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Join the Angry Birds in their most addictive puzzle adventure yet!
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Rovio Entertainment Corporation
December 12, 2022
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Angry Birds Blast Apk Download New*

Blast into a brand new Indignant Birds puzzle journey sport! The birds are trapped inside of balloons, and you’ll be able to guess the pigs are at the back of all of it. Faucet matching balloons to blast them to smithereens and unfastened the flock!

Indignant Birds Blast Apk Obtain New* apk mod new

Use your balloon-bustin’ skillz to outsmart the pigs and save birds in over 4500 egg-celent ranges! In finding the neatest solution to resolve puzzles, crack top ratings, and earn 3 stars.

Indignant Birds Blast Apk Obtain New* apk mod 2022

Seize rewards each day within the Day-to-day Quest. Already were given ’em? Then pass sign up for the weekly occasions or chase down this month’s puzzle items. Blasted thru the ones? How about taking at the international within the world leaderboard?

Indignant Birds Blast Apk Obtain New* release

There’s lots to do, and an ever-growing selection of ranges to grasp so get BLASTING!

Offended Birds Blast Apk Obtain New* mod apk

· 4500+ AMUSING RANGES – with extra added weekly!
· PICK OUT UP AND PLAY – any time, anywhere even OFFLINE!
· TEASE YOUR MIND – with difficult & strategic gameplay!
· CREATE BOOSTERS – rockets, bombs, laser weapons!
· DAY-TO-DAY DEMANDING SITUATIONS – earn loose rewards and boosters!
· WEEKLY OCCASIONS – Mighty League, Treasure Hunt and extra!
· PUZZLE CHASE – in finding items to new puzzles each and every month!
· PLAY WITH BUDDIES – connect with Fb, yo!
· WORLD LEADERBOARDS – earn your spot with top rankings!

Offended Birds Blast Apk Obtain New*


Offended Birds Blast Apk Obtain New* apk

We might replace the sport periodically, for instance so as to add new options or content material or to mend insects or different technical problems. Please be aware that the sport would possibly not serve as correctly when you wouldn’t have the most recent model put in. If in case you have no longer put in the most recent replace, Rovio may not be chargeable for the sport failing to serve as as anticipated.

Indignant Birds Blast Apk Obtain New* apk mod

Want some assist? Seek advice from our make stronger pages, or ship us a message!

Offended Birds Blast! is totally unfastened to play, however there are not obligatory in-app purchases to be had. Both manner, you’ll have a blast! Get it? I’ll see myself out…
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40 comments on "Angry Birds Blast Apk Download New*"

  1. Barkley Lorence says:

    Love the game. The new update on the daily challenge kind of stinks though. The counting down is fine but when you combine powers and get an excellent across the board and you can’t move, the clock should stop. You lose out on at least 3-4 seconds of game play.

  2. Myrl Jesika says:

    Guys! I LOVE this game, but y’all are kind of sadistic. It’s very challenging to me but I always seem to be just one little move short…And sometimes the tiles don’t seem very responsive and a missile will change directions after IV been trying to get it’s attention for quite awhile. You know you can’t make a move while the tiles are flying. Oh well I must be a masochist cause I’m going for more! Keep up the good work .

  3. Mull Harlowe says:

    Great customer service. Lost everything when trying to use Facebook to transfer my game data to a new device. Luckily I had taken a screenshot of my progress beforehand and customer service restored all my progress and then some. Thank you awesome customer service! Game is challenging and fun and if you get bored with regular levels there are always special events going on.

  4. Hugh Gardenia says:

    If you enjoy a game that you will eventually HAVE to “Pay to Win”, this is game for you. This game is fun, for the first 100 levels. The levels post 100 are purposely designed to make winning completely impossible 90% of the time. Impossible unless you pay for very costly power-ups, or wait for extra lives. Playing a game that is setup to force you to lose, until it decides to finally give you just enough of what is required to win is a huge waste of time.

  5. Deeann Ellymarie says:

    Lately, occasionally while playing, I make a move and it doesn’t activate the desired effect. There’s no change to the game screen, but it counts off a move. This can certainly matter when you get down to only one or two moves. On a positive note, I just discovered that I should claim each treasure chest shown on the horizontal scale above the list of the daily tasks as I reach that percentage. 🤔 I’ve been playing this game for a few years now, and it’s still my favorite.

  6. Stephani Hyde says:

    Entertaining, but overly difficult. The levels are fun, but some of them are near impossible to complete. There is not any real strategy to take, it is merely pure luck. The rerty price is way too expensive, and the game doesn’t give you any real opportunity to get the coins needed to WANT to continue. The real money price for them is not very valuable either. The wait for ONE life is nearly 15minutes! It’s something to pass the time, but not invest in for more than a few levels.

  7. Edric Mikhaila says:

    High production values are attractive, but excessive randomness and hyperkinetic animations are a huge turn-off. Harder levels have so many chain reactions and random effects that planning moves becomes impossible — skill gives way to luck and the game devolves into a glorified slot machine. Also, any time pretty much anything happens, it yields an uninterruptible, over the top animation that just distracts from the gameplay. Probably fantastic for little kids, but not so much for adults.

  8. Courtenay Arlyne says:

    This is a fun game but it doesn’t come without issues. There are technical problems that happen on a regular basis that include misrepresentation of game play levels and paying for in game boosters that you don’t get. If you spend $ for in game play then you may be disappointed with what you get. There is technical support. They were very helpful to start. I have found that the more often you contact them the less helpful they become almost to the point of dismissive. Good luck in every way.

  9. Betty J Jones says:

    I enjoy the different challenges. To be honest, I love Angry Birds, but I prefer the older model, the first that came out. I played the games endlessly, but with the several many updatesb& upgrades, I become easily tired. Everything was Free back then, but I guess you had to keep up with the other games. BJJ

  10. A Will says:

    This is the second game that I have played where you can pop bubbles! But the birds are in the bubbles so there’s a reason why you can play the game and you can free the birds. Other people should definitely install this game!!!!! Also the slingshot technology is amazing even though it doesn’t do much it still looks really really fun to use

  11. Ayluin Gaming says:

    I played this game up until the pigs became baby’s and push your balloons down. This game has gotten way too complicated and irritating to be fun. For any of you wondering, it is absolutely possible to get to level 280 without paying for anything in the game. I’m also certain after a certain number of attempts on each level the game gives it to you. Some of the wins I had where questionable. I can’t pass a level in 30 turns, but suddenly I can in 5?

  12. Julie Balooley Harvey-Irwin says:

    I love this game. I waste too many hours on this game. So many different puzzle levels, power ups. It’s always challenging. I don’t know how they’ve come up with so many unique games. I’ve played this for years without spending any money. There are a few ads bit it’s minimal. Customer support is fantastic when I’ve had an issue with glitches after updates. I would highly recommend this game.

  13. June Clark says:

    Plays pretty good, does seem to close randomly, but i haven’t really lost anything in game – except for the extra section with the gardening – it freezes within 30 secs to 1min of clicking on and opening that part. The rest of regular gameplay is smooth, though it is getting hard to pass levels without boosters. I don’t pay to play, but it does seem if you did, it certainly world speed up passing levels. Gets really hard to beat regular levels after level 200.

  14. Misty Moidel says:

    The game is fun, but the app is horrible, it constantly freezes up. Costs me lives, levels won, boosters, etc due to the constant freezing! NEEDS TO BE FIXED AND FIXED CORRECTLY! If you actually fixed it to where it didn’t freeze all of the time, I’d give a higher rating. And please don’t tell me to update, or any other troubleshooting “tips”, it does it no matter which device I play it on.

  15. Green Lint says:

    A rather fun game at the core of a persistent, shameless, annoying marketing/advertising engine. It is possible to win the levels without purchasing anything (and for your own self-respect, you shouldn’t give them a penny), but the game will relentlessly pester you to make in-game purchases. It is addictive, but I’m always a few more ads from uninstalling it.

  16. Audrey Romilly says:

    Challenging but fun, most of the time. Occasionally frustrating when it seems impossible to advance to the next level unless you pay for extra coins and such to give you an advantage. You can earn some advantages, but it’s not easy. Overall I would recommend this game to others who enjoy playing but also like a challenge.

  17. Greg M says:

    Game is fun and challenging (when it worked). There have been a few levels that seem upgrades are required or in my case, play them over a week or two waiting for the birds to align just right. I don’t want to have to pay to play, so this is a decent fit, but if they get to where I have to buy upgrades to have a chance of passing levels, I’ll drop this game and move on. Game is a little buggy at times, but overall ok. Update 20 Nov 21: with the update, I only get a black screen.

  18. John Cluphf says:

    A bit repetitive on some of the obstacles. The bird nest things are excessive and very hard. It’s a good game to kill some time real quick but it mostly comes down to luck and I prefer more skill based games. Edit: the levels get a bit ridiculous and no matter how many boosts u use, they are almost impossible. The “hard” and “extreme ” levels r just stupid. Deleting.

  19. Michelle Dolin says:

    It’s fun. It’s challenging. It takes me 4 to 5 tries to figure this game out at each level. The game is designed to put you in the position of spending money (not an option for me) or quitting fairly early on. Oh, well, good while it lasted.

  20. Jamie Bloomer says:

    Update 10/3/22 finally fixed and been playing last few days. But I don’t like so many mini games within the main game. 8/31/21, Game won’t load. 7/18/22 still not loading.

  21. BigRedSkwid Tentacle says:

    Played this game for years. Always enjoyed it as a time passer. Haven’t really played it much lately. There is something wrong with the code. Levels end before you’ve used all your moves. Games crash on loading leaving an empty board, sometimes the level doesn’t even load. Sent loads of tickets to support over the last month and still awaiting a reply to any of them. Last resort is too leave this review

  22. Jeff Jones says:

    Update came out today. Now I get the splash screen and then just a black screen. The game never loads. 10/17/22 – played fine yesterday. Now crashes on load.

  23. Armando Medina says:

    App has been crashing after the latest update, today it will not open at all. Running Android 12, September security patch.

  24. Paula Keogh says:

    I was playing this game this morning. Have been playing for years then went to play this afternoon and ut says there is a bug and to update once the developer issues a fix. God knows how long that will take

  25. Rahmatu Alhassan says:

    Your last update failed. All there is, is a blank black screen…. Update 10/17/22 App won’t open & crashes. Phone is giving an error message stating app has a bug & developer needs to fix it. Cash has been cleared, tried Uninstall & re installed same issue presenting…

  26. matija krpan says:

    I was playing this game for more than 2 years, from time to time there were some bugs, nothing serious. Today app started crashing and I cannot get into it at all. Cleared all cache, and data, reinstalled app, possibly I lost all my progress, still doesn’t work. Please fix it.

  27. Oleksandr Vasiliev says:

    Game is great. But today it stop working. Could not open game at all, it’s crashed. On pixel 6 pro with latest Android game stop working. Clearing cache and reinstall don’t help

  28. Helen Mcmillan says:

    My phone security has stopped allowing this game to open it says it has a bug and not to use until the developers fix the bug! I have emailed the developers and will await a response.

  29. shannen love says:

    It would be really awesome if the game (bug) would be fixed, so one could actually open it and play..

  30. Karen Jones says:

    I really enjoy playing thus game, but lately it us frustrating because the game keeps having bugs and we can’t play the game. Like right now unable to play due to a bug.

  31. LeighAnne Hipple says:

    Game closes before it starts. Says it has a bug! Uninstalled and re-installed….still won’t open! Waste of time

  32. Paul Knight says:

    App stopped loading. Second time this year its done that. Had to start from beginning again! Lost everything I’ve earned, twice!!!!!

  33. Andrew Fryc says:

    Page load up then crashes. One week later the game works fine but when you watch the ads to get extra coins the Disney/Lego ad freezes causing the game to crash.

  34. Dee Fox says:

    Cute graphics nice colors but game is too short. Also too lengthy a time period to get to the next game. Otherwise good idea but needs more thought for those of us who 😘 the authentic Angry Birds.

  35. Elne Garrison says:

    November update is aweful Giving any awards with daily quest Both completed. Flashes to click and get reward but nothing happens. Everytime you update there is a big problem! I have been playing for a long time. This is frustrating!

  36. Lisa S says:

    11/12/22: “No Network Connection”. Yes there is. Mighty League disappeared. It was there this morning. Do you guys test your software? 10/17/22: app crashing after launch again.

  37. joseph dunham says:

    Fun game, however!!!! I spent more money than I should have on this game. It crashed and I had to start over lost all my progress due to issues with it. I love angry birds but feel ripped off.

  38. Carol Cameron says:

    Had a problem not easily solved by online help methods after Nov update. Emailed developer and got top rate assistance. Very clear instructions and very clear what was needed from me to reinstate game at correct level.

  39. Tina Buckton says:

    I used to love this game until they wanted you to update all the time. After updating everything went haywire. Now it won’t even give me credit for freeing the yellow birds. Fix your bugs!! And please reply to my questions I sent you!

  40. J G says:

    Still have the bug, where it glitches and than freezes often after you watched an add so you dont get your credit. But it is a good game. Im on level 237. But i cant pass it unless i buy a lot of busters. Believe me I’ve been stuck on this level forever.

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