Brick Out – Shoot the ball Mod Apk


Brick breaker game! Relax and release pressure.
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December 1, 2022
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Brick Out – Shoot the ball Mod Apk

Shoot balls & wreck bricks to blast your method thru a vintage arcade sport! Earn combinations, power-ups, & distinctive pieces! Even higher, you’ll be able to play offline!

Brick Out – Shoot the ball Mod Apk apk mod new

Destroy as many bricks as you’ll be able to without delay to earn gem stones and free up new varieties of balls! Shoot balls and wreck bricks to resolve puzzles in numerous layouts! Revel in a singular and fast moving unfastened brick breaker sport with difficult ranges and plenty of amusing!

Brick Out – Shoot the ball Mod Apk apk mod 2022

Write your individual brick breaker legend as of late!

Brick Out – Shoot the ball Mod Apk

• Goal and shoot and spoil bricks!
• Simple to play, difficult to grasp!
• Use energy boosters to damage bricks and cross the extent!
• Play lots of distinctive brick breaker puzzles filled with amusing demanding situations!
• Earn gemstones and get new balls!
• No closing dates. Revel in at your personal tempo!
• Vintage arcade taste graphics!
• Unfastened to play!

Brick Out – Shoot the ball Mod Apk apk


Brick Out – Shoot the ball Mod Apk liberate

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Brick Out – Shoot the ball Mod Apk mod apk

Grow to be the most efficient brick breaker!


40 comments on "Brick Out – Shoot the ball Mod Apk"

  1. Galaxy Celi says:

    Fun game as long as you love watching ads! While I get the need for them. I really do! Even some you get free gems for are fine. It just seems like every other level, or even when you lose a level, the ads appear. Then, some of them you have to X out 2x? It does, in a sense though, remind me of the original Atari version of Breakout at a much faster pace!

  2. Kirkley Robbie says:

    The amount of ads are very irritating and makes the game not much fun to play. Between every round, before every restart, and after every action, an ad plays. And it’s not just a regular ad, it’s the extended ads that plays for a few seconds after the ad ends before you can stop it. This ruins any gameplay!

  3. Jennilyn Toni says:

    Plays an ad for every button you click in game. Want to open the app? AD. Close the level? AD. Select the menu, move on to the next level, restart a level, play a previous level? AD. Before EVERY single task you could possibly do in game there is an ad. When you spend 3/4 of the time the app is open watching ads, that’s an instant uninstall. A pity, cuz it’s more fun than other similar games of it’s type. Those only played an ad every few levels though, much more reasonable.

  4. Ravelter the Traveler says:

    Gameplay is good, the animation and graphics are decent. The ads aren’t too much. The ads do, however, keep trying to force me into the play store when I tap the X button, to the point where I had to close the game itself to get out of the ad. Not sure if this is a dev-side or ad company-side issue, but that’s the only reason this isn’t a 5 star.

  5. Ellel Bee says:

    Began lacking fun about level 50. For players who appreciate a challenge, or so I thought until playing on July 4, 2020. At that point it became apparent that the game has been made so difficult that you cannot win levels over 40 unless you are able to purchase bonuses and extra balls. In other words developer greed has overtaken what was once a very pleasant game.

  6. Jose Aquino says:

    Very cool concept and game, however it does lack the true satisfaction of popping bricks, as of July 12, 2020 the bricks just disappear with a slightly satisfying noise. Another thing is that the Ui interface is very awkward, when completing a level it tells me to press play twice which is something that really needs some getting used to. All in all, the game is fun. 4/5 stars.

  7. Maren Olep says:

    This game is pretty awful. I don’t really review games but this one was frustrating every time I went on. The way you earn stars in each level makes absolutely no sense, some levels aren’t labeled correctly (for example, some levels were hard but not labeled as such) and as many other people said there are ads constantly. I can deal with ads on other games but when I try to redo a level an ad will pop up nearly every time you replay.

  8. Amanda Martinez says:

    Super fun! For a week. The first 75 to 100 levels is super easy and you get a bunch of rewards and what seems like a ton of in game currency, but once you hit about level 100, it gets suddenly very difficult, and you end up using all your rewards out of desperation to go to the next. I’ve been stuck on level 229 for a week now. Ads get pretty tiring.

  9. Jason Berry says:

    It was fun for a hot minute. Then it gets to a point where you can’t progress unless you buy upgrades. Then the upgrades don’t really work at getting you past a level, and the ball often doesn’t go on the trajectory you are expecting based on the angles before releasing the balls. I played it for I think 4-5 days and deleted the game. Would not recommend. F-

  10. Ben Reed says:

    You watch an ad every other level. Sometimes it becomes every level. You watch an ad every restart. You watch an ad when you PAUSE THE GAME. I understand you need to make money, but this is outright intrusive. It detracts from the fun to the point that I don’t want to play, especially when the levels become ridiculously difficult and require several restarts to pass. It doesn’t feel like a game, it feels like I watch ads and play occasionally.

  11. Andru Lugo says:

    Kind of a boring game. Some levels are so easy, you don’t have to do anything but release the ball. Other levels are so difficult that they seem impossible to beat. Most levels are just blah. Also, sooooooooooo many ads that it’s ridiculous: internal ads, ads before you play a game, ads after every game. Time waster!

  12. デーモン寿司 says:

    One of the very rare games that doesn’t swamp you with ads. Most games play an ad every every round AND an ad at the bottom of the screen, which translates to 30 seconds of gameplay followed by a minute thirty of ads. But this game doesn’t do that! Thank you to the developers. I’m a late middleaged dad with not that many years left, I don’t want to waste them on ads, lol.

  13. Kaytee Todoroff says:

    It is very difficult to build points for free. Game is inconsistent when it come to how close you need to get to a brick for it to bounce. The seams of the bricks appear smooth but actually have an angle. This is important from about level 400 on when every brick hit matters. There needs to be a way to show what angle your shot further than what is provided. Decent game, lots of fine tuning needs to be done

  14. Charles Coleman says:

    Graphics are good. Layouts are challenging and relatively acceptable. Much too hard to win rewards (powerups, rubies, etc.) and I am frustrated that I have to continue buying rewards to win at a reasonable pace. Logic of winning stars is not clear. Trying to hold on a while longer but looking at making a change.

  15. Dan Johnson says:

    Where I work we have a lot of periods of short downtime, so I wanted a casual game I could play without paying too much attention to. Brick Out is perfect. You just aim, fire and hope for the best. At first, it’s quite easy, but it gets more difficult over time. There are no forced ads. This is classic breakout without being ridiculous. 5/5 highly recommend.

  16. Cindy Trusty says:

    I was thinking this game might be too easy, but now I’m getting levels where I actually have to try a couple times before I succeed. That is AWESOME, as I get bored when games are too easy. I like this game a lot. It makes me think and plan, rather than just randomly aim and just shoot bricks, like so many of the other brick shoot games. Still in early levels (nearing 100), and I know there are over 1000 levels to play, so I’ll update as I progress. Oh, and I appreciate how few ads there are compared to most free games!!

  17. Mitch says:

    It’s a decent game and at least matches the way it’s repsented in the ads. Maybe there’s something I’m not getting but some of the “normal” bricks send the balls in unnatural directions. Really annoying when it’s down to the wire and the ball just reverses direction for no discernable reason. Also the indicator for where the ball will travel isn’t always accurate, and launching the balls at the beginning isn’t very accurate because releasing your finger can shift the flight path. Overall 3/5

  18. Matthew A says:

    Downloaded this because reviews said that ads were minimal and noninvasive….I didn’t even make it to level 30 before stopping to write this and then uninstall, because, contrary to what reviews said, was getting an intrusive amount of ads. At least one after every level or every other level, and if I was lucky, I might get two levels before an ad. On top of that, in the last five minutes I played, I had an intrusive amount of pop ups asking me to buy packs, or pay to remove ads.

  19. Kylee Kirkpatrick says:

    Gameplay is nice, but ads become too much. In the first 10 levels or so there were few ads. After that I had an ad after almost every level. It wouldn’t have been so bad if they weren’t 30 seconds or more each. It started to feel like I was watching more ads than playing. Even though I enjoyed the game I am uninstalling it because it started to stress me out and I started playing to destress.

  20. Ash Black says:

    At the end of the day it’s not a very fun game. I got to level 99 before calling it quits. The shot guide is inaccurate thus removing any fun from trying to line up shots in any meaningful way and the difficulty sharply switches from too easy to too hard around level 70. The in-game currency has practically zero purchasing power, is given infrequently, and even if you felt like spending real money for it you still won’t get much bang for your buck. Look elsewhere.

  21. Laura G says:

    I like the game. Colorful. Challenging. But. The ads are too much. After. Every. Single. Attempt. Fail or win. Ad ad ad ad. Sometimes you can’t skip them after the 5 seconds or it tags on another 5 seconds just to annoy you. I’d prefer a banner ad on the game screen instead of the constant interruptions. Plus it freezes sometimes after an ad. So I’m deleting.

  22. Aaron Fry says:

    I’m on level 641. I thought this was gonna be a great game so I paid for it so I wouldn’t have to watch ads after each play. But some levels can’t be completed without special balls/rockets in which ya either got to pay again or watch ads. So you’re back to having to watch ads again. Ok so I’ll watch the long ads instead of paying money to complete level. BUT! here’s the aggravating problem, after you watch an ad, 4 out 6 times your ads freeze up the the game has to be restarted. I’ve submitted email to fix problem but no response. Why do y’all have email support if you’re going to ignore support request? And why don’t y’all just add a shoot button to click lol instead of allowing player to place shot. That would make about as much sense cause the aiming is off particularly during critical shots and the balls goes where it wants. Bitmango is no good.

  23. Mary Kay Higgins says:

    I was addicted to the original “Blackout” game from the 1970s…but this starts out with too many unexplained features and procedures. The results are frequently a big surprize. I’d rather know what I am aiming to do in order to knock down all of the bricks. Also, I remember a water ball but don’t know how it differs from a regular ball. Perhaps an optional tutorial at rhe beginning could help. Thanks!

  24. Jeffrey Rivers says:

    This game is AMAZING! It’s amazing how horrible the ball physics are. I’ve had balls go in different directions hitting the exact same spot. It’s amazing how often the balls find a corner, sending the balls in a wildly different direction. It’s amazing how inaccurate the indicated bounce can be. It’s amazing how many ads they are able to play. It’s amazing that anyone that has played this beyond 100 levels can give this five stars. By far the worst brick breaker type game I’ve ever played.

  25. This is Life says:

    Over all, a nice time waster. sometimes the “play advertisement” link to get the extra balls doesn’t work, so it’s more difficult to move through the levels especially the more difficult ones. Also, there seems to be no rhyme nor reason why it gives out one or three stars after each round. Seems completely random.

  26. Doug McConnell says:

    A fine “time waster” just like most of these games. I do like how you can clear the board with the bomb detenaitor on some levels but haven’t seen that in a while. I’m stuck at level 219. This level seems impossible to clear with buying some boosters which I refuse to purchase. Oh well it was fun while it lasted and now I’ll uninstall it.

  27. Arlene Navarro says:

    Buggy physics. This game is great until you realize that the physics of the ball mechanic doesn’t actually line up with the aiming preview provided when you shoot it. That makes for some really frustrating times… Enough so that I’ve decided to uninstall it. If they fix that I’d give it five. Edit: so I’m playing again and not going to lie I still really love the game. I’m not far enough into playing it again to make a in-depth review but I’m back so that says something LOL.

  28. Moss Tharnish says:

    the ads are out of control. you get one after every level. on top of that, they push this premium pass down your throat and if that wasn’t enough, the microtransaction buy buttons are strategically placed over where you would normally click to play the level. this game is predatory and vile. save yourself the trouble. it’s not worth the headache. if I could give it a negative rating I would.

  29. Daniel Geary says:

    I regret buying the season pass. I play very often and the only way I can claim all items is if I pay more money. Too many levels are nearly impossible unless you use boosts or pay to extend levels. This is frustrating. The game does allow you to keep attempting to beat levels and after MANY fails the game will allow you to watch a 30 second video for a small boost to try and help. The path to earning boosts is prohibitive. I think I’ve spent my last dollars on this game

  30. Glenn Lowery says:

    Since the last update, it is increasingly harder to get ads to play for the 5 free balls as it can’t connect to the ad server. The 4th of July game is unreasonably harder than it needs to be. Almost impossible to beat the first level and the second is awful. For regular games, I’m on level 1619 or so and no longer get the “helper” rocket or line hit balls after more than 50 tries. Also not allowed to watch an add for 10 gems. Feeling stuck after a good run.

  31. Terry Brown says:

    All I can say is that it’s a very fun,yet challenging game. This game is definitely not for anyone with little or no patience. There were game levels that literally took at least 150 tries to get to the next level. I do notice that there is a glitch that needs to be corrected and that is when you aim the balls in the direction you want them to go,they tend to go at a slightly different angle than where you aimed them. Good game, but Brickout, you need to fix the aiming glitch in the app.

  32. Brittany “Sajbel” Love says:

    I have loved this game through almost 700 levels and don’t mind the commercials in exchange for free rewards. HOWEVER, this new format of advertising is completely unacceptable. They apparently need to be clicked on, but 90%+ of the time, they freeze after 2/3rds are shown, then either crash the app or force to close. If it keeps up for much longer, I’m gone. Such an unbelievable and frustrating waste of time, and it makes me hate the companies that I will now refuse to patronize.

  33. Sammy Montego says:

    Extremely ad obsessed! After every level there is an ad whether you have beat or failed the level. They put sneaky ads in where you can’t back out of it because there is no X and you can’t press the back button on your phone because the ad deactivates it. Instead you’re forced to click the ad which generates revenue for the makers of this game which brings to question why they demand $1.99 for the game when they make money off of you from your Google gamers ID# anyway!

  34. Kevin Morris says:

    Way too many ads for such a simple, incredibly inexpensive game to develop. A game takes 1 minute, then a 30 second ad……. AFTER EVERY SINGLE GAME!! That’s nothing more than greed. Even worse, it bores me Won’t play anymore and will delete once enough time for my review to be seen has passed. I stopped playing months ago for this same reason & meant to do the review then but couldn’t be botheed since the game sucked so bad. Yes, there’s an ad-free version but… it’s still beyond boring.

  35. Barbara Maxwell says:

    At first I liked it. The rounds were challenging but beatable. It got to a point where the rounds were so difficult that you’d have to play 400 times before you could actually beat it. It’s set up to make you spend your money and buy helpers just to beat a round. You end up spending more time watching ads than you do playing the game. It’s not that fun anymore.

  36. Diego Martinez says:

    The constant barrage of ads make this game infuriating to play, especially for a game which takes no time to develop. This is easily remedied by installing an ad blocker. If it isn’t the ads, you’re constantly barraged with micro transactions which are not even worth it. The constant pressure to buy the premium pass is pathetic, and the fact that it forces you to go view the pass after leveling up is stupid and a time waste.

  37. Jeff Leobold says:

    Edited to add: I’ve been asked to provide more detail… What more detail is needed? I’ve already uninstalled the app and have no interest in playing it again. Only way to beat some levels is with power ups. Only way to get power ups, spend money. Every time you level up, the only way to exit the screen is to go back to the main menu. Good game mechanics, but so much negative to outweigh the single positive.

  38. Rebecca Pooler says:

    Easy to play, with satisfyingly simple graphics. Initial layout of $2 a few levels in claims to eliminate pop-up ads (I’ll update my review if this changes or expires at any point). Totally worth it, IMHO. I might get frustrated if it gets super hard, or bored if I keep getting 3 stars on most levels on my first try, but I bet I’ll find myself playing once in a while just for the satisfying colors and shapes!

  39. David Lee says:

    This is a very addictive game, But 1. the track given for shooting seems to be deliberately inaccurate at critical times. 2. Some ads get stuck especially when getting a reward promised. 3. No information is given on the special rewards,buttons,balls what they do or how to get them. You need an info button 4. They could easily fix the aiming by introducing a 1 to 2 second hold to fix the aiming track when you let go. If you ever fix this let me know.

  40. Alexandra Nofi says:

    The graphics have a classic arcade vibe, and the animations are addictive to watch. I love the levels with the big bombs because it gets satisfyingly crazy to watch. Definitely challenging as you get into higher levels, but every level can be defeated with a few tries and no money spent. I’m giving it 4 stars because I don’t like it when the game gives me free rockets after I’ve tried a level a handful of times. Don’t take pity on me, let me figure it out!

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