Bubble Genius – Popping Game! Mod Apk


Play the best bubble popping game with Bubble Genius. Clear the board and win!
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Outplay Entertainment Ltd
August 6, 2020
4.4 And Up
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Bubble Genius – Popping Game! Mod Apk

Enjoy enjoying unfastened bubble shooters?

Bubble Genius – Popping Recreation! Mod Apk apk mod new

Get able to pop bubbles and beat stage after degree in Bubble Genius – a amusing bubble pop sport that may problem you at each and every flip.

Bubble Genius – Popping Sport! Mod Apk mod apk

Fit Three to pop bubbles of the similar colour and rescue the lovable pets on this addictive bubble shooter saga! The deficient child pets are depending on you to rescue them 🥺. Are you able to whole the difficult ranges ahead of you run out of bubbles?

Bubble Genius – Popping Sport! Mod Apk apk mod

Blast thru every difficult puzzle to rescue adorable toon pets! Get started capturing bubbles, entire each and every degree and play Bubble Genius on-line with your folks! You are going to spend hours of a laugh matching strains of the similar colour and fixing our wonderful, loose bubble shooter puzzles!

Bubble Genius – Popping Sport! Mod Apk release

Problem your self to overcome your rating and keep sharp with this loose Bubble Genius bubble taking pictures quest. On this science bubble shooter saga you’ll have to goal, fit, change and mix line colours. Attach bubbles as you progress from one degree to the following on this panda bubble blast problem, with various ranges of issue!

Bubble Genius – Popping Recreation! Mod Apk apk

Pop and blast bubbles, fit, attach, change and overwhelm traces on this colourful puppy fit Three bubble shooter! Mix boosters for even larger impact on this ability pushed bubble popping recreation and take note: On this vintage bubble taking pictures problem it is important to assume speedy!

Bubble Genius – Popping Sport! Mod Apk apk mod 2022

BUBBLE Genius: A unfastened bubble shooter recreation by way of Outplay Leisure

Bubble Genius – Popping Recreation! Mod Apk

🔴 Bubble Shoot Fit Three Puzzle Pop Sport: Blast bubbles thru 1000+ ranges of a laugh demanding situations 🔵 Rescue Child Petes: The pets want lend a hand! Blast bubble shooter puzzles to save lots of our pets!
🔴 Amusing Occasions: Take a look at again regularly for amusing occasions and unfastened rewards
🔵 Day-to-day Demanding situations: Keep sharp and development thru ranges day by day 🔴 Combinations & Energy Ups: Blast bubble shooter ability photographs to maximise combinations 🔵 Bubble Popper: Fit and attach colourful bubbles on this puzzle capturing sport 🔴 Accumulate Lovely Pets: Rescue toons in our magic bubble shooter mania
Overwhelm, blast and burst puzzle items on this loose bubble shooter saga! Strengthen your abilities with a unfastened fit Three bubble shooter recreation and rescue the pandas in peril! In a position to grasp our panda bubble shooter?

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@BubbleGeniusApp STRENGTHEN: [email protected]

Please Word! Whilst Bubble Pop is loose to play and experience, some in-game pieces and purposes can also be bought for actual cash. In case you don’t need this feature enabled, please disable in-app purchases.


40 comments on "Bubble Genius – Popping Game! Mod Apk"

  1. Elvet Laurel says:

    I’ve played several bubble games. This one runs very smoothly and has fantastic animations!

  2. Aylessa Candyace says:

    Cute! BUT IMPOSSIBLE to get past level 53 without buying power-ups. Like most of the other games here, I’d pay for the game, but I’m NOT going to go on a steady diet of buying power-ups. Uninstalling… like all the others.

  3. Knox Willsn says:

    every time I get to level 100 it stops working and I just put money on it one time when it did it to me and never got my money back this game bites

  4. Quaneisha Earlene says:

    Pretty good but not worth spending money on. You have to know the correct moves. You should get more rewards with high scores instead of having to pay.

  5. Witta Beverley says:

    I really love this game, I’ve been playing it for few years now, and I’ve finally completed all 1120 levels. Please tell me when new levels are coming, so I can carry on playing. Many thanks.

  6. Callie Hollis says:

    fun game. but 10 stars into completing the achievements. it started me over, but the developers fixed it back up and in quick response time. thank you! I love the game, beautiful and challenging..

  7. Jenney Zabrina says:

    I’ve already rated this great game, but I wanted to say thank you for the unlimited lives you give us periodically. No other game that I’m aware of offers that. Thanks again!

  8. Geena Geri says:

    I’m pissed because twice now it said I won coins (40) and wasn’t able to collect them. I still play cause I like the game, but I’m being cheated out of my coins I’ve won.

  9. Jerron Baerhloew says:

    That dancing lady on the left is the reason I’m deleting this game. Irritating and unnecessary. And I don’t want a game where I lose lives. Just means I will only get so far, before I’ve lost all 5 lives and have to wait to continue on

  10. Loriana Angelic says:

    Great game. Graphics are good. I can tell one of the designers played alot of bubble pop. Great job.

  11. Fountaine Daysi says:

    The bubbles don’t go where they’re aimed, they release prematurely and the bubble color options make it impossible to win.

  12. Grayce Easton says:

    I truly love this game. I am very short on money, so sometimes I have to wait until I have earned some boosters and combine them with special gifts, and if I am lucky,I will conquer that particlar level.

  13. Sherill Jeffery says:

    One of my favorite games, but why isn’t it going past level 1120? I was waiting on more Levels but it is more than a year already.

  14. Tammy Kateline says:

    I’m going to give it a very reluctant three stars it was a pretty decent game up until about level 38 and then it got to this one part were you had 15 balloons to take out like 60 bubbles and then it kept changing the color of the bubble halfway through the launching process so now I would not recommend this because in the end like most of them all it want is money

  15. Loreta Diannie says:

    I would give it a 5, but it needs more levels! It have played through the whole game 4 times. It has said new levels coming soon FOREVER! ADD SOME LEVELS!!!!!!

  16. Atheron Teri says:

    Seems to be a good game so far. The shooter mechanism acts a bit loose – sometimes it shoots a ball without a touch.

  17. Berserker Sheep Beers says:

    Best SciFi bubble shooter out there. Only problem is some levels are designed to frustrate and get you to pay to pass them. Be very patient and you will win past them.

  18. Sylvia Perrodin says:

    I like the game it’s fun and challenging but the only thing I wish I can hold on to my boosters for a little while instead of when they award me with some I got to hurry up and use them they there gone I have a hard time winning the level and also run out of coins.

  19. Diane Himes says:

    I really love this game I love all of the charactors really Funny and Cute. Hats off to the genius who thought this up. Cannot put it down.

  20. Mary Helton says:

    I love the game. But its been over a year ive waited for new levels. Whats the hold up. Any time line??

  21. Shirley Barnes says:

    Love playing bubble games I couldn’t find my Bubble Genius this morning it disappeared from my phone. I went crazy till 1 hour ago it popped up. But not fun starting all over again. Now I Am stuck on 1120 again.

  22. Dee Osborn says:

    This game is a cheat. You can only shoot the colors you give & there is no possible way to win because you won’t send the colors needed.

  23. Leisah Marie says:

    Haven’t played long enough to really rate it. But I can say so far it seems good. Does not repeatedly give useless colors for the moves. Not bombarded by ads. The theme is original and cute

  24. Tammy says:

    I love this, but I got to the end of it months ago and it says more levels coming soon but there’s never been more. I would’ve gave it 5 stars if I didn’t have to start all over, and I can’t connect to Facebook because I’ve collected everything and there’s not anything else to play for. It’s my favorite game!

  25. sheez hiz says:

    The game keeps freezing up just before watching an add. I have to restart to play the game. Please fix it. Thanks.

  26. Ren Dyce says:

    Great game each level has it’s challenges. Bonuses, gifts and special features make each level unpredictable. Hit the target is my favorite level category, also defeat vee. This game has gotten me through some difficult errors of my life by keeping me distracted and enhancing my problem solving techniques, reflexes and reaction time. Overall a terrific no nonsense game for all ages.

  27. Lisa Bazemore says:

    I like the games, but got to the end and I have been waiting for more games/levels to come….THAT HAS NEVER HAPPENNED It is not fun replaying old games. It would be nice for the administrators to open up more levels. I am 😕🙄🤨 at this point.

  28. Teah Bersch says:

    Really fun game and I would have gave it more stars except you get no incentives you have to buy everything and it always comes with a level that states coming soon and then doesn’t come for a very very long time.

  29. Emily Lummis says:

    Hi guys, this is the most enjoyable bubble game I have come a across yet! The graphics are great, and not too overbearing as some bubble games the graphics and the ball colors are way too bright, but this one is easy on the eye. The characters are really fun too. Keep up the good work!

  30. Linda Kindle says:

    i love playing this game but i am the end. it says more levels coming soon this has been a long time since i have completed the game please make more levels. will give a better rating when i can play again. i just updated game still no new level.ok I still haven’t gotten any new levels. What’s the deal are you ever gonna update this game.still waiting for an update. Been waiting about three years it seems

  31. Jacqueline Mitchell says:

    Use to play all time but now constant errors and message that in development mode …can’t be bothered trying anymore.

  32. Tammy Ryckman aka fat as fuck says:

    I enjoy the game and it’s a good time passer. Gets more interesting the higher levels you go.

  33. Jon Chacon says:

    Rip off that doesn’t make any improvements. This game is a blatant ripoff of bubble witch saga, which I don’t mind if a game is a ripoff if it makes improvements to the game. This one, however, does not. And the constant asking to rate the game got me here to rate it (not that I won’t be bugged by this question again every time I load the app).

  34. Linda Johnson says:

    I love the game but after playing about 3 levels the game freeze up. Fix the game please

  35. James Barnwell says:

    Very challenging but I think you need to get a bonuses like when you first come on watch a video and get a bonus to help you out

  36. Shannon Hoyt says:

    I love this game. Only reason for 3 stars….it is nearly impossible to get boosters and extra lives. Other than that really no complaints

  37. Heather Podhorsky says:

    Game not with facebook any more and I lost all of my saved game play. Still like this game but want my saved game back.

  38. Fairy Princess Valentine says:

    I loved Bubble Genius, but I find it disappointing that this AND Pirate Puzzle Blast (formerly Booty Quest) haven’t been updated for two years now! And ever since Facebook’s data privacy policy forbade logins through embedded windows, I still have a feeling that my ORIGINAL progress in both games was lost afterwards! Seriously, did the developers forget these games even existed??? Looks like this same fate went for Crafty Candy Blast! 💔 Anyway… it was fun while it lasted!

  39. Cy Dy says:

    To say the least , everytime I complete all levels, I restart game to first level. Until bubble genius 2 is released I can’t stop playing this game. That’s how entertaining the levels are. Almost therapeutic it’s been since 2016 I’ve been playing this game over and over. Waiting for BG 2 patiently. Thanks

  40. lyn solomon-linville says:

    Fun. Varied enough to be interesting. We’ll see if it gets boring.

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