Cookie Jam™ Match 3 Games Apk Download New 2022 Version*


Play cookie matching games! Crush 5,000+ unique levels in sweet match 3 games!
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November 23, 2022
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Cookie Jam™ Match 3 Games Apk Download New 2022 Version*

Join over One hundred million people who find themselves enjoying Cookie Jam: Fit Three video games! ​Cookie Jam is stuffed with 1000’s of a laugh puzzles and difficult matching video games! Fit 3 cookies & sweet with a view to transparent the board and clear up puzzles! Cookie Jam fit Three video games are unfastened to play – obtain and play thrilling puzzle video games nowadays!

Cookie Jam™ Fit Three Video games Apk Obtain New 2022 Version* mod apk

Cookie matching is reimagined in those sugary puzzle video games!
Welcome to Cookie Jam: Fit Three Video games – matching video games stuffed with tasty cookie and sweet fit video games. Blast via dessert-themed islands in puzzle matching video games and assist Chef Panda weigh down cookies earlier than they disintegrate in Cookie Jam. Play hundreds of fit Three video games totally free, with new puzzles each week so that you by no means run out of difficult matching video games to play!

Cookie Jam™ Fit Three Video games Apk Obtain New 2022 Version* apk mod new

Fit, attach, switch, and overwhelm video games in colourful fit puzzles – problem your self to overcome all the puzzle video games! Now we have 1000’s of puzzles to revel in! All fit video games come jam-packed with cookie matching amusing and sweet puzzle thrills! Switch, fit, and weigh down cookies to growth to the following stage. Problem your self as you play fit video games to suppose briefly and strategically to transparent rows, columns, and full forums of rainbow-colored candy treats in fit Three video games!

Cookie Jam™ Fit Three Video games Apk Obtain New 2022 Version* apk mod

It’s time to position your fit 3 puzzle talents to the take a look at! Chef Panda has an order to fill and you’ll be able to lend a hand. Fit 3 or extra treats to fill orders and development thru ranges in those stress-free puzzles. Fit Five treats to wipe the board blank with an impressive cake weigh down booster. Uncover numerous new ranges and gather superior boosters on this fit 3 puzzle on-line.

Cookie Jam™ Fit Three Video games Apk Obtain New 2022 Version* apk mod 2022

Cookie Jam Fit Three Video games:
🍪 Loose to play cookie matching video games for everybody – unfastened puzzle video games to stay you entertained for hours!
🍪 Development thru 6,000+ distinctive and difficult ranges, with new ones added weekly
🍪 Clear up a laugh matching video games and problem your self to position your puzzle abilities to the check!
🍪 Succeed in prime ratings through growing explosive cookie suits with tough boosters and power-ups!
🍪 Climb the fit Three video games leaderboard as you change, overwhelm, and jam your approach thru fantastical bakery themed islands
🍪 Accumulate lovable pets as you move thru fit Three puzzle video games. Turn on their particular powers to wreck layers of chocolate, accumulate tasty waffles, and extra as you play via difficult ranges in fit video games.
🍪 Earn rewards and candy prizes with limited-time occasions in fit video games. Spin the wheel to assert your unfastened day-to-day praise and growth via loose puzzle video games sooner.
🍪 Hook up with Fb to seamlessly sync throughout more than one gadgets and problem buddies to a laugh matching video games!

Cookie Jam™ Fit Three Video games Apk Obtain New 2022 Version*

LIKE: APPLY: @playcookiejam
DEVELOPER DATA: Jam Town is the main developer in actually cross-platform social gaming! Take a look at our different unfastened fit Three video games and unfastened puzzle video games! You’ll like to change, fit, and crunch via ever-expanding ranges and occasions. Take a look at again ceaselessly to look all of the new candy treats that we’ve added! You’ll like to overwhelm thru every candy puzzle. Start your bakery journey on loose fit video games lately!

Cookie Jam™ Fit Three Video games Apk Obtain New 2022 Version* release

COOKIE JAM, the COOKIE JAM brand, the Rainbow Cake Design, the COOKIE JAM characters, and comparable indicia are registered and/or unregistered emblems and copyrights of Jam Town, Inc. and might not be used with out permission. © 2020, Jam Town Inc. All rights reserved.


40 comments on "Cookie Jam™ Match 3 Games Apk Download New 2022 Version*"

  1. Justin Felabeorbt says:

    I’m experiencing the same problems as others. Replaying levels already won, coins and other items disappear, game freezes after a win or after an ad. I’ve been playing a long time but I might quit because of the problems and glitches. Getting tired of my stuff disappearing, and constantly having to start over. Heck, I paid for some of that stuff, feels like a rip off. Fix the game please or I’m out.

  2. Alexenia Lucky says:

    I went back to a different level, I was up to the highest surfer guy you can have, not only did it not give me the extra cakes and strips (which I can understand,, some games don’t if you go back on levels you have already played, but and when I didn’t finish within the allotted moves it took away ALL the surfer bonuses for rounds I hadn’t even played yet. ABSOLUTE B*LLSH*T!!!!!! Also, the play button is WAY too close to the add three moves button, so sometimes I push it with out meaning to and use a help I don’t really need. I will be uninstalling this game.

  3. Morgan Rook says:

    Lately the game has a lot of glitches! I’m in the middle of playing and it just freezes up and won’t respond unless I restart it! This way if I’m on track to start the level with the little “bonuses” I lose them and have to start all over again! Thought the update would help but not really! Too bad! I used to enjoy playing it but not so much anymore.

  4. Janiece Delmont says:

    It used to be a good game, but now it freezes sometimes. When I finish a level, close the game and return later, I have to repeat the same level when I already completed with 3 stars before. Also, if I fail a level and try to replay it, the game switches to a different one and not the same I was playing before. Definitely many glitches with these app now.

  5. Zanda Stevenson says:

    So, the “unlimited” powerups given for baking and for beating events, don’t work… nice timer though. The game runs pretty slow when creating huge combos. Finally, I was on level 38 and still kept receiving tutorials. Like, I get it, match 3 or more pieces on top or next to objects… yes, that’s the norm for the majority (if not all) match 3 games. The reason I didn’t give this 2 stars is because I was impressed by the map graphics, that’s about it.

  6. Maertisa Deveon says:

    Extremely addicting, great for when I’m trying to decompress or just kill time, been at this game for a few yrs, over 3 phones and 3 restarts. My only gripe is that I often have to replay boards I’ve beaten already when I go back into the game. Sometimes I dont mind, other times it’s annoying especially when I fought hard to clear it. I just updated, so we shall see if it stops doing that.

  7. Arlie Harlowe says:

    I really like the game, been playing for a very long time, something around level 3940, but recently have noticed that the bees are no longer helpful, it used to be the bees would go to the spot you needed help with, like clear a tile etc. now they are completely off course, I can have one tile left and two bees come out and scatter around the screen but not going anywhere near where they’re needed. I thought the whole point of getting these rewards or boosts were to help you, not just be random

  8. Sibley Jilliane says:

    Yes, this game is a lot like Candy Crush. even so, it has its own unique style and I really enjoy playing! One thing that frustrated me, it would ask for different color ingredients and when I was close to finishing it would not supply the colors l needed on the board which, would cause me to lose!!! That seems to happen in the higher levels. Also, there should be a way to win more power ups! Candy Crush is better at that!!

  9. Ignatius Symer says:

    this game used to be really fun. but now it either. freezes up or shuts down mid play. very frustraiting when your on a winning roll. it glitches when you spin the wheel. so you never get the really good prizes. Taking longer each day to load. Now it won’t let me play if I don’t update. I tried but my phone. won’t finish the update. Time to uninstall and move on. lots of other games out there without so many issues.

  10. Taylor Cole says:

    If you like Match 3, this one is perfectly serviceable. They all start to look alike, and this one won’t stand out from the 900 others on the Google Play store. Everything works smoothly, and I haven’t come across any bugs so far. The only thing I’d request of it and all games is to stop the constant Facebook nags. I don’t have an account, and many more left the site for privacy issues in recent years but I see that nag screen after almost every level.

  11. Ceci Jocelynn says:

    Addicting and fun. They really try hard to make you spend money and they’ve gotten me plenty of times. If you have three wafers left and run out of turns, it will give you the option to play on for 16 coins, but if you have 17 coins for instance, it will say 25 coins in order to play on. BS! And sometimes they give you the option to watch a video for more turns but its NEVER when you only need a few. It’s always when you need 20 or more therefore the chances are slim of you beating it.

  12. Peter Archambeau says:

    Love this fun game but it has a glitch and it’s not user error. Problem is at random times, infrequently at that, right in the middle of the game it will disappear. You can find it in your apps that are opened, but when clicking on it, it reboots to the beginning and you lose all your progress and specials (as I call them). Total bummer. Tried contacting the compae ny. Was asked for a screenshot. How??? How does one give a screenshot of just their wallpaper and how would this assist them?!

  13. Janetta Moore says:

    I’ve noticed that over the last 2 or 3 months, it is near impossible to pass any level first time round; I’ve played this for years and I am in the 3100 area level; about every 3 days or so they have a “cookie walk” where you have to win 5 levels, each level getting progressively harder to win a big prize; I used to be able to sail through the first 4 levels w/o a problem. Now, I can’t get past level 2! If they think that I’m going to buy a bunch of “helpers” they’re WRONG it’s all about $$$$$$

  14. Allison Bagwell says:

    I’m on level 4646. I’m not sure what level other player’s are on, but I feel I’m pretty high up here. With that being said, you would think a player that has been around for a while would earn a few more freebies or something. It seems to me that if a player ever purchases anything to help them out, then all of a sudden: 1) the extra free spins are gone 2) the chance of getting the extra 5 plays option are null and void 3) the odds of free play time is cut significantly It’s frustrating

  15. Raegan Arjes-Maddox says:

    I’m on level 5309. I thought at 5000 I would get some kind of something. I’ve been playing this game for years. I’m almost to 365 days of logging in consecutively prize… Hopefully there will be something extra for that (not just 30 minutes of an extra game piece). I like the update as it cleaned up the send/ask lives part. It also runs faster, which is good. I agree with the comment about the white box during loading and the issues with the end of game cutoff. Higher rank = better rewards

  16. Amanda Lynn says:

    I enjoy that they give you different incentives to completing levels so you get nice boosters throughout the game. I just wish you didnt have to go back to the map for each level just to watch your balloon move. It would be nice to just go directly to the next level with an option to go to the main menu if you wanted. So far it’s kind of fun enough for a time waster. If it stopped going to the map after each round it would be much better.

  17. R. Collier says:

    Used to be 5 stars but now only 3 because of the changes to the game. The daily calendar used to be automatic everyday, but now I have to manually check it. And now I only get 60 min for 7 days instead of 4 hours. Also, when trying to get a free life watching a video ad doesn’t always work. Even after watching the ad. I’m only rating the game now because after a week of playing, I haven’t had the option to get a free life from watching an ad. So, it is what it is.

  18. Dianna Adair says:

    I like the game, despite how difficult it is (to encourage spending money, I’m sure). However, the pop-ups for events are excessive. I try to exit after a level to spin the wheel and I have to close so many different pop-ups to get to the main screen. Maybe consider having all the stuff be icons you can choose to open if you want to so that they are less intrusive.

  19. Jo Warn says:

    I’ve enjoyed this game for years…almost all the way to 5000 games. (I tell myself that the strategy exercises the brain.) Removed a star due to numerous bugs in upper levels, probably because fewer people report. The wheel spin often must be tapped again and again until you hit a spot that spins around to the least valuable reward. Also, once or twice I got stuck in a loop and had to win a game several times to get to the next one. Nothing life-shattering. It’s a game — and one I enjoy.

  20. Boris Shevchenco says:

    The constant attempts to sell you more lives and game time is beyond annoying. Also, games seemingly are programmed for you to lose with only one move left, trying to frustrate you into buying more moves. Update: Sure, you don’t have to purchase additional game time or moves, but I could also walk from Chicago to New York all without having to pay for gas, bus fare, or a plane ticket. Just like I will eventually arrive at my destination, I will also eventually complete the game level.

  21. Kristin Robinson says:

    This game cheats. Like, that’s all there is to it. I’ve been playing off and on all day, and Ive advanced six levels. A vertical or horizontal booster that you make in the game, should wipe out everything in a row, and several times it has not, leaving me with one or two things to collect still, and one move left. I understand that it’s a game, and a free game at that, but real advancement in the game doesn’t happen unless you buy something.

  22. Maggie Harper says:

    I’ve played this game for several years & always load it on a new phone. They have managed to come up with the right combo of just enough challenge to be interesting but not frustrating. Enough chance to earn boosters without making them too easy or hard to get… it’s just a great way to pass the time when you need something. Plus it always runs well. It doesn’t freeze or glitch – one of the few REALLY good games. Also, totally worth paying a few $ if you like uninterrupted play!

  23. Joe Uzdavinis says:

    The software knows how to make it so you have to buy something to finish just one move to win. Brilliant. Also, I’ve captured video shots and it will also help you along to get you one move away just before time is up. I’ve never paid a dollar and the levels get harder of course, but cheers to the editors that suck everyone in for a buck to finish the level. Also, the bonus treats they give you are few and far between to solve a level, just more lives to keep trying. Again, bravo!

  24. JoEllen Bocchino says:

    Great game! I have been playing it for two years! Have never purchased anything, so it is hard to beat hard levels quickly. I think it’s challenging and fun. The upgrades are great! I think coins should be earned at certain levels. Very hard to get them spinning the wheel. I was a word game whiz, but I started playing Cookie Jam and now I’m glad I did.

  25. Martha Murphy says:

    I’ve been playing for years, but this game has changed. There are not nearly as many opportunities to win prizes with the lack of Macaroon Mama, Surf Streak, etc.. The Cookie Walk is almost impossible to win now. I used to win a lot, tonight I can’t even beat level 2. Ads for buying combos pop up every replay! Clearly making people buy bonuses is the priority now. This makes me really sad, it used to be my favorite game, but now it’s simply frustrating. Really too bad.

  26. agneselston says:

    I’m sick of you asking me repeatedly to review your app when I’ve done it years and years and years and years and years and years and years ago.I also think you need to improve the spinning of the wheel. So addicting….but what’s going on now? It’s not advancing me to the next level. Also….I totally agree with a previous review. I do NOT get the point of the outfits. It cheapens the have. It’s just pointless and a waste of energy to have to even wait it out. Eye Roll every time.

  27. Charlotte Bowers says:

    Been playing this for more than 2 years. The constant updates ? The only thing they bring is more popup ads. I’d like to see the “5 extra moves” option added to every game instead of ONLY when the extra moves won’t make a difference on the board. I used to be able to earn coins with a good score, but now you can only buy them. I get stuck on impossible levels for 4-5 days, due to not having any moves , and going through what I’m given just to get a board started.

  28. Gayle Pappas says:

    Really like the added extra games like bingo, they should be available more often. Offer more chances to get special gifts and you should be able to actually win some puzzles are especially hard then you lose interest. You did add new surprises within the levels reached which makes the game more enjoyable and fun. Winning donuts to get added pieces to play with is a great challenge to see how many more you can get each time they appear. Good job keep them coming.

  29. Shalom Petersen says:

    Same concept as most match 3, etc games. And entirely too many ads! I don’t care for how they’ve tried to turn just about every game out there into some sort of “quest” or “mission” type game. I don’t like how they increase the levels to such difficulty at some point that you just about can’t beat the levels. It makes it irritating and frustrating, instead of fun. And so it makes me want to delete it, instead of continue to play. Just another time waster.

  30. Kelly K says:

    this game is pretty good and one can lose track of time playing. I find that they will make it impossible to beat some levels until you buy something or keep trying the same level way to many times but eventually you win. I really do enjoy playing but please make it a bit more fair, when you have 10 spins and only need a couple of pieces, it would be nice if those pieces are available to get.. I have played levels where there is no possible way to get 2 or 3 red yet there is only 1 piece there

  31. Audrey W says:

    Good to pass time with. I’ve been playing for a few years now hahaha. Lots of chances for unlimited play, which I love. Can’t tell you how many times its helped me fall asleep at night 😹😹😹 I have had it where it rewards me an hour or 2 unlimited play, but I never received it.. it would be nice to be able to use then unlimited play at your convenience, since sometimes I get 2 hours but can’t play it right away. So that free play is lost. Otherwise no complaints!

  32. Robbin Kraft says:

    This is a challanging game. It does get stuck a lot. Thought it was my internet but its not. Thought it was my phone but i see others have the same issue. I wish if you didnt use all your moves to complete one level, they would carry over to the next. Most times when i receive a prize, its just something for 30 min or so. Not a helper like a rolling pin or mitten. Update. Now when i watch a video to get a prize, it never shows up. Watch video then nothing.

  33. K M says:

    Update: got my progress back, finally. I do like the game. Pet power ups are pointless IMO. They don’t help in tough situations. Old review: I like the game but like another review said, I had to switch devices and lost all my progress. Connecting to Facebook did not help. So I uninstalled. I don’t want to start all over.

  34. Andy Richardson says:

    Way to hard to beat levels especially when an event is going on. For work treasure and so on. Takes more than 20 times or more to beat a level that is not supposed to be hard or extreme. This game has gotten redicious, 4 extreme levels in a row and then a hard level after that. Then after you finally get through all that an what is supposed to be an easier level is harder than the others. For example I have been on level 8701 for two days and still haven’t beat it.

  35. Debbie Quiett-Rangel says:

    it’s ok. I don’t like being frustrated by getting just to the last but it always stops just short of completing the game. Then you can pay for in app purchase or lose your progress. Ehh😌Not much has changed with the game.But I have changed and don’t play but once every blue moon. The same ol’ same ol’. Only the time has changed. The game has had some new additions and so far it’s working well. More things to engage players. YAYyeah, sorry, not sorry

  36. Charles Dubick says:

    I’m retired and spend too much time playing games on my phone! This could be one of my favorites if it weren’t so obviously designed to encourage the player to make purchases all the time. Therefore, the challenge for me has become to make progress without paying any money. But, the fun from playing has been so diminished by the constant sales efforts, that I have considered lowering my rating to 3 stars.

  37. W Cundiff says:

    14Nov2022 Stuck on Level for 2nd day & wish you would make sure that the number of each item needed to win level … that amount… of each item, should be on the screen during play. Offensive strategy (or skilled play) is impossible without the characters being present to capture. The reason a regular level is harder than extreme level. I started playing when I woke up which is bad time to tackle this so I’m going to try again, much later. Ty.

  38. Ms. Janet says:

    Love the game! I’ve been playing for years. Lost all 3000 of my games, had to start over, but it’s okay, though. Two problems: Since the up grade, ads are 30 seconds per se, and the little creatures don’t really help you at all, they mess up your games… at times. Why, when you give me 6 hours of free play, they don’t carry over until I start my games again? I mean, I do have things to do besides sitting here playing for 6 straight hours. When I stop playing, then the clock should stop. Ijs!

  39. Allison Jacobs says:

    I redownload this from playing it years ago. First thing I noticed was no longer can you earn coins. You literally have to just spend money to get enough if needing them. And the amount of coins they expect you to use for things is insane!!!! Update How many pop up ads do we need before playing a level!!! There are so many things we have to say no to before we can start!!!

  40. Barbara Butler says:

    I’ve been playing this game for 5 years. I haven’t removed it from my apps yet! And that’s saying something for me!! I am past level 450 and I’m proud of myself because that was hard to get there. Lost cell data on my phone and had to start again two years ago. It’s one of my go to games when I want to play anything. It’s fun frustrating and fabulous! I don’t think I’ve ever spent a c ent on getting more coins. I just dig deeper and get it done! Love this game!

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