Cat Heroes – Match 3 Puzzle Premium Apk


Match 3, blast & combine color pieces to save the cats in this puzzle adventure!
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September 8, 2022
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Cat Heroes – Match 3 Puzzle Premium Apk

😺 Get started a brand new puzzle journey with Cat Heroes, the brand new fit Three sport the place it is very important whole the puzzles to assist the Cats to advance on this magic and colourful puzzle recreation. Fit, blast and mix the items to go each stage and assist the lovable cats to defeat the evil rats 😺

Cat Heroes – Fit Three Puzzle Top rate Apk apk mod 2022

You are going to get started finding out the way to merge, fit and mix the items to finish the entire puzzles. Don’t fear about it as a result of our heroes, the cats, will let you to grasp this fit Three recreation and will also train you the way to defeat the evil rats of this magic journey! They want you to avoid wasting the woodland from the evil rats so please, fit, merge and entire the entire puzzles as speedy as imaginable.

Cat Heroes – Fit Three Puzzle Top rate Apk release

Fixing all of the magic puzzles of this cat sport isn’t a very easy problem. It is very important use your abilities to check and mix the colourful balls briefly as a result of you are going to have a restricted time to cross each and every degree. Lend a hand the cat heroes and attach the similar colours to finish the magic puzzles and be the fit grasp of this improbable journey of cats and hues!

Cat Heroes – Fit Three Puzzle Top class Apk apk mod

Experience those unbelievable options in Cat Heroes: Fit Three Puzzle Journey with Cats

Cat Heroes – Fit Three Puzzle Top rate Apk apk

🧠 Fit, merge and mix the yummy culmination to resolve the humorous puzzles of this match-3 recreation 😼 Unencumber new Cat Heroes with distinctive skills to finish this magic puzzle journey πŸš€ Acquire boosters to get an additional lend a hand to finish the entire fit Three puzzles
πŸ’Ž Get jewel chests and colourful presents on your cat heroes. You wish to have to handle your cat buddies!
🍾 Play totally free and experience this colour journey of caricature cats and fit Three puzzles!
πŸ˜„ We’re including new ranges for our cat heroes each week so you’ll have unending a laugh πŸ–₯️ This fit Three recreation can also be performed offline! You won’t want web connection to experience this colour and amusing journey of cats

Cat Heroes – Fit Three Puzzle Top class Apk mod apk

Now it’s the instant to assist the cats on this match-3 sport to unravel the puzzles. Sign up for the cat heroes squad and benefit from this improbable alternative to avoid wasting the wooded area from the evil rats. The cat heroes want you to finish the puzzles of yummy end result. Don’t be terrified of this puzzle journey and display your talents matching, blasting and mixing the colourful items!

Cat Heroes – Fit Three Puzzle Top class Apk apk mod new

Should you like fit Three puzzle video games and cats, that is the very best cat recreation for you! Resolve the vintage and colourful puzzles, which we have now ready for you and please assist those lovable and lovely cats to avoid wasting the sector whilst you fit the items to win. It is possible for you to to make use of unbelievable talents with the particular culmination of each degree. You’ll see it whilst you mix Three end result of the similar sort! A whole lot of surprises, presents, boosters and tremendous humorous puzzles are looking ahead to you so obtain now Cat Heroes y display that you’re the actual fit grasp!

Cat Heroes – Fit Three Puzzle Top class Apk

For those who don’t really feel that that is the easiest puzzle sport for you, it’s because you aren’t a puppy lover! The Cat Heroes want lend a hand to unravel the entire fit Three puzzles so despite the fact that you aren’t a puppy lover, you will have to play this cat sport as a result of the humorous colour journey which you are going to are living in one of the most absolute best journey puzzle video games.

Be the jewel legend on this match-3 recreation and display in your buddies your abilities to finish difficult and humorous puzzles in Cat Heroes, the Fit Three Puzzle Journey with Cats!
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40 comments on "Cat Heroes – Match 3 Puzzle Premium Apk"

  1. Tonia Zimmerman says:

    I am already addicted to this game!! Can’t seem to stop playing it!! I like the graphics!! A different kind of matching game, THANK YOU!!! I accidentally pushed the no button on a question asked of me but please note that was an accident I love this game!! Thumbs up to the creator/s!!!!

  2. Kayleigh says:

    A really fun game with interesting game mechanics and gameplay. The graphics are awesome and I love the hero cats! The only thing I’d suggest too improve is too make it so we can join/create teams, so we can play with other players and exchange lives with eachother! Awesome game 🐱🐾🐈

  3. Mark says:

    Broken features, stupid animations, lottery everywhere. The card collecting system is dumb, the inf. life bonuses stack but can’t be used when needed. Whats the point of 5h of free gameplay?! Also the disco ball always ruins the first combo, so i keep dying to remove this counterproductive bogus bonus.

  4. Isabella Lilly Edwards says:

    Really enjoying this game great graphics, & different from other match games! I would also like to say also the developers of this game are so very helpful, and respond to emails quickly and with excellent communication! I hope they do more games in the future, I and my grandson are big fans of cat heroes. Thank you again! So if your unsure about this game don’t be download now and start playing, you’ll be glad you did excellent game!

  5. Kinder gal says:

    It could be a great game, if the devs didn’t mislead me into thinking that by watching a video I would receive a bunch of boosters! It would say “exit to get rewards! Every time I would tap exit it would say I was leaving before I claimed my rewards . After repeating these steps and seeing multiple boosters I was about to claim, it puts a picture of a rat up with the words “oh no a rat stole your loot”!! I’ve heard of a low blow that took the cake!!! Thinking of uninstalling!!!

  6. Shaun Of The Dead says:

    Graphics are great, gameplay is smooth, levels are challenging and collecting the different stickers, to unlock new cats, is rewarding.. well done development team πŸ‘

  7. Lynne Coates says:

    Great cat game! I’m enjoying the different take on match 3. Some difficult levels but that’s half the fun. The characters are quirky and the game runs smoothly.

  8. Karolyn Bear says:

    It’s pretty cool game so far. Interesting games. No issues so far and not real difficult at this point but hopefully it will be more challenging and difficult as I get into higher levels.

  9. MaryMary Gonot says:

    Awesome Game! Great graphics, cool Rewards, challenging but winnable, really enjoy the play, as it is not the same-old, same-old, match 3.

  10. Celia says:

    I have been playing this game for a few weeks now. At 1st I thought it was kind of lame. But as I progress further up in levels, I really like the game. They are one of the few that give you really cool 😎 boosters as prizes when you win a quest against other players. They are not stingy on the prizes either. The prizes are unique boosters that you can’t buy in the store. You have to play and win in order to acquire them. I am having so much fun with this game.

  11. Belontiga Joker says:

    The graphics are dull, uninteresting, and painfully unoriginal, much like the entirety of the game itself. You can’t control character abilities so you’ll have the ai ruining matches you were setting set up by replacing slots with rockets or the character with an attack will choose to attack the wrong unit. The goal is to defeat enemies, but horizontal rockets can’t attack and vertical rockets only attack the unit directly above them for 1 dmg while regular rockets do 1 dmg regardless of slot.

  12. Vanessa Johnson says:

    I enjoy the games because it’s different and more fun because you’re attacking the mouse and the is attacking you some what. It’s addictive and challenging. I really enjoy it’s not getting boring. I am up to level 95 and I started playing it a couple of days ago.

  13. Jessica Gates says:

    I liked playing this game, I spent a $1.99 on the starter pack, I did not receive any of the credits that I was supposed to get for that $1.99. I have made several complaints, and I have not heard anything back in 2 days and I still have not received my credit or a refund. This is the worst customer service and I do believe that they rip you off

  14. Marie Watson says:

    Very enjoyable game, graphics good, game is fun, lots of boosters, ads minimal, wish you would get rid of the pig, find it annoying. Takes time to earn diamonds, but otherwise one of my favourites, recommend playing if your into match games.

  15. Natacha Schulz says:

    Fun. Nice design and colorful. No ads so you can keep playing. The levels get more difficult and are different.

  16. Colin Arnold says:

    Amazing game well done developers and thankyou so much for a great game that is so relaxing as I suffer from PTSD and this is a great way to relax. I would love it if I could get something like a signed poster as my daughters would love it. ❀

  17. Aimee Gonzalez says:

    Worst support ever! This game has glitched out twice already and I’ve only been playing for a week. Had built up some gems then this piggy bank shows up and started taking ALL gems earned. Thing is I can’t afford $10 for gems I already earned. Going to play until all boosts are gone then I’m uninstalling toodles

  18. Shari Johnson says:

    I finished all the levels a couple days ago & waiting for an update so I can continue. I could replay all the current levels, but I’d rather move on from where I’ve been. When will new levels be available? I’m not gonna wait forever & will uninstall the game.

  19. Anya Midkiff says:

    It was a great game, but the support is zero. Ads freeze, levels glitch, and now at 320+ won’t load at all. Sent 3 messages, no response.

  20. michael standrews says:

    I wrote a review once already this is in response to the supposed fix I reinstalled the application and I was hoping to play this time I didn’t get to play because it gave me the same internet connection required problem as last time. It’s just funny how I have internet to post this review but not for your app.

  21. Patricia Polsino says:

    My only problem so far is the power-ups… Wish there was bombs and other kinds instead of just rockets and color balls… So far the theme is adorable and love killing the mice and the different cats to play.. Just need some different kinds of power-ups

  22. Gayna Pendle says:

    This is a great game, but got to a point now and waiting on new levels, so says do bonus levels, press on it and it won’t load. Shame really πŸ˜• 😞 that’s the reason for 4 stars otherwise I would give 5 stars. ….Well still not up dating levels, was corrected got 3 new levels and then back to bonus and new levels will follow now been a week and still no knew levels 😑

  23. Angie Rangel says:

    I love cats and this is a wonderfully built ❀️😻😻 game. I love how the character changes every so often as we level up. I also love the texture of your game. I hope you guys can create more fun games like this one.

  24. OG Gamer Palm Springs, CA says:

    This is exactly what a good match 3 game should look like! It has a unique approach in that matching a designated number of tiles if a certain kind is NOT the goal. There are 4 nasty mice at the top of the screen in a horizontal line. As the levels progress the number of hits to destroy them increases. The key here is positioning the rockets so that you can combine them to do as much damage to the mice as possible. Kill the mice, move on to the next level. Here’s the best news! NO ADS! A winner!

  25. Katie says:

    This game is very FUN to play, but teaches you to long when we all know how to match 3 or more, just to slow for my liking, I want to be able to move to the next level quickly, not every 2 minute’s, needs work!!

  26. Arcy Hicks says:

    Very cute game. Ads are booster optional, I don’t mind so I take everything I can get. But it’s really nice not being FORCED to watch ads after every single play.

  27. nikki Robledo says:

    I started the game yesterday and I’m already on level 100 I truly enjoy playing this game! I purchased the 1.99 package and they give you 30 unlimited life I have not played a game that does that and I have also won all kinds of stuff! I do believe this is my new favorite game!

  28. N Q says:

    Quite enjoy the game while it works, sometimes there are glitches & don’t understand why lives can’t be collected before it reaches 5?? Difficult when it’s just 2 or 3 members only. Not enough moves on some levels. Updated game, still not getting lives when not full…. please fix.

  29. gretchen aldape says:

    I am tired of seeing the in-game ads that feature half naked women and the solitare game that shows people having sex. If this is the way it is, I’ll uninstall. If there is a way to get rid of those kinds of ads, let me know.

  30. Susan Newman says:

    Great game no counting, just fun fun & well watch your moves left, lol πŸ˜†

  31. Freida Ledgerwood says:

    Ads especially certain ones for keto gummies to lose weight saying last day to get but saying that for weeks ads for that on tv has stopped 2 months ago. So that ad is repetitive every time game goes to ads

  32. Tracy Phillips says:

    I really like the game but now it won’t load so I’m not able 2 play would really like this problem fixed

  33. John Justice says:

    The Game is Awesome the graphics and puzzles are Amazing

  34. Rora Panda says:

    So cute!! πŸ’™πŸ’™πŸ’™πŸ’™ Max looks alike Rex my cat, I love your game so much it’s fun! And the graphics are awesome.

  35. Hope Ziemba says:

    Good game. My only complaint is that there is always helpers…. And I would love to play the game without their input. Unless it’s just goes the game is programmed. If it is I would rate it a 3 out of 5…

  36. Sabrina Holmes says:

    Love the game! I play the game as often as I can. I love the animation it’s adorable

  37. Ayman Elimam says:

    The game suddenly stopped and asks for Internet connection although I’m already connected… Poor software really won’t recommend it

  38. Merrill Reich says:

    Its a good game until it wants to update itself. I waited two days for it to update but it says i dont have an internet connectoin when i have a very strong one. Ive unistalled the game. Reinstalled and problem still isn’t fixed.

  39. Laura Ross - Hays says:

    Game freezes in between loadings & for no reason. Truely have enjoyed playing, just pisses me off. EVERY TIME game freezes, I’M LOOSING TURN! NOT FAIR. Tired of freezing on me every other turn & I’ve had enough… Loved this game 1/14/22 Nov 2022: Game ‘drops’ some but it’s better. FUN

  40. Patricia Railey says:

    Love the graphics, majority of courses are relatively easy there are some difficult ones but challenging. Love this game.

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