Bubble Birds V – Color Shooter Apk Download New 2022 Version*


Pop bubbles and complete lovely animated levels to rescue birds and animals!
4/5 Votes: 11,027
November 13, 2020
4.4 And Up
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Bubble Birds V – Color Shooter Apk Download New 2022 Version*

Bubble Birds V fit Three bubble shooter saga represented via Zimad corporate! Play the vintage and nice bubble pop recreation without cost and lend a hand Tom and his pretty puppy pet to rescue lovely little birds and different animals from the bubble cages and train a lesson to the evil birds and their delusional indignant chief! Revel in the most recent a part of a vintage bubble shooter saga! Fit Three bubbles and pa them in an epic blast! Disclose the tale of Tom and his lovable puppy, and unencumber the pictures by way of shot & beating the degrees and surroundings stunning animals unfastened.
Teach your mind and check your matching abilities and discover the wonderful thing about the bubble birds’ international, pop bubbles and fit Three the birds through colour in our epic saga! Grow to be the grasp shooter and throw bubbles into the popping flash! It’s such a lot a laugh!
★ Over 350 bubbleshooter loose ranges filled with a laugh and popping attractiveness!
★ Consistent updates to toughen your bubble mania totally free!
★ More than one wonderful and colourful places — pop & shot bubbles, grow to be a professional shooter & discover the arena of Birdland!
★ Loose get entry to to play: simply set up to begin your individual bubble journey!
★ New hindrances to struggle thru with many mixtures to stay issues difficult! Let the indignant birds reign fall aside in a bubble blast popper loose buble sport!
★ Quite a lot of Power-Ups and several types of bubble birds — make some flashes and blast bubbles with Bomb Fowl, Fireplace Chicken, Rainbow Fowl and a lot more!
★ Save your growth within the recreation and compete with buddies — see who’s the most productive shooter at the leaderboard!
★ Thrilling storyline — Such a lot of lovable animals and wonderful birdies are trapped! Why don’t you pass and rescue them? Sign up for Tom and his beautiful puppy pet, pop bubbles, blast evil offended birds, rescue lovable birds and animals and discover the epic recreation tale!
★ Pretty in-game heroes to accompany your bubble, blaster, spinner mania!
★ More than a few In-app purchases — pop bubble birds quicker and make the bubble flame brighter!
★ Epic gameplay — experience the latest model of a vintage fit Three saga! Let the bubble burst start!

Bubble Birds V – Colour Shooter Apk Obtain New 2022 Version*

Practice us for brand new updates and a laugh Zimad gem stones!
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40 comments on "Bubble Birds V – Color Shooter Apk Download New 2022 Version*"

  1. Wade Fleming says:

    Ok I really was enjoying this game in the beginning but the higher up in the levels you go the worse it got. You could tell that the line registering the stars barely moved not like it did in the beginning. So your chances of getting a good score is rigged against you which isn’t fair.

  2. Wilder Sherae says:

    Relaxing and fun. Game freezes. Now it’s not so fun. Rated this twice, stop with the rating already, or I will change it.

  3. Skyrah Norina says:

    I got to level 110 and realized it was another “boss bird” battle. Sometimes I win these but I don’t know how and I’m tired of during to guess. An attached help would be nice. I’ve uninstalled it.

  4. Edmonda Shiloh says:

    Pretty cute game. But the best part is the optical illusion of the bird-balls… look at them as grinch monster faces. You’re welcome.

  5. Audrey Alburt says:

    I would have given it a 5 star in all categories, but it wasn’t loading on either of my devices. Please fix bugs and I will reinstall.

  6. Shonda Andee says:

    I gave it 3 stars because at first it was loading with no problems I’m at a certain level can’t remember which one cause I haven’t been able to play due to the fact that in the middle of loading the small ads pop up which prevents it from loading

  7. Cenehard Landon says:

    Was working fine. Loved the game, but got to a level and right at the end it messed up and it keeps doing it over. Had to uninstall it! Ugh Going to try to reinstall it, but if it does the same thing I’m done. UPDATE: I changed my rating for now. Only because it’s doing better But it still has a few bugs.

  8. Wichell Qahira says:

    Having same problems as others. First game wouldn’t load while loading ads, so I uninstalled & reinstalled, then it stopped loading while trying to connect to Facebook. Just downloaded update (12/21/18), problems appear to be gone. 😁

  9. Deanni Thomdic says:

    i like the game the only prob is that once you finish a series that it tales along time at least 2 weeks or more to get more games. i ginish all games there are to play have to wait a while for new games

  10. Orman Isolde says:

    The timer for new lives only works if the app is open. This seems like a huge bug considering no one is going to be able to leave the app open long enough to regenerate lives.

  11. Eldrick Cedrych says:

    The game is good but my only problem is I can’t seem to get on to play it for the past 2 days due to it saying a server is down. If I’m the only one experiencing this then it must be my network but I’m sure it isn’t. I would have given a higher rating but due to the game preventing me to play i have to give it a low rating.

  12. Skelton Peyton says:

    no thinking required, graphics are good … easy, relaxing, no ads if you buy something; good for when I want to think of nothing but have to be doing SOMETHING.

  13. Chassity Lagina says:

    The game is fun but definitely gets more challenging the higher the levels. The graphics are not spectacular but are cute. Will challenge your patience no end but take your time and I am pretty sure you will have a great time

  14. Cort Deliza says:

    it’s a fun game good game to waste time and yes it is a ball game you can win up to 6 hrs of free play and bombs color and straight line bombs to it really fun to play everybody should try it at least once

  15. Ivey Bearrocscir says:

    Love the music so relaxing but just not enough moves. I am early on in the game and just cannot do the levels. sadly have to uninstall.

  16. Butcher Mikayleigh says:

    Game would not let me continue playing unless i bought extra plays with coins even though I had unlimited lives for an hour. the “x” to get out of the screen to purchase extra colored balls does not work, and neither does the back button. uninstalled game.

  17. Nodens Strang says:

    another game created just to force one to play using real money. The only blessing I had was winning 1hour worth of free lives and some how 2 losses and game over, no more lives. What a joke of a game. Dont bother people, not like you can even play it for long at all to know if you enjoy it or not.

  18. Tony Luvina says:

    This game is very cute, but the ads pop up while I’m solving a level which makes the game impossible to play! way too many ads, it’s just not worth the headache even for cute graphics!!

  19. Alfonsus Iann says:

    fun little game, just like the old bust a move game, my only criticism is opening “gifts” is really annoying and pointless… it should have a quick open option.

  20. Ryland Agness says:

    I really like the game and the only real gripe I have is when you lose a level you are forced to spend 90 coins to get 10 more moves. There is no way I can figure out a way to lose a life unless you are out of coins.

  21. Felton Cristen says:

    this game is like every other bubble game. it gets you to one level and doesn’t allow you to get any farther without paying money. paying money is not worth it. will do the same thing.

  22. Anastazia Rachaele says:

    Opening the gifts at the end of each level is slow and annoying. I wish you could fast forward through that.

  23. Aldrid Sumner says:

    Sluggish because of ads and ad placement sucks. Some levels are actually impossible to do with the bird selection and number without using boosters… To developer: Already uninstalled it so can’t remember the level. But when you get the same level several times in a row where all you need is bird of red and blue which are the majority bird and all you get for your last 2 birds are yellow and you only have one of those…

  24. Joe Churchyll says:

    Very frustrated. I have tried to play several times today, and the game shuts itself down. I end up losing a life – every. single. time. what’s that all about! come on!

  25. Wynn Audelia says:

    Random chances to pass levels without boosters. Not the best controls. Overhelming number of ads. Seroiusly, they have an ad for everything. Unnecessary delays, e.g. time you waste to routinely open 3 gift cards after a level cleared. Monotonous and unrelated music. Strange reactions and mimic from the boy and his dog.

  26. Morgan Wilmarie says:

    too many ads. As bubble shooter games go, it’s cute enough. But the amount of ads ruin the fun.

  27. Sunn Braydan says:

    Annoying. Especially the animations on the bottom with the little boy looking more worried as you use up your shots and the dog crying when you lose a life. Also, why am I meaninglessly collecting stuff for my stars? Lame. Unistalling as soon as I get the bonus promised on another game for reaching an absurd level…. Actually, no. Unistalling now. Good Riddance.

  28. Demey Nixen says:

    I love the game but it takes to long for them to add more levels. I have been waiting about a month now for them to add more. If you’re not adding any more than I’m uninstalling the game.

  29. Kalee Danella says:

    this game is so hard to pass i am at level 10 and i am suppose to have 22 move they have me with 19 moves can someone please explain that so i think in the book that is call cheating so i think that someone needs to take a look into this the game is fun to play but it is about to be belete because they be cheating… Thank you…

  30. Landen Ambere says:

    you can spend the hole 5 lives trying to solve one game and you will never get it. so many details whitch make it slow. the game not clever enough to give the needed colour ever if it is the only and last move to solve the level. i will remove it

  31. Everild Briggebam says:

    Like the game but very displeased with the action taken to sort out my situation. Sent emails and have yet to receive my 7,000 diamonds for Design Home or some insight as to what the hold up is.

  32. Zack Chassidee says:

    Like the game alot but wish they would add new levels quicker. l have come to the end of new levels a few times and have to wait for more. I finished level 18 more than a month ago. When are you going to put out more?

  33. Arietta Willie says:

    Unfortunately it’s an amazing game Graphics are great all the bells and whistles lots of fun but yet another game where you get to around the 50th level and the puzzles become impossible to beat without using enormous amounts of boosters to get through. By the time you’ve reached that level you’ve managed to maybe collect 10. It becomes obvious that purchases will become necessary. If you must install at least play till level 50 before you leave a rating.

  34. Annalee Ayub says:

    Good game , quite enjoyable but suddenly after level 20, it did not show further levels. I took a shut down then when I rebooted the levels were seen. Pl take care to see that this does not happen as it normally never happens in any game.

  35. Sharon Latson says:

    I had to download this app again from when I played it two years ago. Much better aim pointer and animation graphics. Great job!

  36. Deborah Shenier Thomas says:

    Keep getting this message when trying to open the app. “Sorry the server is busy, please try again later”. After uninstalling, and reinstalling it’ll open, however it only takes you to several levels, kick you off.

  37. Kinder gal says:

    Don’t like these bubble games aside from a mermaid game that at least let’s u get through before they make it hard! Force ads but what got me when I lost a level it wants me to buy moves for 90 coin z and that was the only opt!!! Givez the wrong color bubbles at the end so u loze!!?! Very limited amount 16 to clear hundreds of bubbles!! Not fair!! I’m out!!!!!

  38. Tina Chaveste says:

    Used to like when the birds flutters in old version. But not only does it foul up right after beating a level it cheats then turns itself off + I’m predidous anti life limit. What the hells up with that (not just this game)that’s all

  39. Louis Linkinhoker says:

    It’s a fun but challenging game.ive been playing it for a awhile but some times it want open for a few days.itd the only game I play that dose this.then I’ll try it again and it opens ill play for awhile then try to play later and it want open.

  40. Deena Reiss says:

    I like the game, but you have ads after every level and I am not paying any thing to get rid of them so I will probably Uninstaller it soon

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