Solid Explorer USB OTG Plugin Apk Download New*


Manage files on USB drives with Solid Explorer and your Nexus device.
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August 22, 2015
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Solid Explorer USB OTG Plugin Apk Download New*

This plugin for Forged Explorer allows you to get entry to recordsdata saved on USB drives or card readers on Nexus units. Minimal required model of Cast Explorer is two.0. In case your tool already helps mounting OTG drives, you don’t want this plugin.

Cast Explorer USB OTG Plugin Apk Obtain New* apk mod 2022

Please word that Nexus units operating Android 6 have now inbuilt improve for FATS formatted USB drives, so Cast Explorer will paintings with them with out this plugin.

Forged Explorer USB OTG Plugin Apk Obtain New* apk mod new

All nexus telephones and drugs with USB host functions are supported (Nexus Four will not be supported with no customized kernel). You may additionally need to use this plugin on different units with USB host in case they don’t mount document programs out of the field.

Forged Explorer USB OTG Plugin Apk Obtain New* apk mod

Supported document techniques:
– FAT32
– exFAT
– NTFS in learn simplest mode

Forged Explorer USB OTG Plugin Apk Obtain New* mod apk

– complete read/write get entry to (apart from NTFS)
– media streaming – play song and movies on 3rd birthday celebration gamers, even at the Chromecast
– helps exhausting drives with exterior energy provide

Forged Explorer USB OTG Plugin Apk Obtain New* apk

This plugin doesn’t require root. In case of any issues, please use the “Ship worm file” choice below utility’s “About” segment.

Forged Explorer USB OTG Plugin Apk Obtain New*

At all times make a backup of your information. NeatBytes isn’t chargeable for any hurt performed in your tool.


40 comments on "Solid Explorer USB OTG Plugin Apk Download New*"

  1. Deonne Princess says:

    Can’t write to my 1TB exFAT WD drive. It says out of bound error. Can’t transfer data to my external drive. Very bad. I want refund.

  2. Garett Narissa says:

    Was having issues with an HP flash drive. got a refund. Anyways, I’m still very satisfied with Solid explorer pro. But please fix this plugin.

  3. Diandra Mikelle says:

    Purchased this along with Solid Explorer for my Google Pixel 3XL. Hooked up card reader via USB C, app doesn’t see anything but internal storage? What am i missing???

  4. Colton Charmagne says:

    Did not work at all at first (OTG storage device did not show up) . Until i used cx explorer, which saw the OTG storage device immediately (and all of its content) . And then the device showed up in SE, but got CBW write fail error upon contents browsing attempts. Very poor. Requires update for modern android please. Until then I’m switching to cx explorer as an alternative to my (paid) SE.

  5. Rickard Rochester says:

    I avoided ES file explorer, and decided to invest into this one. I am honestly amazed at what the app can do without being bombarded with ads and expensive paywalls. I decided to give this plugin a shot because my SSD is NTFS and my Pixel 2 apparently only supports FAT32… I am not disappointed whatsoever, the quality of the app and the plugins are astonishing for how inexpensive they are.

  6. Rhett Cornwallis says:

    An essential piece. works perfectly. not sure why this isn’t included by default but chrome casting is…

  7. Sidney Rhys says:

    10 stars!!! This is a life saver for Google Pixel users. Stock pixel phones don’t support USB OTG in exfat or ntfs. Thanks to Solid Explorer I can now access my USB driver in exfat without root or any mod.

  8. Diona Carless says:

    It works great with my pixel 2 xl which doesn’t support exfat ! if it can open files with out copy them to the internal memory ,it will be better !

  9. Alycesone Hall says:

    Didn’t work – got a refund. Tried everything including restarting the phone. Thumb drive wouldn’t show up. 🙁

  10. Githa Lanie says:

    Doesn’t work on Samsung Tab 3. Gives an error Space usage not available. But the SD card is readable on PCs. Also doesn’t work on my Nokia 8 but it does work on my very old Sony Xperia Z3. Edit: I think the common denominator is USB-C. Can you herberts in Product Development sort this out? I’ve paid for something that plain doesn’t work.

  11. Roderick Caralie says:

    Does not work at all even after granting access. Shows “/mnt/media_rw/xxxxxxx” not found.

  12. Caster Anthasazia says:

    After installing plugin, force stop solid explorer & clear cache, then start solid explorer, OTG storage will be detected.

  13. Braydan Tryna says:

    It says “CBW write fail”. And yet, the ultra-old and – FREE – ES File Explorer can mount NTFS without problems. Version of ES was released 4 years ago. Think about it.

  14. Catheryn Terrance says:

    I’ve tried all types of programs to get to my NTFS USB drives an nothing has worked until I found this. YES!

  15. Tearle Fonda says:

    only support hard disk viewing but while copy pasting or deleting it showing disk is read only while other Explorer like total commander or xplorer working fine , please update the app.

  16. Edlin Rhobert says:

    Kindly make it support for android 10. It is creating icon in the app drawer unnecessary.

  17. Sherri Hadley says:

    It will not let me access my thumb drive even though i can acces that drive through my phones built in file manager. It just gives an error message.

  18. Lawton Colten says:

    Works for all sorts of USB drives, but does not work for GoPro’s, I would assume it is MTP vs PTP vs USB Mass Storage. Please look into it so I can use the OTG feature with my GoPro.

  19. Daffeney Cathia says:

    Works on Acer Chrome book but ONLY if you uninstall and then re install Soild Explorer AFTER you have installed the OTG plugin. Oh and it detects my USB key as SD Card for some resaon. But at least it works.

  20. Talar Adalson says:

    Not useful, not giving transfer speed even on type c Pendrive that supports max 150MBPS but in solid explorer max 5 MBPS please fix it 🙁

  21. Fahid Latheef says:

    Hard drive not supported, seriously? It got supported by Paragon software though. I am changing from solid explorer to total commander

  22. Goran Hajdin says:

    Works with exFAT USB. most of the other explorers and similar apps can’t detect the USB or if they can (which is rare) they can’t delete files. This extension adds missing functionality to the base file explorer. On the other hand Smart File Manager is copying files twice as fast from the same USB and Total Commander + Paragon have 3 to 4 times greater transfer speeds! I hope that the file copying speed will be significantly improved, especially from the USB to the device.

  23. Kristian K says:

    It doesn’t work for Pixel 3. I have exFAT drive, phone recognize it but fails to read with this ad on.

  24. Taylor Passofaro says:

    This plug-in works beautifully on my pixel 3a. Used it to read exFat sd cards to copy images and videos. However, I refunded my purchase and uninstalled since the transfer speeds were so so so slow. 2min to transfer one RAW photo (23mb). Speeds around 100-200kbps. I bought USB media explorer for $4 and it’s 3mbs, much faster even though the UI is meh. If they fix the transfer speeds, I’ll gladly buy again.

  25. Arif Jusoh says:

    Works well in note 9. But the transfer rate is very slow Updates: turns out i dont need this plugin to do the transfer to my USB. Its fast with main app

  26. Tridev Samanta says:

    It can not utilize full speed. It gives around 1.5mb/s speed while stock file manager and fx file explorer give 20mb/s. It is very disappointing that after paying extra money for this on top of core file manager we get such slow speed while others give full speed for free.

  27. Brayden Houston says:

    Pretty much useless on Android 11. Can’t mount or explore usb drives anymore without getting an error about “suspicious sectors per clustor count”.

  28. ธนวัฒน์ จรัสรัชวรรัตน์ says:

    Broke the file system on the usb stick. Happens 2 times on 2 different drive. One is SanDisk Ultra USB3.0, other is generic USB2.0. Simply pasting files will break the file system and render the drive useless until you format it.(So the data is GONE!) All is EXFAT btw.

  29. John Eilers says:

    Does not enable OTG access on Pixel 4a 5G. Dialog comes up asking to allow access, but isn’t shown on Solid Explorer. It also disables OTG access on other apps.

  30. Spyridon Thanos says:

    Extremely Slow. About 75% slower read speeds (usb drive to phone) and 95% slower write speeds (phone to usb drive), compared to another file explorer that supports usb otg.

  31. Tuukka Rinkinen says:

    Just shows there’s some “error” with a usb drive using ntfs file system… Same drive works fine elsewhere

  32. David Fussell says:

    Does not work. Unable to access cleanly formatted drive in ExFAT. Just says error, and cycles through various error messages. Have attempted this on a number of different drives and get the same result.

  33. Tanuj Chauhan says:

    It’s hard to copy items from sd card to usb….most of the times it crashes or gives out error. Otherwise this is the best way to access ext. drives directly i.e. without the need to format it.

  34. nascent says:

    No longer works for me in android 11. Get CBW write fail. Had to switch to file manager+ as that seems to work. Hope solid gets fixes

  35. B Mitch says:

    Having issues with Samsung T5 2GB drive where I have to dismount drive (says error can’t read volume) and /force close app before it will work. Works as intended after that. Behaved this day with drive fresh out of the box and subsequently. 2 stars to draw attention to this as I don’t feel like the support site adequately addresses critical failures. Fine for feature suggestions. Wish it had a feature to automatically pause if cord shorts or drive disconnects mid-transfer. Like buffer 5MB.

  36. Jennifer Novak says:

    I’m no longer able to access any OTG devices from my pixel 3 or Samsung s5e tablet. Get CBW write fail error every time. Have tried FAT, FAT32, AND exFAT formats. Same result for all. Will be looking for new file manager sadly as this accessing OTG devices is a daily activity.

  37. J C says:

    Please update this app! I have a pixel 5a and solid explorer doesn’t recognize exFAT but other apps like usb media explorer do.. please, i really like using solid explorer

  38. Nicolas Martinez says:

    Forget about this, getting “CBW Write Failed error”. Use instead “USB Media Explorer”.

  39. Eric Vogel says:

    I can’t connect connect with Samsung T7 on Samsung Galaxy 21. Ditching the entire app. Frustrating.

  40. Etienne Boucher says:

    I bought it ages ago and I’ve been using it for a while. But now I realize the android native file application is much much faster, so I’ve been wasting my time. It’s too bad because while I like the dual panel UI of Solid Explorer, the wait isn’t worth it.

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