Animal Tales: Fun Match 3 Game Apk Download New 2022 Version*


Play with pets & animals, solve puzzles in a Match 3 game Offline!
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HeroCraft Ltd.
March 29, 2022
4.4 And Up
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Animal Tales: Fun Match 3 Game Apk Download New 2022 Version*

Welcome to Animal Stories – a loose fit Three sport about saving animals & puppy rescue! Play it for those who like animal video games or zoo video games! 🐼😻🐰

Animal Stories: A laugh Fit Three Recreation Apk Obtain New 2022 Version* apk mod

🌍 Trip to each and every nook of the arena and acquire pets & animals. Play Three in a row video games to saving animals & puppy rescue – lend a hand them to discover a new house! The mechanics are quite simple, you have got observed it in lots of different unfastened Fit Three video games, the place you had to acquire end result, sweet or gemstones Three in a row. Animal Stories is among the loose fit Three video games offline about saving animals & puppy rescue!

Animal Stories: Amusing Fit Three Recreation Apk Obtain New 2022 Version* free up

Unforgettable tale with heaps of animals & pets begins now! 🎉

Animal Stories: Amusing Fit Three Sport Apk Obtain New 2022 Version* apk mod new

⛺ Sign up for younger Jess and sensible Marta of their effort to puppy rescue and saving animals! Assist them to show deserted spaces into lawn paradises! Repair & beautify the zoo like in different zoo video games – make a selection which furnishings and crops you’d love to have, do panorama design and embellish shelters in your pets & animals! Animal Stories is without doubt one of the unfastened fit Three video games – play it in case you are partial to animal video games or zoo video games! 🐵 🐢🐯

Animal Stories: A laugh Fit Three Recreation Apk Obtain New 2022 Version*

Stress-free Three in a row video games and relaxing demanding situations look forward to! 🐾🐾🐾

Animal Stories: Amusing Fit Three Sport Apk Obtain New 2022 Version* apk

💘 Get started an journey with amusing Fit Three puzzles and lovable pets! Animal Stories is one in all Three in a row video games and in case you are in search of a loose fit Three game​ offline, animal video games or zoo video games – our recreation is for you!

Animal Stories: A laugh Fit Three Sport Apk Obtain New 2022 Version* apk mod 2022

Animal Stories: Amusing Fit Three Options:
✔ Immerse your self in an attractive tale about friendship & serving to animals!
✔ Resolve puzzles and play masses of colourful & amusing fit Three ranges!
✔ Shuttle the sector to saving animals & puppy rescue like in different animal video games!

Animal Stories: Amusing Fit Three Recreation Apk Obtain New 2022 Version* mod apk

Check out Animal Stories in case you are on the lookout for zoo video games or animal video games!


40 comments on "Animal Tales: Fun Match 3 Game Apk Download New 2022 Version*"

  1. Elisa Chilvers says:

    Okay! So this game is fun! playable! And when I found little things that needed correction it was done quickly. Although I’ve only barely started this game, it’s a keeper! Yay!

  2. Carolyn Williams says:

    Developers i can’t really say to much about your game because i just don’t like landscape mode that’s all i wish you would make it where you can play it in both mode

  3. Dawn Hancock says:

    Ia greatly enjoying the game. However I have had several issues for a couple of day. Game will try to load and then time out without loading. When it does load I can’t play, the level/start button is a blank green, no numbers visible. Can Not play the game even when it loads. Dawn

  4. Shallean Higgins says:

    Relaxing & fun game No problems with downloading or installing the game storyline is easy to follow plus the characters personalities are very amusing as for the dog that’s at the start of the game his little personality is cheeky but loveable has made me chuckle a few times as it really makes you wonder what your own dogs thinking.Overall it’s a really great game for anyone, it’ll be good to play if travelling.Definitely recommend this game the only thing is needs press skip to see how to play

  5. Rae W. Trigg says:

    This was fun until I got to a level that was impossible to get past because the pieces I needed were across the board from each other and even bombs didn’t take them out. I play games for fun, not to be stymied and frustrated.

  6. Kimberly Rademachet says:

    It’s a cute game that holds you hostage for ads and ratings. With some work this could be a great game as it stands annoying af.

  7. Janae Bartlett says:

    Love this game but some of the levels are extremely hard and you don’t get enough moves to even be able to pass the level. I want to continue playing this game but when you’ve tried to pass a level numerous times and can’t you start looking for other games to play. This is a great game and I think a lot of people would agree but either make the levels easier to pass or give more moves to help out.

  8. Aleia Staschuk says:

    I was really impressed with how high a rating this game got but honestly I have no idea how this game got this high a rating. The game is really cute and all but the match 3 game play totally stinks. 1) at level 8 it already wanted 2 stars to complete anything. 2) There are only bomb for boosters most inaffective. 3) We are not given enough moves for what we need to finish the level and when I got stuck it kept taking money for added moves even though I was refusing to add more moves. Sorry gone

  9. Shirley Bankston says:

    I just started playing. I think you should at least give us time to play the game before we are asked to rate it. I think i played 2 levels, i need a little more time. Thanks! But so far so good.

  10. Linda Harrison says:

    The long , almost impossible to get out of ADS that we are forced to watch every minute totally ruined the game play. Sorry guys had to uninstall.

  11. Abbey Road Studio's says:

    RUBBISH, The 30 second adds were every level, plus your FORCED to make moves for the first 10 levels, it maybe more, I had enough by level 10, no skip option, uninstall.

  12. Sherrilyn Hensley says:

    So discouraged…viewing ads for points etc. Screen stays on ad and won’t let me back to the game. Reinstalled and still cannot.??

  13. Connie Vandivert says:

    The game itself is fun, OUR EVER the ads are so bad every time it boots me out. Gonna have to delete. Sorry Y’all. Fix those ads.😠

  14. Jamie Caho says:

    It’s a cute game however you make it to where when you get to certain levels you have to use boosters that you have to spend real money on and I refuse to spend my hard earned money on a game therefor I ma uninstalling and only giving one star

  15. Jack Adcock says:

    so far so good, no problems with loading and pretty fun so far. will update if anything changes.

  16. Wanda Knott says:

    Wow! I finally found a game that’s easy for me to play. I love this game. It’s easy,fun&relaxing to play. I recommend this game to everyone who loves animals as much as I do. I rate this game more than five stars. Thanks! Keep up the good work.This game is my number one game. This game want get deleted every. Please make more games like this.

  17. Bev Rus says:

    Just a few minutes ago. I downloaded it. To play. Too darn early too rate the game higher than one star yet. Even for a reward.

  18. April Richards says:

    I just started but it’s a cute game and it assumes that by now most people have played a match 3 game so doesn’t waste levels or insult your intelligence showing the repeated info over again.

  19. MandyLee Goodwin says:

    Cute game so far. Although, I DO PREFER when the request 2 rate a game comes a little further along… as opposed 2 being BRIBED by rewards to leave a review almost immediately after beginning the game. So, know this: THAT is the reason {so far anyway} for the 4 star review. Other than that, I am enjoying it atm. Thanks devs!

  20. OldStockAmerican says:

    Why do devs who make these match 3 games make the pieces and game boards so freaking small? We’ve got roughly 7inches of screen and we’ve got a 2 inch puzzle with teeny tiny pieces to try to swap. I’ve played only ONE game with a board that covered most of my screen and it was awesome!

  21. Michelle Nelson says:

    I would have preferred to be able to play a few more rounds before I was forced to rate the game. Only 3 stars because I only played about 5 rounds.

  22. Tina Divita Gilbert says:

    Great game, but there’s an issue with level 90!! Tried contacting support…still waiting for a reply!! Bit of a shame, it’s actually a good game that I can no longer play

  23. jazzy jamess says:

    Its good. The annoying baloon that floats across the screen frequently is well… annoying. But otherwise it’s pretty good

  24. Diane Hazen says:

    I really like the game but are there really only 127 levels to complete before you run out of animals & designs?! I hope there are more to come. Disappointed.

  25. Sha'ron “Tikiwah” Zumtobel says:

    So far the game is rather cute and it’s very easy to do the animals are adorable thank you have a great day and so far the ads have not been bad at all again thank you for that have a great day and God bless

  26. Kendra Sanborn says:

    I really only played this game for few minutes but it looks cute and it doesn’t freeze up i tried to play it on my lap top and it doesn’t work it takes a while to load but i think its because it wants to put in my Google play store it says it works on pc too i rather play it on lap lap because i have to use phone for a lot of my other games but i guess its ok to use my phone i think i will really love this game

  27. Katie B says:

    Too many bugs. Videos dont give the reward moves to continue. Videos don’t work for bombs, ect, ect. If the bugs were fixed it would be a good game. Right now not worth playing for the bugs.

  28. nicole fowler says:

    Update finally fixed the glitch with the envelope on level 90 but now it stop letting me upgrade the land for the animals. Can play levels earn you paws but there are no bubbles to upgrade got the monkey done an it stopped is there no other upgrades

  29. Jean O'Dett says:

    Im done. Been stuck on the same level for 2 days. Bye looking for a better game. Good bye their are easier games to play. All i keep getting from you people is no more moves cause you cant put the pieces up right and have to keep switching pieces

  30. Coffee Kat says:

    The game was amazing until the upgrades stopped appearing. I saw a similar comment, and reached out to the support team with no answer. Good game if you don’t intend to finish it like I had hoped to. There are more levels, nut after I got the monkey I couldn’t progress or upgrade further.

  31. Panicsprey says:

    So far, it is cute but very buggy. Text or visuals will disappear and tends to freeze. I’ve had to close out the game a few times.

  32. Sandi Montemurro says:

    Looking for game different than redecorate same type house they all start off with stairs n entry way and so on hoping i wont delete this game so far im enjoying it!

  33. K B says:

    Far too many glitches in the first five minutes of play. Please do a thorough cleaning run of bugs and such then test the product before delivery. Otherwise, graphics good, music good, effects good but a bit slow. Strange four straight gives black bomb and four squared gives one stick dynamite. Didn’t see intro to story so confused when started game.

  34. michele simmons says:

    Such a cute game!!! Great job and I agree with the other player who said the ad doesnt do justice for the game all you animal lovers this game is for you!!!! Keep it coming love it

  35. Heather “Nikki” Murray says:

    Cute game but was very glitchy as others have said. Before I even made it to the 10th level parts of the interface started disappearing. I couldn’t continue because the tasks you tap on disappeared and then during a level the whole left side disappeared to were I couldn’t see what the requirements of the level was or how many moves I had. If it ever got fixed of bugs it would be a really cute little game though but something I’m not willing to deal with at this time.

  36. Anke&Chloe Pretorius says:

    I’m actually extremely annoyed right now ,because it’s been lagging the entire time..i was playing a level then i pass it…the level goes higher until i play takes me back to level 1..fix it!

  37. Leigh Harbin-Turner says:

    Cute game like how it is different but the bombs and dynamite are not very explosive they barely move a leaf amd there is not enough moves to complete the task especilly if the boosters cant clear the path uninstalling now

  38. Autumn Menage says:

    This is a really cute game, but it gets really annoying when everything disappears because you can’t see how many moves you have or what you need. I hope this gets fixed because I really don’t want to uninstall it.

  39. Malia Sus says:

    Very very glitchy!!! During match games I can only see the board and nothing else. Cant see how many pieces left to move or my boosters. And after the games I cant see the buttons to design. They just fade out. I close the game and reopen but it only helps for a min or two before it is glitching again. If not for this I would rate higher

  40. Matthew French says:

    I love the game but I hope they fix the glitches. I just started again so I’m hoping it will work good this time. I love games with animals and the dog is super cute. I love animals and I love dogs

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