Brain It On! – Physics Puzzles Apk Download New 2022 Version*


Deceptively challenging physics puzzles for your brain
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Orbital Nine Games
December 8, 2022
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Brain It On! – Physics Puzzles Apk Download New 2022 Version*

Deceptively difficult physics puzzles to your mind!

Mind It On! – Physics Puzzles Apk Obtain New 2022 Version* apk mod new

Draw shapes to unravel difficult physics puzzles. They’re no longer as simple as they give the impression of being. Care to offer one a take a look at?

Mind It On! – Physics Puzzles Apk Obtain New 2022 Version*

◆ Dozens of mind busting physics puzzles, with extra being added at all times ◆ Compete with your mates for the Mind It On! crown
◆ More than one tactics to unravel every puzzle, are you able to in finding the most productive resolution?
◆ Proportion your distinctive answers and examine with your folks

Mind It On! – Physics Puzzles Apk Obtain New 2022 Version* apk mod

The entire ranges will also be unlocked at no cost through incomes stars in earlier ranges. You’ll all the time in finding dozens of latest participant created loose ranges on a daily basis at the neighborhood display. You’ll be able to additionally acquire the sport to take away all advertisements, unencumber all hints, liberate ranges early, and liberate the extent editor.

Mind It On! – Physics Puzzles Apk Obtain New 2022 Version* mod apk

Please word: buying the “No Popup Commercials” possibility simply eliminates the commercials between ranges, buying the “Complete Sport” may also take away the commercials to get hints.

Mind It On! – Physics Puzzles Apk Obtain New 2022 Version* release

For those who like this sport, please fee it and depart a remark. As an indie developer your fortify is a great deal favored. Thanks to your assist! Should you don’t like one thing within the recreation, please e mail me at [email protected] and inform me why. I wish to listen your comments and feedback so I will proceed to make this recreation higher.

Mind It On! – Physics Puzzles Apk Obtain New 2022 Version* apk

You’ll to find me on Twitter at @orbitalnine, see the newest information at the Fb web page at, or get all of the main points at the site:

Mind It On! – Physics Puzzles Apk Obtain New 2022 Version* apk mod 2022

I’m hoping you experience Mind It On!


40 comments on "Brain It On! – Physics Puzzles Apk Download New 2022 Version*"

  1. Aler Leigb says:

    Like so many other good puzzle games, I’m going to delete this now, because I’m permanently stuck, and will never make further progress. The game was very different, inventive, and fun while it lasted. My only complaint is that it’s quite hard to draw with the necessary precision when the thing you’re drawing with blocks your view of what you’re drawing. Many of the levels require quite high precision (getting magnets to fall, for examlpe) and this is just mechanically very hard to accomplish on a Galaxy S8+.

  2. Garrett Serenity says:

    I played Shatterbrain first, I guess the sequel to this. Both are good fun. This one is worse in one way – I am far along and I know the solution but I draw it over and over but it’s just starting not good enough. That is frustration and the end of the road for me. Shatterbrain has some of that too but not so much. I’m drawing with my finger on a phone screen, give it some slack. Nice games overall.

  3. Cheron Chance says:

    I wanted to love this game, but it has the same problem as most other physics games on mobile: The only real difficulty is the lack of precision you have with a touch screen. The puzzles aren’t hard, at least not the 120 or so I did before quitting in frustration over the imprecision of my finger. Once the game added timing by having moving parts, I quit.

  4. Hevean Farnam says:

    Fun for the first few minutes but once you get to the higher levels the precision needed is beyond what you can attain on a touchscreen and it becomes very clunky. It’s up to chance rather than skill at that point. To see how impossible it becomes look at the hints and you’ll see.

  5. Prescott Shandley says:

    Was a great game, despite the gap between the drawing accuracy required and what most phones can support, but now it crashes, or worse, opens other apps, like my texts or contacts, when ads try to start. Feels like I’m being hacked. Uninstalling and will never reinstall, because there’s no way to save my progress and resume play after this bug is fixed.

  6. Eean Kimbralee says:

    The ads in this game very long & have to be viewed in their entirety & not skipped. The game itself is fun BUT you cannot move to the next set of levels without reaching a certain number of points. This results in the player having to play some games over & over for hours to try to get those points. This results in the player playing the same tedious 45 second games over & over with ads that are up to a minute each between each game. It becomes frustrating.

  7. Filbert Christion says:

    great game. as an engineer this was quite entertaining. some people might not get it. I started using the recording function. I wish it would finish the recording with a view of the final result so you could bask in your achievement. The game is played in real time. Drawing on the screen with my finger is not my strong suit. I started using a stylus for the drawing. apparently it is not compatible with galaxy s10. there is no way to exit the app.

  8. Lina Denta says:

    Very addictive, challenging, and fun! Haven’t ran into any bugs or anything so far. Ads aren’t unreasonably long, neither do they pop up annoyingly often. My only problem is that it doesn’t seem as responsive when I begin drawing lines, which makes drawing them use up my time. For example, when drawing around the magnets, it’s hard to get an accurate drawing.

  9. Redell Shae says:

    I really like the game oh, it’s pretty challenging at times. However I don’t know if it’s a mistake I made on my download oh, but on my phone I install the game and once I reach level 12 the game starts crashing and have to restart the game after every board. So I’m not sure if it’s an issue on your programming or an issue with my phone. But I still give you four stars

  10. Natasza Greenberry says:

    Very fun and challenging to play. However I’m only giving it four stars because after completing the first level I have to pay 30 coins to play the next level which looks like it only unlocks the first five challenges. Although I acquired 58 coins I find charging to play the next level unreasonable. It almost puts a person in a position to no choice but to buy coins in order to keep playing. And I don’t like that.

  11. Cendy Brandywine says:

    VERY addictive! I never really have gotten into games, and then I found this. Now I can’t quit. It’s a blast just watching all the crazy things that happen as you try to solve each level! I keep replaying them trying to find a better solution – the fastest possible time with the fewest possible shapes. Kudos to the developer(s) for such a creative game!

  12. Georgie Haddon says:

    Definitely challenging and you may have to set it down for a few minutes(or a day) to breathe, but it really stretches you to think outside of the box, using what you know to be true in all things and applying it to different circumstances. I keep coming back! And the ads arent overwhelming or interrupting you while playing. Good app, recommended for relief of boredom symptoms.

  13. Barnaby Remy says:

    Pretty good game. The physics engine could use some polishing. Doesn’t always work correctly, like when a stick object lying on top of a ball “crushes” the ball. And when you get into higher levels, it almost *requires* a device with a stylus. Some puzzles require alot of speed and precision, and a finger doesn’t glide as well, nor is it at all precise. I can imagine the frustration of anyone with even slightly large hands/fingers. Not bad overall.

  14. Annie Daryll says:

    Good exercise for your brain and your thumb 😀 One drawback: can’t see what I’m drawing underneath my thumb. I wish there was an arrow with a handle which I could grab to move around, and when I’m ready to actually draw, I would have to double tap on it. Or have an arrow with two handles: one for moving around and the other one is for drawing. Or something like that. Thanks, love it!

  15. Aethelbert Valentine says:

    Great game! I love the type of thinking it requires (cleverness). Suggestion for improvement: I didn’t feel stuck until level 24 and I used the hint button for the first time. I was disappointed that it gave me the solution. Please start with a slight hint, maybe have two or more levels of hints but don’t give away the answer as the first hint (even if executing it still poses some challenge). Now I won’t ask for a hint until I’m totally stuck.

  16. Aldrik Putnam says:

    The game is good, it’s fun for killing time. The game requires you to watch adverts to see hints even after buying the app, gets one star for being such a greedy dev. Buy it but it will always have adverts, not only when you want to see a hint, but radom times after clearing a stage. The screen will go black often if you don’t have an internet connection. I have to kill the process when this happens. The screen goes black and freezes because it can’t load an advert. I hate adverts.

  17. Lester Cimberleigh says:

    This review applies to the ad-free version. Great fun. The game physics are realistic and consistent, and the puzzle difficulty ascends at a reasonable and enjoyable pitch. I leave the jazz tune on, because it reminds me of Mancini’s Pink Panther cartoon score and, with the goofball ways some initial attempts at solutions pan out, the music is apropos. Fundamentally, though, I enjoy this game because I don’t feel as if it places any demands on me.

  18. Thunder Quinton says:

    Too much about getting lucky with “weight” (created by line size/concentration) rather than creativity/logic in planning the device(s) to achieve the task. If you complete a puzzle once it shouldn’t take another fifty attempts to complete it again. That can only happen if controlling the variables is too difficult – as is the case here. Again, solving is too reliant upon precision. What’s worse, the controls aren’t at all designed for precision

  19. Damara Elmoor says:

    Great game. The ads are not bad at all for the free version. As for the hints, there needs to be some price to pay for hints, I think watching a 30 second video is perfect. It cost the player no more money, it is just annoying enough so people don’t just chat their way through the whole game. Anyone giving less than 4 stars is a child or not smart enough to play the game fairly. I do agree with some people that the line drawing can be off sometimes, and lag or not draw at all.

  20. Bernard Moret says:

    Fantastic! Really simple idea, but done with amazing insights, including not just solid objects and gravity, but also elastic materials, fricitionless materials, materials subject to negative gravity (ascending), materials floating in water, etc. It can be frustrating to draw the configuration one wants on a phone screen, even with a touch stick, but even that becomes part of the challenge. Best game app I’ve ever used, by far.

  21. Brandon Brennen says:

    Very intersting game. Its like a brain workout. I don’t play video games or most app games but I get this for some reason. I usually delete an app right away if I thinks it’s trash. No trash here. As you progress the puzzles become more difficult but that’s what makes it so satisfying. Solving the more challenging puzzles makes me pump my fist in the air and yell “YES” very loud.

  22. Travis Minsch says:

    You spend more time watching ads than playing. Ads after every level that take longer to watch the the levels take to play. Several times the ads didn’t load and they’re was no way to exit the as other than exiting the game. Controls are poor, but I suspect that may have more to do with the end user device, given that the controls are supposedly one of the highlights of this game.

  23. Hai Lu says:

    Entertaining and challenging. It feels realistic as objects moves in gravity. There are assumptions. This is a friction less world. Material of object created behaves like metal. It doesn’t bend or break. There’s other materials in the game like magnets that has different magnetic strength. The game is challenging but not impossible. Don’t be discourage. There’s always a way. As far as ads goes, ads only show up after I finish the round. If I get stuck on the game, I won’t see any ads.

  24. Joy Henley says:

    LOVE THIS! It’s free, so of course there are ads. Not too many, imo. Very challenging. Extremely satisfying when I beat a hard level. Wish list: *A cursor…space between my finger and where I actually draw for better control *some explanation of the player created levels. *more levels!!!!! I play this app daily. I can’t say enough good about it.

  25. Miss April Nola (Nuttie Foodie) says:

    Really fun game! Even the easy tasks seemed impossible at first, and my solutions were terribly inelegant. But once I got the hang of it, I went back and tried to solve for 3 stars instead of 1 (completion, time, # moves). Some of the puzzles are more intuitive to me than others, but the good thing is that you can skip ahead and complete them out of order. I’m up to #44 after only 2 or 3 days of playing off and on, but my solutions are still mostly terrible! Call me sadistic, but I’m loving it!

  26. Yevgeniy Safronov says:

    I’m more annoyed with the drawing. It follows my finger tip too closely so that the line creates fine bumps. When a ball rolls down a line, it bounces back b/c of fine shapes I don’t intend. The concept is great, but the lines are too thick. And the controls lack sensitivity. Often, the line starts going around one shape and I didn’t intend it to. So it has trouble reading what your hand is drawing sometimes. Also the shapes have too much friction. Even heavy shapes can’t drag down the wall.

  27. Dork Prince says:

    Good concept, not toooo many ads, but after a while the sensitivity to touch isn’t accurate. I have taps visible via developer options and I can see my touches are being registered by the device instantly but not in the game, plus sometimes there is just a tiny bit of lag to the touches registering in the game that causes the line drawn to be in the wrong spot all too frequently. Was fun but after level 130 or so it becomes highly aggravating to the point I’m considering uninstalling it.

  28. Dante De'Von says:

    After about five or so minutes the novelty wears off and then you start to see levels that have you scratching your head when you see the ludicrous answers. The physics are astounding half of the time — in a bad way — and I would have to imagine that they only meant for this game to be played with a stylus, because trying to draw pixel perfect straight lines in three and a half seconds on a phone screen with a case meant to protect it from falls using your finger is just annoying.

  29. Enternode says:

    Not very original. Puzzles are decent, but some require very precise lines to be drawn to earn full credit, which is an accessibility problem. Ad frequency seems to be inconsistent and random. Some puzzles can easily be solved by simply abusing the physics engine with large, heavy (filled in) objects. Lines don’t get physics until you let go, but they don’t point this out and it’s required in some places. Some levels require fast reaction times because the physics are off until you start drawing

  30. Britt Burbridge says:

    Was fun up to a point (level 25). Then the game difficulty went too high. It’s not so difficult to figure out WHAT to do as it is to physically draw the shapes with enough precision in the time allotted. I like the concept of the game, and I wish I could keep going, but I just can’t draw the shapes fast enough to advance. Maybe if there was a way to pause gravity until the shapes are drawn…?

  31. Christian Arnold says:

    Fun at first, as figuring out the concepts and logic is fun. But it quickly becomes a test of how well can you draw certain shapes, or how fast you can scribble on your screen. Its even more infuriating knowing exactly how to solve a puzzle but your finger slightly twitched making one of the 6 required pieces in the all too short time slot, and as such you have to restart the whole thing. Not recommended.

  32. Jake X says:

    Great game. A real challenge especially if you try to meet all the criteria on every level. I really like that there isn’t necessarily one single way to win a level. There are ads, but compared to many games they are quite reasonable. I’m playing on an 8in tablet. I do sympathize with those who have small phones as the game may be a little difficult on a small screen.

  33. Adam n says:

    Its a good game. Decent little puzzles to figure out by drawing random things. But being forced to watch an ad every two levels kind of kills any fun to be had. I understand the need and purpose of ads in games. Specially when they are free to play like this. But theres a point where it gets to be way to much. Give incetives for ads, find different ways and places to impliment them. But forcing them, and so many just sucks.

  34. Justin White says:

    Great game. Challenging & FUN. I enjoy it alone & as a drinking game with friends. It’s a blast. ONE big complaint tho.. & no, I’m not going to whine about a couple of ads. The game keeps freezing up & crashing my devices! (Yes, plural..) if not for that, & the lag that precedes it, I’d give it 5 stars, no question. PLEASE fix this, id hate to get mad & trash it… Also trouble with online side, can’t do dailies..

  35. trish gage says:

    Omg! This game is so addictive! I love the challenges, and the “outside of the box” way I have to think to accomplish them. There’s not only one way to solve the puzzles…such a cool game! I’ve had no bugs, or issues with any of this so far…and I’m on puzzle 45 ( with the note that I’ve skipped one). BUT! It is such a plus that you don’t have to play in number order. Love love love this game!👏 Please continue to add puzzles!!

  36. Kevin L says:

    Awesome game for folks who are engineering, or technically, or physics minded or similar in any way shape or form. Great for the visual problem solver for physical conditions of getting from point A to point d with only certain things provided to accomplish. Having to draw stuff with your finger is complete garbage. Impossible on a phone with a Time clock.

  37. Dewayne Moore says:

    One of the few games I’ve found that is very challenging, yet still fun. The more I play, the better I get. It’s so satisfying passing a puzzle after working on it for hours… The genius is in it’s simplicity I think. Also very few ads, but really long ads if you get a hint. Just the way it should be. Happy to spend a few bucks to help support such an awesome app!!!

  38. Eric VanKirk says:

    I have been playing this game for a couple of years now and bought it for my entire family and some friends. We play the daily challenge every day and see who can get it first, then who ends up with the fastest time. Recently I have been required to pay a coin for five more tries on the daily challenge. Is this a ploy for people to run out of coins and then have to buy more in order to continue playing? Even more, I have to hit the button to pay, which often times wastes the first attempt.

  39. Kenedi Cross says:

    I love this app, but the ads are ridiculous! I don’t mean length or frequency, I mean the type of ads. I would not be comfortable with my younger brother (7) playing this game because of them. (I know the paid/ad-free version is available, but I am reviewing the free version.) Also, sometimes it glitches and various drawn shapes collide/mash into each-other. That’s not a big deal though… just means you have to try again.

  40. Helena Blakemore says:

    It’s an ok concept. The low precision with drawing is a pain, as is the “must draw quick or you don’t ‘solve’ the puzzle” thing. Maybe it’s just me, but I didn’t realize puzzles required reflexes? I gave up when the physics broke. Two different objects glitching through each other prevented me from finishing a level. I thought I was doing something wrong. Watched an ad to see the solution, but no, I was doing it correctly. Game is broken, not really a puzzle, and hurts my finger to draw.

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