Dark Romance 10 f2p Mod Apk New 2022*


Save your love and seek and find objects in our hidden object games!
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Do Games Limited
December 6, 2022
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Dark Romance 10 f2p Mod Apk New 2022*

A new unfastened to play model of Darkish Romance: Notre-Dame that many gamers will like! You want to hunt and in finding hidden items and win this amusing search and in finding video games loose stuffed with puzzles, mind teasers and mini-games! This sport has no plot variations with the unique mind teasers puzzle, and its major function is that you’ll play all the hidden gadgets quest free of charge!

Darkish Romance 10 f2p Mod Apk New 2022* mod apk

The placement within the town is uneasy, as the harmful prison is at the free! Rumor has it that he’s looking for hidden gadgets of the Elite Order and the gorgeous dancer. the Cardinal has entrusted you along with his arrest, as the most productive warrior. However there’s extra to this story than meets the attention. It’s as much as you in finding important gadgets and paintings in combination to determine who’s taking part in with magic! Save town sooner than it’s too overdue. Do you have got what it takes?

Darkish Romance 10 f2p Mod Apk New 2022* apk mod new

💖 Your true heritage is published, placing you and your mom in mortal risk from a formidable enemy!
Play discovering object video games and remedy the thriller of a girl’s beginning within the Bonus Bankruptcy of this exciting simple hidden object video games!

Darkish Romance 10 f2p Mod Apk New 2022*

💖 Liberate all of the bonus fabrics on this collector’s version!
Replay your favourite puzzles, earn Achievements, and industry your golden bracelets for costumes to adorn your Boudoir, in addition to most sensible hidden object video games in several places! Collect Tarot Playing cards! Will you chance to allow them to display your long run and future?

Darkish Romance 10 f2p Mod Apk New 2022* unencumber

💖 Obtain distinctive art work, authentic track, ideas, and wallpapers!
Play the most efficient puzzles, benefit from the elegant paintings and an intriguing tale, play discovering video games and acquire gorgeous collectibles!

Darkish Romance 10 f2p Mod Apk New 2022* apk

Obtain one of the superb loose hidden object video games – Darkish Romance: Notre-Dame! Play the sport for completely unfastened, but when you are feeling caught or don’t wish to clear up a mini-game, you could purchase hints that will help you continue sooner!

Darkish Romance 10 f2p Mod Apk New 2022* apk mod 2022

Questions? Electronic mail us at [email protected] Discuss with our site to look and to find hidden object video games, mind teasers and puzzles: http://dominigames.com Change into our fan on Fb: https://www.fb.com/dominigames Observe us on Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/dominigames

Darkish Romance 10 f2p Mod Apk New 2022* apk mod

—– Clear up puzzles and mind teasers in those nice new best simple search and to find video games!


40 comments on "Dark Romance 10 f2p Mod Apk New 2022*"

  1. Connie Miller says:

    Dear DOMINI, many problems with this game. 1. Your watch video for free coins don’t work. 2. It freezes now and then 3. It keeps throwing me out of the game whenever I complete a section and go into another one. Please fix this game. Already bought several times coins and skips it didn’t help me.

  2. Judy Lacombe says:

    The graphic are great, challenging, but it does have a few cliches. Having problems picking things up. I Have to press at least 3 times before I can pick anything up or move anywhere. Other than that, I am enjoying playing.

  3. Dehlia Futter says:

    Certain items are a bit small for us older folks’ eyes and some puzzles a bit tricky but otherwise a great game.

  4. Brandee Hilbert-Carter says:

    Good Game there’s a few bugs but nothing major I’m looking forward to new selections of free to play adventure games From DG I welcome full free to play adventures from Google Play but I stopped my play pass because there were only ever a hand full of games I liked that were included but some or all of those are free to play anyways so Googles play pass is a Pass

  5. Annie says:

    Have made it as far as the bonus game, it was good up until now. Keeps crashing when I try to open it, so can’t finish it. As soon as I press play for the bonus game on the game menu, the whole thing closes down & I go back to my main phone screen.

  6. Luanne says:

    As always, 5 stars. Just wish you had a little more of the free games as I really can’t afford to pay for anyone’s games. However, I do understand your need of the income in order to keep rolling out more fantastic games.

  7. lex 8396 says:

    Excellent until the triangle arrow puzzle in bonus chapter. I watched the walkthrough for it but its wrong. The triangles on the right and left dont move if you touch the. Therefore, the walkthrough is worthless for this part. Fun game with lots of puzzles, great map, graphics and hints. I appreciate the effort you put into your games. Thank u.

  8. Allya Arrahim says:

    Love the story a lot… never knew there is this side of the story of notre dame… I like how the we can change player so we can play from both side of the characters. Also I like how the guiding detail to find bonus things. There are none of this in the mystery tales franchise. The graphic is off the hook, both the character and the scene are well built.

  9. Lawanda Bailey says:

    In watching the animated movie, I discovered that Quasimodo is a good guy. Now, in this game, he is a bad guy, kidnapping Esmerelda and reeking havoc everywhere. And it’s up to me to put an end to his reign of terror and stopping lord Frollo.

  10. Camille K.L. Barlow says:

    Great game until the bonus game. Every time I click to play the bonus game, the app immediately stops working and goes to my home screen.

  11. Elizabeth Jones says:

    I love dinomi games they are very addicting and i love that they have free to play games. I recamend dinomi games to anyone that likes to play these kind of games they are the best. I have only had one problem with any of the games and that is when i log onto facebook i dont ever get the 15 coins like they say you will get and that is the only problem i have had. Thank you so much and keep up the wonderful job you guys are doing.

  12. Flor Flo says:

    Thank you for a lovely free game. The puzzles are fun, the story is entertaining and best of all it’s totally free. Good quality game I didn’t find any glitch.

  13. Elisabeth Smith says:

    I can’t finish the last puzzle! 🙁 I’ve got the collector’s edition. There’s no option to change, and all the puzzles are in hard mode. I can’t solve the last puzzle in the bonus chapter. All the walkthroughs show the easy version.

  14. Amanda Miller says:

    Game is fun and keeps you interested. The mini games and puzzles are challenging, but not to the point of being frustrated. Good game to keep the day at bay, and allow you to relax and unwind.

  15. Tina Kelley says:

    majority of puzzles don,t work right like the one where your trying to get to the other side of the shore in the rowboat ,you can.,t get the boat to move fast enough to avoid obstacles when you barely have enough room to move before hitting an obstacle .

  16. A S says:

    Very enjoyable as are all the games. The puzzles are challenging but not to the point of frustration. Stories are interesting too.

  17. Linda Fairhead says:

    I am stuck on constellation puzzle as it rotates more moves than I put in. I am inputting 4 anticlockwise and it does 7, so I keep losing. Very frustrating 😕

  18. Shay Turcotte says:

    Really enjoyed playing this game, thank u developers for making this free to play, with great puzzle games and hidden objects games, along with variety so it doesn’t get old!! Good story line, no glitches, which is a plus!! Other developers need to follow ur free games because consumers go back to guys like u to pay for future games, based on our experience of u offering us ur free games!!! 👍👍

  19. kristy lewis says:

    Really fun and enjoy playing the only thing is that a couple of the games were a little to difficult and there should be a thing that you can earn the rubys the same way you can watch a video to earn gold coins.

  20. Allison Weiner says:

    Really enjoy these games! They are alot of fun! I especially like how they are different plots and stories with puzzles, def makes it more interesting!

  21. Lynne O'Hehir says:

    Just started playing and so far loving it I like the story it’s a little dark hard to see during the day beaver is lovely. have played a while now like the choice we have to play match 3 great game☺

  22. Ashly Goad says:

    Love the game everything was going well but now it won’t let me blow up the entrance to the tower. I made the dynamite and had the flint, now the flint is gone and it keeps telling me there is nothing to do.

  23. Sam Liverton says:

    Unfortunately, as other people have mentioned the zodiac game doesn’t work. The final move only moves 4 places despite what you do. I’m guessing a lot of the reviews here were written before they’d got to that minigame. Very frustrating after playing on and off for a week.

  24. Rhian karnation says:

    Only just started this game. It’s great so far, I like having the two characters..I have played a few of the games in this dark romance story, sometimes the last puzzle is too hard to solve so I just delete the game if it is. Keep making these games. A good challenge for the brain.

  25. alice H says:

    I have a chrome book and I can play your games for about 15 minutes then the game crashes. This happens with all your games. Any idea why? I like the game and would have given it a higher rating but since it crashes I can only give it one star.

  26. Tracey Lancashire says:

    I was playing the game and l went to use the skip button, and it froze, so when it refreshed l lost that skip and l had to use another one, l had only just purchased them. #nothappyatall

  27. Bint e Irshaad says:

    The game is all of fun . But the main problem to it at some places it’s get stuck and u have to skip a puzzle. And the major prob is that skip button or hit button are used easily after a slight touch

  28. wendy vince says:

    This isn’t a free game cause I tried everything to help me pass a level you need to buy the red rubys with real money otherwise there is no help to pass the bell level putting the bells in there correct colours but nothing sometimes if you collect 10 coins you can get a ruby to help you pass certain levels that’s a free games not this which is why I gave this game a 1 star

  29. Krystina Durst says:

    Loved this one! The HO scenes varied in type instead of the same old ‘find this’ and the puzzles were pretty logical. Totally recommend

  30. Jennifer Rose Escobar says:

    Second time around on this one, and still fun. Some of the puzzles are super hard – I had to use a couple of skips – but the story is interesting and the spaces are easy to follow.

  31. D W says:

    Constant glitching & ojects are constantly disappearing & NO way of contacting support in game even though it says you can but the email is not working & they don’t respond here.

  32. Bruce Jameson says:

    Only played this game for a short while but its just as enjoyable as all the others in this series that I have completed. Some of the individual challenges are easy but some are really quite difficult so at least you cab use the hints and skips.

  33. Laminda Love-Oakes says:

    Way too sensitive! I have used hints with even touching the hints or the skip. This game is way too sensitive. I like the hard modes and the last too games a (performance and this game) are not challenging like some of your others. I do not like that I didn’t even touch the hint/skip section and it used it. Please fix. I have checked to make sure my sensitivity on my tablet was down also.

  34. Joann Willig says:

    I really like the dual protagonists in these games, however I wish we were given more coins or hints. It gets expensive for someone on a fixed income.

  35. Jill Vuyst says:

    It was ok until I got so frustrated with a puzzle that was impossible to win, the instructions weren’t clear. I watched a YouTube video but that player had a different version of the puzzle than mine, so I ended up buying some “gems” so I could just skip the damn thing and they never showed up in my inventory!! What a scam.

  36. Ann Charlwood says:

    Really enjoyed this game. Good storytelling & colourful graphics. Managed with only a couple of hints, as it followed a logical path all the way through. Good selection of puzzles, I managed most on my own which is always a bonus as it makes me feel like I’ve really achieved something! Found help for the couple I couldn’t do on youtube. Thank you for this enjoyable free 2 play game. I will definitely play this again. Well done Do games keep up the good work.

  37. Sarah Sigsworth says:

    Great story, graphics & puzzles but……..everytime I pick an object to use it stays on the screen. This is very frustrating as it sometimes covers parts of a puzzle!!

  38. Mrs James says:

    Having to delete this one. There are too many issues. The puzzle with the objects to place into the story has an object under the character switch portraits so I can’t click on it. Items remain on the screen until I use a new one.

  39. Constance Bossy says:

    Second time playing. It’s a good game but there’s an annoying bug now. Items stay on the screen after placing them.

  40. Lauren Lawrence says:

    Way too glitchy. Would click an item to use it, and the image of it gets stuck middle of the screen. Disappointed since the last game was great.

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