Cookie Mania – Match-3 Sweet G Premium Apk


Switch and match cookies to enjoy your sweet dessert! Crush the candy and cookie
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October 18, 2021
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Cookie Mania – Match-3 Sweet G Premium Apk

Cookie Mania, a scrumptious new match-3 puzzle recreation from Ezjoy, brings heaps of unpolluted and candy demanding situations! Transfer and fit cookies as many as you’ll to forestall mouse and monster to devour your candy dessert!
Cookie Mania is an all-new fit Three puzzle-adventure, you’ll embark on a impressive adventure with thrilling and difficult targets like you’ve got by no means observed sooner than!

Cookie Mania – Match-3 Candy G Top rate Apk

☆☆☆☆☆ Highlighted Options ☆☆☆☆☆
★ A candy and thrilling match-3 journey challenged with pesky mouse and monster.
★ Distinctive and scrumptious power-ups and combinations in every ranges.
★ Cutting edge new gameplay: fit as many as you’ll be able to to prevent the mouse and monster to devour your candy dessert.
★ Implausible cookie islands, masses of well-designed loose ranges! Unfastened ranges and recreation modes added ceaselessly!
★ Race your Fb buddies around the candy islands!
★ Amusing and simple to select up, however a rewarding problem to grasp!

Cookie Mania – Match-3 Candy G Top rate Apk apk

☆☆☆☆☆ Tips on how to Play ☆☆☆☆☆
★ Transfer and fit cookies in crew of 3, think carefully earlier than each and every transfer!
★ Beat difficult ranges with the assistance of boosters!
★ Much less strikes you cross a degree, upper rating you’ll get.Are you able to ranking prime sufficient to earn Three stars on each stage?
★ Cookie Mania is loose to play however some in-game pieces would possibly require fee.

Cookie Mania – Match-3 Candy G Top class Apk apk mod 2022

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40 comments on "Cookie Mania – Match-3 Sweet G Premium Apk"

  1. Audric Kimball says:

    This game cheats you. Targets don’t appear until you’ve used necessary moves and are almost out. You’re forced to use boosters to demonstrate what they do when a simple description will suffice. Total scam.

  2. Joan Windsor says:

    I was high up in levels…but when I changed tablets…I lost all my levels…even w logging in w FB

  3. Dannia Derwynn says:

    its just, a lil confusing when ur makin a power ups… vertical and horizontals… game is so awesome!!!

  4. Nalany Baxter says:

    Can’t connect to facebook Sometime I couldn’t pass a level though I have completed the task It suddenly kicked me out of the game in the middle of a level

  5. Eifion Bronwyn says:

    Love this game so relaxing to play! Also love the graphics ! Keep up the good work !

  6. Caersewiella Rhioganedd says:

    Yes, your game plays smoothly, rapid response is good, nice bright colors, and cute little monsters. The only reason I didn’t give it 5 stars is, so far it isn’t really challenging. Sorry

  7. Benjamie Crescent says:

    Not a good game every time I get past a level it cuts off after I have used so of some of my points therefore I’m losing points and losing on the level that I have passed already!!!!!!

  8. Harland Lynet says:

    I love 2 play the game except it has a lot of errors. New levels don’t appear. Game stops on its on. Sometimes theres moves 2 be made but will reshuffle anyway. Won’t let me earn achievements beyond stage 15(levels 421-450) wont show beyond that point in the achievement box. On level 1577 show where more levels can go but there’s nothing there. Tryed looking update 2 the game but can’t find anything. Don’t like newer games pieces to small. Deleted & reinstall having 2 start over. Please Fix

  9. Kemp Leontes says:

    Lv 21 is trying to roll a row and it won’t stop, deleting. 2 weeks still not fixed!!!!!!!

  10. Davine Toddy says:

    Fun and different. Good sound effects and graphics. Still playing!!!!

  11. Kathy Budd says:

    Good game. Hard to play, in the higher levels, though this adds to the challenge in the game.

  12. Rachel says:

    I like the game a lot but it has a certain point where these vine things take over the board and its almost impossible to pass. I’ve uninstalled and reinstalled this app at least fifty times in the past six years. It shouldn’t be that hard to pass the game.

  13. Traci Boozer says:

    Saved game not on new device. I logged in on FB to save progress on my old device. Loaded game on new device, logged in with FB and I’m missing 1,288 levels and 278,722 coins. Honestly, I have no reason to keep the game at this point.

  14. oyinlola uche says:

    It should be saved on Facebook so that even if you uninstalled it you can continue from where you stopped anytime you install it back on a new phone not that you will start all over again

  15. Sandra Jones says:

    I like it very much it’s fun easy to play no problem e anyone can play so far it good l love it right now

  16. Dolores Mohrmann says:

    I had a nice time playing your game. I am disapointed there are no new levels I have a new tablet and I can’t get connected to facebook. What happEned to my old score,and all my money I had saved up. Now I’m back to 1. I loved playing your game

  17. Tiffany Krumbach says:

    Fun, some level are tricky but i enjoy that. It’s good game to make time pass.

  18. Nashlene Isaacs says:

    I love this game alot but what I don’t like is when I have reach the levels then i must wait for a few days for the next levels

  19. Keorapetse Marasela says:

    I am on level 1850 but the lollipops are not showing on the screen. I have played it so many times but they do not show up

  20. Carolyn Williams says:

    just to many durn ad’s update I’m so sick and tried of these old out dated game claiming that you can connect with Facebook connect and when you install the app and opened the game Facebook connect is unavailable doesn’t work anymore what happened it used to work in the past tense just let the game go down hill i wouldn’t recommend it’s not what it used to be update ads ads after every single level 👎

  21. Jenny Parker says:

    Level 1850 doesn’t work. No lollipops. Can’t get past this level to get to the new levels.

  22. Kathy Morgan says:

    I love this game but I’m having the same problem as the other person that left a review I get the candies but the lollipops never show up can you please please tell me how to fix this

  23. Claire Beatrice Attenborough says:

    I can’t seem to see the lollipops at level 1850… No lollipops. Is it a glitch.. can’t play the new levels cos of this level.

  24. Lee Jacobs says:

    Lots of fun but it stops working at the most inconvenient times. I got to level 1850 and can’t go on because it wants me to get rid of something that’s not in the puzzle. Very frustrating

  25. Jackie Hoschak says:

    I love this game. Please check level 1850. It can not be beat. You have a swirl on it to get 20 of but there are none. Thank you!!!!


    What’s the point of adding more levels to the game when you can’t go beyond 1850? I was hoping it would be fixed by the next update but sadly, it wasn’t

  27. Barbara Laverty says:

    At 1850 and cannot get passed, when is this going to be fixed? Otherwise a great and enjoyable game. Am disappointed that this problem has not been fixed yet, please make it better! Weeks on and still not fixed.

  28. Wendy Doucet says:

    fun game. Challenging but not overly difficult.Keep your boosters up and you can get thru levels just fine.

  29. Lena Williamson says:

    I’m on level 1850 and there are NO Lollipops to complete the game. There is no candy in this level! Does it need a Bug Fix???????? HOW do I get past level 1850??? Please take a look at it. Do you guys ever plan to fix this game or are you giving up on it?? This is December and level 1850 is still not fixed. Since October???!!!

  30. eve devinsky says:

    I used to play this game on another device and rediscovered it. Still cute graphics and fun to play!

  31. Kgabo Mali says:

    The addiction though. Level 1850 has no lollipos. I had to delete the game and start afresh bcoz I cannot proceed to the next level.

  32. Betty Nooner says:

    Love it!! Gives you an option to skip those annoying ads!!

  33. Roleta McMiller says:

    The last update is in October 2021. This is a great game, but you can’t get past board 1850. It requires you to get 20 lollipops 🍭 but their are none on the board. I noticed that the company address was 1850, and the programmer may have done this on purpose

  34. Boney Laimayum says:

    I really love ❤😘 this game but up level 185 to cross another level something is wrong plz do something

  35. Aashu says:

    No one can ever win level 503. Timer bomb time is very short. Make amendments.

  36. Joan Edenedo says:

    i love this game , I’ve been playing it since 2013. to me its the best game ever. The game doesn’t open anymore, it it outdated? How can I update it without having to start from the beginning? Cos I have really gone far

  37. Hilda Pennant says:

    Stuck on level 1850 shows you need 20 lollipops but none on level ??? got everything el se but can’t move on reviews show someone stuck from nov last year and march this year and still no change tempted to delete sad cos I love it.

  38. Shunita Shannon says:

    I love the game I’m on this board they don’t have all the item on the board to get off.

  39. Theresa Fillies says:

    This game is very very challenging. Each level is a struggle. But its totally addictive

  40. punkgothichick1307 says:

    Some levels are hard to pass. Others are impossible. Also I wish it was unlimited lives cause then id play it so much more and give it 5 stars

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