Block Ocean Puzzle 1010 Mod Apk


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November 21, 2022
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Block Ocean Puzzle 1010 Mod Apk

Block ocean 1010 is a block puzzle fit sport that takes position within the ocean. You’ll revel in this block puzzle 1010 recreation together with fishes and vivid background song being performed on. The sea temper provides you with a recent feeling if you are enjoying this block puzzle sport!

Block Ocean Puzzle 1010 Mod Apk

This block puzzle 1010 recreation is modest and really addictive that you’ll spend your loose time with a pleasure. It additionally stimulates your mind! To get the most productive rating in block puzzle sport 1010, your mind must paintings so much! Each transfer counts fixing the block puzzle.

Block Ocean Puzzle 1010 Mod Apk apk mod 2022

To get some extent, you want to unravel the block puzzle through matching the road vertically or horizontally. There also are particular pieces that permit you to resolve the block puzzle 1010. Check out particular talents and to find out which one will be the maximum useful merchandise to blast the block puzzle 1010. You’ll be able to play with your pals competing who’s going to get the best possible ranking. Let’s see who can get the best possible rating. Be the grasp of fixing block puzzle 1010.

Block Ocean Puzzle 1010 Mod Apk apk

There are lots of block puzzle video games, however Block Ocean Puzzle 1010 is the one block puzzle sport that offers you a unique revel in. The graphic, Again flooring song, and the fishes are the original beauty of Block Ocean Puzzle 1010 amongst many block puzzle video games.

Block Ocean Puzzle 1010 Mod Apk apk mod

Play Block Puzzle Ocean 1010!

Block Ocean Puzzle 1010 Mod Apk unencumber

[How to play Block Puzzle Ocean 1010]

Block Ocean Puzzle 1010 Mod Apk apk mod new

🐳 Transfer blocks to compare the strains vertically or horizontally!
πŸ‹ You’re going to fail whilst you can’t resolve the block puzzle to make room for given blocks!
🐬 You’ll use particular pieces to resolve the block puzzle. It is going to allow you to so much to steer clear of failure!
🐟 Take a look at the leaderboard to test your rank!
🐠 Remedy the block puzzle as many as you’ll be able to to get prime ranking!

Block Ocean Puzzle 1010 Mod Apk mod apk

[Game Features]
πŸ₯¨ Play sport with out front restrictions, you don’t want knowledge to play block puzzle sport!
– Play Offline With out Information (Web) Connections!
– Don’t fear about Wireless!

– It’s a low-memory block puzzle sport, so you’ll obtain it with none fear.

πŸ₯¨ Flashy graphics and easy manipulation
– It’s an easy block puzzle recreation to play if you’ll be able to fit blocks to fill the sq..

πŸ₯¨ This block puzzle recreation is simple to be informed, however no longer simple to grasp!

🌝 It’s a loose app, but it surely contains in-game foreign money, pieces, and paid merchandise comparable to doing away with commercials.

🌞 Entrance, banner, and visible promoting.


40 comments on "Block Ocean Puzzle 1010 Mod Apk"

  1. Chris Crosser says:

    I love Tetris-based puzzle games, and the prettier the graphics, the better! This game doesn’t disappoint, with its bright jewel tones, and 3D rendering! I also like that it has the capabilty to rotate the pieces. Ads originally showed a timer in the corner, which after 30 seconds of viewing, an X appears to re-enter your game. However, things have deteriorated significantly, so that the X no longer appears. I have to completely exit out of everything, and restart the game!!! This totally sucks!

  2. Mary U-S says:

    I’ve tried many block stacking games, and this is my favorite so far. It has extra features such as ‘rotate’ and the ability to ‘store’ 1 block that doesn’t fit. It’s also challenging, which is good; but sometimes gets a little frustrating.

  3. Alice Anthony says:

    This game is designed to make you lose. It knows what shape you need & doesn’t give it, at least with Tetris you can turn the shapes. Gets boring boring boring. Uninstalled.

  4. Ana Marie Carillo says:

    Block Ocean Puzzle 1010 is an enjoyable game to engage..I like its bright colors also, while playing it made me more observant and alert.Figuring out where to put the piece of puzzle adds excitement to me because i need to think and move faster. I will rate it 5 stars..

  5. Mike Vaughan says:

    Wow potentially could be the best with many features but, if fails as once you reach your high score subsequent scores are harder to achieve and you get bored quickly IMPROVEMENT could add hammer and six pack feature and then it could be the best !!!

  6. Patricia McKinney says:

    The “BOMB” option always worked but has stopped working all of a sudden! Does anyone else have this problem? I click it but nothing happens and I hit the ” continue playing” button and it takes me to a new game! Please help!!

  7. Sarah Sabellano says:

    I’ve played different block games. This is good.but slow to play. Unless you buy rotations and refreshes; you’re always going to have to watch sponsored ads.

  8. Tara Thompson says:

    Love this game! Better than other block games I’ve played. I love how you don’t start completely over when the game is over. You pick back up on the Level you left off on.

  9. SweetPea Schmitt says:

    Like the game, fun and interesting, but too many ads. It’s impossible to get ahead because rewards are controlled by the ads. I play at similar game but can rotate and pull item to the side without ads. And I don’t need to pay anything.

  10. Teresa Slusher says:

    I Love this game except for one reason, not enough rotations available unless U watch an ad to get them. I have another game almost like this and have over one thousand rotations on it. The only thing that makes this one better is the color of the blocks and the background is much better then the other one. I just wish we get more rotations on here would be alot better game…

  11. Jill H says:

    Love this game and the many different shapes. Great having option to rotate the shapes.

  12. Karen Murphy says:

    This is fun. And to make the most rows takes ability to see the best moves to succeed. Like the bright colors.

  13. M C says:

    Game is good, but too many 30 sec ads. Ads should be no longer than 15 seconds max.

  14. Eileen Kuric says:

    An easy way to accumulate a high score l love it!

  15. Tina Sysamore says:

    Good fun game, you have to work for rewards and some adverts are a little too persistent even returning after being xd off. But l like it! I notice sometimes the rewards aren’t given though and l have a lot of keys but l don’t know what to do with them yet.

  16. Sheila Zeeb says:

    I like the game but I hate it when you tell me where I can put the squares. I would really rather do it with no help as I am not a child. Thank-You

  17. Sarah Seabury says:

    Good fun to play. Interesting that you can earn special items to use in the game & collect fish. Makes you think where to place each block

  18. Mary L Marshall says:

    Loved the game, however I need to play a bit more to understand it all. It is well worth a little time and sometimes mindless work and play….together… Try it

  19. Tracy Simpson says:

    I find this puzzle game very relaxing and enjoyable.

  20. Tonya Williams says:

    “I love this fricken game!” It’s AWESOME! 😊 I enjoy playing it far more than the other block games.

  21. Blogged By Brents says:

    It’s like Tetris and what’s not to love about Tetris??? Weird and abnormal puzzle pieces that’s not easy all the time which makes it More challenging and more fun.

  22. Venomlily16 *** says:

    It’s a nice game, but at a certain point, it starts to cheat . It won’t let you click on ads for more rotates . And when you beat your highest score, it starts an ad and when it comes back, it starts your game over for that level . Fix the issue please .

  23. Donna Mason says:

    It cheats I constantly throws pieces that are always pointing the opposite of what you need.

  24. Lorrie Coffey says:

    It’s just a very soothing game you’re not thinking about nothing but trying to fix that parts together

  25. Connie Korson says:

    Very addicting. I love this game. I’m always challenging myself to a higher score.

  26. Annette Houser says:

    Well, I don’t have any clue if I am accumulating rewards nor can I see how much rewards. As far as the game, yes it is very fun but if I am not accumulating rewards then I’m wasting valuable time.

  27. Lorie Sylstra says:

    Pretty challenging! Took a long time (21/2 hrs.)to beat the previous score. πŸ€—

  28. Helen Alix says:

    This game is great! Have colorful features, it’s fun for all ages.

  29. David Edwards says:

    This for me is without a doubt the best version of this game. Once you try your best to fit the pieces you can save up rotations for when you’re stuck, well done πŸ‘ πŸ’œπŸ˜Ž

  30. LaVille Logan says:

    Quiet fun, I turn the sound off, l play it all the time..but still don’t know how to use the gold keys

  31. Chip Schewe says:

    Lots of kudos and choices thru levels. Focuses my attention

  32. Laura Vincent says:

    Great block puzzle. Ads aren’t too intrusive. Still living it, one of the best block puzzle games

  33. Sarah Howard says:

    This is a fun game but there aren’t enough power up chances to rotate the pieces unless you watch an ad…they give them out very slowly otherwise and it’s not as fair or fun at the time. It would be a 5 star game if not for that annoying factor during gameplay. It’d be better to get ads over with before the game even starts to receive some of the rotate power ups then rather than in the middle of the game.

  34. Brenda Coates says:

    Very fun game, makes me think better and it’s very calming too.

  35. Vinny P says:

    This app is colorful Vivid quick very challenging it’s everything I app should be to entertain you.

  36. Amanda Hoang says:

    It’s a cute little block game that doesn’t suck too much I dig that action.

  37. Gabi Taylor says:

    GREAT game & visually BEAUTIFUL! BUT, lately it malfunctions; needs REBOOT perhaps, as features don’t work properly: Won’t permit choosing 4x or even to get more than ONE rotation; sometimes it won’t allow ANY “features,” even when the game initiates giving them.. This actually cost me the game BUT the problem has NOT resolved upon starting a new game repeatedly. #Frustrating… so all I can do is to STOP PLAYING. Perhaps my frustration tolerance level will LOLL rise later or tomorrow…

  38. Janice Springer says:

    This a great game except that the ads get longer as you play appearing between each level

  39. rhonda hinchliffe says:

    Love game but ads are annoying

  40. Shaheed Robertson says:

    Love the game πŸ’– It helps focusing on my brain cells it keeps them one course

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