again stop at level 50

  31. Kandie Bircher says:

    It’s great I love spinning the wheel to get money to decorate with. Great idea. Better an more relaxing than match 3 or other games. Only ads so far I have volunteered to do. So yes try it out. It’s so fun

  32. Evelyn Spray says:

    I love to renovate and design these homes they are relaxing and so much fun I really Love you guys 🦋so keep up the good work ❤️🫂🦋😇👍

  33. Elayne Fulcher says:

    4.5 stars. The only problem is that sometimes it is difficult to change an item you have done as there is no designated area to go in & change the design.

  34. Joseph Kimmins says:

    I love the game just waiting on new rooms to design I’ve over 8million coins to spend on new rooms

  35. Mandalay Poulsen says:

    I wanna give this game a higher rating because I actually really enjoy it but it seems like it’s been forever since there has been a update with new rooms

  36. Judy Quigley says:

    I like it you feel like you are in a casino playing the slots unique idea and fun too

  37. christina smith says:

    Love this game, unfortunately run out of levels now. Need more soon or may have to uninstall it

  38. Mudbud Smith says:

    My rating has dropped due to the error, you have a cup tournament where u land on the cards or the boxes well I have landed on them twice tonight and I wasn’t given any point and now it won’t even load

  39. Shone Cooks says:

    Different design game so far so good relaxing.

  40. Susan Hessler says:

    I recommend you down it download this game highly it is really good and easy and simple to play all you do is spin and you don’t have to solve no puzzle or nothing and you get what you need and you can go do what you want to do and pick out what you want the only thing I don’t like is you cannot change it once you put it in there if you get something they need to fix that other than that it’s really good

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