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A unique merge and sliding puzzle game!
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September 7, 2022
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Alien Hive Apk Download New*

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Alien Hive Apk Obtain New* apk mod new

Alien Hive is all about evolving extraterrestrial beings, mixing match-3 with sliding tile puzzles for a recreation that feels each acquainted and recent. Swipe tiles to make fits – mix eggs to hatch lovable child extraterrestrial beings, after which assist them totally evolve into Ideally suited Extraterrestrial beings.

Alien Hive Apk Obtain New* apk

Fit useful resource tiles for upgrades that mean you can take command of the board, with the function of establishing without equal alien hive. Strategically keep away from the Naughty Bots, who block your development, through crafting power-ups to get rid of those baddies. As you advance, you’ll discover the thriller of the hidden aliens… and tame the Crimson Planet!

Alien Hive Apk Obtain New*

Alien Hive Options:

Alien Hive Apk Obtain New* apk mod

✔ Evolving-aliens puzzle gameplay: hybrid of match-3 and sliding tile puzzles… it’s a complete new form of puzzling a laugh ✔ Fit tiles to reap assets, develop new species of extraterrestrial beings and zap the villainous Naughty Bots
✔ Relax: pastel graphics and mellow soundtrack, without a cut-off date to harsh the vibe
✔ Advance the alien society: acquire and unharness dozens of Very best Extraterrestrial beings ✔ Further Fast-Action A laugh BLITZ MODE
✔ 70 Achievements to fit all types of play
✔ 14 New Achievements for Blitz Mode
✔ Achievements and Leaderboards in Google Play Services and products.
✔ Auto save sport development ✔ Prime Ranking and Achievements sharing on Fb ✔ Unfastened to play common app for Android

Alien Hive Apk Obtain New* mod apk

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Alien Hive Apk Obtain New* apk mod 2022

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40 comments on "Alien Hive Apk Download New*"

  1. Bill Lewin says:

    I wish you could get more moves. This game is pretty hard. I can’t get an evolution past the third one.

  2. Isen Melia says:

    Challenging, yet fun and entertaining. Awesome detailed graphics also! Love how it is related to “Alien Path”, so it feels like a side story. I generally really like all the games by Appxplore!

  3. Mikella Eallison says:

    This game used to drive me nuts, but now I love it! Why didn’t anyone mention that the robots can be merged to create blasters?!? I wasted so much time and money destroying the buggers!

  4. Kathi Chassidee says:

    95% of the game is making worthless moves. It’s a poorly designed, overly complicated slider puzzle. E.G. boring AF.

  5. Annis Tay says:

    Excellent spin on match 3 style gameplay! Also love that with any small purchase all ads are removed AND this game can be played offline! Getting your first Alien can be tough, but it gets much easier after that! My favorite go to game!

  6. Cilla Tedman says:

    I found the game challenging and interesting at first, but after a while the number of bots got ridiculously high making it imposible to enjoy. Too much trouble to evolve into an alien, and the alien does not helps you on the game.

  7. Felece Wynter says:

    Unbearably difficult and meaningless with very little progression. It’s a puzzle game, but the map is flooded with so many types of items that it takes 5+ moves at most times to get a match, with very limited energy; difficulty getting crystals in the first place to get more energy. It’s obviously a cash grab to get people to buy gold and power ups. Honestly could’ve been way better executed while having difficulty, but as it is now, it’s like pulling teeth due to many poorly executed mechanics.

  8. Jyle Moria says:

    i love the game and would give it 5 stars but since i got a new phone, despite logging into my account and having unlocked a lot of aliens already, they still start me out fresh without my progress. i checked my achievements and it lists everything i had previously done, including all the aliens i had, but they all remain locked. why???

  9. Elen Ambria says:

    great game, very absorbing. combination of simple basic game and complex number of changing and evolving participants. but then, as a novice player, half the time im not exactly sure what i’m doing. Fun tho, keep it up.

  10. Phillip Lyndsay says:

    I really love the animation and graphic, the gameplay but it too repetetive. Hope the alien we unlock could help more.

  11. Rockwell Anglia says:

    Ridiculously difficult as you advance through the levels. Way too much going on to make any sufficient headway through the game. Clearly its a money grab to get you to buy power ups. Uninstalling.

  12. Awena Kally says:

    Just got game back after 6 years and I didnt lose my stats! Been awhile but I’ll see if it’s been improved.

  13. Cord Ryker says:

    Extremely addictive and entertaining. You have to grind a little bit to get the aliens, but it”s very satisfying to see all your hard work pay off. However, I wish there was something else to do after you unlock all the aliens. Pretty fun overall.

  14. Adney Delmon says:

    There is a very annoying glitch. When you try to share the results after a game in facebook to get extra gold, this app starts popping up facebook screens infinitely. So you have to force stop the game, not sure if your rewards after the game finish will be saved or not.

  15. Damein Geary says:

    It’s fun so far but very difficult wish I could have some more moves in hive just seems like its kinda impossible unless you use actual money which is annoying. but the game itself is good nothing wrong with it. The too less moves thing Is probably just my opinion so yeah :] kinda annoyed though :/ its just how I feel. I’m sure the game making was hard work so good jobs! I dont wanna give 4 stars just cause I’m not great at the game so yeah this game gets a blip blop💩

  16. Ine Cerys says:

    A very nice and creative game, with originality. It only seems quite impossible to ever get to a supreme alien, which is the goal of the game.

  17. Jessye Loriel says:

    Don’t sync your game to the server (ie sign in) after progressing. You lose all progress.

  18. Bret Corie says:

    for someone who has completed the game, every alien’s abilities stops increasing once you evolved 10 of it.. even if you evolve 20 or 100 it no longer increases its abilities.. game hangs if you reached 10+ combo.. have to close and reopen the game for it to continue.. otherwise, good game to pass time..

  19. Gareth Davis says:

    Good game, but I bought a power-up which explicitly stated that doing so would also remove ads. All ads are still there, and there’s no way in the game to contact the developers. If I had known the promise of ad removal was false then i wouldn’t have bothered.

  20. jennifer eagle says:

    It’s a great game. Really challenging. Almost impossible to get an alien. Been playing for years and still haven’t gotten one. My only complaint is that it’s too hard to evolve into an alien. Otherwise I love the game. Needs new update making it a little easier

  21. Kel Klassikz says:

    I loved this game, haven’t played it in awhile but always had fun on it so i decided to redownload it (hopefully it’s still as fun as i remembered 😁😜).

  22. Steven Corbett says:

    Absolutely love this game n beautiful graphics. However is extremely hard to make even a single alien. Would be great with different difficulty modes. I love the blitz part aswell tho time is very short. I watched 36 adds yesd to save up sparks u need to play blitz n i came on tday to play n u guys took them all😈 thats not fair I earned those watching mostly the same damn add 30times in a row pls give em bk. Need a part2. Icandy games r mostly all good games best graphics. Ben playing 4 yrs

  23. Ankita Kumar says:

    I have played this game completely twice. This is the third time. I revisit this game every few years to enjoy again , so much fun it is.

  24. Jules A says:

    I love this game and even paid to remove ads and all that. The price to do so was decent, which is nice because some developers take advantage of the players and charge a lot for upgrades. The game is fun, and also very challenging. There is a blitz mode but I’m just too slow for it. What I wish is that there was some kind of endless mode or high score mode rather than just blitz and the regular mode where you have limited moves. Overall, great graphics, fun game, and non-invasive ads.

  25. Gabriel Tucker says:

    I have been playing this game ff and on for years. Whenever I wanted a app with robust gameplay, I always came back to this one. Thank you for the years of challenging fun!

  26. Paul Neumann says:

    Fun matching game, I have been playing for a good while and find it fairly simple to play without having to pay. However, purchasing the add ons is actually worth it if you want a game that progresses every play effortlessly. That being said it can be challenging at later levels after you unlock your second alien or so. Save your magic fruit!

  27. Olvin Foot says:

    Been playing for about 7 years, this is by far the longest time I have spend in a game, I truly love it and I have had no problems with it, thank you for this amazing game

  28. Richard Eckert says:

    Foresight and planning pay off. Definitely challenging. I liked this game enough to purchase some options and install it on a brand new device.

  29. James Hanvey says:

    Pay to win and next to impossible to unlock any aliens… Only thing the game has going for it is a fantastic art style. Brutally unfair and difficult gameplay doesn’t do it any favors.

  30. Azhar Rhozaq A says:

    Great way to kills time, there’s a long term goal, but it’s gameplay is short term and easy to learn

  31. Derrick Lim says:

    Decent game to kill time. Absolutely thrash server cos the game always quit suddenly. Played 2 times inside 5 mins, game quits by itself 2 time!

  32. Innocently_Insidious says:

    Your typical pay to win game. The map is too difficult & there’s too many objects on the board to make matches.

  33. Sj Milburn says:

    I am enjoying this game but I don’t really know what I’m doing. It’s a bit confusing. I think it has potential. I like that it’s different than most of the games out there. Cool art style too.

  34. Talia Rivers says:

    This is actually a really challenging game – still trying to get a ton of aliens. However, I feel like this game needs more features and concepts to be complete. There aren’t a lot of interesting things here.

  35. Rebekah Filos says:

    I’ve been playing this game for several years with no issues, and now suddenly after the most recent update, all of my progress and my purchases are gone. I tried logging back in with every email account and none restored my progress or purchases. I would love to give this game 5 stars if this issue were resolved.

  36. Jonathan Smith says:

    This is a fun little game that does not actually (in any kind of obvious manner) try to make you pay money to fix your mistakes. It’s a match-3 at its heart (like every other merge game), but its mechanic is more slide-block-puzzle (a la Threes and 2048). There’s a pop-up ad every once in a while, and there’s one totally unintrusive banner ad at the top of the screen. Definitely highly recommend if you are tired of the other merge games.

  37. K Cruz says:

    Nice game! Nice one! Sometimes you just need a relaxing game like this… More power!

  38. Nikki says:

    I have played this game through the life of 4 different phones in the last few years. It’s simple in concept but can be challenging to make combos. But it’s not so challenging that I get frustrated and give up. It’s very casual and I can pause whenever. Great for days I’m waiting in an office for an appt. I also adore the art style for this game as well as the sounds the little creatures make.

  39. Nicholas Hartje says:

    Been playing this for years now and still enjoyable.

  40. Sin P says:

    I liked this game BUT it’s annoying that the ads kept appearing (several times) mid-game.

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